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19. Going to her moms and dads house

Joshua’s POV

After we had been checked out by the pack doctor, me and Camilla went up to our room. We had to pack a few clothes because we would be spending a few days at Camilla’s moms, while her dad was down Camilla wanted to spend as much time with him as she could so insisted I stay too. Not that I have a problem with that, I just...well this will be the first time I ever meet a girl her parents. I only dated a few girls and we never stayed together long enough for me to meet the parents, I’ve been with lots of girls but rarely exclusive. But Camilla...well she is my mate but....she is more than that, she is everything, the reason I breathe, the reason I stand get up every morning....the reason I simply exist.

Okay, enough with the deep.

After we had packed clothes which was just enough for a few days, we just cuddled on the bed, just happy to be with each other especially since I almost died. I shivered remembering that last moment, the moment I thought would be my last. I felt Camilla’s arms tighten around my waist as she felt me tense.

“Josh, you okay?” She whispered, lifting her head so she was looking directly up at me. I looked back at her and nodded while mustering a small smile.

“Yeah, just....I came so close to being taken away from you, you being with Jamie. I shouldn’t have let it get that far.” She kisses my arm gently, moving up until she’s at my cheek.

“Josh, you couldn’t prevent Jamie being brought back. That was witch craft, nothing to do with us.” She smiled genuinely at me and stroked my cheek gently, I smiled back at her and nodded again. I guess she was right. Suddenly something sprung to mind which I’d forgotten to tell Camilla.

“Oh, in about 4 days the beta and a few other main members from the Red Crest Pack will be coming here for a conference...” I felt her tense and I was worried she thought this would never end. “Trust me they’ve assured me it’s just a meeting to end this.” She relaxed and then went back to cuddling me tightly.

“Oh you’ll meet my cousin then, Max he’s the Beta” she chirped, I snickered trust her to have family in that pack. Well I guess I might as well kill two birds with one stone, meeting her dad and her cousin....I guess I can do that.

“Oh okay” with that I felt my eyes begin to droop and despite it only being 1:00 pm I was really tired from today’s events. Camilla suddenly went quiet and I guessed she had also fallen asleep, I closed my eyes and simply drifted.

Camilla’s POV

I’d already set an alarm for 9:00am and we were due at my house for 11:00am, we’d been up for an hour already and were both dressed, fed and showered...well as you can guess that took a tad longer than I expected...

I’d decided to go on Facebook and check with Max who will be coming with him for the conference, I would be way too lucky if Lilly was coming but I crossed my fingers and hoped. I jumped a little when I saw he was online so wrote him a quick message.

“Hey Cousin, I heard about the conference in a few days. I’m really sorry for what happened by the way, but Josh will explain everything once your here. I was actually just wondering who will be accompanying you? Xxx Camilla😉”

I sat basically twiddling my thumbs while I waited for him to reply, jeez I can’t believe how slow he types! My phone beeped telling me I had a Facebook message, so I quickly unlocked it and opened the message.

’It’s okay, I know Jamie and you had some history and after what you’ve told me I understand. I will probably be bringing Ross, Harry, Lilly and Toby. I’m only bringing Lilly because I thought you may want to see her!😉 X Maxie 😊”

I practically screamed when I read that Lilly will be coming, yay! I’ve missed my Lilly, I jump a little then rapidly type out my excitement.

“Yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay!!!!!”

I locked my phone and pounced off the bed towards the lift. Josh was with Chase, Morgan, Jake and Kyle. Sam spent a lot of his time down in the dungeons talking to Britt, which I had advised against as Josh was probably going to kill her. It wasn’t good for Sam, to be so close to her getting his hopes up when she had rejected him. I waited in the lift and sighed as it stopped at floor 2, I hadn’t seen Stacy in a little while so was actually curious to see her reaction when she saw me. I had scared that bitch a while ago! The doors opened and Riley jumped in the air as did I when we saw each other. She hugged me tightly and I did the same back. She pulled back and looked at me curiously.

“Where you off too?” She chirped

“Oh Josh is down in the game room with the guys so I’m going down to see him before we go to my mom and dad’s house” she smiled brightly and nudged my shoulder gently.

“I’m going to the game room also.” Her voice was smooth but I could hear something else in there....what was she hiding. I narrowed my eyes at her and she giggled a little under the look. She turned away a little so she wasn’t looking directly at me, but the smile didn’t fade one little bit. I gasp and my mouth falls to the floor.

“OH.MY.GOD. YOU.DIDNT!” She giggled again and looked up at me smiling widely.

“We did” she peeped, she was so cute I couldn’t imagine her ever sleeping with anyone! But then again, I don’t look particularly rebellious. I shook my head still smiling.

“Wow.” I couldn’t help what came out after that....I was just curious. I but my lip and wobbled my head from side to side. “So how was it” She snapped her head to me and opened her mouth in surprise.

“You bad girl and he was amazing, he knows what he’s doing let’s just say that!” we both giggled and hopped off the lift as the doors slid open. We made our way over to the game room still giggling and discussing bedroom story’s. She can’t call me a bad girl, she was just as curious about my sex life as I was about hers.

We could already see the guys as we were walking towards the room, the door was already open and we could see them all chatting a laughing. My eyes wandered over to Morgan and Kyle were sitting next to one another. The rest of the group were distracted so they stole that chance to gaze lovingly at one another, it really made me melt inside seeing them so content with the smallest of gestures. It was adorable, it just made me a little upset that as of yet no one except me knew about them. I would convince them to come out, I know it would be difficult but it was obvious how much love they have for one another so why not share it. Yes I would talk to them.

Riley suddenly shakes me gently and I blink a few times before turning my head to her. “Camilla? You okay?” She asks, furrowing her eyebrows together and narrowing her eyes. I snicker a bit because she looks like a hedgehog when she does that. I shake my head then smile.

“Yeah, I was just....umm” think if something....I was anything! “I was just looking at know admiring my mate” my voice came out a bit too eager and I could tell I was smiling like an idiot when she stepped back a little.

“Okay, let’s go” she waves me off and I follow her into the game room. Both Chase and Josh stopped talking and smiled at us as we walked to them. I skipped over to Josh and planted myself gently on his lap, he looked up at me and lifted both his hands and gently pulled me down to him. He joined our lips and gently moved his against mine, I tangled my fingers in his hair as his hand slips down to my thigh. I shiver a little and gently pull away as I am not letting him embarrass me again like last time. I mean yes I was in heat but still not going to happen again. He snickers a little as I can tell he remembers last time, I turn my head to look at Riley and Chase who are gently kissing one another. I resist the urge to go awww, they are really cute together.

I noticed Jake was also here sitting beside a really beautiful brunette, which I guess is his mate. She was so pretty, chocolate curly hair which went down to the middle of her back, sparkling green eyes just like Josh’s, flawless pale skin and lashes that even I would kill for! They were smiling at each other and giggling to one another, I realized that Riley and Chase were the only ones who hadn’t found their mates. I also then realized that if one of them finds their mates then the other will be left hurt the mate thing can be kind of harsh at times, Riley and Chase are so happy together and I swear they are meant for each other!

I shake those thoughts off, there’s nothing I can do so I shouldn’t worry until it happens.

We eventually walked out into the woods and had a run before we left. It was 11 now so we had to leave cos we were already late. We’d grabbed our bags and Josh was just taking them down to the car, I began walking behind him when I suddenly felt really ill. My stomach began to turn and my mouth suddenly filled with saliva oh no I was going to be sick! I whimpered then darted across the hall to the nearest toilet, I heard Josh drop the bags and call my name as he followed me worriedly.

Joshua’s POV

She suddenly just darted off, running towards the single toilet across the hall. I ran after her and stopped at the door when she slammed it closed, I grimaced as I could hear her throwing up. After shed done I leant my head against the door. “Baby, you okay?” I call, It worried me that she was obviously in discomfort.

Her voice came back as more of a whisper but with werewolf senses I obviously heard her. “Yeah....I just...maybe I ate something risky” even I could tell she was unsure about her answer which worried me a little bit more.

“Baby, I’m just going to brush my teeth so if you take the bags to the car I’ll be done when your back” I heard her scamper around to the cupboard in there to grab a spare toothbrush, then turn on the tap. I sighed then walked back to where I dropped the bags. I picked them up then began walking over to the driveway.

I couldn’t help but get a little scared at Camilla suddenly throwing up. I know it might not be what I’m thinking but still I couldn’t help but worry, what if she was? I dumped the stuff in the trunk them leant against the good of the car, this is just too much! I love Camilla with all my heart and yes eventually I do want children with her but not yet no, I can’t....not yet. I stood up again and walked back over to the bathroom, I needed to calm down she probably wasn’t even pregnant.

She was standing outside the bathroom by the time I got back there and I could tell she was thinking the same thing I was. She smiled timidly and then bit her lip as she walked up to me, she leant her head against my shoulder and I wrapped my arms around her. I took in her scent and let out a deep sigh, I needed to discuss this with her but now wasn’t the time. I kissed the top of her head and she pulled back mustering a smile.

“Okay, come on we better get to your moms” I whisper, she nodded and took my hand as I led her over to the car.

This was seriously something we should have considered a while ago actually if were going to start considering stuff then protection would probably have been a good start.

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