Alpha Joshua

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2. The first day at a new school

Camilla’s POV

My stomach was doing countless backflips and I felt like I was going to be sick. After my mom had driven off, it hit me that I was now on my own. I breathed in deeply trying to calm my nerves, telling me and my wolf we would be okay.

Breathe in....

Breathe out....

Breathe in....

And out....

Despite my attempt to calm my nerves my wolf was still on edge, I could hear her whining inside me. She really didn’t want to be here. I shrugged it off and walked towards the reception. The school was quite big and I already knew I was going to end up getting lost, my sense of direction was a load of crap as a human. I actually am a lot more poised as a wolf. I opened the glass door and came face to face with a large desk. A small curly haired women with glasses sat behind it, giving me a wide smile. I walked towards her and smiled in response before introducing myself.

“Hi I’m a new student, Camilla Prince.” I chirped timidly, my cheeks began to ache after a while and I realized I was still grinning like an idiot. Nice move Camilla!

Her face lit up at the mention of my name and I could practically see the little light bulb in her head. She stood up suddenly and rushed over to a cabinet over flowing with piles of different coloured paper. She scrambled around in there for a little while before stepping back with a piece of paper and saying “Aha!” That made me giggle a little, it made me happy that there was someone here who was as weird as me. Even if it was just the receptionist. She walked back to the desk and slid the paper to me “Here is your schedule and your first lesson is just down the hall from here so it shouldn’t be too hard to find.” She smiled brightly and then waved and said goodbye to me as I turned and exited the reception.

I looked down at my schedule to see I had literature first. I sighed deeply then folded up the paper and stuffed it inside my backpack. I zipped it back up and then put it back over my shoulder, to begin looking for my class. I wandered down the hall, looking at the numbers on the classroom doors trying to find room A3113. I occasionally had to look down to avoid eye contact with horny teenage wolves. Seriously they were terrible, I mean yeah I’ll admit some of them were majorly hot but at this moment I just wanted to get to class. My gaze wondered over to one boy, he was blonde, heavy built and about 6 ft. Ugh so fit....

I suddenly felt something against my foot and then the floor disappearing beneath me. I fell forward knocking over the person in front of me and falling on top of him. We both landed with a thump and it didn’t take long at all for me to smell that they were also a werewolf. He grumbled when he hit the ground and looked up at me with a scowl plastered on his gorgeous face. A growl rumbled through his chest as he pushed me roughly off him and stood up sharply. I managed to get back onto my feet and looked timidly up to him, fear now very evident in my eyes. His eyes narrowed down to me and suddenly went black with anger.

“Rogue.” He spat and I suddenly remembered I was supposed to be keeping my head down and not drawing attention to myself.

I looked around to see a small group of werewolves had gathered around us.

Crap....... I was going to die.

They all closed in around me, the sound of the growls getting louder.

“Get Alpha Posey!” One of them hissed and I suddenly felt my whole body stiffen with anger. No, I was not going to die before I even made it to first period. I suddenly growled very loudly making a few of them backing away cautiously. They didn’t move completely but just enough for a gap to appear in the circle, enough for me to jump through them and I begin darting down the hall. I began running as fast as I could in human form, causing humans down the hall to stare at me in fear and confusion. I could hear the group growling and catching up to me so I began searching desperately for my class room. My wolf began bounding around in my head in excitement when my eyes suddenly met the plaque on the door reading A3113. I grabbed the handle and pulled it down quickly, jumping inside my class slamming the door in panic.

I sighed in relief, my breathing still rapid from my panic. I suddenly became very aware of the sound of laughter behind me, I turn around to see people pulling faces and giggling at my sudden appearance. I smile nervously and then walk towards the teacher sitting at the front of the already crowded class.

He smiled up at me “You must be Camilla Prince.” he whispers, I nod and he points towards an empty seat at the back of the class. I smile gratefully and quickly shuffle towards my seat, ignoring the seductive looks and wolf whistles the guys were giving me. Don’t get me wrong I liked that they obviously found me attractive but as Mr. Thomas was still not teaching I was not going to respond. Knowing my luck people would hear me and then I’d just get even more embarrassed than I already was. I took my seat and pulled out my pen and note pad, literature was probably my worst subject back at my old school so I wanted to take some notes and hopefully improve slightly. Not that it would matter, I’ll probably be dead by the end of the day so won’t have to worry about my overall average. My wolf growled at me again, she really wasn’t a fan of my sense of humor and honestly I didn’t blame her.

Mr. Thomas began and I suddenly heard someone whispering my name. Well when I say my name I mean the name they had seen fit to give me.

“Psssst baby” I reluctantly turned to face the direction the voice was coming from, a blonde boy sat smirking at me. He was good looking but he was also human, don’t get me wrong I have nothing against them but I could never date one. It’s too complicated to tell them about you being a werewolf, they usually don’t take it too well. I decided a little harmless flirting couldn’t hurt anyone and this guy was hot, so I went for it. I smiled flirtatiously at him, making him groan in approvement.

“Is your dad a cement mixer? Because you are making me hard.” he whispered seductively, I shivered ugh! Gross! Really cheesy chat up lines? I nod and then turn away sharply, I take back what I say about flirting never hurting anyone because after what he just said that is 10 years therapy right there!

For the rest of the class I sat silently pretending to take notes, but really I was fretting about this so called Alpha Posey. My mom had warned me and I had failed completely, I was now a target and I had also angered the wolves that surrounded me earlier. They probably told him everything, what I looked like, what I was wearing, not that any of that mattered, when a rouge crossed your path you could smell them from a mile away. I was toast.

The bell rang, interrupting my thoughts and making me jump about ten feet into the air. I grabbed my bag and sprinted towards the door, literature was a double period and I now had a free one. I ran out the door desperate to find somewhere I could hide for an hour, without being found. My breathing started becoming rapid and I could practically feel the authority floating down the halls. I looked around desperately for a closet or something to hide in. My nose twitched as I smelt him and my wolf began hopping up and down excitedly. The Alpha was close.

I ran up the hall pushing past people who were slowing me down, I felt bad but my life was on the line here, I’m sure they’d get over it. My wolf was still running around excitedly and I couldn’t understand why. We were about to die! I know she had a rough time being my wolf and everything but was she really that desperate to die?

“Go back!” My wolf purred begging me to turn towards the Alpha’s scent. I ignored her and ran into an empty class room, grabbing desks and chairs and pulling them roughly against the door.

Right I should be safe in here for an hour.

Joshua’s POV

“Alpha, a rogue has trespassed onto our territory. We surrounded her this morning but she managed to get away” Sam informed me. I felt my body beginning to shake in rage at the thought of a rogue daring to set a foot in this school. I had already had to deal with 3 yesterday and was really tired of having to kill on a daily basis. A growl erupted from my chest “Where is she now?” I hissed, turning to Sam.

Sam is my beta and also my best friend, we’ve known each other since we were pups. He sighed and looked down in shame “Umm we don’t know”. I huffed out in frustration and punched a nearby locker, causing it to cave in from the impact. “Search the entire school grounds, sniff her out.” I hissed, looking back at the 6 members of my pack that were actually with me. They all nodded in agreement and split up going off to search the 3 parts of the school. They all went off individually except me and Sam, we went as a group, we were obviously the strongest out of the pack so teamed up. If this rogue managed to escape earlier against 13 were wolves, she was obviously tricky. I hated tricky rogues, always the hardest to catch. Me and Sam nodded at each other in silent agreement. She’d be dead before hour was out.

We began sniffing all around the empty halls, at first finding nothing. We searched for about 2 minutes before my wolf started bounding around in excitement. Why was he excited? I mean I know he likes the thrill of hunting but he never got this excited.

“Follow it follow it!” My wolf chirped whispered as I suddenly came across the scent of the rogue. I smiled darkly and gestured Sam to follow me, he nodded and we began bounding down the halls following the scent of this rogue. A rogue’s scent is usually stale and sour, but there was something about this one that was very appealing to me. It was sweet, like cherries and forest pine. My wolf purred as the scent became stronger and I knew we were getting close. I suddenly stopped in front of a closed classroom and I knew that was where the rogue was hiding. The scent was unbelievably strong and my body shivered at the pleasure it was giving me.

“In there” Sam growled and I nodded sharply in response. I pushed down the handle only to find out that the door was not moving. I could feel the weight pushing against the door and I knew the rogue had obviously barricaded it. I growled loudly in anger, ugh this rogue was good. Me and Sam nodded again in silent agreement and both kicked at the door in unison. It came away from the frame and we backed away as it fell. Before us stood a pile of chairs and desks from where they had been resting against the door, we heard an intake of breath and quickly lept over the pile. We both looked at the shaking rogue, crouching in the corner trying to hide. Honestly she was beautiful, but I shook my head and concentrated on my duty to kill her. My wolf growled at me for thinking that and I pulled a face in confusion. Since when did my wolf have pity on rogues? I avoided eye contact with her just as I usually did during a kill, I don’t look them in the eye, never. I find eye contact too much of an intimate thing and I don’t want to grow any sort of attachment to them just before I end their lives, it would only make me feel guilty and I can’t be putting up with that!

I charge towards the rogue, ignoring her whimpers and pull her up by her hair. She yelps in pain as I push her roughly against the wall. She didn’t seem that tough, how the hell did she escape earlier? My wolf is dying to get out, he is overjoyed for some reason. I push my mouth right beside her ear

“Why are you here Rogue?” I hiss sharply, causing her to whimper at my tone. Rogues usually aren’t this scared, not even the females. I felt a pang of guilt pulling at my insides, I choose to ignore it. “I moved here! My grandfather knows the Alpha here and was trying to arrange me to join the local pack!” Her voice came out as a strained whisper as I yanked on her hair even harder. I felt Sam twitching from beside me, he can’t stand rogues and was desperate to just dispose of this one.

Her words catch me off guard “I’m the Alpha here, who’s your grandfather?” I whisper, I don’t know why but I felt my anger diminishing slightly and I actually started to feel bad for causing her pain. “Elijah Prince” she whispers back and that was when I completely loosen my grip on her. Elijah had begged me to let his granddaughter join the pack and I promised I would allow her to. Elijah had been the only one to care for me after my mother and father died when I was 12, I owed him this. I look up at her slowly and find myself gazing lovingly into her eyes. Our gazes met and everything around me went grey, she was unbelievably beautiful. All I saw was her, nothing else mattered anymore. The pull I had felt towards her earlier was now undeniably strong and I immediately let my hand drop her hair. My wolf was howling in happiness and kept on putting at me.

“Mate!” I shouted

Camilla’s POV

My wolf was yelling at me continuously “Mate! Mate!” His green eyes met mine and I thought right then I was going to faint from their beauty. He was about 6.2 so only about 4 inches taller than me, he had dark brown hair which was styled messily. I had never seen anyone so gorgeous, my knees weakened suddenly and I fell straight down into the floor. He rushed down to me and took my hands in his in order to help me up. My insides were a mess, I couldn’t believe how wonderful this being was and I couldn’t imagine my life without him.

We continued just to stare into one another’s eyes, we were perfectly content like this. It was the wolf he had brought with him that interrupted us.

“Oh, I can’t believe this” he hissed looking at me with hatred, I squirmed under the look, causing Joshua to wrap his arms around me protectively. I immediately relaxed and rested my head against his shoulder. He growled at the wolf who had frightened me and his eyes went black with anger. “Don’t ever look at her like that again Sam!” he growled and his body began shaking with rage. I took my hand and gently traced patterns on his arm, causing him to relax.

Sam sighed in defeat “Okay Alpha, I’ll wait outside” he groaned then stalked away from us and out the door. Joshua turned me around so I was facing him and bored his eyes lovingly into mine.

“What’s your name?” He whispered, pressing his forehead against mine. I sighed from the pleasure I was getting being so close to him, his scent was delicious like citrus and fresh mint. “Camilla” I whisper, I couldn’t talk right now I was so breath taken.

“Camilla” he repeated and I shivered, just the way he said my name was enough to send me over the edge. His voice was deep and husky, unbelievably sexy

“I’m Joshua” I giggled a little and pulled back so I could look at his beauty.

“Nice name” I purred.

“Today after school, I need you to come to the pack house that way we can officially enroll you” he said his voice suddenly stern. I nod “I will.”

He bores his eyes into mine one more time before pulling away slowly and leaving the classroom to join his friend. My wolf began to whimper, she already missed her mate. I climbed over the pile of desks and chairs I had built in the doorway and began walking to find my next class. My mind on nothing but how much I wanted to run my fingers through Joshua’s thick hair.

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