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20. Pregnant?!

Camilla’s POV

We sat in silence the whole car journey, just listening to the music Josh had specifically picked for us to listen to one of my favourite songs. Do Re Mi ~ Blackbear.

Pay me back or bitch it’s over

All the presents I would send

Fuck my friends behind my shoulder

Next time imma stay asleep

I pray the lord my soul to keep

I swayed my head a little as the chorus picked up and glance over to Josh to see he was also. I loved him with all my heart but I didn’t know what to say to him right now, this whole situation was just ugh I was so out of my depth. I mean I can’t be pregnant can I? I don’t think I’m ready for a child yet, I can barely look after myself so I don’t think I can look after and raise another life. I had been blocking my mind link for hours now so decided to let the walls down and just let Josh feel my frustration without me having to talk it’s just easier that way. I let out a sigh of relief and he sighed as well once he saw this was bothering me, he kept his eyes on the road but I could see the gentle emotion flickering in them. “We have to get a test Camilla.” He glanced at me briefly then looked back to the road. “I know, none of us are ready for a child yet, but if you are pregnant then we need to know.” His tone was gentle and came out as nothing more than a whisper, but with were wolf senses I obviously heard him. I looked down towards my feet and nodded while looking away, I knew he was right and I did want to know I guess but I was just scared. The idea of there being an actual baby inside me scared the life out of me, don’t get me wrong I want kids just not yet. I’m only 17 there’s so much I haven’t experience yet and since I’ve got the rest of forever it doesn’t matter what age I have kids.

“I’ll pick one up when we get to my moms, there’s a little store about 5 minutes away from it. Well drop the bags in then I’ll run out.” I raised my gaze so I was now facing the side of his head, but oh what a sexy side of a head.

I’m such a freak! What a sexy side of a head.

Who says that? Because I don’t people

He nods but then pulls a confused expression, he keeps his eyes on the road but I can tell he’s confused about something. “Why don’t we both go to the store?”

I shake my head “No if we both go mom will get suspicious, and my dad may know just from seeing our expressions. He reads rouges emotions and hunts them for a living, he could guess just by looking at me!” He nods then glances at me quickly.

“Your still as beautiful as ever, you don’t look any different” his eyes sparkled a little and his smile was so genuine I could have melted right there! I giggled shyly and looked down as I knew he could hear my thoughts anyway and was probably smirking this very minute. I look up briefly and sure enough that fricking smirk was just casually sitting on his face. Damn him he’s so fricking hot! He snickers and raises and eyebrow.

“Well, I guess you could say I am hot” he is just SO cocky! I shake my head at him and snicker before glancing out the window, were just pulling up to the house now and I can already smell my dad’s scent. I bounce a little and hear a little squeak coming from me, I’m so excited it’s unreal I can’t explain how much I’ve missed him! I even wore the dress he bought me the last time he visited, it’s a white summer style dress with green fern like vines printed over it. It’s really lovely and my dad knew it was just my style when he bought it, I was wearing my white dolly shoes with it and sprung out the car as soon as Josh stopped the car. I went to grab the bags but Josh stopped me and gestured for me to go to the door.

“Go on I’ll catch up” his tone was bright so I quickly kissed his cheek then practically pounced at the door. I knocked a few times then starting shifting my weight from foot to foot waiting for the door to open. I hear my dad’s footsteps and then the door swings open revealing him ran cling there smiling. I let out a squeal and jump into his arms, he picks me up and spins me around.

“My little Camilla! Ohhhh it’s been too long!” I kiss his cheek and then jump back off but still jumping excitedly.

Jeez I have problems.

He was smiling so much, I missed that smile! He was a brunette with hazel eyes just like mine but I obviously got my blonde hair from my mom, he had stubble around his chin and I couldn’t believe how much I’d missed everything about him! He hugs me one more time before pulling back again.

“Okay let me get a look at you he smiles when he sees the dress I’m wearing and I do and over enthusiastic twirl, he laughs then suddenly looks up as Josh walks up with the bags.

My dad is a great guy and when he lived with us full time, let me get away with more than he probably should have. He’s really easy going but when it came to boyfriends he was well let’s just say he was a tad over protective. I was kind of dreading how he would react to Josh, I mean mom had told him at met my mate and he was excited to meet him officially but still I could tell he was skeptical. They had obviously met briefly yesterday but today was when they would meet for real. Josh came and stood directly behind me so I took his hand in mine and pulled him forward a little bit.

“Ok so dad, Josh, Josh, dad” I pointed back and forth between them and then smiled nervously waiting for someone to talk. My dad smiled and held out his hand to Josh.

“Good to see you again Joshua” my dad chirped and Josh took his hand and shook it firmly.

You too and you can call me Josh” I smiled at the fact they seemed to be getting along and then smiled again when I heard my mom’s chirping voice coming towards the drive way. She ran out the door with her arms outstretched running to me smiling widely.

“Camilla! Honey!” I squeal as she crushes me in her grip but eventually relax when I suddenly feel comforted by her hug. She runs towards Josh with the same expression and I giggle as he pulls a face at her strength, for a small women she was strong.

“Oh look at that handsome face! My Camilla sure is a lucky girl eh?” She waggled her eyebrows, I shot her a look as dad obviously noticed her. He narrowed his eyes at Josh then did the same to me, I looked down and quickly grabbed my stuff, Josh followed behind me with his stuff and I could already hear my dad questioning my mom on why she waggled her eyebrows. I led Josh up to my old room then suddenly wondered whether mom or even dad would make us take separate rooms. I threw my stuff on the bed and Josh did the same.

“Okay, I think I changed my mind and we should both go for a walk, we can get a test while were our I bit my lip and began pacing, Josh nodded and stood in front of me stopping me in my tracks. He took my head in his hands and looked directly at me.

“Camilla everything’s going to be fine, so far your dad seems great” he pulls me further in and presses his lips gently onto mine for a second before pulling back. I take a little while catching my breath, it was just a peck but I just loved him too much, I took his hand and led him downstairs.

“Okay, I’ll just go check with mom about the room thing then well go.” I whispered gently in his ear and left him at the bottom of the stairs for a second to open the door to the living room. I poked my head through the crack in the door and saw my mom and dad cuddling together on the couch watching tv. I missed this, it had been so long some my mom had seen my dad and I could tell she missed him greatly. They both looked up suddenly and I smiled before talking.

“Hey, umm mom....” I bit my lip and really tried to push through this awkward question. It would be bad in front of my mom but in front of my dad oh so bad! They looked at me skeptically and I smiled innocently. “About the rooms, did am I...we ugh are me and Josh able to share my room or did you want him in the spare” my voice grew irritated near the end as I was just so annoyed at myself for stressing out. My mom smirked at my question where as my dad’s faced tensed a little and my mom had to stroke his arm for him to calm down, I don’t understand why he’s so angry he knew as my mate we would have slept together by now!

“ and Joshua you’ve....” His voice was harsh and He was giving me a pushing look which I think he intended to make me give in and just spill my guts. I advert my gaze downwards, I wasn’t going to fall for that look, it may work on the rouges but nuhh uh not me. I didn’t really want to have to tell my dad about me and Josh, I mean I know he knows we have but I just think he’s trying not to believe it.

“Yes Dad, yes we have” I kept my head down and my voice came out as little more than a whisper oh go if I am pregnant this is going to be 10x worse! I suddenly felt a warm hand tangle itself into mine, I don’t even have to look up to see who it is, the sparks I’m suddenly feeling kind of give that away. Josh.

My dad looks at us both and slowly nods his head, he then whispers something to my mom which was so quiet I didn’t even hear it. My mom nodded then my dad looked back to us both with what looked like a goofy smile on his face. “Yes you may share the room, just…… “ His tone went from happy to suddenly serious and he was looking at me and Josh like we were little kids. “Make sure that while your here, that bed is used for nothing but for sleeping” I heard a low growl through the mind link and really had to bite my lip to hold back the chuckle I had. I tightened my grip on his hand then turned back to my dad.

“Okay, yeah that’s cool” I smiled at both my parents and then led Josh out the living room and then into the street so we could get a pregnancy test from the store. As soon as we began walking Josh expressed his feelings about the agreement.

“3 DAYS?! 3 FREAKING DAYS?! I....I don’t think I can survive without sex for 3 days Camilla.” I snickered at him, was he actually serious? We begin walking down towards the store and I squeezed Josh his hand a little. I couldn’t hold back the chuckle that was building inside me, Josh was seriously like a kid!

“Josh, it’s 3 days, we did it…………… “ I suddenly realize I can’t remember when we last did weren’t that long ago. Couldn’t be more than....a week or so? He smirks at me when he sees I can’t remember.

“See! It’s been a while!” I nodded he did have a point I guess it had been a while, oh come on we could last another 3 days couldn’t we? I shook my head and we continued into the square where the little pharmacy is. I had only been down here once since we moved here but after this I would never be coming here again! The store was one of the little family business ones so wasn’t that big, we walked in and was greeted by a little bell that rang when we opened the door. I jumped about 10 ft in the air, causing Josh to fall about laughing at me ugh he was a jerk! I composed myself but not before narrowing my eyes at him, we began walking around the little store until we came across the shelf with all the pregnancy tests on it. They also had the condoms on the same shelf HA very funny...

Both me and Josh looked very puzzled, there was like 20 types of pregnancy test! Which one do you get? All you got to do is pee on it, why do they need so many? I had about $20 with me so grabbed one that looked like a good make but not too expensive some brand called clear blue? Josh quickly takes his hand in mine before we walk to the counter ad honestly I’m really happy about it because I felt like I was going to fall over! I placed the test on the counter and tried to avoid eye contact with the woman on the till, she looked friendly and smiled at me widely but still I was hoping she wouldn’t remember my face this was beyond mortifying!

I suddenly remember something that now made me want to scream, I hadn’t been on my period yet and I was due over a week ago! Oh that’s just fucking great! I opened the link quickly and felt Josh stiffen at my side, yeah I think he also agreed this was not a good sign.

“That will be $12.95 luv” her voice was quite nasal but her smile made up for it, she was one of those people who you instantly feel happy around! I smile and hand over the note I had, she rooted around in the till then have me the change. She popped the test in a bag and went to give it to me.

“Umm could you put in 2 bags please she looked at me puzzled for a second then nodded once she understood, I really didn’t want to risk it being see through! She passed me the bag and I smiled then exited with Josh still quiet at my side. I let out a sigh when we got out and Josh ran his hand through his hair nervously.

“Umm okay so should you take it when we get back or do you want to wait till we get back to the pack house?” His voice was un even and I could see he was definitely taken aback by this whole thing, ’ mean “us” parents. That’s a seriously scary thought! I shake my head and look up to face him, he was biting his lip which meant he was nervous damn he looked sexy doing that.

“What the hell? Camilla snap out of it, this is serious.” My wolf begins to purr, she liked talking about how sexy Joshua is.

“Come on you know you love talking about it!” She purrs in my mind and for once I have to agree, I love talking about Josh but now wasn’t the time!

I shake my head at him. No I’m going to take it as soon as we get back, I mean this test says it can tell you roughly how far you are as well, it obviously just can’t tell you the sex” he nodded in understanding and I quickly reached up to kiss him, he quickly responded but I pulled back when I realized we were right by my house and my parents could be watching. He looks at me confused for a minute but nod when he sees the curtains in the front room were open.

I had taken my key with me so quickly slid it in and opened the door before sliding in, Josh followed me and we started making our way upstairs.

I suddenly stopped when I heard someone clear their throat, I froze and instincts took over, I shoved the bag up the back of my dress to hide it. I turned my head to see my dad standing with his arms crossed over his chest, his eyes were narrowed...owwww I was in trouble!

“Camilla? I hope you intend to keep that door open while you’re up there.” I smiled nervously and began rambling.

“Haha of course I am why wouldn’t I? We weren’t planning in doing anything! Of course not” I was waving my arms around and my body also started moving, I felt the bag shift under my dress and almost fell over when I heard it hit the floor. It fell right in front of my dad’s feet.


Why god why?

I felt all the blood drain from my face and looked back to Josh to see him rubbing the back of his neck. My dad bent down to pick up the bag and pulled out the wrapped up test, I squealed as I tried to grab it from him but was met by him beginning to shake once again. His eyes were black with anger but this time it was directed at Josh, I gasped and tried to stand in front of Josh but my dad pulled me gently away from him. Josh stood completely still with no evidence of fear on his face, he didn’t seem fazed by the fact that my dad was about to kill him!

“Honey!” My dad suddenly shouted causing me and Josh to jump, my mom came hopping in but stopped suddenly when she saw the test in my dad’s hand. She looked at me and then back at Josh.

“Camilla? Are you pregnant?” She seemed excited which puzzled me but also the fact that she just asked me if I was pregnant. Hello the test is in my dad’s hand? How can I know?

“Ummm I don’t know” I mumble, my dad has locked gazes with my mom and it looked as if they were linking each other, my dad’s hand was still holding the test but very loosely. I quickly grabbed the test from him and shot up the stairs to my bathroom, I needed to know and I needed to know NOW!

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