Alpha Joshua

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22. How is it going further

Camilla’s POV

I knew that if Dad was upset or angry he would faze and run into the woods, he always fazed when he was going through something that was stressful. He wouldn’t wait long so I sprinted straight into the woods behind moms house hoping to find him before he fazed. I entered the woods and immediately froze as I saw him sitting on a nearby fallen tree, he hasn’t fazed and he didn’t look like he had any intention to.

This was strange, very strange. He looked up at me when he realized I was there and I furrowed my eyebrows to see he had a huge smile on his cheery face. Why was he smiling? He ran out the house and despite his happy words his tone sounded sad why....what? I walked a bit closer to him while still keeping my face in the confused expression it was currently wearing, as I sat down he turned his head to me. Still smiling!

“I’m confused” I bit my lip and diverted my gaze for a second. “I thought you were disappointed?” I turned back to him to see his expression had softened, he let out a sigh and put his comforting arm around me. I missed these moment between me and my dad well not these specific moments, I’d never been pregnant before so well you know what I mean!

“Camilla, you will never disappoint me, yeah I think you’re a bit young to have a child but Joshua is your mate and he seems like a nice guy. Despite what you may think I’m actually a little excited” his face lit up as he finished his sentence which actually made me feel excited, I wasn’t sure if I wanted a kid....I’m not ready. How can I tell him that, he looks so happy. I let out a sigh and bite my lip.

“You’ll be a great grandad, dad” he looked ecstatic at my answer and immediately wrapped his arms around me causing my lips to involuntarily make a strange “pfft” noise. He snickers and continues to crush me in his arms. I pushed back every other option, I would have this baby, everyone was so excited and to be honest I don’t agree with abortion, I couldn’t live with the idea of a piece of me being out there and me never knowing anything about it so adoption was out. What other choice do I have?

Dad finally released me and I managed to muster a convincing smile, he smiled in response and I was suddenly left on my own as my dad went running back towards the house smiling. I felt so I don’t know, stressed isn’t the word, just drained I guess, with all that has gone on lately this was just the cherry on top. Josh was the love of my life and children are what we would someday have anyway but I had just hoped it would be a bit later in life, this was very soon. I sighed heavily and then brushed my hand through my blonde hair, I looked up suddenly when I heard a few snapping of branches. Josh was slowly making his way towards me but stopped when he saw me looking at him, it was like he was scared I would attack him. He smiled sweetly then tiptoed closer when I returned the smile, he gently sat beside me and kissed me gently on the cheek.

“I see your dad is happy and your mom is ecstatic....” He slowly changed his tone from the happy one to the serious tone I’ve only heard him use at the pack meetings. “Why aren’t we feeling like that? I mean, is it wrong?” His eyes were full of worry and him saying his emotions out loud made me realise that I agree with him. Is it wrong that were not happy? We should be, this little baby is half Joshs and half mine, it’s a statement of our love and will always be that maybe this is a good thing?

“No....I’m not as shocked as I was to start with, maybe in a week or so well be really excited?” I turn to him and give him a hopeful smile, his eyes soften and he responds with a small smile and a grasp of my hand.

“Yeah, I bet we will” his tone was perfectly sincere and his smile was genuine. He was such a beautiful boy, maybe our baby will look as angelic as him....will it be a boy or a girl? What will we call it? Okay this is stressful. He laughed as I hadn’t blocked off my mind, I leant in and pressed my lips against his welcoming soft ones. I brushed my hands up his chest and slowly wrapped my arms around his neck, he slid his hands on my waist and suddenly melted into the kiss. This was different to our other kisses, it was full of happiness and worry and also understanding of one another, I know it sounds strange but it was truly amazing.

After we had gone back inside and eaten dinner, we had gone up stairs and were now laying in bed just looking up at the ceiling. I had my head rested on Josh’s chest and he had me wrapped up in his strong and protecting arm, we obviously had promised my Dad that we would keep our clothes on so were just enjoying each others company in this sweet comfortable silence. I was wearing a tank top and my P.J shorts and Josh was topless but wearing P.J trousers, damn he was hot! I had blocked out the mind link so had no problem with complimenting his toned, hard sexy....stomach. Ugh why did I ever promise my dad temporary ummm well just no sex! Just as I felt my eyelids erring heavier I heard the most disturbing noise bed springs from my parents room...oh go no! Me and josh snapped our heads to each other and both grimaced as the sound got louder, I groaned and buried my face in Josh’s chest. Why can they do it and me and josh were not allowed to do it? Not fair!

Josh chuckled as I pulled the duvet over my head and turned over so my face was buried in the side of his body, anything to block out the noise I can’t believe this, this is gross. The noise suddenly went from just bed springs to groans and moans oh no. Josh suddenly joined me under the duvet and I saw the grossed out look on his face too, this was not fair and my mom and dad would SO be hearing from us in the morning! If we had to lay off from sex then so did they! I grabbed josh closer to me and buried my head now on his chest and let out a sigh, I could tell this may go on for a while. This was going to be a long night...

Joshua’s POV

After about an hour we fell asleep, Her mom and dad went on for ages as werewolves obviously don’t get tired that easily so we can pretty much go for hours. That was so disturbing, these were Camilla’s parents! My future in laws...yes I am going to ask Camilla to marry me today, I know it’s only been a few months but why not since we will be together forever anyway? I buried my head in her hair and took in a deep breath, her scent was so sweet so....appealing to me, it drove me crazy like catnip! The scent tickled my nose okay well the tickling may have been her hair but still something tickled! She giggled a little which meant I had obviously woken her up, I felt her begin to turn and suddenly her beautiful fresh face was inches from mine. She smiled sweetly at me and I knew this was the perfect moment, I would do it now. I gently picked her delicate lips and then sat up to grab the ring out my draw by her bed (yeah I put it in there when we arrived, she never used these draws and I needed to store it somewhere so I could find it when I needed it) this was the perfect moment...

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