Alpha Joshua

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24. Sam has problems

Joshua’s POV

It had been a few days since we had told Camilla’s parents and believe it or not they actually took it really well. Camilla’s dad shook my hand and told me that he was glad Camilla had found a mate so loyal and respectful, that meant allot to me as Camilla loves her dad more than any other family member. Her mom started crying then wrapped me in one of her super death hugs, she then started going on about how she has a friend who can design the most beautiful wedding dresses. It feels amazing to know that me and Camilla will be showing our love in front of everyone else important to us, now we’ve just got to tell the pack about the baby and now the engagement.

Today was the day we will be going back to the packhouse and Camilla’s cousin Max will be coming down in a few hours for the meeting. We had arranged it 4 days ago because the Vengeful Silence Pack were currently without an Alpha unless Max takes the position, which will probably be what happens. Even still we had to discuss this between the two packs, Lilly, Camilla’s best friend was coming down also so Camilla was ecstatic. It’s not the ideal reunion but it’s the only chance Camilla has got to see her cousin and friend.

We had collected our things and me and Camilla were now on the way back to the pack house after saying goodbye to Camilla’s parents. Aaron was going back on the job today so Camilla’s mom was spending the last day alone with him, honestly I felt bad for her, her mate is gone for months at a time and she misses him greatly. I had mentioned to her about going with him but she said that Camilla still needed her here, when were married I think that’s when shell go, she deserves to see her mate. Me and Camilla were sitting in the car, I was holding her hand with the one I wasn’t holding the wheel with. We weren’t talking but we were content, not just because we were with each other but also because we were listening to our favourite singer.......Blackbear. Camilla and I had flipped when we saw their newest album so HAD to buy it, I can’t even tell you the amount of times we have listened to “Cybersex” it’s our favourite!

We eventually pulled up to the pack house, after us listening to the same song like 10 times! Camilla switched off the radio and zoomed round the back to grab her bag, I slowly followed her, she was really eager to get in, unpack and shower before the Vengeful Silence Pack get here. Just as I got round the back of the car she was already running to the front door, woah she was excited! I grabbed my bag, closed the trunk then followed after Camilla, I saw her going into the lift but the door closed before I could get there, she weren’t waiting for anyone! I sighed and decided to wait, I felt a tap on the shoulder and turned around to see a puffy eyed Sam standing before me I completely forgot about him and Britt. I have no idea what to do, I can’t keep her alive after what she did, but I can’t kill his mate despite her rejecting him, ugh If I kill her it will destroy him. His expression looked grim, he hadn’t slept in god knows how long...that’s was evident. I gave him a sympathetic smile before putting my hand on his shoulder.

“You alright man?” I ask quietly, people knew what was going on but I know he still wanted to keep it as quiet as possible. Whatever slight bit of hope was in his eyes, died completely when I asked him that. He looked down then back up to me again, this was killing almost brought me to tears.

“I can’t, I can’t handle any of this. She doesn’t want me....but in a few days I know she’ll be dead. Thinking about that makes me, I can’t imagine life after this.” My eyes widened as I realized what he was on about...No he was not going to kill himself! I threw my bag down then put my hands either side of his shoulders and leant down so my eyes were staring directly into his.

“Sam don’t even think about that. You can’t too many people will miss you, Britt and you....I know you were mates but there is someone who may not be your mate but will love you like no one else. Just wait” I made sure my voice was gentle but still kept my undertone of authority in there, my heart went out to Sam....everything he’s been through. He’s had a rough life and this just wasn’t fair, he didn’t deserve this. I suddenly remembered about mine and Camilla’s news, I think he should be one of the first to know, I just hope it won’t upset him too much. “I wanted you to be the first one here to know and Camilla....we’re engaged” I small smile crept into his lips and he reached out and gave me a hug. “That’s great man. Really, Camilla is a great girl” he whispered in my ear, he sounded generally happy but I was worried about telling him about the baby. This might hurt him, he wanted a baby with Britt for ages. I pulled back and dimmed down my smile a bit.

“Also....Camilla’s pregnant” his smile disappeared but he still tried to force some fake happiness, I could tell it was fake and honestly I didn’t blame him.

“Awesome” he whispered, he suddenly turned away and began walking down the hall, I sighed then pushed my hand through my hair. I grabbed my bag then walked into the lift which was now on the ground floor, as the doors closed I just stood and listened to the cheesy elevator music....I never really considered how rough Sam had it. None of this was fair and it killed me that there was nothing I could do to help him, he was my best friend and I felt so helpless....this sucks. The doors slid open and I rushed over to our bedroom, just as I approached the door I knew Camilla was with Riley, I heard them giggling an laughing then as I turned the corner I saw them siting on the bed, Riley turned and smirked as she saw me.

“Hey Groomy” she chirped causing me and Camilla to snicker, it was a corny line but still quite funny, well it was clear Riley knew about it, although I wasn’t too sure if she knew about the baby. I quickly opened the link, I knew Camilla noticed because she widened her eyes but she then opened hers also.

“Does Riley know about the baby yet?” I linked Camilla, she didn’t answer just simply nodded, Riley furrowed her eyebrows and whipped her head between us, she had no idea what was going on bless her. A knock on our door suddenly caused us all to turn around, Chase was standing there looking dorky, he had a huge smile on his face and was eyeing up Riley like there was no tomorrow....I wasn’t being mean when I called him dorky just honest.

“Hey Alpha, the pack have been asking when the next meeting is going to be.” His tone sounded dazed and as I looked at him I noticed he wasn’t even looking at me, his gaze was at Riley. I know there in love and everything but seriously? I snickered and pushed my hand through my hair.

“Umm call them together now, tell them me and their Luna will be down in a few minutes and we have some important news” Chase nodded, but before he left he winked cheekily at Riley causing her to giggle and stand up to follow him out, she followed him like a little puppy....that was actually quite worrying. Chase isn’t one for serious relationships, this has already lasted longer than I thought it would but I’m worried that eventually hen drop her and it will really hurt here, not to mention she’s Camilla’s best friend so it will also hurt Camilla. I’m going to need to talk to him, just to make sure this is real, or at least make sure that when he ends it he does it nicely and not like the last time. I grimaced as I remembered what happened with Stacey....they dated for about a week and she was starting to actually have strong welling towards him, although Chase being Chase, when he found out he freaked and ended it. But oh no not in a normal “I’m sorry this isn’t working way” he just simply moved on to the next chick. Which in this case was Riley. Stacy walked in on them making out and Chase just simply said “oh yeah sorry we urrr yeah we aren’t working out” I mean come on that’s harsh even for him!

I shook those thoughts away for now, I would talk to Chase but for now I had to concentrate on the pack meeting and then the meeting with the Vengeful Silence Pack. I also had to concentrate on my Fiancé....yes I love just saying it! Camilla was still sitting on the bed where her and Riley were talking, she looked so cute with her legs crossed and hands on her lap just like a little kid. I smirked at her then crawled on the bed beside her, she giggled when I started stroking her hip....well she was wearing a loose shirt today so I could easily lift it up, so she can’t blame me really. I then leant down and started planting light kisses all across her stomach area, causing her to giggle even more.

“Josh....we have the pack meeting, we can’t just now” her voice came out as more of a whisper as she was giggling as well. I growled in response and continued to kiss her and now began to move up until I was now straddling her.

I leant down so my forehead was leaning on hers and I could see right into her eyes, I could tell she wishes we didn’t have to go to the me I did too! Me and Camilla hadn’t slept together for weeks now and I was really missing her body, I love Camilla with everything I have but I’m still a dude! “Okay so we don’t have sex, a little making out won’t hurt through?” I raised my eyebrow and smirked once more, she can never say no when I do that. She sighed and then slid her hand up my shirt in response, I smashed our lips together and could feel her using the same amount of passion and lust that I was, we were desperate I mean now that Camilla was pregnant the heat won’t affect her until the baby’s born but still we both had our own natural urges. Camilla was still stroking my abs so I gently pulled her hand away and placed both her arms above her head, I then continued to kiss her and then gently ran my hands down her arms. She let out a soft moan against my lips which only caused me to purr, I love that sound, it’s like music to my ears! I pulled out of the kiss as I could tell Camilla was gasping for air and moved straight down to her neck, leaving little kisses all the way until I reached her mark, I sucked on it intensely and then shot out my tongue I tease her. She let out another moan and began tangling her fingers in my hair, she was trying to maintain control just as I was but my wolf was on edge, he wanted her. I could feel myself losing what little control I had so pulled out immediately, I didn’t want to hurt Camilla or force her into anything so stood up.

“Sorry, if I had carried on I would have taken you right there” I snickered while rubbing the back of my neck nervously, she giggled and then stood up

“It’s cool, we’ve got to get down stairs anyway...” Her tone was soft but I saw a glimmer of mischief in her eyes and her tone suddenly changed “but we’ll definitely be finishing that off later” she looked up at me through those long lashes of hers and smirked at me, she then walked out the room leaving me now very turned on. Cheers for that Camilla, I waited for a few minutes then when I was “suitable” to come out I jogged over to the elevator, stepped in then waited as it went down to the meeting room.

Camilla’s POV

Josh suddenly appeared from the elevator and ran to my side quickly, we had to walk in the meeting together so I couldn’t go in until he arrived. I gave him an innocent smile as I knew he was probably calming himself down upstairs and that’s why he’s late, he narrowed his eyes playfully at me then we went in. Josh led the way as always and I followed behind him smiling at pack members, we reached the steps and he mounted them and I skipped up after him. The crowd went quiet and Josh began, I knew he would tell the pack about us being engaged and also the baby, so braced myself for hundreds if questions that would be thrown at me when we were done.

“Thank you, I’m sorry this meeting is late notice but up until this morning me and Camilla were at her parents house so we only got back about 20 minutes ago. Sam has told us that things have gone as usual while we were gone and for that I’m really glad and thankful to all of you.” He suddenly glanced my way and took my hand in his....oh no this was it “Me and Camilla actually have some big news...” I saw several eyes widen and many of the old women smiled as I think they knew what was happening “Me and Camilla are engaged” an eruption of applause rippled out and I couldn’t help but smile. “But we are also expecting a baby” the applause somehow got even louder and cheers rang out also, I knew the pack would be happy but woah this was a bit much! “Thank you for your support, we are of course very happy also” and with that he smiled once more then exited the stage pulling me gently behind him, I walked down the hall trying to avoid peoples gazes. Some were happy and proud but others (mostly from the girls) were, well for lack of another word bitchy!

I ran after Josh with my head down, he laughed when he saw me, I don’t know why he found it funny, it wasn’t. All the girls hated me! It wasn’t my fault he was my mate....give me a break! I was about to speak but suddenly a familiar scent wafted to my nose, vanilla, fresh carrot cake LILLY!!!! I was about to dart out the front to greet her when Riley and Chase both Shiite my name.

“Camilla!” I looked between the door an my friends I wanted to see Lilly. I quickly grabbed Chases an Riley’s hands and yanked them out the front with me.

“Hey what the hell?” Chase said through a laugh, I continued yanking them towards Lilly’s scent, I mean I might as well introduce them now.

“Sorry but my friend Lilly is here so I might as well introduce you all” I suddenly stopped an dropped both Riley’s and Chases hand once I saw the beautiful golden haired Lilly in front of me, we both squealed once we proper looked at each other and sprinted towards each other. I jumped at her and wrapped my arms around her tightly, she did the same to me and I could hardly breathe but I didn’t move, I loved this girl! I suddenly heated, Josh cleared his throat and I figured he followed us out here, I giggled and pulled back but still held Lilly’s hands in mine.

“I’ve missed you so much!” She peeped and I giggled

“Same here” Josh cleared his throat once more and I sighed, I swear he couldn’t wait just one more minute could he? I pulled Josh over to us an gestured towards him “This is Josh, my Fiancé and mate” her eyes widen and her mouth falls to the floor, I had told her already about the baby and engagement but I think she was more surprised at how fit Josh was. Well.... What can I say? “Umm wow” she quickly mumbled causing me and Josh to snicker, Josh took her hand and shook it.

“Good to meet you, Camilla talks about you all the time” Lilly smiled proudly.

“Well I hope so, she’s told me a lot about you also” I turned Lilly towards Riley and Chase she smiled at Riley and then at Chase, he looked back at her and suddenly they both stopped. I pulled Josh over to them so he could see what I was seeing. They can’t be can they? Chases eyes widened and Lilly’s filled with love, confusion and longing, I looked up to Josh to see him now smirking. Oh yeah they were mates!

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