Alpha Joshua

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25. Mates

Camilla’s POV

I couldn’t pull my eyes away I could not, not look at it! Chase was mates....with my best friend Lilly, what the hell? This was so strange, my thoughts suddenly went out to Riley, who was now beside me looking very hurt and torn apart....this was SO not good well it was good...just not for Riley. I suddenly smelt another scent, fresh forest pine, Mint and chocolate....Max! I turned eagerly to him but couldn’t leave Riley’s side I felt so bad, Chase and Lilly were still taking this in and Josh was frozen in place they are all such a great help! Max’s eyebrows furrowed together so I gestured towards my dilemma, he nodded and decided to come over to me, he had his usual goofy grin plastered on his face and his chocolate brown hair blew back in the light breeze as he walked. Max was a very handsome boy, I was really surprised he didn’t have a girlfriend...although I didn’t really want him to have one, he’s my closest family member except my dad and mom so he means a lot to me, I don’t want him getting hurt. I turned around for a second to hug Max, he was so warm, he chuckled in my ear.

“Hey cousin, long time no see, where’s this mate of yours?” I giggled at his impatience an pulled back.

“He’s over there” but at the movement he’s in shock! “First I’ll introduce you to my friend Riley” I tapped on her shoulder hoping meeting my cousin, the cheery, kind and loving boy will cheer her up. She turned around reluctantly with a blank expression on her face, Max and Riley locked gazes and suddenly they both froze, again I recognized those expressions. Love, longing, contentment....oh bloody hell....not again!!!! They both froze and I stomped my foot like a 5 year old.

“Are you kidding me?” I snap, crossing my arms over my chest and earning a chuckle from Josh who was now walking over to the new “mate” scene. He leaned in and looked at the pair then pulled out and snickered again.

“Ohhhh this is too good!” He laughs and rubs his neck awkwardly...I was happy...I was but it was just surprising, both of them at the same time? Come on? I grumble one more time then sigh and try to pull them out of whatever trance they were in, when I was mated with Josh we weren’t quiet for this long....or mate we were, I don’t know I was kind of hypnotized! I brought up my index finger and my thumb to my mouth and whistled VERY loudly, it was loud to a human, imagine it to a werewolf! I snickered when both sets of lovers cringed and covered their ears in protest, I smiled evilly then continued introducing them all to each other!

Chases POV

I’d never felt anything like it before, one minute I was in love with Riley and the next I saw the most beautiful girl standing before me, my feelings for Riley were still there but Lilly....she’s the one I’m destined to be with. All sadness I ever had disappeared with one look, all emptiness, her smile wiped every mistake I ever made and left me with a clean slate. I’d never felt such a pull to anyone before and that one moment...well...I knew I would try with everything I had to make Lilly the happiest girl alive, I would keep her life clean of sadness, I would wipe every tear that threatened to taint that beautiful face. I would always protect her.

Once Camilla had introduced all of us I found out that Riley had been mated to Camilla’s cousin Max, so thankfully she wasn’t alone, I would have hated to have hurt her like that. She still meant a lot to me and so I had to talk to her, we needed to end this properly, Camilla, Josh, Max, Lilly and the others that came with him went off to discuss the issue at hand, so now was the time. I had managed to find Riley out by the training center, she had changed into her booty shorts and a tank top, she looked as if she was about to go for a run so I better talk to her quick. I jogged down towards her and she smiled awkwardly when she saw me, she rubbed her neck nervously and tilted her head to one side.

“Hey” she said quietly.

“Hey” I this was awkward. “Look, I’m sorry about....well I’m sorry this has to are an amazing girl and I do love you. But Lilly is my mate, and she is now my forever”. a small smile crept onto her lips and she reached out to take my hand in hers. “I love you too, but I’m in the same position you are, with Max its different, so much more intense. I could never leave him. I know it is the same with you for Lilly, I’m so happy you found your deserve to be happy” she wrapped me in a hug and planted a sweet kiss on my cheek, I would miss this girl, I would but this new feeling I had with Lilly was so special that I couldn’t deny it. I sniffed her scent one last time....I sighed it had no effect on me anymore. Man, it was really over. She pulled back and slowly released my hand.

“Goodbye Chase” she whispered, with that she turned in the opposite direction and sprinted off down the trail into the woods leading away from the center, her hair bobbed up and down as she ran and I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. Me and Riley had something special but we weren’t meant to be and I had to accept that.

Riley’s POV

As I ran from Chase it felt like I was running from the first real love I ever had, the first thing in my life which was actually true and I would miss him. I would miss the way he smelt my hair, he loved my raspberry shampoo. The way he would tickle my sides when I was sad because he knew I couldn’t help but laugh, he would torture me with that! The way he was so sweet when no one else was around, when we were alone he was an entirely different guy, nothing like what he was with those other girls. Finally, my favourite thing about him, he would bring me blankets and Chinese when I was on my....well when I was “surfing the crimson wave” he would snuggle down with me, watching sappy movies and cuddling with me till I felt better. Chase will always be in my heart and mind but I already feel a strong pull to Max and I can’t walk away from that....I won’t. So unfortunately just like what I was doing to Chase I had to turn my back on our relationship and run....because it was over. We were just friends now…….

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