Alpha Joshua

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28. Joshua finds out that Kyle and Morgan are mates

Joshua’s POV

This doesn’t make sense...

How can Morgan and Kyle they are! Nah Camilla must have made a mistake, Morgan and Kyle are ladies men, there’s not a day that goes by that they don’t have a new sexual partner.’s funny because we never actually meet any of them, they always seen to be “busy” when were supposed to and Morgan always seems a bit shaky when he’s explaining how the “dirty work” went down. Kyle just never goes into detail and says that “what goes on in the bedroom stays in the bedroom”, I was adding up and it did make sense. Kyle and Morgan did always have a connection that the rest of us guys never did, so yeah I guess it is true oh god it is!

I swallowed the lump that was forming in my throat and looked up to see Camilla biting down one her lip, I have no idea how long I’d been thinking but it was obvious Camilla was still waiting for a reaction.

“Umm so?” She pressed and I just puffed out, this was way too much for me to take in, so much is going on lately, I mean me an Camilla getting engaged, the baby, Sam being all down and now Kyle and Morgan! I’ve got allot on my plate people! I covered my face with my hands because if I tried to say what I was about to say without covering my face, Camilla would see that I’m close to screaming!

“Errrr yeah that’s great....ahhh I’m so happy for them yay!” Okay I could have handled that better, but its allot okay! I’m not homophobic....well not of lesbians anyway but gays....I guess it’s just that I get a little scared they may come onto me. Although I shouldn’t be scared because Morgan and Kyle are mates so they wouldn’t even want anyone but each other, so I guess that’s cool....yeah its sweet in a way.

Camilla grumbled and grabbed my hands from my face, I shivered as I could now see how pissed off she was, I probably should have said something else cos what I said did sound very sarcastic. “Are you kidding me Parks?” Parks? She used my last that’s cold. “Your two best friends are happy, just because they’re not happy in the traditional way...” she raises her hands to do air air quotes, things are getting serious! “Does not mean that it’s not right! Now you will tell the rest of the pack and you will make sure they handle it with discretion!” Her eyes were wide open and she was dead serious, I couldn’t decide whether to me a bit mad because of how she just spoke to her Alpha or turned on, because man that was hot!

I stood up from the bed and narrowed my eyes playfully at her, I slowly walked towards her and she suddenly caught on, she began to back away until her back hit the wall and she knew she was done for. I quickly closed the space between us and had her blocked in, my hands were either side of her head and she was trying to hold back a smile. I smirked a little then brought my lips next to her ear.

“You know you should never try and dictate to an Alpha, mate or not...” I nibbled on her earlobe gently earning a breathy moan from her, my voice was playful but I made sure to keep a slight undertone of authority so she knew I was serious about what I was saying. “It’s disrespectful. I will tell the pack though, and yes I will ensure they handle it with discretion...but as for you..” I pulled back and then lashes out at her mark with my tongue, causing her to moan again but this time louder. “You are in so much trouble” I whispered against her neck. I felt her knees go weak with all the pleasure I was giving her so decided to take this opportunity and catch her off guard. I lifted up legs up and she immediately wrapped them round my waist, I smashed out lips together and then led her over to the bed....oh yes she would be getting “Punished”

Camilla’s POV

It’s been a few months since Josh told the pack about Morgan and Kyle and everyone was actually handling it really well, They could walk around the pack house holding hands now and they even got to move into a joint bedroom. I was so happy that everything went well because I could see how both of them made the other feel and that mushy feeling I had when looking at them never went away, it was contagious, everyone else felt it too.

I’ve been spending a lot more time with Sam, he’s started to come outside his room and we’ve been training, swimming and even went to the mall together, he was slowly becoming one of my best friends. He even told Josh about his self-harming, which Josh took no better than I did, he teared up a little bit, it hurt him that his best friend had been doing that to himself and even more so that he couldn’t do anything about it. Josh and Sam spoke about everything and now Josh was up to speed and knew everything Sam could go talk to him whenever he needed to, he still comes to me but we just hang out now....he’s getting better and slowly Sam is able to heal from all the pain Britt caused him.

It is only a few weeks until the wedding and as you have guessed I’m fricking HUGE! I hate it, I feel like a hippo and worse thing is, is that I have unbelievable love for what’s making me fat! Yes, I can’t wait until me and Josh finally have our baby I was skeptical at first but I love our baby with all I have. Its apart of us and will always be a symbol of mine and Josh’s undying love for one another and I will that’s pretty amazing. We found out the sex of the baby last week, it’s a beautiful baby girl. Josh started crying and I worried that he maybe wanted a boy but when I asked him he smiled at me and said “She is our girl Camilla, I don’t care what she is because she’s all ours.” Of course that set me off crying as well, I felt bad for the pack doctor she looked quite concerned that both her Alpha’s were in tears! Anyway, so far we haven’t come up with any names yet and by now I’m starting to think we never will because that’s all we seem to be doing! The wedding is all sorted now so literally me and Josh spend hours thinking of names!

“How about Andy?”

I furrowed my eyebrows and shook my head “that’s a boy’s name!” He shook his head back.

“Na uh I know a girl called Andy”

“In that case we will definitely not be calling her that because you probably slept with that girl am I right?” I raised my eyebrow at him and he suddenly looked very guilty.

“Maybe” we both laughed and he rested his head gently back on my bump, he loves just listening because obviously with heightened senses he can actually hear the baby’s heartbeat. Ugh he’s so lucky, I want to hear it but I am not that flexible! He’s lifted my shirt so he was resting his head on my bare belly, he gently stroked it and kisses my bump while whispering.

“I love you soo much, mommy loves you and Daddy loves you.” He was such a mushy boy when it was just us, when we were with anyone else he had that macho defense barrier thing up but when it was us alone....he was generally beautiful inside and out. A name suddenly popped into my head and I smiled to myself before sharing, I really liked it. “How about Isabella?” He suddenly lifted his head from my stomach and smiled.

“Yeah....Isabella is perfect” I giggled and slip my hand into his which he then brought to his mouth and kissed. I’d struck gold when I found Josh, I don’t even know how I got so lucky, I guess the Moon Goddess must really like me! Oh yeah the Moon Goddess is the goddess in the sky who chooses all our mates for us, definitely the number 1 matchmaker in my opinion!

He slid up from my tummy and laid down on the bed beside me, still holding my hand. I rested my head on his chest and just listened to his heart, every beat had my stomach fluttering about strangely. It was nice, I unblocked my link and he immediately did the same. We’ve been doing this a lot lately, just listening to the others thoughts which usually end up being about each other!

Sam’s POV

Despite Britt being a traitor, Josh had still allowed her ashes to be buried in the werewolf burial grounds. The grounds were in the woods just behind the pack house and all the wolves from our pack that were either killed by hunters, Executed or other reasons....well their ashes were put here. They each had a little white marble gravestone saying their details and why and how they died, with their pot if ashes in front of it. I’ve decided today I would go visit Britt her stone, I know it probably won’t help me let go of her but I do want to just say my last goodbye....I think just letting out all my feelings might help a little. It was about a 10 minute walk over to the burial grounds and that’s at werewolf speed! I had considered dressing up smart today but that would feel like I was honoring her and I didn’t want that, so I wore just jeans, t-shirt and converse, it’s casual. I immediately felt a strange coldness wash over me when I entered the grounds, all those criminals and victims just there all together, it’s a little creepy.

The grounds were split into two sections, one for the innocent and one for the executes criminals, which technically Britt was. It hurt to have to think about Britt being labelled as a criminal, she was my girl! She was though, she betrayed her pack and helped Jamie get all the information he needed to take down Josh and Camilla....I was just a distraction I guess. My wolf whimpered inside me, he felt used, betrayed, hurt but still he felt longing, longing to be held in Britt her arms, longing to touch her once more. That was never going to happen to I ignored him, he was getting on my nerves lately but that could be because I haven’t shifted in god knows how long! I’ll shift on the way home, that might take my mind off all this once I’m done here.

I walked over to the Criminals section of the grounds then scanned across with my eyes until I saw her stone.

“Brittany Fuller, Executed for betrayal against her pack, Alpha, Luna and mate”

I fell to my knees once I read those words, I knew she was gone but this just made it all the more real. I shouldn’t have come here...I shouldn’t! All the progress I made over the past few months has suddenly shriveled up and it all now feels like a lie....why was I trying? Why did I bother? Without her I am nothing I am nothing....I am nothing.

The words kept revolving around my head and each time they felt all the more true. I am nothing, without Brittany I felt like my all, my life everything I had, had been taken from me. I know having her with me all the time wasn’t healthy because she didn’t want me but still, even though she rejected me, just having her alive...I could handle the pain. I loved her so much I would just be content with her being happy...even if it wasn’t with me.

I need to get out of here, this hasn’t helped me at tall, it’s only made things worse and I need to leave before I do something stupid!

Just as I was about to stand I heard the sound of a shot being fired, the excruciating pain of a bullet piercing my flesh, the burn of wolfsbane flowing through my veins and then finally the ground against my face as I fell forward.

Then freedom as the darkness took over.

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