Alpha Joshua

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29. Life couldn't be any better?

Joshua’s POV

Me and Camilla had been cuddling for hours but I knew soon we had to get up and prepare for the pack meeting, I had to meet Sam a little while before so I’d be getting up soon. Sam had told me he was going to go to the burial grounds today, I wasn’t particularly happy about him going but I knew he had to try and slowly break the bond with Brittany and I think seeing her grave stone might help a little. I was meeting him up there so had to leave now as it was about 10 minutes away, ′ sighed then pulled myself from Camilla’s arms. “Sorry baby, I got to go and meet Sam. I’ll be back in about an hour for the pack meeting.” I leant down and pecked her lips gently, she slimed against them and then kisses my hand before I completely pulled away. “I love you” I turned around and smiled back to her beautiful face. “I love you too baby” I said, I then made my way over to the elevator and waited for it to arrive on my floor. The doors slid open and before stood Lilly, smiling brightly.

“Oh hey Josh! Is Camilla up here?” Her voice was one of the ones that immediately make you happy, her joy is contagious! I laughed and nodded “Yeah she’s in our room” “Okay thanks!” With that she slid past me and into my room to join my beautiful pregnant fiancé! How lucky am I? I hopped in the lift and then waited as the lift slowly descended to the ground floor, as the lift stopped I jumped out and began running down the hall and out the door. The grounds are behind the pack house, so I made my way round and began sprinting up the hills and pouncing over the undergrowth. I felt the cold atmosphere as soon as I reached the entrance I really do hate this place! My nose suddenly burned and my throat began tightening as I recognize the revolting smell...wolfsbane! Why could I smell wolfsbane? Another smell soon wafted towards me and I bolted toward it as I recognized it...Sam’s blood. I willed my legs to go faster, rounding each corner, barely dodging gravestones until I saw him, his body was sprawled out on the grass and the blood was still fresh. A sickening worry filled my body and I grew tense with concern I walked over to his body and quickly knelt by him “SAM! SAM, please talk to me!” I felt ill...he can’t be dead he can’t be! He wasn’t I would feel it...he was still in there. His blue eyes fluttered a little until I could see them opening, he was in pain and I could tell he was barely holding on, my hands felt damp where I was holding him I looked down to see blood flowing freely into my pale skin. He’d been shot, the wolfsbane was clearly in the would make it, the wolfsbane is in his blood. A small smile crossed his lips and I felt my eyes swelling with tears I can’t lose Sam, he’s my best friend. “Sam I’m going to get you back to the doctor, you’ll be fine I swear it.” He suddenly opened his mouth and let out a shhh sound I stopped abruptly and he slowly let out a shaky laugh, it was so quiet I could barely hear him. “I’m a goner Josh...” The amusement in his voice slowly faded and a single tear rolled onto his cheek “I’m scared. All I saw was darkness, what if that’s all there is?” His words really hurt me, he can’t die, he can’t! “No Sam you’re not going anywhere!” I went to lift him but he groaned as the pain was overwhelming I couldn’t move him and I hadn’t brought my cellphone, I quickly opened the link and begged for Camilla to listen to me...her link was blocked... He reached up with a shaky hand and gently stroke my damp cheek, he wiped my tears with his finger and then his hand suddenly dropped by his side. His once glimmering blue eyes suddenly glazed over and all life was drained from them, a part of my mind suddenly felt empty and I could no longer feel his energy....he was gone. My breathing suddenly I increased and my face was now soaking from the tears now freely falling, my body suddenly bounced as I let out a sob. I threw my arms around him and clutched his body to my chest. “WHY? GOD PLEASE...PLEASE...bring him back” my voice boomed out at first but slowly turned into a whisper and I held him closer and closer, this can’t be happening, Sam is my best friend, he can’t be gone! My voice quivered as the sobs came out stronger and louder each time, the pain I was feeling was unreal...someone had shot Sam. The bullet had Wolfsbane in it which means they knew exactly what they were killing, either there’s a pack or wolf that has a problem with us or there’s hunters in the area. Before me and Camilla went to the meeting a few months ago there were hunters around, this could be them. Camilla´s velvety voice suddenly rippled through my head, she had obviously felt my pain and also by the sounds of it, she felt Sam´s connection slip away. “Josh! What’s going on? Where’s Sam….I can´t....I can’t feel him anymore.” I bit my lip and simply thought about Sam, lifeless Sam, she gasped and suddenly her cries filled my ears. “NO! NO HE CAN’T BE?” She began sobbing, this hurt more than anything, hearing Camilla cry so much and be so upset....that was pure fire. My blood began to boil and I tried my best to cover my despair by a new emotion slowly taking over...rage. Who did this? I slowly released Sam his body and laid him back on the ground, would get help soon and arrange him to be cremated and then buried here. I wipe a few stray tears away and begin scanning the grounds with my eyes, for anything that would give me some idea of who or what did this? Why would they just randomly shoot Sam? He wasn’t doing anything wrong, just simply seeing his mate...none of this made sense and it hurt me to think of Sam not being with me anymore. I couldn’t think right now, the tears slowly started stinging my eyes once more and my knees suddenly have out from under me, I collapsed onto my hands and knees and once again began sobbing...fuck this...fuck who did this...fuck everything!

Camilla’s POV

“We are here today, friends, pack members and family, to honor and remember Sam Fenwick, so young and yet he was prematurely taken from us...” The priest began the service and I could feel all scraps of self-control slowly slipping away, Sam had died no less than 2 days ago. I can’t believe he’s gone. Me and Josh, being the Alpha and Luna were seated in the front row of the church and only a few near feet away from Sam his body, after this he would be burned....his beautiful face turned to dust. Me and Sam got close towards the end of his life and he was definitely my best guy friend, this hurt, it’s really stung, but what hurt more was seeing Josh so broken and depressed. He hasn’t eaten since it happened, he hasn’t slept, he’s a mess and slowly breaking down. He looked presentable today but since San died he hasn’t even tried, he never leaves the bedroom and insists on being left alone I understand it though, if Lilly died id be a wreck! I slowly tangled my fingers with Josh’s expecting him to shake my hand away, but to my surprise he gladly accepted and squeezed my hand a little. I tried to blink away the tears that continued to fall but failed miserably, by now my makeup was running down my cheek in watery black lines making me look like something kids dress up as on Halloween. The black dress doesn’t help! The service lasted for about an hour and a half and by the time it was over me and Josh were a wreck, we both burst into tears and Josh almost broke down when he had to say a few words. I’d asked Josh if he wanted to postpone the wedding but he answered “Sam would want us to get married, he would actually throw a fit if he knew we were postponing the wedding...I know him” I still remember the look on his face with those words...“I know him”...not “I knew him” “I know him”...he’ll never truly be gone from our lives I won’t let that happen.

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