Alpha Joshua

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3. Becoming a member of the Wild Star pack

Camilla’s POV

It didn’t take me long to find my History class as it was only a few doors down from the classroom I found my mate in.

My wolf purred at the word. “Mate” I loved it now, every time I said it or even thought it, I shivered a little.

I was sat next to a girl called Riley in History and as soon as I sat beside her I could smell she was a werewolf. I got a bad feeling as soon as I sat with her but to my surprise she was nothing but lovely. She didn’t care that I was a rogue and after I explained my situation she got quite excited that soon we would be in the same pack.

“Your so lucky that you found your mate, I’ve been looking for a year and a half and haven’t even come close” she smiled throughout her whole statement but I could see in her eyes that she was generally upset.

Riley was a girl of average height about 5.6ft, with medium brown wavy hair and hazel like eyes like mine. She also had that beautiful creamy like skin so she was one of those girls who you immediately envied as soon as you saw her. She was very beautiful!

“Riley, I found my mate less than 20 minutes ago. Trust me you’ll find him.” I gave her a promising smile and she nodded appreciatively. I thought for a moment and then decided that I would be nosey “Riley, do you have a boyfriend?” I asked tilting my head in curiosity, I know it may sound a bit strange but I was generally interested. Riley was seriously stunning, so I would be very surprised if she didn’t have one.

She smiled and nodded timidly “Actually I do, he’s called Stewart” she says cheerfully. I smile with her “See even if it takes a while to find your mate, you have Stewart” I was trying to cheer her up and honestly I think she noticed. She laughed and nodded in agreement.

History went by quite quickly but I think that is because me and Riley spent most of it chatting and giggling. I’m actually surprised that Mrs. Stewart didn’t move us or give us detention. Me and Riley walked to the cafeteria to get some lunch with her obviously leading the way. My eyes widened as we entered the cafeteria at the mere size of it, it was massive! My old school had a fair-sized cafeteria and I thought that was big! We walked over to the deli part of the cafe, where they sold sandwiches, crisps, cold drinks and other quick meals. The que was quite small, so we got our lunch within 10 minutes and then turned back towards the tables to find a free one. We carried our trays over to a small table by the windows and sat down rapidly, I was starving and by the speed Riley took to sit down I could tell she was too. I looked down at my B.L.T and could feel the saliva collecting in my mouth, it looked really good! I grabbed my water from my bag and placed it beside my tray of food. I grabbed my sandwich in my hands and pretty much inhaled it, then my apple and finally my yogurt. I could have eaten way more, especially as a wolf my appetite is really big so that for me was kind of a snack compared to what I would eat at home. I downed the remains of my water and then sat back, looking at Riley who was pretty much doing the same thing. We giggled at each other and then started talking about what the Wild Star pack was like.

“Joshua’s actually a really good Alpha, but I’m sure you already agree” she said mischievously while waggling her eyebrows at me. I laugh at her but then suddenly stop as my wolf begins yelling at me.

“Mate! Mate!” She shouts, my nose suddenly begins twitching as the smell of citrus and fresh mint flow in front of me. I whip my head back and forth frantically searching for where the smells coming from. I hear Riley her girly giggle but ignore it, I know what I’m looking for. My whole body calms as I see him enter the cafe. I can practically hear my wolf purring from just being in the same room as him. I see him stop suddenly and begin looking around as frantically as I just did. His eye’s suddenly rest on me and my wolf is begging me to go and embrace him.

Go to him!

Be quiet, I can’t just go over there!

You know you want too!

No, I’m fine here I’ll see him later

Quit denying it!

...oh shut up stupid wolf.

Before I can say anything, I see him practically running over towards me, with Sam following reluctantly behind him. Riley is still giggling at my reaction and I really don’t blame her, I was probably acting like a right dweeb. He stops right in front of me, literally inches from me. I shiver a little at the heat I can feel radiating from him, then stand up so I can be closer to him. I freeze suddenly as I realized I must look a bit keen, Joshua senses this and pulls me in so he can embrace me. Sam and him both pull chairs up to our table so they can eat with us. Joshua pulls me onto his lap and I immediately melt into him. I rest my head in the crook of his neck and inhale his scent deeply, I bite my lip to hold in the moan threatening to escape as I smell him.

I know what you are thinking, ‘Ugh what a creep’ but seriously his scent was sending me over the edge. It was heavenly and I wanted nothing but to just be constantly touching him.

That is the thing with the mate bond. You want to touch your mate constantly and you feel like you want to be with them always and as soon as you find them, it’s like you’ve known them forever.

Sam and Riley sat there chatting comfortably, where as Joshua and I said nothing to them. We didn’t even have to talk to each other, we were perfectly happy just being in contact with one another.

His right arm was wrapped protectively around me, but his left had drifted down to my knee and was resting there. Where ever he touched suddenly became scolding hot and tingles floated all across my body. I could tell he felt the same thing because when I started tracing little patterns on his arm, he let out a sigh of relief. The bell suddenly sounded, making Joshua let out a low growl. I giggled a little then slid off his lap gently, he stood up soon after pulling me in for another embrace. We hadn’t kissed yet and my wolf whimpered after we said our goodbyes. She was desperate for us to plant our lips on his. I told Joshua I would come over to the pack house later and he told me he would be waiting.

I stood there bewildered at how sexy my mate was, I even let my eyes wander down to his butt and immediately regretted it. Riley saw where my eyes were, also that I wasn’t concentrating. She came up behind me and jumped on my back.

“AHHH!” I scream and jump about 10 ft in the air. She falls back in a fit of laughter, causing me to laugh at how cute she looked. She stood up and walked back over to me still snickering a little.

“You know me and Sam spent the whole time talking about you two and you didn’t even notice” she snickered.

I tilt my head and open my mouth in shock “Seriously?” I ask in surprise. I didn’t notice anything, all I could hear was Joshua’s breathing and the sound of his heartbeat. It was mesmerizing.

Me and Riley laughed about the whole thing and began walking over to our last lesson, which we discovered we had together and also that it was gym. Ugh I hate gym, thankfully I didn’t have my kit so I wouldn’t have to join in today but I feared that I might get punished with detention. We walked towards the gymnasium and I could already see it was way bigger than the one back in New York.

That surprised me actually, New York is huge so I expected everything to be bigger?

Riley pushed open the oversized doors and I reluctantly followed her in. Before me was a group of already changed teens and a female teacher who looked as if she would snap if you touched her. Everyone else was already changed so Riley smiled at me sympathetically then ran off to go get changed, while I told the teacher my situation.

“That’s okay Miss Prince just make sure to bring it next time” she said smiling.

I liked Miss Green, she looked as if she was no more than 27 and she seemed really nice. She pointed me to the benches and told me to sit down and watch. I made my way up to the higher benches and sat myself down. There were a few people without kit and many of the guys who were sitting out were turning their heads and giving me the eye. Usually I would blush and feel awfully flattered, but after setting eyes on my sexy mate...well these guys have got nothing on him.

I giggled quietly to myself and turned my head every time one of them tried to smirk at me. The class went by very quickly, I was constantly being entertained by guys trying to throw looks at me. One of them even came up and sat beside me, asking if I had a boyfriend. That question actually kind of threw me.

Was Joshua my boyfriend?

I’d only known him a day, but I guess I was going to be spending the rest of forever with him so yeah, I guess he was. Once I told him I did, he backed off leaving me giggling once again.

Everyone disappeared into the locker rooms to change and I was soon joined by a chuckling Riley.

“Okay, you ready?” She chirped, I nodded and stood up to walk with her over to the pack house.

I had no idea where it was so I was glad that I didn’t have to attempt to find it on my own. Riley led me over to her red Jag and opened the passenger door for me to climb in through. I giggled at her hospitality and nodded my head in thanks. She climbed in beside me then started up the engine. The car hummed to life and I slipped the seat belt over my chest, then into the lock. We drove for about 10 minutes before Riley leant forwards and clicked on the stereo. My head immediately started bobbing as I realized what song was playing.

Take me by the tongue and I’ll know you

Kiss me till your drunk and I’ll show you

All the moves like Jagger

I got the moves like Jagger

I got the mooooooooves like Jagger.

Me and Riley suddenly broke into song as the chorus played and then laughed at how terrible we actually were. A few more songs played before we pulled into the drive way of the pack house. My eyes met a huge white mansion, surrounded by god only knows how many acres of land. I could see just from the front of the house that it had about 5 floors and could only imagine how many million dollars this must have cost. My pack house back in New York wasn’t even as big as this and I thought that was huge! I shouldn’t be surprised really as pack houses are made specifically to hold at least 200 hundred wolves so as you can guess they are...pretty big.

Me and Riley both open our doors at the same time and slide out in unison to step out onto the driveway. I dreaded going in, but I knew unless I joined this pack soon I would continue to be threatened and I just didn’t fancy that! Riley clicked the button on her keys making the lights in her Jag flash, telling us it was locked.

We walked from the car and through the doors revealing the houses beautiful interior. Vases holding luscious flowers, cream coloured shag rugs, solid pine flooring and wonderful spiral staircases. That was just some of the high points, my mouth fell open at its grandeur. Riley then led me over to the elevator telling me to go see the Alpha on the 5th floor. I nodded and pressed the button and then stepping inside, I suddenly pulled a face when I saw she wasn’t getting in with me.

“You’re not coming?” I ask curiously, she shakes her head.

“Nah, I’m sure you and Joshua will probably appreciate some alone time” She waggled her eyebrows and I could tell she was that kind of girl.

I laughed and then smiled at her in appreciation before the doors sliding shut, blocking her from my view. I sighed and swayed along to the cheesy elevator music until I heard the high pitched “DING”. I looked at the screen above the door telling me I was only on the 3rd floor. The doors slid open revealing a girl who was clearly the pack slut.

I sighed, every pack has one and I really wasn’t prepared for having to deal with her right now. She had bright bleach blonde hair, which had obviously been dyed. A hot pink barbie like corset and a black Minnie skirt Complete with black wedges. I looked her up and down and was seriously on the verge of shouting at her until she put some clothes on, but thought against it. I don’t think Joshua would appreciate me getting into a fight with one of his pack members before I’ve even joined myself.

She tottled into the elevator and pulled a face of disgust at me. I give her one of my “Look at me like that again and I’ll drop kick yo slutty ass bitch” looks.

Bear in mind she wasn’t looking but still I gave her one. I decided to try and make a good impression so stepped up and introduced myself.

“Hi” I peep, she turns her head to me.

“Hi” She mumbles.

I could tell she wasn’t interested in talking to me but I ignored it and tried again. “I’m Camilla, what’s your name?”

She turns back to me and pulls another face “I’m Stacy, hmm Camilla? That’s a strange n-“ She suddenly stops and steps towards me sniffing intensely. I pull a face at her and her eyes suddenly go black with anger.

“Why do you have Joshua’s scent on you?” She growls and my heart sinks a little realizing they obviously had/have a thing.

I was about to cave in and be the timid girl who never sticks up for herself but suddenly changed my mind as my wolf began growling at me.

Joshua is your mate, he would never cheat on you! Whatever they had going on its now over, because he found us!

I agreed with her so decided to step up and be confident.

“Because Joshua is my mate, I guess I kind of smell like him after lunch today if you get what I mean” I waggled my eyebrows at her making her eyes narrow in our envy, she was about to snap at me when the bell suddenly sounded.


“Oh, fifth floor guess this is my stop” I chirp, I slip past her and skip down the hall ignoring the feeling of her eyes burning my back.

I walked down the long hall until I came across a door saying “Alpha Posey” on the golden plaque. I take my knuckle and tap it on the door gently.

“Come in” his velvety voice ripples through my ears making me shiver yet again.

I could see this becoming a regular thing.

I turn the knob and push open the door, then step in nervously. I smile and see him sitting behind his desk smiling brightly back at me.

“Well look who it is” he says sarcastically, his smile never leaving his face.

I snicker back then put my hand on my hip “Yep ,got a problem?” I reply back, sarcasm practically dripping from my voice.

He snickers then stands up authoritatively. He steps around his desk and stalks towards me slowly. I know he’s only kidding but something still told me to back away slowly, so that’s what I did. I began to back away as he came towards me smirking. I couldn’t help but smile back playfully but still never stopped moving.

My back suddenly hit the wall and I knew I couldn’t move anymore, he took his opportunity and closed me in with his arms. His arms were either side of my head and he was directly in front of me, I was stuck.

He leaned in so close that I could practically feel his lips against my cheek. He leaned right in so his lips were right beside my ear.

“What would you do if I did have a problem?” He whispered seductively. I exhaled deeply at his question and attempted a reply.

“Umm...I-I’d umm” I couldn’t help my stuttering but completely stopped when his lips suddenly came into contact with my neck. He kissed gently up and down my neck, I literally had to bite both my lips to hold in the moan which was going to sound soon if he didn’t stop.

He then slipped out his tongue and licked from my chin all the way to my collar bone, that was it I couldn’t hold it in anymore. My moan slipped out just as I was trying to tell him to stop.

“Joshu-ahhh” I moan, I hear him purr slightly and pull away to look into my eyes.

I could see the smirk still very evident on his face “Do you want me to stop?” He asks, now lifting my hand up to his lips and kissing that. I really don’t think I can talk without embarrassing myself so I just nod.

He smiles and pulls away, he gives me a wink then turns around and walks back behind his desk. He sits down and it takes me a while to pull myself together enough to walk towards the front of the desk.

He looks up at me “Okay so I promised your grandfather I’d let you join the pack. But now that your also my mate, it’s a definite decision” He says smirking and I nod confidently. “So do you Camilla Prince, want to become a member of The Wild Star Pack?” He raises an eyebrow and I decide to be as cocky and as confident as my mate was being. I put my hand back on my hip, smirk and reply

“I do”

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