Alpha Joshua

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30. Saying goodbye to a person is hard

Joshua’s POV

It had been just under 2 weeks since the funeral and the wedding is tomorrow! Camilla’s mom had taken her, Riley and Lilly’s out for shopping today, Riley and Max came down yesterday and will be staying for a few days until the wedding. Everything was sorted, the cake is being delivered tomorrow and all the catering, guestlist, flowers, centerpieces and other crap like that is done! I didn’t do any of it, that was all Camilla which I’m absolutely fine with, I wanted Camilla to have her dream wedding which I think she has. We’re not having a honeymoon just yet, with the baby due date so close we can’t risk her having while were away from the pack doctor. A few months after the baby’s born, Camilla’s mom said she would look after the baby for a few days and that’s when we’ll have our honey moon.

I’d decided to spend the day with Morgan, Chase, Jake and Kyle today, it’s been a while since we all hung out together and it would be the first time we ever hung out without Sam. I’m still investigating what went on there, I’ve sent people out every day to scan the area but we never found anything back, not even a scent! We have no idea who would randomly shoot a wolf then not turn up for war, or anything like that, it doesn’t add up. We don’t currently have any enemies...well apart from the natural ones, but we haven’t had any trouble with the Vamps for years now so it can’t be them.

I shook those thoughts off I should be grateful, tomorrow I was going to marry the most beautiful girl in the world. I had met the guys in the game room once again, so we were just sitting on the couches and beanbags in there, it was nice just to talk to them. Kyle and Morgan were now comfortable enough to hold hands while with us, I’ve got to admit it is a little strange to see them doing that but if they’re happy I’m happy. Chase and Lilly have been together for a few months now but still they haven’t mated!

“Wait a sec, you’ve been mates with her for several months got to mate with her dude! What about the heat?” I sat forward while I asked this, I couldn’t imagine how Chase must be feeling, he’s a horny bastard! This must be killing him! I remember when I was first with Camilla, I was only with her for 3 days and by the time the heat kicked in I was really trying to contain my wolf! He wanted her as soon as he saw her!

“I don’t know how she manages to get through it, the pain is excruciating but she says she’s not ready yet! The heat kicked in again last night and I’m determined to do it this month, one because I hate seeing her in so much pain and two because I can’t stand another month without taking her!” I reached over and patted his back, I don’t know how Lilly’s held out so long! Camilla was in so much pain, she practically jumped me herself!

“I don’t think she’ll be able to stand another month, I think you’ll get some tonight!” I say snickering, I really am an ass! When it comes to getting a girl into bed I’m an expert, although I don’t really use the talent anymore. Well not with anyone but Camilla anyway. I felt really bad for what I was about to say but if Lilly didn’t mate soon the pain would end up killing her so really it’s for her own good. “Okay, She’s in heat, the slightest thing will turn her on. Later tonight you just got to turn on the charm, kiss her neck, tease her eventually it will drive her over the edge an she will practically jump into your bed! Have you marked her yet?”

He smirked at the advice I was giving him but them shook his head at my question.

“No” god how is Lilly still so active, usually female wolves who hold out on their mates end up feeling drained and very weak.., honestly I don’t think she’ll be able to hold out much longer. It’s dangerous what she’s doing, if I see her I will have a chat with her, I couldn’t stand Camilla going through the pain of losing her best’s unbearable I should know.

Camilla’s POV

My mum, Riley and Lilly insisted we shop for some more baby stuff. I had already got in the important stuff like clothes, bottles, a cot, diapers, wipes, blankets, bottle sterilizer and other things, but mum being mum she wanted to spoil her granddaughter with cute little outfits and other stuff. Little Isabella was going to be one very lucky girl!

“Awww this is too cute Lilly appeared round the corner holding a little pink pair of dungarees with Roo from Winnie The Pooh on them, I let out an awww, they were adorable! I waddled over to her and gently took then from her, holding them up I could see just how cute they really were. I threw them in the ever growing basket full if pink and white baby clothes. Mom had insisted she but it all and who was Ito say no? I really did miss my mom, after Sam’s death and all I really needed some support which she was all too willing to give.

We made our way to the checkout and I almost passed out when I saw the total $126.36 damn! Mom smiled widely and pulled out the cash, I looked at her with a frown plastered on my face, I didn’t see why she was all so happy to spend that much. I tried to object but I ended up getting shushed and Riley and Lilly pulling me out the store so I didn’t physically stop my mom from buying the stuff.

They were pulling me out the store so I playfully started yelling

“Help!” They both laughed and I eventually stopped when I noticed no one actually looked like they cared, So if I was actually getting kidnapped I’d be screwed! They both let go and we slowly made our way to the food court, being pregnant I have an excuse to eat for 2....but being a werewolf I eat for 3 as it is so as a pregnant wolf I’m eating enough for 5! People are starting to look at me strange, once wed ordered our food we sat down and began eating.

“So Riley, how’s you and Max?” Lilly began, Max was back at the house and was still asleep when we left so I haven’t seen him this morning. Riley smirked a little then giggled.

“Ohh, were good!” She waggled her eyebrows and I suddenly felt sick but couldn’t help laughing as well, I playfully hit her then shook my head.

“Hey that’s my cousin!” Lilly looked quite uncomfortable with this conversation and it confused me a little, maybe she felt left out...yeah that’s got to be it. I turned to Lilly and smiled at her welcomely.

“So what about you and Chase, you good?” She mustered a small smile, then tried to shake off the subject.

“YeahI’mgoodIguessImeanyeah” me and Riley turned I each other and both raised an eyebrow, with the heightened senses and everything we were able to make out what she said and immediately knew she was telling us a wee lie! Riley leant forward and placed her hand in Lilly’s knee.

“’’ve done it right?” Lilly bit her lip and slowly shook her head.

“No...I just...I’m just scared I guess. I mean the heats a bitch but I’ve managed for over 2 months”

“Lilly it’s dangerous to hold out on your mate, you should let Chase take you.” Riley pulled her hand away then looked down towards her feet “He will understand....he’s gentle” Lilly whipped her head up suddenly and a low growl rumbled from her chest...god Riley why would you say that? Lilly’s eyes went black with rage and I looked around to see people were starting to turn to look...this is really not good!

“Riley go meet my mom well see you later” I shoot Riley a look and she immediately runs off to where the baby store is, I turn back to Lilly and quickly wrap her in a hug.

“Lilly, listen Chase and Riley were together but he loves you. He him” I whisper into her ear and she slowly starts to calm down , I plant a light kiss on her cheek and she quietly giggles.

“Okay.. I’m okay now” I pulled back as she smile up be nervously “I want to, I just worry I’ll do something wrong. Weren’t you worried with Josh?” I nodded then held her hand in mine.

“I me, He will guide you through it. When I first did it with Josh I was really scared but he was so gentle and really showed me how much he loved me...Chase knows what he’s doing” she smiled then nodded slowly, I thought her and Chase would have mated by now...Damn I bet this is killing him!

Chase’s POV

I swear I almost moaned as Lilly’s smell hit me she smelt mouthwatering normally but while in heat...I physically had to hold myself back. Her and the girls just got back from the mall and I was planning on using Josh’s techniques in a bit, as soon as she came in she grabbed her stomach as the burning began to bother her again. I immediately stood from my chair and rushed over to her, I wrapped her in my arms and leant down to whisper in her ear, she groaned and began pressing herself closer and closer into me, I hated seeing her like this.

“Lilly, you need to can’t hold out much longer” I whisper. She moaned as my lips gently brushed against her ear, Josh and the boys were all looking at us quite concerned now and Josh quickly pointed to the ceiling as if to say “Get her upstairs”. I lifted her into a bride style and began carrying her to the elevator, as the doors opened I stepped in and suddenly felt her planting light kisses on my neck, oh yeah she’s ready.

“Please Chase it burns” she whined and began stroking her hand up and down my chest, the tingles were unbearable and I had to close my eyes to try and gain control on my wolf. He wanted Lilly, he wanted to take her right this second, wanted her to moan his name and to be pleasured by his touch.

“Shhhh, it’ll be okay soon baby” I kept my voice low which only caused her to moan yet again, I knew women in heat get turned on easily but this is ridiculous! Usually while she’s in heat she will avoid me but this...this was it, in less than about 10 minutes she would be all mine and I would finally complete the bond. The lift finally reached the 4th floor and I began striding down the hall towards mine and Lilly’s room, I quickly leant on the door to open it and quickly laid Lilly on the bed.

“Chase....please” she whispered and crawled onto the bed and I hovered above her, I quickly planted my lips on hers and began kissing her passionately. She willingly responded to the kiss and moved her lips in sync with mine, I could feel her lips moving roughly on mine and I could feel how much she wanted me. I ran my hand down her front until I found her thighs and began caressing the very top with my thumb, she gently moaned against my lips and I took the opportunity to slip my tongue into her mouth. I pulled away from the kiss and began kissing down her neck, I would mark her, it’s been so long and I’ve been wanting to the second I saw her.

“Can I mark you?” I look up at her to see her slowly nodding her head and a smirk beginning to spread across her face. I smirked in response then began selecting a spot, I kissed across her neck slowly then gently shot out my tongue and started caressing one specific spot. She let out another moan and I decided this spot was perfect. I felt my teeth sharpen and I took the opportunity to sink them into her flesh. She let out a cry at first but seconds later, moaned my name loudly.

“Chase!” I purred against her neck, my name sounded ridiculously sexy coming from her mouth. I went quickly back to her lips then began sliding my hand down to her jeans, ′ quickly unbuttoned them and pulled then off gently.

Her long legs practically had me drooling! Carefully i slid my hands onto her knees and opened them for better access.

God what I want to do to this girl!

I slowly began planting kisses up them, her breathing hitched when I eventually reached her core. I gently kissed it through her lace panties. She breathed very deeply and I knew she was really trying to hold herself back, I’d teased her enough. I yanked off my shirt, while she took off hers. By the time we’d both undressed one another I was dying to be inside her, I kissed her passionately one more time before placing my body between her legs.

Her face suddenly looked very pale and her eyes grew wide when she finally got a look at “me”, I ran my hand up her stomach and rested it on her chest. She looked down and began breathing very deeply, I knew she was scared, it was clear.

“Chase, it’s not going to....fitttt-ah-I-umm” she began stuttering and honestly she looked adorable, I caressed her cheek with my thumb and rested my forehead against hers. “I promise baby....I promise it will be okay. I love you” she smiled gently and then reached up and stroked my cheek with her soft hand.

“I love you too..” she closes her eyes and gently whispered “..I’m ready” I kissed her nose then gently slid into her.

She winced as I carried out my first thrust, pleasure was already shooting up my body but I still had to be gentle for Lilly. My wolf was howling inside of me, he was finally taking his mate. Finally claiming what was his.

I rested my hands either side of her head as I slowly pumped myself in and out of her. I’ve taken enough virginity’s to know it’s better to break through quickly. I took a deep breath as I tried to keep my self-control. “This is going to hurt a bit” I groan. She felt fucking amazing.

“Do it” She whimpers, her eyes still tightly squeezed closed. I knew so far this wasn’t pleasurable for her...I wanted to change that.

I nod and reach my arms up to hold onto the head board. Reluctantly I did one hard thrust which I assume did it as she gasped but then let out a gradual moan.

I smirked as I ran my hand down her naked thigh and then hitched it up slightly from behind her knee. I carried on slowly moving myself but this time I wasn’t the only one being pleasured...from her moans and the nail marks she left on my back...Lilly was loving it too.

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