Alpha Joshua

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31. Finally getting married

Chases POV

I woke up the following morning with Lilly still naked in my arms, I’d never felt so alive and I realized at that specific moment how much I loved Lilly, how much I’d be willing to sacrifice for her, how willing I’d be to die for this is what true love feels like? I now understood what Joshua has been talking about all these months, having a mate has really changed him and I think that it’s done the same thing to me. Joshua and Camilla’s wedding starts in 4 hours so I need to get up and head over to Joshua his room to help him prepare, I’m his best was supposed to be Sam I am it. I gently shook Lilly’s shoulder and she slowly fluttered her perfect blue eyes open and bored them up towards mine, she smiled gently and reached up and stroked my cheek. “Hey you” she whispered. I smiled back and pressed my forehead against hers.

“Morning beautiful, I love much” she leant in and planted her lips on mine and then pulled back and rested her forehead back on mine. “I love you too...more than you’ll ever know” she then rolled out my arms and stands up to grab some clothes, she had to head up to where Riley was sleeping because that’s where Camilla was too, her and Joshua had to sleep in separate rooms because its bad luck for Joshua to see her before the wedding. My lips suddenly curled into a smirk once I saw Lilly’s naked body...she was so perfect it physically hurt! Her hair was hanging loose and reached her mid back, it was still messy from last was such a turn on. She bent over to grab some underwear from the bottom draw and my eyes almost popped out my head, I involuntarily let out a purr which caused her to turn around and smirk at me. She’d caught on and I think she was loving her new found power over me, she snickered then continued to get dressed. I stood up to grab my suit from the wardrobe and Lilly slipped on her dressing gown, she then took her bridesmaid dress out the closet and turned around to leave. She was getting dressed with Camilla and Riley so I wouldn’t see her until the wedding I gently pulled her arm and she spun into my lips....that went better than I thought. I pulled back then gently let her go. “I’ll see you later” I whisper, she nodded then skipped out the door. I sighed then began getting dressed into my suit) know I’ve got ages but I still got to head down to clearing where the ceremony is being held and help make sure everything is set up. Camilla wanted something very similar to Bella and Edwards wedding out of twilight, with all the arches with the flowers and things like that. Very nice in my opinion, when I headed down yesterday afternoon most of it was set up, the chairs, tables, arches, flowers, things like that. All that’s got to be done now is check the catering company has brought all the food, they both chose to have a hot and cold buffet so people could eat what they please, I’ve got to check the cake has been delivered and then finally make sure the area where the reception is being held is all set up, spotlights etc. Lilly is Camilla’s Maid of Honor so she will be down by the clearing in a bit as well, we both have to check everything together and make sure everything is perfect, Lilly will be good at that she’s definitely a perfectionist! My suit is a plain black with a pale blue shirt and dark blue tie, once I’d finished styling my hair and tying my tie I glanced in the mirror and nodded....yep I look good. I was about to leave the room then cussed out loud “shit!” I turned back around and grabbed the little black box on my bedside table with the rings in it. I quickly opened it to check if they’re in there and sure enough they were, I let out a breath and put the box securely in my jacket pocket. Thank god! I then closed the door on my way out and began making my way down to the clearing.

Lilly’s POV

I ran up to Riley’s room and knocked eagerly on the door, it was 10 o clock and the wedding started at 2 o clock so I had a tight schedule. I had to get myself and Camilla ready then go down to the clearing and help Chase oversee everything. Riley slowly peeked round the door but sighed when she saw it was me, It still was a little awkward between me and Riley I mean I just found out her and my mate used to date! Recently in fact, they slept’s weird! I shook that off, I had to get over it for Camilla’s sake, this is her special day I’m not going to ruin it. I smiled at her and she stood aside to let me in, I nodded gratefully then stepped in to see a VERY pregnant Camilla sitting on the bed, she obviously just had a shower so her hair was wet. I quickly grabbed the hair dryer and began to brush and blow dry her hair. I would first help Riley get Camilla partially ready then I’d get ready myself, then head down, then come back up for 1:40 and make sure Camilla was ready and prepared to head down. Sorted!

Riley was still working on Camilla’s hair and it was already 11:30 so decided to get myself dressed. So far Riley had used a wave wand and Camilla’s blonde hair waved down and sat just under her boobs, Riley was going to put part of it back and make a small bow from her I know! Riley studied hair and beauty at school so I’m sure Camilla is going to look great! I grabbed my bridesmaid dress and began slipping it on, both mine and Riley’s dressed are emerald and forest green...they are seriously beautiful! The dress is emerald green and fitted round the breast area, then there’s a forest green bit where the dress nips you in at the waist and then the bottom goes straight down like a maxi dress and that is also forest green. The material is flowy and it swishes when I walk...hehe I love it! I zipped it up then started on my hair, I decided to curl it all and just wear it loose, because my hair is so long it looks stunning when it’s curled. Before doing anything I double checked with Camilla because I don’t want her to think I’m trying to upstage her, she just laughed and said it’s absolutely fine! I curled it all which took about an hour, I then styled it so I had my side fringe and my hair was sitting over my shoulders so came to about the bottom of my rib cage. Once I’d done my hair I then began on my make up, I put some face powder on, light eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss, once I’d finished I stood in front of the mirror and gasped...the person standing before me, didn’t look like me...she was actually....really pretty. Wow. I quickly wished Riley luck with Camilla’s hair and then quickly slid my feet into my forest green strappy heels and began walking to the lift.

Joshua’s POV

By 12:30 I was dressed and just going over my vows in my head, I’d been pacing around my office for the last hour and each time I did I felt all the more stressed. This was a lot to handle, there’s no way I want to flake out I’s nerve racking that’s all! Me and Camilla had written our own vows and I’d finished them about 4 days ago, it was quite easy for me actually, I just wrote down everything I felt for her. I suddenly heard a knock on the door so stopped pacing and looked up. “Come in!” I call, a smiling and dressed up Max came in he was wearing a dark grey suit with a black shirt and black tie, he looked good. “You alright man?” He asked and I suddenly felt a very painful stab to my chest...Sam used to say that. I choked back any visible emotion and nodded. “Yeah...just nervous I guess” he smiled sympathetically. “You and Camilla are meant to be’s right” he smiled one final time then turned back to the door an slowly made his way out. He was right...we are meant to be together so why was I nervous? I felt allot better after max said that so simply sat in my chair and again went over my vows...I want everything...everything to be perfect for her.

Lilly’s POV

I began walking into the clearing which was literally 5 minutes away from the pack house and was surrounded by trees, now that the aisle, chair, tables and hanging flowers had been set up it looked amazing! Literally identical to the wedding in Breaking Dawn part 1 but better! I saw staff rushing around setting up centerpieces on the tables in the reception area, that was five minutes away from the ceremony area but still quite close. I walked through the reception area, looking over the tables and all the catering staff setting up the buffet, it all looked fine so I think Camilla would be happy. I almost passed out when I saw Camilla’s choice for the cake...damn that girl has good taste it looked amazing! So artistic, Camilla had asked for a triple layer one with white, red and black criss cross detailing. Camilla’s favourite movie is the Tim Burton version of Alice in wonderland so they did a kind of mad hatter thing! The cake had white backing, with red and black diamond criss cross patterns, then it had black and white hearts placed over some of the pattern, then finally on top was a large hat (the mad hatters hat) stunning! I sighed then continued over to the ceremony area, people were still running around sorting details out and I suddenly melted when I heard the most beautiful voice float to my ears. My eyes met Chase telling a few guys where roughly the Lilie’s should be (yes Camilla wanted Lilie’s because it was my name....awww what a sweetie!) the guys rushed off and he suddenly looked up at me. His eyes became very wide and his lips curled into a stunning smile, I smiled back then continued walking until I was face to face with him. He takes my body with his eyes and then puffed out some air “You’s no words” I cheekily looked him over and felt myself smirk, he looked hot in a suit man! I wrapped my arms round his neck then whispered with my forehead resting on his. “Thank look pretty gorgeous yourself” with that we both smiled and I leaned in and pressed my lips on his, I intended it to be a light peck but cheeky Chase deepened the kiss and I willingly responded. He lightly licked my bottom lip asking for access, to his dismay I didn’t grant it, he growled a little which made me smirk against him. He slowly slid his hand down and lightly groped my ass which made me gasp, he took this opportunity to slip his tongue in...the....thief! I gladly gave in and responded with my tongue, we fought for dominance but of course he won. I eventually felt myself running out of air so reluctantly pulled out, he smirked at me and I couldn’t help but bite my lip and blush a little. He bit down on his lip also which made him look incredibly sexy, then smirked at me again “So, did you want to talk about last night or?” I’m so glad he said that! I’ve been dying to ask him a few things, mainly about if I was bad or good or...whatever. I nervously bit my lip and nodded slowly. I looked around quickly, everything was good and going to plan so I took Chase his arm and dragged him over to one of the rows of chairs and sat down. I turned to face him and I suddenly felt sick...I don’t know what to say. “How about we start with how was it for you?” He said smirking, I furrowed my eyebrows then shook it off...nah just was kind of like he heard me. He crossed his arms and smirked once more. “It’s because I did...the link had kicked in so I can hear your thoughts, once you mark me you’ll be able to hear mine too” he sounded so proud of himself and I smiled remembering how my mark looked, it’s beautiful. It’s covered by my hair today but its picture is stunning, it’s a silhouette of a wolf looking up to some stars...really pretty. I sighed then voiced what I wanted to know. “Was I...ummm at least decent?” I bit my lip nervously and suddenly all the emotion and love I saw last night reappeared on his face, he leant forward and gently strokes my heats cheek. “Lilly, you were unbelievable....amazing....I’ve never felt so much pleasure in my life” he whispered the last bit which only made me giggle all the more, he was adorable. I pecked him quickly “Thank you..” I nervously played with my hair “ were....perfect...heaven” I looked up to see him smirking and immediately regretted saying that. “I know” I snickered then quickly pecked him one more time, I looked down at my cell phone which I’d slid into my strapless bra, the dress was strapless also so I could easily get my phone if I needed to. It was 1:30! Shit! I jumped off the chair and begin running up to the pack house again, I simply told chase in my head where I was going and hoped he actually heard me! I ran as fast as I could in my heels then quickly stopped in the even stir mirror to check I still looked okay, I did so I then ran over to Riley’s room and knocked once again. Riley opened the door yet again but this time my mouth fell to the floor....she looked stunning. Her chocolate brown hair all curled and swept to the side, her feature brought out with natural make-up and her curvy figure highlighted with the tight fitting bits of the dress...stunning! I smiled at her then slid past to see Camilla, again I almost passed out! Camilla’s hair had been waves, half swept back then a little clip sat over the rest of her beautiful golden hair, her make-up was also natural but she had eyeliner on her top lid as well as her bottom which made her beautiful green eyes pop! Her dress had thin straps and nipped in just under her boobs then flared out so her bump wasn’t that visible, she looked perfect. The dress had lace and beautiful gemstones all over the breast part then as it went down flowed out in beautiful swishy material. She looked like a model or even an angel! I suddenly felt my eyes getting damp so reached for a tissue from the nightstand, she giggled as I cussed under my breath. “Crap my mascara!” I whined “Good then?” She asked sarcastically, I nodded then quickly waved at her to hug me. “I love you Lills” she whispered. I smiled against her and kisses her cheek. “Love you too Camilla!” I pulled back and held her hands in mine “come on Camilla...let’s get you married” I laughed, she nodded then began waddling towards the door. Me and Riley grabbed our flowers, which were Lilie’s (hehe) and followed behind her.

Joshua’s POV

Chase came up to meet me in my room about 1:45 and we began walking down to the clearing, the pack house was empty as all the pack were already out in their seats waiting for us. All the pack stared as I walked in front of the crowd and stood in my place, father David was doing our service and while I waited for Camilla to arrive me and him spoke a little.

Camilla’s POV

Just as I left the pack house and heading up to the clearing I felt a pair of hands wrap round my shoulder and I immediately jumped when I smelt who it was, I turned around and wrapped my arms around their neck. “Daddy!” He snickers a little then whispers to me “You look beautiful honey, we better go” I sigh and look back at Riley and Lilly who were now smiling widely as they knew soon I would be Mrs. Camilla Posey....damn I never thought about that! I nodded and slipped my hand around my dad’s arm and begin walking up to the clearing, we had to stop before we could actually see the crowd, but the security guards saw us and sent a message to the music crew that we were here and they could now play our song. Joshua wanted to choose our song and I gladly let him as I did everything else, this will be the first time I hear what he chose so I really hope he chose a nice one! The music suddenly a started and I felt tears well in my eyes as the beautiful piano introduction filled my ears “Secrets” sung by Jacob Lee, oh god this is perfect-right now...this is everything I’ve always wanted.

Joshua’s POV

I smiled too myself as my chosen song began playing through the speakers, I knew she’s like it and this song said everything I was perfect. I faced the aisle as the priest told the crowd to stand, my heart was racing and I was anticipating seeing my beautiful bride. Suddenly my heart stopped and I thought I’d died and gone to heaven as a beautiful angel dressed in white began making her way towards me, Camilla looked unbelievable, her perfect face famed by her golden locks and the smile I fell in love with plastered onto her face...I was about to marry my best friend, my mate, my other half, everything I’ve always wanted...any minute she would be mine forever. I watched her every step closely then finally made eye contact, her eyes were slightly glossy with tears but her smile never seemed to drop, Secrets from Jacob Lee continued to blast through the speakers and I don’t want the world to see me. Because I don’t think that they’d understand ‘When everything’s meant to be broken I just want you to know who I am’ Suddenly Camilla stopped beside me and Kisses her dad lightly on the cheek, he quickly reached out and placed Camilla’s hand from his to mine, meaning “she’s yours now” I held it tightly and smiled as Camilla but her lip trying to contain her excitement. Father shushed the crowd then began... Finally it got to our vows “The couple have written their own vows, Alpha..” He looked at me and my heart began racing as I couldn’t remember my vows, suddenly my mouth began moving without me even thinking. I looked into Camilla’s eyes and began pouring my heart out. “Camilla, all my life I’ve been lost, I never knew who I truly was. Without a father or a mother to guide me I felt alone and I didn’t think that feeling would ever go away, but then I set eyes on the most beautiful rouge I’ve ever seen and that was it I was a goner! You have changed my life Camilla Rose Prince, you’ve made me happier than I ever thought possible. I love you Camilla, so so much, you’ll never truly know just how much I would do to ensure your happiness. I thank the Moon Goddess every night for blessing me with heavens most beautiful angel. I love you.” I blinked a couple of times and notices that Camilla had tears welling in her eyes and I felt some stinging mine as well. The priest turned to Camilla and prompted her to now say hers. She nodded and gulped as she prepared herself. “Joshua, I’d been waiting for so long to find the one that I was destined to be with and when I did it hit me like a ton of bricks. I never knew being so in love with someone so perfect was even possible for a girl like me, every day you make me thankful I’m alive. Without you I wouldn’t be half of what I am today...”she pointed down to her pregnant belly and giggled a little through the joyful tears falling down her face “...literally! I’m so lucky, I’m marrying my best friend, I love you more than words can describe and I know for a fact that I will always love you” I had to swallow a lump that was now forming in my throat! I loved Camilla so so so much. With that it was time for the rings, I turn to Chase and he steps forward handing me the small black box with both rings sitting in it. I took Camilla’s ring and gently slid it onto her finger while repeating the words father said, Camilla then did the same to me and then smiled once she was done. We knew what was next. “With the power invested in me, I know pronounce you Husband and Wife, you may kiss the bride.”

Camilla’s POV

My face was aching with all the smiling I was doing and I continued to smile when father said this immortal words “you may kiss the bride”. Me and Joshua both leant forward and he swiftly wrapped his arms around me just as I put my arms round him. I pressed my lips on his and relished this moment for as long as possible before it becoming inappropriate. We both unwillingly pulled back then I took his hand in mine and we walked down the aisle beaming brightly. These were our first steps as husband and wife

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