Alpha Joshua

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32. And the baby's name is....

Camilla’s POV

We made our way down the aisle then began walking towards the reception area, my fingers were still entwined in Josh’s and I’d never been so happy. Everyone else apart from me, Riley, Max, Lilly and Chase were still seated and had to remain until we had made it to the reception, we began walking.

“Well hello Mrs. Posey” he whispered cheekily in my ear, we were still walking but as his lips brushed my ear I couldn’t help but moan a little just his tone! God my HUSBAND was sexy.

Ahhhhhh husband!

I turned to face him and smiled widely “I’m officially your wife” I whispered and he smirked back at me...l could tell tonight was going to be eventful.

We entered the reception and I gasped as I saw exactly what I asked was beautiful. Arches with flowers and miss threaded through them, hanging flowers, spotlights and twinkle lights in the trees, a large table full of buffet foods nice and casual just like we wanted. Then finally I almost cried when I saw the wedding cake, the mad hatter cake I explained to the catering company, it was amazing! Josh gasped and snickered when he saw my face

“I’m so glad you had your dream day, that’s all I wanted” I turned to face him and linked my arms around his neck and rested my forehead against his.

“My dream day is anyway that I spend with you” he gently pulls me towards him and presses his lips to mine. I immediately deepen it and he does not object, this time I licked his lip and asked for access. He smirked against my lips and kept his mouth closed....jerk. I pull back and shrug at him.

“Fine whatever I think we should start talking to some of the guests” he smirks at me then pulls me close again.

“Okay and I’m sorry, if it makes you feel any better your free to punish me later tonight”. I smirked back at him then quickly glanced around to see we were still alone I reached down and gabbed his ass, making his smirk once again. He pulled away then began to walk towards where the guests would be coming from I snicker to myself then attempt to run to catch up with him.

Lilly’s POV

We followed Camilla and Josh into the reception but as soon as Chase spotted a free table he gently guided me towards it, he wanted to talk about last night still and honestly so did i. I followed after Chase and when we got to the table instead of sitting beside Chase I slid onto his lap) was sitting sideways on him as it probably wasn’t appropriate for me to straddle him in public! He looked up at me and then reached up and gently caressed my cheek.

“Can I ask you why you held out so long?” I bit my lip but reluctantly nodded, it was stupid but I guess it’s fair that he knows.

“Yeah umm I was just worried’d lose interest in me after we did it so soon in the relationship. If I sucked that you’d reject me.” I looked down but then had a gentle finger underneath my chin guiding it up, he had hurt in his eyes and I regretted telling him. I’d managed to perfect the mind block so I was using it for now.

“You thought I’d do that?” I reluctantly nodded and he bit his lip “I will never lose interest in you and I will certainly NEVER reject you. You are the most beautiful girl alive and the most sweet, caring, kindhearted person, you are so so..perfect” he tilted his head and planted a few kisses up and down my bare neck. I sighed then closed my eyes trying to gain control of my wolf.

“I’m sorry I didn’t really know you at first and that’s why I thought that, but now I do. I love you and I trust you with all my heart”

“Okay” he shot me the most beautiful smile and I practically melted in his lap) leant down and smashed my lips on his. He ran his hand up my leg and I gently tugged on the back of his hair) again went to my neck and gently purred against me.

Riley’s POV

Me and Max hasn’t seen each other much today so being able to spend some time with him now was practically heavenly. The crowd was slowly piling in and soon we would have to find Camilla and Josh again so we could have pictures but for now I could finally speak to my baby! Max gently pulled me over to a quiet corner, it was still light because it was only about 4:00 but still, us being in the woods we could easily find a private space to chat. He had linked his hand in mine and we were walking towards a large tree stump I sat down on it and Max willingly joined me.

“So..” I started

“So...” He echoed and I knew that this was somehow kind of awkward, especially for what I had to tell him. I was kind if glad I didn’t see him much today because right now I have a lot on my mind and I had to think before sharing it with anyone, but I was ready and he had to be the first to know.

I placed my hand on his leg and he suddenly understood I was serious, he looked really concerned and held my hand just a little tighter.

“Riley are you okay?” He bored his stunning blue eyes into mine and I took a deep breath.

“I’m pregnant”

His eyes widen and all the colour drained from his face leaving him looking generally....happy? A smile began to spread across his face.

“That’s great” he said calmly, leaving me sitting there stunned, honestly I was happy but I didn’t want to tell him that until I found out what he thought, but now I know he’s happy I can finally be happy too, yaya!

I throw my arms around his neck and he quickly places his on my waist.

“I was worried you would be upset” I whispered and he laughed a little making my body shake as well.

“No, I’m....I’m ecstatic” he pulled back and showed me a cute little smile) smile back then quickly sit forwards and press my lips on his.

“I love you” I mind linked, his velvety voice filled my ears and made my stomach tighten from its beauty

“I love you too”

Kyles POV

I was really relieved that the pack knew about me and Morgan now, we could finally be who we want to be without worrying about people judging us. Joshua and Camilla were off talking to all the guests, so I took this opportunity to spend some time with Morgan. We haven’t spoken properly since this morning so as soon as Camilla and Josh went off I took his hand and led him over to a quiet spot in the woods. It’s still light so it’s not too bad, Morgan eagerly followed behind me and as soon as we reached a nearby fallen log I sat down and Morgan sat beside me.

“You know, if we could legally get married...I would get down on my knees and propose to you” I nervously bit my lip while saying this, it’s true I love Morgan and if we could get married I would propose. I intend on being with Morgan forever so why can’t we marry? Just because some people don’t agree with homosexuality doesn’t mean we should be able to marry? Sorry there’s me getting all angry and rambling.

Morgan smiled and took my hands in his.

“I love you too and if we could get married I would definitely accept” the moment was really sweet but suddenly Morgan smirked and raised one of his perfectly sculpted eyebrows.

“But since we can’t get married....feel free to still get down on your knees” I snickered at him and smirked back

“Tonight baby, tonight”

Camilla’s POV

After we’d spoken to about 300 guests me and Josh were finally free to enjoy the food etc, the music was blasting and Josh kept begging me to come out and dance with him but I was fricking starving! I’m pregnant I have an excuse! I quickly ran over to the buffet table and grabbed 3 chicken drumsticks, 5 scotch eggs, 12 cocktail sausages, 6 cheese and pineapple sticks, 7 sausage rolls and finally 3 mini ham sandwiches....that’s me in a rush, if I was allowed to eat what I wanted I’d probably be eating the same amount as a whale! I then scoffed down my food, while looking around and smiling at the occasional guest that stopped to stare. When I’d finished I stood up and was practically dragged over to the floor, it was already 11:30 and this was actually the best party id been to, but then again it’s our wedding so it should be special! People were starting to head back to the house and me and Josh were ready to head back as well, today had been amazing and I’m so glad I got to marry the man of my dreams!

Josh dragged me back to the house and practically strapped me to the bed! Me being pregnant it’s hard to actually have sex so it was strictly oral, but it was still the best night of my life.

4 weeks later

It’s been 4 weeks since the wedding and my due date is 2 days away, honestly I’m really scared....) love my little Isabella’s going to hurt!

Josh hasn’t left my side in over a week, he says he couldn’t live with himself if I went into labor and he wasn’t there so literally if I want to go pee, he wants to come. Why would you want to come with me to go pee?

Today was Tuesday, me, Lilly, chase and Josh were chilling in the games room just chatting and laughing. It was really great, we hadn’t chatted since the wedding so some catch up time is definitely needed

Chase and Josh were having a Rock Paper Scissors war and me and Lilly were simply watching and laughing when the other had a fit from losing.

“Uggrrhhh, come on man! Are you freaking kidding me?” Chase stomped his foot like a little kid and crossed his arms over his chest, he looked so funny! Me and Lilly were both laughing like crazy and then suddenly a gush of water rushed out from my legs and soaked all my bottom half and my chair either I just peed my pants or

“MY WATER JUST BROKE!” I yell Josh immediately rushes to my side and kneels by me. He gets chase to tell the pack doctor and he then lifts me up in bridal style and quickly carries me to the lift, hmmm I don’t see why everyone says labors really bad, it doesn’t seem that hard....

“auuuhhhrrhhg” I suddenly feel a piercing pain all across the bottom of my abdomen and my mouth involuntarily lets out a groan. Crap that was only the first one and I know they get so much worse!

“Shhh breath in...out” Lilly was with chase getting the doctor and the only person I was with was Josh....I love him but I need my girl!

The doors open and he rushes me to the doctors room and lays me on the bed. So far the contraction hasn’t come back and I haven’t been timing...shit! The doctor suddenly rushed in with a few other staff and began approaching.

" okay so how far are the contractions apart” she asked I shut gaged but Josh surprised me.

“She’s only had one and it was 7 minutes ago” I looked over at him but he was concentrating on talking to the doctor about some stuff, suddenly the all too familiar pain came back.

“Uuugggrrraaaahhhhh” I yell Josh grabs my hand as I begin to squeeze down on it hard...these things fricking hurt! I can’t do this I can’t! I can’t even start pushing till I’m like 10 centimeters ohh I want this thing out of me!

An hour later and the contractions are ten times worse I don’t even know how far they’re apart but it isn’t long! My breathing was heavy and I was sweating buckets

“Auugghhhh aaahhauhhh” Josh grabs my hand again.

“Breath baby,” okay I can’t handle this anymore, him doing that is pissing me off I love him but I’m in freaking labor!

“Uuggaahahhah shut up!” I yell as another contraction hits, hurt was visible in his eyes but he shakes it off and continues to be annoying.

Another hour later and I’m apparently ready to push I’ve been freaking ready for hours it’s the baby that doesn’t want to come out! Josh held my hand and suddenly Lilly rushes in, chase was going to come in but as soon as he heard me yell again he was out. Lilly held one hand and Josh grabbed the other, ugh god I can’t do this!

“Okay Camilla it’s time to push” the doctor chirps and all I want to do is smack her in the face, if she had a fricking melon coming out of her happy place she wouldn’t be so cheery! I gritted my teeth and managed to nod but only because I was imagining how the doctors head would look like on a spike....jeez pregnant women really are bitches! My breathing remained deep and I kept gasping every now and then as well as screaming every so often.

“Okay I’m going to count from 5 to 0 and I want you to push until I reach 0 okay?” I nodded an dreaded when she was going to say 5.

“Okay and Go 5-” I gritted my teeth and pushed for all I was worth Josh gripped my hand and encourage me gently.

I began pushing










I puffed out when she said zero and almost burst into tears, it was too painful! can’t do this I can’t. I was puffing and huffing like crazy and sweating like there was no tomorrow.

“Come on baby, you can do this I love you okay?” I cried even more at that but nodded and tried to sob out a reply but it didn’t really work out.

After 10 more rounds of “I’ll count you push” I was currently at my last push and apparently I’d be done.

“Okay from 3 to 0 okay?” I gritted my teeth and nodded once more I can do this I promise myself that I’d make this one a good one.








Then suddenly the most beautiful sound ripped through my ears and every push and every struggle was completely worth it just to hear our baby’s voice I mean bear in mind it was screaming but still.

The doctor picked up a blanket and wrapped up the little bundle and slowly handed her to me. I’m a mommy Josh is a daddy

I held the little crying bundle in my arms and I swear all my breath just escaped at one time because I couldn’t think of anything else but the little angle squirming in my arms.

Josh was standing beside me and I looked up to see him crying I slowly gave her to him and he immediately began crying once more. This sight was beautiful Josh was born to be a father. As soon as he had her in his arms she immediately stopped crying....should I be worried that she kept crying when I had her? I shook that off.

Josh spent ages holding our little angle until they had to take her to clean her up and weigh her etc. Josh knelt by my side and took my hand in his I lifted it and gently pressed it against my lips.

“I love you”

He smiled up at me “I love you too, we have a baby Camilla! Our baby!” I felt tears falling down my cheeks again but Josh soon wiped them away for me I felt so perfect, everything was perfect right now.

“Did you want any middle names for her?” Josh suddenly asked me I never really thought about a middle name. I shook my head and kissed his hand one more

“Nope, she’s perfect...just Isabella” his face lit up and that breathtaking smile, the one that made me fall in love with him sat on his face.

Time dragged while we were waiting for Isabella to be cleaned up but when she finally was brought back to us we both didn’t want to let her go I loved her already so much it was strange! Lilly suddenly burst in, she’d had to leave earlier to get my mom so now she was back I assumed my mom was with her. My mom’s voice was calling up the hall and when she finally came in she burst into tears when she saw little Isabella, but Isabella has had that effect on everyone she’s so perfect and so beautiful people just cry with joy when they see her.

Even today, although Isabella isn’t a little baby anymore she’s always going to be our little girl, when she took her first step me and Josh both almost had heart attacks! Josh ended up filming it and then sending it to just about everyone we know....I mean seriously? Not that I can judge because I did the same thing but still. Our love for Isabella has only grown over the years just like our love for one another, I’m always going to love Josh and I know he’s always going to love me.

Because he is mine and I am his………….

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