Alpha Joshua

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4. Getting to know each other

Camilla’s POV

As soon as I agreed to join The Wild Star Pack, my mind suddenly felt crowded once again. I was used to this feeling from my old pack and was actually quite happy when it returned, I felt so lonely while being a rogue! I mean the pack connection only worked while in wolf form but while in human form you could still feel the presence of the whole pack, they can’t hear your thoughts unless you’re in wolf form but you can definitely feel they’re, there. I closed my eyes and soaked up the feeling of being back in a pack, loving the company and feeling as if I was apart of another family. I suddenly heard snickering and snapped my eyes open to see Joshua on the floor in stitches, holding his stomach in an attempt to calm himself down. I narrow my eyes playfully at him, causing him to pull himself together and stand up now composed. My stomach did a backflip at how gorgeous he was when he smiled, making me so proud that I had such a sexy ass mate! I didn’t notice I was visibly checking him out until his lip pulled up into a smirk “See something you like” He teased seductively. I gasped and tried to act cool, I put my hand on my hip and rolled my eyes “Please” I snicker, trying to act like he was the last thing on my mind. He suddenly leapt over the desk, lifted me in his arms then laid me on his desk. I gasped as I realized how fast he had managed to do all that. Before I could slide off, Joshua leapt on the desk straddling me. I had no choice but to lay down as his body was blocking my way to get up, his arms were either side of my head and legs either side of my hips. My breathing became shaky, as his scent was just intoxicating. He leaned down slowly so our noses were touching, I could hear his breathing was as shaky as mine but still he remained in control. My wolf purred at how close our lips were and was begging me to close the distance. Before I could make a decision, Joshua leant in and I felt soft lips being gently pressed on mine. I sigh from the relief of finally getting to kiss him, giving him the chance to slip in his tongue. Our lips moved roughly against one another’s while our tongues fought for dominance, the taste of him was enough to drive me insane. I knotted my fingers in his hair and slid my other hand down his back, he groaned in approval against me making me smirk in response. His hands started roaming my body gaining another quiet moan from me, I pulled away for air as I was practically choking. His eyes met mine and the sensible Camilla suddenly realized she was being straddled on a desk. I shifted uncomfortably and began to sit up, Joshua got the gist and climbed off me, so I could get up. We sat side by side on the edge of his desk for a second before he broke the silence and tangled his fingers in mine. “It’s okay to be nervous about all this, if I’m honest I am a little as well.” I turned to him and smiled timidly. I was nervous, I have had boyfriends before, but we never got further than kissing. I guess what frightened me is that in a mere 3 days I would be going into heat, meaning I would have to finally lose the big V. I nodded in agreement to his last statement and decided before I mated with him I was going to get to know him. I slid even closer to him and rested my head against his shoulder. I pluck up the courage a break up the silence “What’s your favourite colour?” I suddenly ask. He turns to me, snickering a little “That was random” He says between laughs. I laugh a little too “Well in a few days I’ll be going into heat, So I at least want to know a bit about you before I give you my flower!” I was perfectly serious, he fell about in laughter. “Flower?” He questioned me, that signature smirk still plastered on his face. He shakes it off and answers my question “Green, yours?” He asked, looking down at me to see my face. “Pink. Hmm favourite food?” “Savory Cupcakes, you?” “ Mine too” I go to ask yet another question before he places his finger on my lips. “My turn to ask questions.” He whispers, he had turned his body by this point so I could see straight into his emerald green eyes. Damn it I swear he already knows that whisper makes me crazy. I sigh, then nod my head in agreement. He bites his lip as if he’s thinking intensely “Okay, don’t judge me in my questions okay? I’m generally interested.” He said sternly. I pull a worried expression, he could ask me anything at this point. I shrug my shoulders then nod. He sits up straight and bit his lip again, but this time it seemed he was doing it because he was slightly embarrassed at the question he was about to ask “I know you’re a virgin, but apart from that how far have you been with a guy?” I look down and exhale a ragged breath “Just making out” When I didn’t hear a reply I looked up sharply, his eyes were wide and his eyebrows raised. He was surprised? Really? “Woah, okay. I just expected a girl like you to have gone slightly further.” He admitted, he rubbed the back of his neck then looked back down towards the floor. I already had a hunch about how far he had gone but I just wanted to double check. “Do I even have to ask how far you’ve gone” I say while swinging my legs and giggling a little. He snickers as well “Probably not.” He admits. I respected him for that, at least he was honest. He nodded then pushed on to another question “Okay, age of first kiss” “12, you?” “Same, urrr I’m out of questions” We both laugh a little and slide back over to him, so I can just touch him. Just simple contact between us gave me tingles wherever he touched and I yelped when he stroked my cheek. I suddenly remembered that I had to be home by 5 and pounced off the desk to grab my phone from my bag. Joshua gives me a strange look but accepts it when I start rummaging through my bag to find my phone. 4:45 Crap. I gasp and sling my bag over my shoulder. I push the doors and begin running down the hall towards the elevator. I could hear Joshua running after me and stopping beside me as I wait for the lift. “Camilla, let me give you a lift home.” He offered. I met his gaze and smiled in appreciation. We got in the lift and were downstairs within a minute, Josh took my hand in his and dragged me behind him as he ran to his car. A black Land Rover stood in front of us and to be honest it didn’t surprise me that this was the car he owned. He opened my door for me then sprinted round to climb in. Once he’d strapped himself in, he started the engine and it purred to life. I giggled a little as it sounded a lot like him when his wolf purrs. The whole journey there, we sat and got to know each other a bit more. I learnt that Joshua had lost both his parents by the age of 12 and my grandfather pretty much raised him. I felt a tear threatening to fall as I thought about how I would feel if my parents died, he seemed so together and if he hadn’t have told me about his parents I would never have caught on. We pulled into the drive way of my little house, causing my mom to step outside and lean against the doorframe curiously. I said my goodbyes to Joshua in the car so my mom wouldn’t be able to make fun of me. He pressed his lips to mine one more time but didn’t attempt to deepen it, it was just a peck. One part of me was relieved, I would hate for my mom to see me making out with my mate! But my wolf whimpered as he pulled away, she had gotten used to how he felt against her lips and didn’t like that he was no longer there. I jumped out his car and waved as I walked slowly towards my mom, she gave me a sly look which I knew meant “What’s going on? C’mon it’s not going to be anything I haven’t done before!” I know ugh gross! I grimaced then walked towards my front door with my head down. I’m not ashamed, I’m overjoyed that I found my mate, but the thing is my mom will now start making little jokes and innuendoes that will just make me uncomfortable. I don’t even know why I tried to hide it through. My mom stood straight in my way, I looked up slowly to see a smirk still on her face. I could see she was not going to back down until I explained. “So who was that then?” She teased, putting her hand in her hip trying to make herself look slightly more intimidating. I sighed and dropped my gaze back down to the ground. “ Tha-wa-ma-mate” I mumble quietly. She tilted her head and raised an eyebrow “What!” She exclaimed. Okay I don’t even want to think about how quiet that must have been if my mom couldn’t hear it. I sigh again “Okay okay, that was kinda my my ummm mate.” It took a while but after the stuttering I got it out. Her expression was just as I expected it to be. I suddenly whimper as an ear-piercing scream sounds. I look up in pure horror that was my mom! “Oh honey, that’s amazing! That’s so great! I knew you would!” She kept on going like this for about 10 minutes before I just stopped listening. Once I noticed she had stopped talking I have her a quick smile and slid past her and into the house. I shot up the stairs and quickly shut and locked my door. I stood against it for a second just to catch my bearings... I had found my mate! He was perfect, I already felt so comfortable with him and I’ve only known him about 4 and a half hours. I pulled away from the door and walked gently over to my bed to wait yes Joshua had told me he was going to a sneak in. My mom though, would probably find out. Her hearing and sense of smell were better than mine! All the same I wasn’t worried, my mom was pretty cool, she would understand. I suddenly hear the branches of the tree outside my room being trodden on, so I rush over to the window and slide the frame up, so he could get in. Sure enough, Joshua’s head popped in front of the open window and he then slid the rest of his body through it. I stand up from the bed and tip toe over to him, I wrap my arms around him and he does the same to me. Somehow, we ended up on my double bed, but this time he was lying beneath me as I rested my head on his chest as he stroked my cheek. I loved how I felt every time he touched me and I could tell he felt the same way about when I touched him. Everything was calm and I could have fallen into a deep sleep then and there until... “I actually came Camilla to find out when you wanted to move into the pack house, your mother is welcome to join the pack as well and she doesn’t have to move in if she doesn’t want to.” His voice was gentle, but I could tell there was definitely authority behind it. I never thought about moving into the pack house, but it didn’t sound like such as bad idea.

“Do it you know you want to” My wolf purred at me. “Umm I don’t know, we’d have to share a bedroom...“ “Isn’t that another reason to say yes?” ”No! Ugh you pervert” “Don’t forget that technically I’m apart of you, which means that somewhere deep down you were thinking the exact same thing!” “Did I ask for your opinion? No shut up.” I thought about it for a minute, my mom could still keep this house but also join the pack too! It actually was a good idea. “I do” I whisper, making him whip his eyes to me suddenly, from the look on his face he though he misheard me. “Did you just say yes?” I could see a smile beginning to tug on the corner of his lips. I nodded and yelled a little “YES!”. We both suddenly shudder as my mom probably heard me, once nothing happens we both hug each other tightly. I close the distance between us and soon Joshua is straddling me again, we knew that it wasn’t going anywhere but just being able to hold each other made us both content. After finishing our make out session we decided I would move into the pack house tomorrow. I eventually said goodbye to Joshua and then sunk down on my bed, I could still feel the tingles he left all over me.

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