Alpha Joshua

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5. An not so innocent encounter

Camilla’s POV

I woke up abruptly to the sound of my alarm clock, lifting my head from my pillow I then threw out my hand to turn it off. For a moment I sat in silence, just trying to wake up fully. I suddenly felt a smile start to tug on my lips when I realized I would be seeing Joshua in less than an hour and a half the smile fully took over when I remembered I would be moving into the pack house today! I jumped from my bed and did a little dance over to my dresser to pick out my clothes. I glanced out the window to see that it was sunny today, I heard the weather isn’t that good around here so took the opportunity to wear some summer clothes. I picked out a pair of ripped denim shorts, a white tank top, a green hoodie (just in case the weather decided to change) and my white high-top converse. I then did my hair, makeup and then brushed my teeth before grabbing my backpack and skipping downstairs. Turning the corner from the stairs to the kitchen I saw mom had made me pancakes yet again. I you think I would get bored of them, but I never do, so kissed my mom then quickly sat down to devour them. Just before scoffing down another mouthful I realized I hadn’t told my mom about moving to the pack house.... this was my chance. I took a breath then started.


She looks up from the paper she was reading and smiles “Yes honey?”

I bit my bottom lip “Umm you know I told about how I met my mate yesterday and about how he was the Alpha of the pack I joined?” Her face suddenly lit up “He’s the Alpha?” She asked excitedly, I obviously hadn’t told her.

“Oh....and yeah he is. Ummm well we were talking yesterday, and he wants me to move into the pack house with him and I said...I would.” I squinted near the end as I feared how she would react. She would have been fine if I had cleared it out with her before agreeing but I hadn’t so I was actually scared.

Her face somehow lit up again “Oh honey that’s great, of course you can!” I opened my eyes and let my mouth drop. Did she just agree?

“I can?” I ask, still very confused.

She nods “Actually I was going to ask if I could join the pack as well, obviously not move in because I love this house, but I really don’t like the rouge life so far” I grin and run around the table to hug her. I wrap my arms around her then kiss her forehead.

“That’s great mom he said he’d like you to join!” I yell, causing her to yelp as I was right next to her ear at the time. I jump up and down then rush back to my pancakes as I realize I still hadn’t eaten them. She smiles at me and I then dig into the remains of the pile on my plate.

Being a werewolf we eat loads, so mom always cooks enough for about 6 humans and that just about fills us both up. Despite to the amount I eat I still never seem to gain any weight. I stay thin, thankfully it’s a good size it’s not like creepy thin its healthy thin. I’m about a size 2 in USA sizes and a 6 in U.K sizes, both very small. I kind of take advantage of it, eating everything I want because I know I can get away with it. Being a werewolf is probably one of the main reasons, especially since in New York I was active every day. I shake my head to pull myself out my thoughts and stuff in the last mouthful of syrupy goodness.

I stand up and put my plate in the dishwasher, before grabbing my water and my lunch money. I then check myself in the mirror once again, I looked good. Mom was right behind me and followed me out to the car before clicking the button. I eye her suspiciously then warily pull down the handle, it opens with no problems hmm maybe she was finally growing up. I climb into the passenger seat and sit my weight on the chair, only to jump back up as a fart sound comes from beneath me. I look over to find mom has fallen over from laughing and is rolling on the floor holding her stomach. I look beneath me to see a whoopy cushion had been places under me, so immature. She finally stands up and gets in the car.

“Oh, your face!” She rambles through waves of giggles still overtaking her. I shake my head and lean against the window, I could feel the heat from the sun warming my skin and I longed to be running as my wolf basking in it.

The journey to school went really quick and soon I found myself standing outside the back entrance this time. I waved to mom then walked warily into the building, I hadn’t been to this bit of the school before so wasn’t actually sure how I was going to find my way to History from here. I knew where history was because I had it yesterday, but I just had to work out how to get there from here wherever here was.

I walked slowly down the halls noticing that the classrooms here were all things like B3212 where as history was A2434. I was obviously in another section of the school. I walked up the halls smelling for the nearest human to ask, I swear this bit seemed to be overrun with werewolves. My nose twitched a little as I smelt something sweet and very appealing, it wasn’t human. I followed the scent suddenly recognizing it and desperate to be near it, I ran past several humans on the way, but I didn’t need them now. The scent was getting stronger and I knew that he was close. My stomach suddenly felt all mushy as I set my eyes on the source of the heavenly smell, he smelt me also and turned suddenly.

Our eyes met and his face lit up just like mine did, I let the smile spread before running straight for him and jumping on him. He lifted me so my legs were wrapped around his waist and I wrapped him in my arms, just holding him quenched the need I felt to be with him and made me feel whole. I pulled back and then leant down so I could feel his lips on mine, he gladly cooperated and pressed his lips against mine. It only lasted about a minute or so as I suddenly realized we were still in the hallway and people were now staring, I pulled back and jumped down embarrassed. He chuckled at me then wrapped him arm around me, guiding me down the hall. I then remembered I was trying to get to history and decided to ask josh he’d know.

I pulled a face at myself just realizing I called him Josh. Did I already feel that comfortable to abbreviate his name? Obviously, I did, not that I didn’t like the name Joshua I did. It sounded like something an angel would be called, but it was a bit of a mouthful.

I looked up at him, to see he was already staring down at me. I giggled a little under the look then asked my question.

“Can you help me get to history? I kind of don’t know how to get there from here” I giggle near the end causing him to smile with me. He nodded and began walking me to my class, I liked this feeling I had when I was with him. The feeling of being complete, also being needed.

“After school did you want me to come to yours to help you move you stuff to the pack house?” He pulled me from my thoughts and I suddenly cursed.

“Shit, I haven’t actually packed my stuff yet” I bit my lip and looked up to him hoping he wasn’t too mad, he was just snickering. My eyebrows ruffled together as I pulled a face in confusion.

“What?” I ask

He licks his lips then rubbed his neck nervously. “You swore” He snickered again


“I just didn’t imagine you ever swearing, you look so innocent I guess. It just made me laugh” I huffed, I don’t want to look innocent. I’m a wolf I shouldn’t look innocent, I should look tough and rough? He laughed again as he took in my expression, I decided to really test him. Innocent huh? I suddenly noticed an open closet, it was empty so took my chance. I unwrapped his arm from around me, earning a confused look from him. I then bit my lip and took his hand so I could gently lead him towards the closet, his eyes widened as he noticed where we were going. Of course, he didn’t object.

We walk in and I quickly switch on the light and shut the door abruptly. He stood against one of the walls and I walked towards him slowly with a seductive look on my face. I put both my arms either side of him and closed him in, now look who’s in control. He smirked as I pressed my forehead against his, I took one of my arms down and used my hand to run under his shirt. He shivered a little at the contact, I was about to lose it his abs felt amazing concentrate Camilla. I pulled my forehead away, so I could see his reaction in full.

“What are you doing?” He asks whispering, but I could see from his face that he didn’t want me to stop. I shrugged innocently then licked my lips. “I don’t know” just.... I guess I like if I kept my voice low but made sure to keep the seductive tone going. I leant forward and began planting gentle kisses up and down his neck until I felt his member pressing up against my thigh. I pulled back to see he had obviously noticed it too, I then went back to his neck but didn’t kiss it. I whispered in his ear.

“Innocent huh?” I pulled back and smirked before opening the closet bounding down the hall in stitches. Oh, I was too good. I sighed then began walking down the hall now realizing I had no one to show me to history, I shrugged it was so worth it. I looked at the doors now to see I was back in the A section, I could find my way from here I recognized this hall. The bell suddenly sounded telling me that I had 5 minutes to get to class, I didn’t panic as I then saw the door to my class. I ran towards it and opened it revealing my teacher and some of my class including Riley. She smiled at me and gave me a wave, I did the same and then made my way to our desk.

“Heyyy” She chirped, I could tell she was in a good mood and to be honest so I was after the little stunt I pulled on josh. I snickered to myself remembering the look on his face. She looked at me confused so I decided to fill her in. I told her all that happened and she ended up almost falling off her chair she was laughing so much.

“OH, that’s too good, I so wish I could have seen his face!” She chuckled. We both sat and laughed until it was time for class to start. We both grumbled but then grabbed our pens and began taking notes.

Joshua’s POV

She ran off giggling leaving me in the closet, with a little bit of a problem. Oh, she would so be getting it when we had moved her in to the pack house. I closed the door and stood still for a moment thinking of sad things until I was “Calm” I then opened the door and began walking to my first class, I had math first which coincidently happened to be opposite history. I would be waiting outside for her when she finished and let me tell you it would not be pretty....

I walked out of my class about 5 minutes before the bell rang so I wouldn’t miss her leaving. Being Alpha I do have a bit of pull around here so my teachers don’t complain when I just suddenly decide to leave. Some of the teachers here are wolves so I am obviously there Alpha, but the human teachers are aware of our kind so know about my power. I walked out the class and lean in the wall opposite the history door, I would see her as soon as she walked out and then I would swoop. I waited for about 4 minutes before the bell rang, I could feel a smirk starting to pull at my lips. I let it settle and waited impatiently for my mate to come into view.

She walked out the door and suddenly froze when she saw me smirking at her, she smiled innocently and began trying to run down the hall. I rolled my eyes, she did know I was Alpha right? I would obviously be faster. I sprinted after her, catching up rapidly. I sped up just enough so I could wrap her in my arms, my chest my pressing against her back making her shiver. She began to struggle trying to get away but I had her securely, not so tight that I was hurting her but tight enough so she couldn’t escape. I led us into an empty classroom and shut and locked door, I also switched off the light while I was at it. It was pitch black now that’s when I let go of her and disappeared into the darkness to teach her a lesson.

Camilla’s POV

I suddenly felt cold without him behind me, I knew he was going to get me back for earlier but for some reason I wasn’t frightened. I knew he wouldn’t hurt me. I looked around quickly, trying to spot him in the darkness. I couldn’t hear him, I couldn’t see him, but I could still smell him which meant he was here somewhere. I began walking into the center of the room when my ankle was suddenly grabbed, I fell over but didn’t hit the floor instead I fell directly on top of Joshua. I gasped as I could now see his face, he had that bloody smirk on his lips again making me shiver. That smirk drove me crazy, he looked seriously sexy when he wore it.

“Now, that wasn’t very nice what you did earlier was it?” I giggled as the image of it reappeared in my head. He suddenly flipped us, so he was on top, he was holding his weight through, so he wasn’t hurting me. I gasped yet again.

“You may have been in control earlier but I hold all the control now.” His lips were right by my ear, each time he spoke they brushed my ear making me shiver and melt into him.

“Who’s in control now?” He whispered, I wouldn’t reply. I was not going to give him the satisfaction, I was determined. He pushed again “Camilla? Who’s in control?” This time he leant down and began kissing my neck.

So not fair.

I closed my eyes trying to keep concentration, I would not give in. He then took his tongue and traced my collar bones with it, I could feel myself breaking. I bit my lip to prevent myself from slipping.

“Camilla? Don’t hold out on me? WHO’S. IN. CONTROL?” With that he began nibbling gently on my neck and his hands started sliding up my thigh. Damn why did I have to wear shorts today? Oh no he had won.

“You are” I whispered, it came out as more of a moan, but I knew he had heard me. He smirked in triumph then climbed off me. “Don’t forget that” He whispered bending down so he could kiss my cheek. I shook my head then stood up.

“That was so not fair!” I complained like a little kid, crossing my arms over my chest. He snickered then tilted his head “Oh so leaving me in the closet with a hard on was?” He then crossed his arms. He looked more poised than I did though, I looked like a little kid having a tantrum where as IFJ he looked like a model for Dolce & Gabbana or something. He was really was way too good looking for his own good.

“Probably not but it was funny” I say laughing once again. He growled and I then thought it would be better not to continue. I stopped laughing and bit my lip to make sure I wouldn’t start again. He nodded “That’s better” He smirked then took my hand and led me out the class. I pulled a face “Where are we going?” I asked.

“Well we can either go to class or we could go back to yours and pack your stuff now?” I thought for a second, I really shouldn’t skip class. It’s wrong. But I did have to pack everything and that would take a while. Hmm Joshua is the Alpha I’m sure we wouldn’t get in too much trouble. I bit my lip. “Would we get in trouble?” I ask, he shook his head “As Alpha I have a bit of pull around here, trust me well be fine” I trusted him when he said that, so nodded and let him lead me to his car.

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