Alpha Joshua

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6. Moving into the packhouse

Camilla’s POV

As I got into Joshua’s car I realized how upset my mom would be if she found out I was skipping school. I’ve never done anything like this before, but for some reason skipping school was just a small price to pay so I could spend today with Joshua. I know my mom would be crushed and I know I would disappoint her but to be fair she did way worse than this at my age!

Joshua climbed in shortly after me and put his seatbelt on just as I did. He turned his head and flashed me a smile, making me blush and look down in embarrassment.

He laughs a little then switches on the radio. The engine purrs to life and we pull off gently. The car journey to my house from school is only about 15 minutes which me and Josh spent singing (Superb) along to OUR favourite singer. I found out me and Joshua both love Black Bear.

Yeah, if I could go back to that day we met

I probably would just stay in bed

You run your mouth all over town

And this one goes out to the sound

Of breaking glass on my Range Rover

Pay me back or, bitch, it’s over

All the presents I would send

Fuck my friends behind my shoulder

We went on like this until we pulled up outside my house, the car slowed down and then rolled to a stop. I unclicked my seatbelt and jumped out the car to my front door. My mom was at work and she had given me a key just in case she wasn’t in when I got home. I just don’t think she intended for me to be home this early she was going to be so disappointed. I shook that thought off then slid the key into the keyhole and turned it until the door slid open. I completely forgot Joshua was behind me until I stepped in a then felt a muscly arm wrap around my waist. I giggle then turn around to close the front door, Josh was standing right in front of it so I leant around him and clicked the door closed. As I leant forward I accidentally brushed against him chest. I bit my lip when I realized I blushed as I saw him smiling.

“Is it bad that I kinda enjoyed that?” He squinted then smirked, I laughed a little then poked him playfully.

“Pervert” I yell as I run up the stairs.

“Proud of if” He replies, following me.

We turn into my room and I sigh, I’d only moved 2 days ago and now I have to move yet again. Ugh I seriously can’t be doing with this. I grab one of the boxes I still had from moving here 2 days ago and drop it on the floor ready to dump stuff in it.

“Right, if I give you some boxes, can you just start putting clothes in some then other stuff in other boxes and I’ll do the same. Hopefully it won’t take too long” I instruct then grab more boxes and chuck them at him. He jumps as one almost hits him, making me laugh once again.

“Hey don’t laugh! I only jumped because I was concentrating so much on packing your stuff that I got distracted” He rubbed the back of his neck, he was such a bad liar! I rolled my eyes and turned on my stereo so we had some music to listen to.

Joshua’s POV

We had been packing her things up for about an hour now and we were actually having a great time. I know that sounds weird but we were chatting, laughing and mucking about. She was packing up all the bigger stuff while I was packing her clothes, I was extremely happy about that once I reached her underwear draw. I poked around becoming very entertained when I found the lacy stuff. I picked up a lacy red thong and held it out to her.

“Okay you are so bringing this!” I teased waving it in front of her face, which was now bright red. Her mouth fell wide open and she reached out attempting to grab it from me.

“Oh my gosh! Give it back!” She yelled. I stood up and held it above my head out of her reach. She stood up beside me and began jumping trying to reach it. “Josh please!” She pleaded still trying to grab it from me. I laughed at her, it was so funny watching her trying so hard to get this thong from me.

“Oh, it’s going in the box anyway, I cannot wait to see you in this” I teased, her face became white with shame and she then smirked at me. I knew where this was going... And I liked it allot.

“You really want to see me in that?” She asked sarcastically, raising her right eyebrow and placing her hand on her hip. I pulled a face then bobbed my head from side to side.

“Or without it, I’m really not that bothered”

I licked my bottom lip and saw as her eyes followed my tongue. She shook her head then grimaced.

“Ugh your disgusting” She snickers then hits my arm playfully and finally grabs the thong from me and dumps it in the box. “You! Stop playing with my underwear” She orders pointing at me then turning around to continue boxing up the rest of her things.

Another hour after that we were done, all her clothes and any other things she wanted to bring were packed up in the boxes. We began taking them down the stairs and putting them in the trunk and backseat of my car. They all fit in....well just about. She quickly wrote her mom a note and stuck it on the mirror in the hall so her mom would know she had already gone to the pack house. She had also mentioned about her skipping school and that she was really really sorry and she could punish her as she see fit. I laughed at that bit, she seriously was a goody 2 shoes. We locked the door then headed over to the car and buckled up. I turned to her and took her hand in mine, causing her to turn to me with bright eyes. Her eyes were so beautiful, her eyes had a beautiful Hazel colour.

“Ready” I ask smiling she nods at me.

“Ready” She echoes

With that I turn towards the wheel and start it up. I’m not usually the sappy type but I was really excited about Camilla moving into the pack house. I can’t even describe how I felt about her, she was just so loving, quirky, kind and so many other loveable qualities’. I couldn’t wait till half term break, it was pretty close as Camilla had joined the school halfway through the semester. The idea of spending a whole week with Camilla undisturbed by school really excited me.

Camilla’s POV

We had been driving for god knows how long, I know it sounds weird but I was distracted by Joshua. All he was doing was driving but he was just so gorgeous. His green eyes sparkling every now and then as he began singing along to Bruno Mars Treasure. I was really so lucky to have found my mate so early in life, you can find your mate from the age of 16 and my mom didn’t find hers until she was 25. So, I was seriously lucky and he was hot! So that was a bonus, he was also funny, kind and I know he doesn’t like to show it, but I could see he was actually quite sensitive. I shook my head as I realized we were outside the pack house. Joshua smiled then unbuckled his belt and ran around the back of the car to grab some boxes. I came out and did the same and we made our way to the lift. Thankfully I didn’t have to make any more trips as josh had asked some other pack members to help, we were done in that one trip. The pack members left, leaving me and josh alone in his I mean our room.

He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly and looked over to me nervously.

“If it’s too soon, you can move into the room opposite mine and then move in here when you’re ready” I could see in his eyes he wanted me in with him an honestly, I also wanted to be in with him. I shook my head smiling “No I’m good in here” He smiled widely and walked closer to me, he wrapped me in his arms and I felt the tingles rushing across wherever he touched. I went on my tiptoes and planted my lips on his. I didn’t deepened the kiss and neither did he, we were happy with just being near each other. I sighed then turned towards the boxes “Right let’s get unpacking” I say lifting a box onto the bed and opening it. He nods and points to a white wardrobe next to a black one. “That’s your wardrobe” He says, I jump a little “I get my own wardrobe?” I squeal making him pull a face. I laugh and we start unpacking.

It only took an hour to unpack everything and throw away the boxes. I was officially living in the pack house, with my mate! He puffed out and collapsed on the bed in exhaustion “Ugh I didn’t think that would be that tiring” He groans. I snicker at him then lie on the bed beside him, I rest my head on his chest.

“Oh, you’ll get over it! Big strong Alpha like you” I tease, laughing when I said the last bit. He sat up and looked down at me suspiciously “Are you mocking me?” He says smiling. I giggle at him then shake my head.

“Of course not!” I say sarcastically. We both laugh.

“Do you want me to show you around?” He asks getting up from the bed. I nodded and followed him out the room, I did need to know where everything was but I was kinda scared about meeting new people and stuff like that. He led us around the top floor, which would be just for us, so he said its important I know my way around it.

“Right, over here is the game room. It has air hockey, pin ball, and Xbox, Wii and PlayStation 3. Also, we have a load of games for it, but they are mostly war games as some of the guys come up here and we have tournaments.” He pointed at everything as he explained and I nodded to show him I was listening. He then moved to the next room and did the same.

“This is just a spare room, along with the 2 others up here.” He explained the rest of the rooms on the top floor such as the lounge. We then went down to the bottom floor as he said the floors between our and ground were just pack member rooms. The bottom floor had a huge kitchen, massive lounge, tennis courts, swimming pools, training ground and surrounding the house was woods where we could run. I was really excited about living here, it was like a hotel!

Joshua had finished showing me around and we were going back to the lift, He said he was going to cook us dinner in the kitchen on our floor. I was quite flattered at his offer so followed him eagerly into the lift. He pressed the button to our floor and we waited, the lift went to the second floor and then stopped. We both looked at the door curiously before it opened revealing a very dolled up and slutty Stacey. She was somehow wearing even less than she was last time and smiled widely when she saw josh. She bit her bottom lip and slid directly in between me and josh. I pulled a face and josh was about to move away from her when she grabbed his arm and started tracing patterns on it.

“Baby, when am I going to be able to come visit you again.” She turned to me and gave me the evils, before turning back to him. “It has been a while since we had a little fun” She smirked at him and he grimaced obviously remembering. I suddenly heard a loud growl, which made both Josh and slut-face turn to me. I suddenly realize it was coming from me, I was so angry no one was going to touch and come on to my mate! He was mine! I run around her and yank her hand off him, standing directly in front of her.

“Keep your slutty hands off him! He’s my mate, touch him again and I swear I will jump you bitch!” I hissed each word and saw that she was slightly scared. As soon as the bell rang for our floor I took Josh’s arm and deliberately banged shoulders with her, knocking her down. I couldn’t hide the grin with spread across my face when I heard her whimper, I know it was cruel but josh was mine and mine only.

We leave the lift and as soon as the doors close josh turns me around so I’m facing him. A smirk sits comfortably on his face making me smile back at how sexy he looked. “You are seriously hot when your jealous, I’m not even kidding that was so sexy” He said seductively. I melted at his tone and decided to play along this time.

“Oh really?” I wrap my arms round his neck and go on my tip toes to close the distance between us. We both deepen the kiss and he licks my bottom lip to ask for access, I immediately grant it and then jump and wrap my legs round his waist. We puts his hands on my butt, not only to secure that I don’t fall but also because he’s a perv. But he’s my perv. He begins walking somewhere, our lips still joined and I guessed he was taking me to the bedroom. He suddenly places me gently on the bed and then crawls so he’s hovering over me, he kisses me again and then after a few minutes goes down to my neck. He begins kissing up and down my neck then moves over to kissing my collar bones. I moan slightly and he growls in response, but this time it’s not defensive it’s in approval. He moves back to my neck and begins nibbling in one specific spot, he then pulls back and looks me directly in the eye.

He bites his lip then strokes my cheek.

“Can I mark you?” He asks, continuing to stroke my face. I think about it for a second. Am I ready to be marked? I’ve only known him a day and a half, but I already felt so strongly for him and I would be spending the rest of forever with him. So why not?

“Yes” I whisper, earning a grin from him. He goes back down to my neck and begins kissing it again.

Joshua’s POV

“Yes” my heart did a backflip when she said yes to me marking her. I jumped at the chance so went back to kissing her neck tenderly. I teased her with my tongue then decided on a spot. I felt my teeth sharpen and I took my chance, I sunk my canines into her soft skin hearing her cry out as the pain fit her. I grimaced at the thought of me hurting her but continued, suddenly her cries of pain became cries of pleasure. She threw her head back and cried out my name as the full level of the pleasure hit. I growled in approval, hearing my name come from her mouth in that tone drove me crazy. I leant down and licked the wound causing it to heal and take its picture form. It was a picture of a Wild Star with a wolf sitting on its bottom point, howling facing upwards. It was really nice I was happy with my work. She sat up slowly then started kissing me again.

I would never get enough of this girl, suddenly a loud ringing came from her phone. I groaned and she pulled pack and leant down to pick it up, she gasped and ran outside the door and closed it gently. I could tell from her face it was her mom...... ohh we were in trouble.

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