Alpha Joshua

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7. The day after

Camilla’s POV

I quickly ran outside our bedroom door, not that it would matter because with werewolf senses Josh would hear me anyway. Not to mention soon the mind link will kick in, once a mate marks his/her mate they can hear one another’s thoughts. I cringe a little and listen to mom’s lecture down the phone, I dare not speak not argue I don’t want to die. I can see the headlines right now “Teenage girl gets savagely murdered by her own mother”. I snicker at myself for thinking such stupid things, oh I wish I didn’t.

“Camilla Rose Prince, did you just snicker at me?” Her voice hurt my ears as she screamed it, making sure I could hear the venom in her voice. I pant quickly and try to back up.

“No mom, I wasn’t laughing at you I promise” I ramble a little, saying it so it sounds like one word. I was really scared of my mom when she used that tone, despite her cute exterior she could be really vicious when she needed to be.

“You better not be young lady! Skipping school? Camilla, I am so angry with you I could spit!” She emphasized the t in the word spit making me think that she probably did spit as she said it. I huffed out and leant against the wall, sliding down till I was sitting on the floor. Oh, why did I have to be so stupid, I could have packed when I got home ugh damn my low self-control.

“I’m sorry mom, I-I don’t know why I did it, I guess I just wanted to spend more time with Josh. I won’t do it again.” I close my eyes and begin banging the back of my head against the wall in frustration. I hear her sigh down the phone, my stomach jumps a little at the thought of her letting me off just this once.

“I know Camilla...I was young once, and to be fair I skipped school on a regular basis. I will not ground you this time but you will take any punishment the school gives you” I nod eagerly, but then realize she can’t see me and I need to talk. “I will mom” I chirp, a little smile crawling onto my face. I bring my hand up to my head and push it through my hair. She asked me about how it was going at the Packhouse, I bit my lip and made up something about us getting takeout and now going to bed. She laughed and I knew she didn’t believe me, but what was I going to say “Oh yeah Josh just gave me the most amazing pleasure, aren’t you proud of your little girl?” Nah did not fancy that chat. We said goodbye and I hit the end call button quickly. I scrambled to my feet and put my hands on my knees and bent over so I could catch my breath, I don’t even know how I got out of that.

I stand up then push the door to our room open and find Josh, still sitting on the bed but this time cross legged. He saw my expression of relief and shot me a similar one, I knew he had obviously heard you alright now “Were out the woods?” He asked, snickering a little. I laughed back and crawled onto the bed to sit next to him “Much!” I said widening my eyes.

I glanced over to the clock to see it was 1:30am, I groaned “C’mon we should get some sleep, we’ve both got school tomorrow”. I tug at his arm and he nods in agreement, I slide off the bed and run to MY wardrobe to get some PJs. I suddenly realize how hot it is in here, so pick a pair of white pyjama shorts with a lacy hem and the matching top. It’s not revealing so I didn’t mind wearing it in front of him. I took them into our en suite and locked the door before getting changed, I trusted Josh but he was still a pervert god knows he would jump at the chance to barge in on me half naked! I dressed quickly then gathered my clothes from today into a pile in my arms, I saw there was a washing basket in there so dropped them in that before leaving.

I froze in place when I saw Josh, my eyes almost popped out of my head they were so wide. He was lying there in his black Kalvin’s with his arms behind his head. I raked his body with my eyes taking it all in, his toned arms, rock hard stomach, tanned legs. Oh, he was a god!

“Oh, now look who’s the pervert” He smirks and comments sarcastically. I look up at his eyes suddenly and see he’s doing the exact same thing to me!

I snicker and put my hands on my hips “Yeah still you” I say nodding. I laugh then crawl into the bed, leaning over to the bedside table I grab my phone and set an alarm for 6:00 I know it’s early but I needed to have a shower.

“Hmm yeah a shower sounds good” Josh purrs in my ear and slides his arm around my waist. I tense, oh crap its kicked in. I turn around to face him and sighed “Wait why can’t I hear your thoughts?” I ask squinting my eyes. He pouts then strokes my face “Well that would be because you haven’t marked me yet, so until then I can hear your thoughts but you can’t hear mine” He tries to hold back a smile but fails miserably causing me to pout as well. But this was my stroppy pout, I was not happy about me not hearing him. I sit up suddenly “Well can I mark you then?” I say tilting my head and shrugging as if it was an obvious question. He bites his lips and fakes being all shy, he crawls up and hugs his knees. “Oh, I don’t know, I don’t think I’m ready for that!” I growl at him making him burst out I laughter. His expression softened and the sweet Josh came out, sat up and cupped my cheek in his palm “Tomorrow baby, I promise tomorrow you can mark me” I smile and lean in and peck him gently. We both lay down and I decide to slide next to him, he wraps his arm around me and pulls me in to his chest. This felt so right and I fitted into him perfectly. We both felt so comfortable with each other but if he thinks he’s showering with me tomorrow he’s very much mistaken!

I feel his chest bounce a little as he snickers and I sigh, in the morning I am going to perfect the mind block. He’s had his fun! My eye lids become heavy and they slowly flutter shut.


Camilla’s POV










I wriggle out of Josh’s arms and grab my phone to switch off the noise. I had slept so well last night, being so close to Josh was heavenly. I shivered a little as I realized how cold I was without his arms round me, I didn’t notice Josh was awake until he sat up and put his hand on my shoulder.

“Your cold Camilla” He says, pulling me into his warm chest and rubbing my arms to warm me up. I sigh as the tingles shoot over my skin, making me relax into him. My eyes shoot open suddenly as I feel something hard pressing against my hip, I look down and sure enough it was “Morning”. Josh’s face goes a tinge of pink and he grabs the quilt to cover it, I pull away for him and start laughing very loudly. I hold my stomach and I feel myself falling backwards, by the time I realize I’m near the edge I fall off the bed and land heavily “Umpth” my lips involuntarily release that sound, making Josh run around the bed quickly to check on me.

“Baby are you okay?” He bends down franticly and pulls me up, I look down to see that his “Friend” had disappeared. I nod, continuing to snicker a bit causing him to growl at me. I sigh and shake my head at him, jeez his pride bruises easily!

“I heard that!” He calls as he walks to his closet to grab some clothes, I cringe then walk to the bathroom to have a shower. I grab clean clothes and a towel then lock the door behind me, stripping off my pyjamas and stepping into the shower room. The bathroom was huge, it had the obvious toilet, then a door leading to a shower room and a jacuzzi with jets! Oh, I could have some fun in here! I turn the knob on the shower and the warm water begins to spray onto my tensed muscles. I let out a small “mmm” as I can feel myself relaxing every second I’m beneath the spray. I tilt my head back and let the water soak my hair and neck, I begin washing it and with 10 minutes I’m out and grabbing my towel.

I rub myself down with it and then put on my chosen outfit, I’d gone simple today with just jeans and a Hollister white kami. I brushed my hair and let it hang loose so it would dry, grabbing my wet stuff I drop it in the basket as unlock the door.

Josh is already dressed and sitting on his bed playing on his phone, I gulp as my eyes again rake his body. He was in black jeans and a white shirt which highlighted his muscles, making me subconsciously bite my lip. Ugh I seemed to do that allot lately whenever I looked at Josh, he made me crazy! I felt a little sick when I realized tomorrow at some point my heat would hit and I would no longer be a virgin. That was a lot to take in and honestly it scared the hell out of me, was I really ready for that? I shook my head and grabbed my makeup bag and headed into the bathroom to quickly to that, I finished up and then put in my socks and shoes. I was ready, I just had to wait for my hair to dry and I had about 2 hours until we had to leave so I’d be fine.

“Okay so do you want to go down to the kitchen and get some breakfast? I mean we can get it up here but I figure you may want to meet some of the pack members?” He stood up and walked over to me while smiling sweetly the whole time. I smiled back and nodded “Yeah that would be nice” I said stroking his arm and the letting him lead me towards the lift again.

We waited until it dinged and opened. To our surprise it wasn’t empty, inside stood Josh’s Beta Sam he looked really happy until he saw me. He narrowed his eyes but quickly looked back to Josh as he knew Josh would kick his ass. It really hurt that Sam hated me so much, I didn’t even know him! What had I done? I sighed then looked down in shame, I hated that Sam didn’t like me he was a huge part to the pack. A pack that as soon as the bond is completed I will be Luna of, I needed to get along with the beta. Josh pulled me in tighter to his side and whispered something in my ear “go to the kitchen be down in a minute” I nodded and stepped into the open lift. I waved as the door slid op shut and Josh disappeared from my sight.

The lift began descending and suddenly stopped, I looked at warily at the screen displaying the floor. Ugh again at fricking level 2! I swear if that bitch walks in this time, I will drag her back down the hall by her hair and lock her in her room. The doors slide open and I narrow my eyes, suddenly a very sleepy looking Riley appears in front of me. Her eyes widen and she jumps up and down squeezing as she sees me, I jump too and we hug each other eagerly.

“When did you move in?” She squeal’s, her eyes still wide. Damn even without makeup she’s still stunning! I smile “Yesterday” She nods understandingly and then bites her lip. “Oh, you’ll be introduced to the pack tonight then” She turned to me with a sympathetic look on her face and I suddenly felt nervous. I’ve seen a Luna introduced to a pack before, it’s not anything that big but still its allot of pressure. I shake my head and my hair falls behind my shoulder, Riley’s eyes suddenly become so wide I can see the veins and her mouth drops wide open. “You naughty girl! He marked you!” I smile nervously and look down to the floor, I was admiring my mark in the mirror this morning, it was really beautiful and I loved it!

“Oh yeah, he marked me. Not to go into too much detail but seriously once you get past the pain it feels A-MA-ZING” I waggled my eyebrows at her and she giggles hitting me playfully. She brushes her hair from her face and shuffles nervously.

“See I was thinking about letting-” I cut her off mid-sentence, I could not listen to what I was about to hear.

“No! You can’t get marked unless it’s your mate! I know you probably love him but your mate is who you’re going to be with for the rest of forever so you can’t just let anyone mark you” I felt bad for breaking it to her so harshly but she had to save it.” All the intimate stuff should be saved for your mate!” She sighed and nodded, but it didn’t last long a look of guilt rippled across her face and I began to worry what she had done. I tilted my head and narrowed my eyes “Riley?”. She looks down and bites her lip.

“Camilla, I’m not a Virgin. I lost it a few weeks ago” She smiled shyly and I bit my lip. It wasn’t her fault, of I hadn’t of found my mate and I was in her position I probably would have done the same thing. My expression softened and I just enclosed her in a hug. The doors suddenly opened and we stepped out to go get some food.

Joshua’s POV

The doors slid shut and Camilla disappeared from my view. I turned sharply to Sam and growled viscously at him. “What is your problem with Camilla? She’s really taking it to heart! She’s going to be Luna in less than 38 hours so you will respect her” He stepped back and looked down.

“Look Josh, I haven’t actually met her yet but I took an instant dislike to her because she was a rogue” His words hit me suddenly and my expression softened.

Sam’s parents were killed by rogues and he hasn’t been able to face one without ripping its throat out since. I nodded and look back up at him “Okay, I get that but you will stop making her feel like crap! Just get to know her, she’s no longer a rogue. She is my mate and she’s not going anywhere soon” My words were harsh but I made sure to use a soft tone. Sam was my best friend and I didn’t want to lose him but my mate comes first. Above everything.

“Okay, I’ll see her tonight at the pack meeting anyway so I’ll try and talk to her then okay?” She smiled at me and his blue eyes kind if shimmered slightly. Sam was a good looking guy I suppose, he was very good with the ladies well he was before he met his mate anyway. He was a blonde but he was actually very smart just like Camilla. Trust me if he was un mated he would not be going anywhere near Camilla! We shake hands then pulled into a hug. We chuckle then step into the lift and head down to the kitchen for breakfast, I was already missing Camilla and I’d only been gone about 7 minutes!

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