Alpha Joshua

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8. A pop tart problem..

Camilla’s POV

Me and Riley pretty much sprinted into the kitchen, we were both starving so when we finally were there we both fought over the last 2 pop tarts. Of course, it was all playful but still it got intense I wanted those pop tarts!

“Aww come on you found your mate, don’t take the last pop tarts too!” She whined leaning into her hip and sticking out her bottom lip. I snickered a bit, I was not giving up the last pop tarts for a puppy dog look! I fake being offended by that and grasp the box tighter into my grip.

“Having a mate can sometimes be stressful, I need my pop tarts! Come on be nice to the newbie!” I whine, I squint my eyes hoping shell give up and give me them. I love pop tarts and when I say love I mean love! Seriously right next to Josh and my mom, there my favourite thing in the whole world. She rolls her eyes playfully then shrugs.

“Fine whatever take the pop tarts! I’ll just have cornflakes” She says holding her hands up in surrender and walking towards the cupboard with the cereal in. The kitchen was starting to become crowded with wolves getting up for work and school. I was getting stares from allot of them, even the guys. I mean yeah, they were well they were gorgeous, but Josh was a god! I quickly grab my pop tarts and put them in the microwave, gotta eat them hot there’s nothing like it!

Riley sits down beside me with her bowl now overflowing with milk and cornflakes. It seems like she went a bit overboard. She snickers when she notices me looking at them and looks down timidly “I like cornflakes okay! I couldn’t have my pop tarts, so cornflakes are second best” she quickly shovels a mouthful of cornflakes into her gaping mouth and crunches down heavily. I bounce a little as I snicker, but full on jump when I hear the ding of the microwave yay pop tarts!

I press down the button and the door swings open, exposing the plate with my sweet, dripping pop tarts.


I grab the plate and run back down beside Riley and bite into one greedily. The 2 pop tarts aren’t gonna fill me up for long but ill eat again at school!

I suddenly look up when Josh turns the corner smiling at me, he waves at me and I just smile back. Yes I know I could have waved but I’m eating! No one interrupts the chick when she’s eating! He walks eagerly up beside me and takes the seat the other side of me. I take another bite of my pop tart and smile at him sweetly, he does the same then grabs the remaining pop tart from my plate and takes a huge bite.

Words cannot describe how much my wanted to strangle him. My mouth fell and I narrowed my eyes at him in pure anger. Ohhhh he just stole my pop tart, no this is not right.

“You. Just.Stole.My.Pop.Tart!” I spit, pronouncing every word slowly so it’s very distinct. He raises and eyebrow and snickers at me.

“Oh I think you’ll live” He jokes, taking yet another bite out of MY pop tart! I hear myself growl and he completely loses it, he falls about laughing almost falling off his chair. I narrow my eyes once more then stuff the rest of the pop tart I still had in my hand in my mouth. I then stand up and begin to walk round Josh I reach out and grab the remaining bit of the pop tart from him. His head whips to me and I leg it to the wall. All I wanted to do was eat my pop tart! The lift didn’t come in time but thankfully I’d just stuffed it in my mouth before Josh bounded up to me.

I won haha! I may have lost a bit of my tart but I got most of it! HA.HA.HA

He shook his head and smirked at me playfully, putting his hand on his well sculpted hip.

“Food lover huh?” He asked. I just nodded and gave him a smug smile and go to walk around him. He pulls my arm and I am pulled into his chest, I gasp as I had no idea he was gonna do this. He smirks then leans towards my ear, instead of whispering like I expected he nibbled at it lightly.

My eyes automatically closed and I gasped one again, ugh he was just oh so frustrating. He leans back and smiles widely “You see you didn’t really win” he said smugly. I bit my lip and groaned.

“Whatever Josh” I say throwing my hands up and walking back to the kitchen to grab my bag, we had to leave now or well be late. Josh was by my side and led me towards his car, he had offered to walk me to any classes I’m not sure where they are so I wasn’t dreading school as much. He started the engine and we drove for about 5 minutes before we stopped at a red light.

He turned to me and leant over to kiss my cheek, making my cheek heat up and turn a shade of pink. I smile back to him and he turns back to the wheel to make sure he’s concentrating. I smirk to myself and turn to him eagerly “You know today I get to mark you!” I exclaim, I was really excited I’d never even thought about marking my mate. Usually I only imagined the male marking the female but there was something very sexy about it, don’t ask. I’m strange.

He snickered and nodded slowly “Yes, yes you do!” He says licking his top lip seductively. I could tell he was excited also Josh was actually quite gross but when he wasn’t putting on a mask he was so sweet. I’d seen that side of him and I loved it, so sensitive and well we already know he’s beautiful. I shake my head and suddenly smile to myself. I don’t know why, just having Josh with me made me smile. He was like sunshine.

He sighed, he kept his gaze toward the road but what he said next left me breathless.

“And your my moonlight, the thing that illuminates and enhanced frightful creature. You make me feel alive and fill me with power when I’m near you. Flawless, beautiful, perfect...” He then turned to me so he could see my reaction as he finished.

“My love just those last 2 words made my heart melt.” The whole mate thing is so fast paced, within 3 days I’m already so attached to this boy. 3 days! That’s insane!

He turned back to the road as I sat in silence for about 10 minutes, I needed to really embrace what he just said. I wasn’t ready to tell him I loved him yet I don’t even want to think about was definitely going in that direction though. My feelings for this dude were out of this world!

“Okay, we’re here” He chirped, shaking my shoulder gently and leading me out the car. I kiss him and then let him walk me to physics, I had no idea where I was going still! Thankfully today was Friday! My first day had been on Wednesday so tomorrow 1p was the weekend, then half term. A whole week with Josh sounded amazing, nothing could interrupt us!

Saturday 10:30am

I had been up for about an hour and a half and had thankfully eaten before Josh could steal my food! I would have bitten his head off, my food was my baby! Me and Riley had met each other in the games room and I decided to introduce myself to some of the other werewolves. The meeting that was scheduled for last night was cancelled and it was being held at 2:00pm. A chestnut headed guy was playing snooker a few feet away from us, along with Sam. I felt a slight shiver as I saw Sam, he had never liked me but I don’t know why.

“Ask him. I can see you staring at him it’s obvious your wondering about the whole “him hating you thing!” Riley whispers to me, she was right. I was obsessing over this too much, it probably was best to ask Sam and get it over with.

“Yeah I guess your right” I whisper back, Riley gives me a thumbs up and I cross my fingers in response. I stand up slowly from the couch in the game room and walk towards the snooker table. Both Sam and the chestnut haired guy look to me, confused expressions on their faces. I walk right up to Sam and bite my lip.

“Can I talk to you? I know you didn’t like me but just give me a sec.” He looks skeptical but nods and walks away from the snooker table and I guide him to the hall. I was about to start when he surprised me and started instead.

“Look, I don’t hate you and I’m sorry I made you feel so down. The truth is the first time I met you, you were a rogue we were about to kill. My parents were killed by rogues and I guess because I don’t know you, all I remember you as is a rogue and that’s my fault. So if it’s okay with you I’d like to maybe hang out later and get to know you a bit.” He smiled throughout his whole statement, making me believe he meant it. I nodded and held out my hand for him to shake it. Sat first he started at it but eventually met my hand. That was it we were on our way towards a friendship!


He disappeared into the games room and I poked my head back in.

“Riley I’m gonna go find Josh, did you wanna come?” Just my head was visible to her and she looked at me strangely before realizing I was leaning around the wall. She shook her head. “Nah, I’m going to stay here. Is that cool?” She rose her eyebrows and I could see she wanted to spend some time without me.

I know you think that’s harsh, but her boyfriend broke up with her yesterday and it’s hard for her to see me so happy. I get it. I nod and then skip into Josh’s office, which is right next to our bedroom, so I wasn’t far from it. I knocked on it gently and heard Josh’s deep voice exclaim “come in” I melted a little then slide the door open. His face lights up when he sees me and he smirks at me. “Oh, not you again!” He groans sarcastically, putting his head on the desk. I shake my head then close the door and walk to his desk till I’m inches from his desk. I bend over so I’m right by the top of his head and begin to stroke it with my hand. He groans a little and looks up at me in defeat.

“Okay, you win. You know I’m happy to see you!” He sits up completely and taps his lap so I can sit on him. I throw my head back and laugh a little, he was so cute. I walk round and take a seat on his desk directly in front of him, he places his hands on either side of my waist and begins tracing little patterns on my bare skin. I was wearing a belly top today and immediately regretted it once he started that, my hips were tender a he knew very well that! I held in a shaky breath and attempted to talk.

“J-jossh stoaaaoop” He snickers and stops. I was about to hit him with some really good comeback I’ve been working on but suddenly a sharp and burning pain ripples over my abdomen. Josh is immediately standing up and at my side.

“Camilla? What is it?” I can see the panic in his eyes and his breathing deepens. I lose concentration and my gaze travels south.

Damn this heat is a bitch, turns all us she-wolves into horny devils.

“OH yeah, that would be the heat!” He interrupts my thoughts and bites his lip. Not seductively through, more nervous like. I let out a groan, the pain is getting so much worse.

I reach out for his arm and pull him closer to me, I needed him near me. The burning desire rushing though me was crazy and it would only be soothed by him. He leant over and carried me into our bedroom and closed the door with his foot, he was still carrying me so he had no hands free. I laid on the bed and gestured for him to join me, he but his lip again then rubbed the back of his neck “Are you sure you’re ready for this?” His tone became seductive near the end and I suddenly became very turned on, the evidence soon appeared and I bit my lip. Ohh this was so not good. Damn this heats a bitch!

Why? Why does this have to happen!

Josh’s eyes went black with lust and he smelt the air, his eyes darted to me but then changed back to normal “Oh god Camilla!” He’d lost it! He crawled onto the bed and straddled me. About fricking time, I was aching for him, I began kissing him hungrily and his lips responded to mine eagerly. I moved my hand down to his ass and he growled against me, making me smirk in triumph. His hands went to my shirt and gently lifted it above and over my head, taking in my chest his “friend” came out to play. I giggled as I felt it against my stomach, making him smirk. Oh god this was torture!

“Josh please I can’t wait anymore! Just do it!” I say, ripping his shirt from his chest and beginning to undo his button. He smirks at me and then grazes my thigh

“Are you sure?” His lips graze my ear as he’s whispers and I let out a moan in response. I’ve never felt such pain in my life and I needed him right now. He hears my thoughts and nods quickly “I’m going to make it go away, I promise” His voice was so tender

He undressed me and then himself, I was so weak at this point I could not do it. He hovered above me just before and I glance down...oh god! My heartbeat increases and the fear finally catches up with me. It was huge!

“Josh! T-tha-I” I couldn’t even finish that sentence, I’ve never been so scared. I did want this but just seeing it now it just makes it so real. He takes my face in his hands gently and kisses my gently on my lips.

“Baby, it’s okay I promise it will be okay.” Right here I could hear the emotion in his voice and his eyes even looked as if they were slightly teary. I glance down one more time then nod. I knew it was going to hurt, but I also knew Josh would comfort me throughout the whole thing. I trusted him.

Just before it was about to happen I took a sharp intake of breath. He stops and his face washes over with concern. He searched my eyes but then nodded.

Now I was ready.

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