Alpha Joshua

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9. Becoming the Luna

Joshua’s POV

I’d never felt so at peace in my life. So calm. So loved.

My right arm was still draped over Camilla as she breathed heavily on my chest. She had fallen asleep shortly after, but still looked as innocent beautiful as she was when she was awake. Her head was resting gently on my chest and her arms were wrapped around me, making me feel secure and safe. We had mated about 2 hours ago, but the rush I felt was still very new. She was scared to begin with and I knew that I had hurt her at first. It upset me but after a while the pain faded and she made it very evident that it did, her expressions and noises giving me hints that I was impressing her. It was her first, so I know she wouldn’t know any different, but I still wanted so much not to disappoint her. She was everything to me, despite only knowing her 3 days, I loved her. She began to stir and her eyelashes were tickling my chest as they began to. I snickered as she groaned and began rubbing her eyes, she truly was adorable. I began tracing little patterns on her bare back with my index finger, causing her to giggle and turn her head to look at me.

She was so beautiful, I couldn’t believe that I’d spent the last year sleeping around because of my impatience to wait for my mate. She would have been so worth it, if I could have seen into the future and known that I would end up with someone so perfect I would definitely be frigid. By choice.

She smiled at me gently and raised her hand to stroke my cheek.

“Hey you” She whispered, still smiling. I could hear her thoughts and all of them were about me.

“I can’t believe how lucky I am to have found someone so perfect. Joshua is flawless, his sense of humor, personality, his looks well they are just WOAH.”

I really had to try to keep from smirking at that last one. She still couldn’t read my thoughts as we hadn’t got around to her marking me yet. It was supposed to happen today but well we got distracted. The pack meeting was soon so it would have to wait until later.

I smiled back at her, leaning my head into her palm, her touch made me crazy.

“Hey beautiful” I whispered back, making a red blush float onto her cheeks. She looked downwards then back to me nervously. I knew she got embarrassed when I called her beautiful, but she was and I speak the truth. I could tell from her thoughts she was still unsure of her performance, she worried that she hadn’t satisfied me. She was SO worrying for nothing!

I lifted her chin with my finger, so she was looking directly up at me. “You were amazing. I just wanted you to know that, you have nothing to worry about.” I made sure my voice was gentle then tilted my head, so I could press my lips against hers. I could feel her smiling against my lips and she was definitely more relaxed now.

She pulled away and smirked at me cheekily

“Yeah you weren’t so bad yourself” She shrugged. I did a double take not so bad? I narrowed my eyes at her, I knew she was kidding but still. Never joke about a guy’s ability in bed!

“Not so bad?” I kept my voice even, so she didn’t get scared but made sure she could tell I was peeved. She giggled and shook her head “I’m kidding! You know your unbelievable” She said looking down now embarrassed again. I smirked to myself. Unbelievable huh? Hmm

She quickly glanced to the alarm clock next to our bed and her eyes widened in shock “Shit!” She hissed jumping off me and grabbing her clothes, which were scattered across the floor. I sat up confused “What?” I burrowed my eyebrows and they gathered together in between my eyes. She looked up, after just slipping on her bra and knickers. She looked at me as if to say “your kidding me”

“Josh the pack meeting is in two minutes” She hissed, grabbing her shirt and putting that on also. My eyes widened and I seconded her motion “Shit!” I exclaimed pouncing off the bed and grabbing my Calvin’s which were halfway under the bed. Camilla was dressed but her hair was matted at the back from well you know.

She grabbed a brush and did what she could until she just shoved it up in a messy bun. Her makeup was still flawless.... don’t ask me how we were both sweating buckets. She looked as beautiful as she always did, no one would be able to tell as she looked as fresh as this morning. I was now dressed, I didn’t need to do anything with my hair I was never on bottom so scruff was no problem for me.

“Do I look okay?” She asked, concern being the only obvious emotion on her face. She straightened her shirt with her hands and bit her lip. God my mate was so unbelievably sexy. I nodded slowly and brushed a stand of hair from her face. “Beautiful” I whisper kissing her cheek lightly. I take her hand in mine and look at her again “Okay, time to meet the pack”

She sighed and nodded at me, following me reluctantly to the elevator. The wait to the bottom floor was torture, Camilla was so scared. I understood why, being introduced as Luna was a big thing. She would be my second in command, well except from my Beta, Sam. Although I would take Camilla’s word over Sam’s any day, I know it sounds bad but she is my mate.


The doors to the second floor open and Stacey walks in, avoiding Camilla’s gaze. Camilla let out a low growl so I pulled her into my body and kissed the top of her head. I couldn’t help the smirk that appeared on my face, memories from her jealousy attack on Stacey the other day flooding back. I don’t know what I ever saw in Stacey through, she was cheap, fake and a right bitch! I grimaced at words I said the last time I had slept with her “you’ll always be my favorite baby” ugh why did I ever say that! She’s repulsive!

Stacey shivered and practically lept out the elevator before the doors were even fully open. Jeez Camilla really scared the crap out of her!

Camilla grimaced “Ugh I can’t stand her” She hissed, holding my hand a little tighter and letting me lead her from the elevator and into the pack room. I turned her to face me before me entered.

“You will be fine, I promise. It’s your destiny to be Luna of this pack and you will be the best one possible” I placed both my hands on her shoulders and gazed into her golden eyes lovingly. She breathed in my scent, letting it surround her. She closed her eyes and parted her lips slightly, I took this opportunity to peck her. Her eyes sprang open again and she smiled appreciatively.

“Thank you, I needed that” She said nodding, trying to wrap her head around the idea of being partly in control of a pack. She nodded again “Okay, I’m ready” I squeezed her hand and opened the big oak doors exposing the meeting room. The large hall had rows and rows of wooden chairs which were all weighed down with pack members, all watching the stage expectantly. I led Camilla down the clearing and every head whipped to us in awe. I was used to this, as I’ve been Alpha for over a year now but Camilla looked very intimidated. I squeezed her hand again and her breathing calmed down a bit. We reached the steps and I led her up slowly, I seriously feared that she might fall over she was so scared. We took the last steps leaving us standing in front of the werewolves that occupied the house, some smiled reassuringly, some stared blankly and some of the girls narrowed their eyes at Camilla in envy.

Yeah probably slept with most of them. Yup Camilla would probably be hearing from them very soon. I cleared my throat just to make sure everyone was listening, then I started.

“Thank you, everyone for coming here today after we had to reschedule. I know it may be short notice for some of you but we appreciate you coming all the same. I’d like to introduce to you Camilla Rose Prince, my mate and your Luna. She will be accepting the role and all its responsibilities from today, so please show her all the respect that she deserves. Now for the usual business...”

Camilla’s POV

I took a deep breath as I realized I was now officially Luna of The Wild Star Pack. I had never in a million years thought I would be a Luna, although I never thought Iv be mates with an Alpha either so there you go! I looked over to Josh and let the proud smile that was bubbling up in me slide onto my face. He was so different in front of his pack, so father like, responsible, loving. The transformation was incredible, he was so humorous and cheeky but when it was needed he took control. I was proud of him, his pack clearly loved him and so did I, I turned my head to look upon the faces of my pack. So gentle, respectful and envious? I met the gazes of some very pissed of girls, staring daggers at me. There gazes shot between me and Josh but varied as quickly as the direction, when they stared at Josh it was with longing but with me it was with well an overwhelming urge to slap me. I put the pieces together very quickly, my emotions changing from proud to suspicious. Josh had some explaining to do...........

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