The Hunter

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Chapter 11 ~ Emotions

...Ryder’s P.O.V...

Wednesday night was the original date night we had planned. I stood there in front of the bathroom mirror, annoyed about the still raised skin from my father’s backhand and the stitches below my brow. Since it was our first ‘official’ date, I had chosen to wear a very tight knee-length, long-sleeved black dress, that divulged a hint of cleavage with a crossover front. I had paired it with some bright red heels and curled my long caramel locks. Not being a massive fan of makeup, I lightly applied some of everything in an attempt to hide the horror that stared back at me.

With a heavy sigh, I made my way out to the lounge where Ulric was waiting. He stood there, in black dress shoes, black suit pants and black button-up shirt, his dark brown locks slicked back while he fiddled with his belt. I almost dropped to my knees at the sight of him, my core was clenching and my stomach was buzzing with butterfly wings as my nipples tightened to points.

“You look incredible,” I gulped as his eyes snapped to mine.

“Is that what you’re wearing?” I paled, slightly self-conscious at his reply to my statement. Was he really disgusted by my choice of attire? “You can’t wear that.”

“Excuse me?” Okay, now I was feeling really self-conscious.

“You expect me to go out with you looking like that?” His voice was strained and slightly higher pitched.

“Wow, you’re a fucken asshole.” I turned around, pissed off by his attitude. Within seconds his hands gripped my shoulders.

“I don’t think you understand,” he murmured.

I pulled my shoulders away from his grip. “No, I don’t think you understand Ulric, you can’t just say something like that, I never wear a dress, I put in a lot of effort for tonight and you treat me like this?”

“Rocky, turn around.”

“No, get fucked, I’m leaving.” I spat back dangerously.

“Ryder,” he grasped me again, turning me so fast I almost lost my balance. “You don’t understand.”

“You’re fucked.”

“I thought you said I was cute?”

“Get that smirk off your face, you’ve just ruined everything!” By this stage, I was feeling like utter crap. He had basically admitted I disgusted him.

“I’ve told you before, you are exceptional but tonight…” he sucks in a sharp breath between his teeth before exhaling. “Tonight, you look exquisite, every man will be drooling over you and I don’t think I can handle that.”

“WHAT?!” I looked up at him in complete confusion.

“I’m possessive okay and it’s so hard right now for me to not strip all your clothes off and pound the shit out of you.” His words had me clenching again… HARD CLENCHING… I wanted him to do just that.

He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply before opening them again with a lustful gaze burning deeply, could he smell how turned on I was?

“I will kill any man that looks at you, I swear,” he warns with a growl.

“You think I’m exquisite?” My cheeks were flushed.

“Of course I do. No one in the world could compare to your beauty,” he complements through a tightened jaw.

I moved forward and cupped his cheek, leaning up to brush my lips against his. “You are all I ever want Ulric, I put in an effort just for you to look at me with desire. Clearly, I mistook it for disgust.”

“You honestly thought I would look at you like that?” His horror-stricken face exposing his true feelings and I just shrugged as my eyes fell.

He forcefully pushed me up against his wall, his lips connecting with mine before backing off, keeping our foreheads together. “There’s no one else for me Rocky, you are it, feel this…” he thrusts his hard cock against my abdomen extracting a pleasure gasp from me. “For years, he didn’t work but the moment you show up - no amount of wanking could get him down - just one thought of you and I’m in pain with a raging hard-on. You do this to me, ONLY YOU, you are my kryptonite.” His lips crashed against mine with hunger and need which made my heart flutter in excitement. I was creaming at the thought of his huge soldier, “now, we are going on this date - despite my complete jealousy over you looking so fucken sexy - but if you ever doubt my carnal appetite for you again? I will take you to my room and fuck you until you can no longer think straight. Do I make myself clear?” His tone had dropped a few octaves lower, into his sexual husky allure and I couldn’t breathe.

“Y-y yes,” I stuttered.

“Good.” He thrust against me again, for one more reminder. “Now, let’s go,” he grasped my hand, leading me out the door and to a Chevy Colorado Z71, black as midnight and immaculately clean.

“Who’s Chevy is this?” I ogled the Ute with the same exact appreciation I ogled his glorious butt.

“Mmmiiiinnnneeee?” He drawled out, watching my inspection curiously. I suddenly realised my odd behaviour - machines were always a weakness.

“It’s hot.” I attempted a nonchalant reply, even though my insides were reeling in complete admiration of the vehicle. He opened the door like a proper gentleman and I climbed in.

We had been driving for a few minutes, Into you by Ariana Grande played softly in the background but I noticed Ulric was unusually fidgety. He always had such a calm exterior but the atmosphere was beginning to feel awkward.

“What’s wrong?” I questioned.

“Nothing, I’m fine,” he replied softly, still squirming in his seat and clearing his throat.

“Give it up, the silence is getting awkward,” by now, he had my full undivided attention.

He grunted in frustration. “It’s your fault, you and that sexy body,” he frowned.

I closed my chocolate brown eyes and giggled in realisation, “oooohhhh,” was all I could reply.

“Yeah!” His jaw was flexing with each clench of his teeth.

I unclicked my safety belt and tilted my chair back while hiking up my dress and kicking off my heels.

“What are you doing?” He questioned, watching me from the corner of his eye, to which, I just shrugged and moved to my knees facing him. “What are you doing?” He requested again, but I leaned forward and undone his zipper.

Unbuttoning his trunks, I released his angry serpent, his vein’s deep purple - it was clear no blood was pumping to his actual head and he needed a release. I heard his hands squeeze tighter around the steering wheel as I took him in my mouth, sliding my tongue up, down and around his delicious head and shaft. The back of my throat clamping down every time he couldn’t go any further, creating a suction vortex. His moans of pleasure were driving me insane. I hadn’t realised he had pulled over until I felt my G-string was being moved to the side as he slid two fingers inside of me, his thumb working magic on my clit while two thick digits pumped me vigorously, groaning with his member still in my mouth causing vibrations to creep over his manhood.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum.” He breathes before pumping me harder and harder with his fingers, sending me closer to the edge. “Cum with me Rocky baby?” And just like that, I exploded into mind-numbing ecstasy, gripping tightly around his fingers as he shot his entire load down my throat with a guttural groan of relief. Swallowing his salty seed, I glanced up to see him licking his fingers clean.

I curled my fingers around the back of his neck as my tongue enters his mouth, mixing our essences together before retracting and fixing myself back up.

“See… Exceptional,” he winked while I laughed. He entwined our fingers - he was now relaxed and ready to continue our date as planned.

The evening was simply magical. We walked along the beach, to a very secluded and romantic restaurant, all while our hands roamed unashamedly against each other, talking non-stop about our lives... okay, me asking questions about his life. I had never had that, the close openness of a relationship. Sure Dimitri and I were once together but never like this. My soon to be husband, Gage and I, have never even touched each other or spoken for that matter, the few other guys I had slept with were just one nighters to help take the edge off. It was refreshing to listen to his stories of what life was like apart of the Chawaii Tribe. They relied on the earth, grew their own fresh fruit and vegetables, hunted and fished - they even installed their own natural source of creating power.

I envied the life he grew up with. Obviously, Ulric was blessed with good people who loved and cared for him and in turn, he learnt to love openly and honestly. I felt saddened that despite all his beautiful words to me, I could not share those same things in return. On our way back from the restaurant, we walked hand in hand in comfortable silence. He made me feel… happy, a humans basic right, something that is so natural and easy but yet, so foreign to me.

“Are you okay?” He asked while opening my door.

“Of course.” I smiled back and he closed it, running around to his side and jumping in before we made our way to his place.

“Are you sure? You’ve been quiet?” He was evaluating my guarded reaction from the corner of his eye.

“I’m just thinking about your life. It seems you had a fantastic childhood, I love the way your eyes light up when you speak of your adventures.” I rested my hand atop him as it lay comfortably upon my thigh.

“We didn’t get to talk much about you?” He frowned at his realisation.

“Please, you heard all about me and my life, I think my sharing can take a back seat for one evening.” I laughed, watching the scenery through the window.

“I’m sorry you had to go through that.”

“Don’t pity me, Ulric. My father may harbour hatred toward me but he also allowed me many opportunities others were not. I have been all over the world, studied all over the world, experienced things people dream of and for that, I’m thankful.” My finality on the subject was laid bare and he now knew that the subject was closed.

We had been driving to what I thought was the direction of his home but instead, we passed the turn-off. He must have caught on I was about to question him.

“I’m taking you somewhere,” I nodded my head in understanding.

“Where are we going?” I still asked, despite knowing his answer.

“No, did you honestly think I was going to tell you?” He snorts.

“Of course not, it just slipped out,” I scoffed back.

We pulled up to an open field and he leaves me sitting in the car while he gathers things from the tray at the back. Finally, he comes to open my door.

“This way madam,” I grinned at his playful nature.

“Good sir, what are you up too?” He snickers at my reply but walks me over to a blanket he had laid out on the ground. On top of the blanket, sat a picnic basket and another blanket.

“It’s so light out, how come I can see so clearly?” I question, thinking there must be truth in that whole… Eat your carrots and see in the dark theory.

“Look up!” Was all he said as I curiously tilted my head toward the sky.

What I was greeted with, was nothing short of miraculous. The stars shone so brightly, every colour reflected back as they twinkled like being tapped by some imaginary finger. The moon seemed to be the conductor of its own symphony and the drumbeat would carry a shooting star across the night. The darkness pooled, like a thick haze everywhere else, the daytime sky, dull in comparison to this view. Was it this field in particular that allowed such a luminescent glow or was it just the night that welcomed us? I had never been so lost for words, when was the last time I had looked at the stars? My life had become a series of bloodthirsty chaotic events that I had forgotten that beauty and purity, still prevailed in the world. He, of all people, had stopped to appreciate the small things, I was unable to remember existed. Those small breathtaking pleasures that remind you of wonderment and humanity.

“Why are you crying?” His face contorted with concern.

“Huh?” I tear my gaze away, confused by his question and wiped my cheek with my fingertips. Sure enough, a lonely teardrop had released its self from my dried and dead tear ducts. “Oh, I hadn’t realised that happened.” I ran my thumb across the pads of my fingers, feeling the wetness that I was completely convinced I had lost all capability to do.

“Do you like it?” He questions, seating himself around me, enclosing me into his warm and safe embrace as I looked up at him, watching his natural amazement.

“I’ve only seen one other thing more beautiful,” I whispered, unable to rip my eyes away from him as he hung his head low.

“On your time travelling the globe?” His tone suggested a hint of disappointment.

“No...” I lifted his chin and move his face in my direction. “You, you are the most beautiful thing, I have ever seen.” His smile suggested he adored my answer and closes our lips together.

This kiss was not a normal kiss, this was all-consuming ecstasy and passion, undeniable and raw, complete heart and no lust. This moment, under the stars, I was left with no doubt, no questions and no excuses… I was utterly, irrevocably and wholeheartedly in love with Ulric but I couldn’t even find the words to tell him.

I would NEVER, tell him.

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