The Hunter

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Chapter 12 ~ Arrow's Discovery

...Ryder’s P.O.V...

Like an inferno that blazed deep within, our hands roamed each other in need and want, greedily pawing, in a rush to separate one another from our clothes. He sat in between my legs, on his knees, as I undressed him. My lips and tongue playing with his nipple, teasing as he moaned excitedly at our connection. Pulling down his zipper with my greedy fingers as he lifted my dress up and over my head.

“No bra? Fuck you’re sexy.” His admiration of my body struck my crotch like a chord and ripped off my panties - not bothering to wait for me to slide them down.

“Hey, I liked those,” I complained and pouted.

He growls from deep within his chest, I giggle with lustrous excitement at his animalistic behaviour. Ulric dives straight between my legs, his tongue stroking along my slick folds, devouring me, eliciting groans of delight while he rolled my hard nipples between his fingers, often playing with the piercings, igniting an extra pleasurable twinge from my chest.

His long, wet and glorious tongue entered my hole, masterfully twirling around, stroking every side while I fucked his face. Within seconds, he had me ripe and ready to fall apart.

“Cum for me my sexy woman, I want to taste you.” His deep, husky voice, vibrated through every inch of my body, causing me to release all over him. His handsome face greeting mine with a smile of satisfaction as he kissed me, allowing me to lap up my own nectar. “Fuck you turn me on, Rocky baby.”

He rolled me over, propping me up on my knees and pushing my chest into the blanket. So dominant and eager, swiping his tongue over my asshole, thank god, I got a wax, was all I could think, while two fingers entered me, scooping up leftover remnants of my orgasm and smothering it across the puckered spot he had just been licking.

“Ulric!” Dragged from my mouth in ecstasy as the tip of his middle finger entered my butt hole, working it rhythmically. I jumped in surprise but he pushed me back down, trailing light feathery kisses upon my lower back and bum - oozing masculine control.

His free hand, finally, found my throbbing clit as his hard, succulent steel rod ploughed into my centre. I was being assaulted in the most deliciously pleasurable way possible and my body was a withering mess of moans and whimpers.

Orgasm after fantastic orgasm, ripped through me as he drove harder and deeper with every thrust. My hand fisting the blankets as I mewled in almost silence, my eyesight was lost to the waves of fulfilment under the symphony of stars. His grunting and skin slapping against mine, directed me toward another explosive release when he lifted up my weary and worn body, so I was practically sitting on him and his tongue ran across his bite mark, tickling every indent, causing my whole body to clench and explode over his amazing cock.

“Fuck baby,” he growled and released into my cavern as it clung on, squeezing every inch of seed from inside him.

We collapsed onto the blanket with ragged, struggling breaths, desperate to fill our lungs. After laying there, in his arms, completely naked and watching the stars twinkle in the sky, we decided it was time to go home.

We both showered together, not wanting to separate even for a second, climbed into bed and fell into a blissful sleep.


I awake to hear my phone vibrating on the table beside me. Extracting myself from under his comforting and muscular arm, I answered.

“Dimitri, what’s happened?” I whispered and moved away from the bed.

...It’s bad Mi Amore, you need to come, yes?...

I looked over at the clock on his nightstand, 4:07 am, shit, I cursed. “Yes Dimitri, I’ll be right there.”

Hanging up, I extracted a pair of black compression pants and a black sweat hoodie with my blue trainers and headed out the door, tying my caramel hair back into a tight, high ponytail before starting the engine and I was gone.


Arriving at Dimitri’s, I popped the boot, yanked out my stake gun, attached my silver knife holsters to my hip belts and sheathed my knives. Looping my galvanised rope with an anchored hook at the end, buckling my pistol and holster to my right thigh, I headed straight into the dense thick forest.

When a scream rips through the silence, I panic and sprint towards the manor where Dimitri lives, only to be halted in my tracks.

“Stand down Arrow.” I moved slowly with long strides, my eyes flitting between Arrow and his team.

“What the fuck are you doing Ryder?” He scolds.

“I love you Arrow, don’t make me hurt you,” I warned.

“Ryder, these are our targets.”

“Mi Amore, they killed Kirk.” Dimitri’s tremor laced with hurt and anger.

“Mi Amore?” Arrow queries with surprise.

“This is my property Arrow, you have no jurisdiction here.”

“Why the fuck, is a bloodsucker calling you… his love? Your property?” Arrows eyes are narrowed, calculating my movements as I come to a stop in front of Dimitri.

“Because once upon a time I was his love, Arrow, and he was mine.”

Arrow stood there with shock on his face, his team shifting uncomfortably, eyes snapping between themselves as if confirming, this was indeed not a joke and they had heard correctly.

“Dimitri, take Kirk’s body and the others inside before the sun rises, I have things to discuss with my brother,” I ordered.

“Mi Amore, Valentino is still out there, she hunted further than the border due to a mysterious lack of animals,” he replies to the back of my head.

“VAL… VAL, ARE YOU HERE?” My voice travelled far in the still of the night.

“I’m here.” A beautiful slender woman with golden curly locks comes out from behind a large boulder, her vibrant red eyes glowed in the darkness as she hauls a large deer behind her. I held up my stake gun, aimed at Arrows heart, “I’m sorry, there has been a lack of food these recent weeks, I didn’t want everyone to starve, I disobeyed you and went outside the borders.”

I inhaled and exhaled deeply, “it’s fine Val, just please, take the deer inside.”

“Ryder, I’m so sorry,” she sniffles. I knew she felt guilty and I would reassure her after, as long as I could get Arrow to see my side and wouldn’t attempt to kill them.

“What the fuck is going on Ryder?” I lowered my weapon once I heard the manor door shut.

“First of all, lower your weapons and is that your wolf?” All of our heads snap to the trees.

“The wolf doesn’t belong to us,” he replies surprised.

“This is the second time I’ve felt a wolfs presence, I wonder if that’s the reason for the food depletion?” I run my hand over my face exhaustedly.

“Maybe they are after the leaches too, now Ryder…” Arrow interrupts my thoughts and I hold up my palm to him.

“Okay, okay...” I lean back against a boulder and begin. “Dimitri has NEVER feasted on human blood. One night we were out in Olive Grove Sanctuary, celebrating the end of exams and our relationship when we were attacked. He was just a weak human and couldn’t protect himself, I managed to kill around fifteen of them before my unit arrived but it was too late, Dimitri had been bitten. He was terrified and turning before my eyes - I had a few minutes before his blood-lust would take over and we would be his prey...” I swallowed hard and before centring myself and continuing.

“A stray dog happen to walk into my line of vision, I leapt to my feet, grabbed it and as his fangs extended from his mouth, I shoved the dog onto them. I’ve never seen such fear and horror in anyone’s eyes like I did that night, I knew that wouldn’t be enough, so I ordered my unit to find any animal they could and get them to us immediately. At first, his body rejected the animal blood, he would vomit and was weak. He said, he would rather die than become a monster and if the pain got much worse, I was to end his misery.”

“So, obviously his body adjusted to the animal blood.” Arrow slumped against a tree trunk.

“Correct, my love was safe and gaining strength.”

“You should have killed him,” he hissed.

“Every instinct in me wanted too, it was all we were taught Arrow. I argued with myself over what was right but I thought I was in love with him and he was attacked for being with me. It wasn’t his fault and technically, he had not touched a drop of human blood. You have to understand, he was my boyfriend, my responsibility and in one night, he became the very thing I was brought up to hate and it was my fault, we had been careless, I was young and infatuated and fucking careless.”

“So, his coven…?”

“Are all the same, some inside those walls have tasted human blood but the guilt was too much for them to bear. What we are taught is wrong, Arrow, they are not mindless draining machines, they have a conscience and they want families and a life free from this stigma…”

“Are you trying to convince me that some of them are what Ryder… Good?” He spits at me.

“Yes. Jesus Arrow, we have encountered some horrific monsters doing what we do but then again, there are murderous, sadistic humans that revel in the punishment of their own kind. They are just as much due for accountability as the monsters we hunt. I had to end things with my first love, which broke my heart - I chose to become his protector, rather than his Punisher. Dimitri’s rules for his coven are minimal, but number one signs their death warrant… If any of them attack a human, they die.”

“And you think bloodsuckers are capable of sticking to that?”

“Yes, I do. We have been doing this for years Arrow and everywhere I go, his coven follows, they know without my unit, they would not survive. Now, I have to find out why I wasn’t informed about the depletion of their food source but I warn you Arrow, every single one of you will have to go through me, to get to them. I may allow you control Arrow, out of respect at you being my big brother and someone I love but you all know just as I do, that I could cut you ALL down before your guns left their holsters.”

“What am I supposed to report to dad?”

“That’s up to you. I won’t hold it against you if you rat us out but I will never forgive you for breaking my trust.” I turned on my heels and headed inside, closing the big wooden door behind me.

“What the fuck, happened Dimitri?” Venom laced with anger shoots out in his direction.

“Mi Amore, please calm down. Everyone is clearly upset by Kirk’s death.”

“Do you not understand that my rules are to keep you safe? All of you safe.”

“Please Mi Amore.”

“Fine, your study.”

I followed Dimitri down the halls of the manor and into his large study. The walls of his personal sanctuary were lined, floor to ceiling with books, in front of his mahogany desk sat two leather, hard-backed chairs.

The purpose of buying the property, was specifically because the manor was hidden, surrounded by thick bushland, away from prying eyes and a bountiful supply of food - or so I thought. I flopped down in a chair seething over tonight’s events and the fact that there is a real risk to Arrow informing the other Hunter Clans of their location but I prayed my brother was not that type man and would stick by me.

“Perhaps, we should start at the beginning, which would be a few weeks ago,” he suggested.

“That’s a great idea. First explain to me, why in God’s name, no one told me about the dwindling food source? Have you been starving? Dimitri, we used to tell each other everything, what happened to us?”

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