The Hunter

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Chapter 14 ~ Dream or Reality

…Ryder’s P.O.V…

I pushed the double doors to my family’s library open, striding across the floor, in search of any books that can tell me about Werewolves. In all these years at hunting, never had I been so blindsided.

Did I already know and not want to believe? Did I have an inkling and ignored it? Had the signs been there in my face the entire time? The wolf that follows me, was that him? I knew him - I knew his eyes - he is my lover.

“Argh!” I cried out in frustration.

My mind was being overrun by image after image of us, the amazing times we made love, how he made me cum harder than anyone - ever, how we laughed, how he held me. I slapped my head attempting to shift the memories from my mind.

Struggling to breathe or even focus, I began to scan the binders of the books, ripping out everyone I needed and slamming it down hard on the reading desk. Sweat formed on my forehead as I continued to scour through the hundreds of history textbooks.

Until finally, I came across exactly what I needed.

The Complete History of Werewolves: How to capture, How to kill.

The book was huge. I inhaled and blew the dust clear across the room, the particles swirling, seemingly carefree as they floated about in the rays of light. Flipping to the index at the back, I searched for anything on marking. I ran my finger down each column until I found the ‘Mate’ section. Rituals and Markings… bingo. I turned to page 1386.

Reading aloud, I flopped back into the comfortable Victorian armchair.

“When the creatures accept a mate, this mate is for life.”

I hear his voice in my head ...You are it for me... I shake and continue to read.

“A mate is normally chosen by sensing the bond between the inner wolves’ souls. They believe that The Moon Goddess, had created only one perfect match for them and some would spend their lives searching for their true match because, without it, they are unable to love anyone else. The mate bond is recognizable by…

Scent – a smell that is unique to each and every individual, excreting the powerful odour that draws the attention of their particular mate only.

Touch – Small tingles, electrical pulses and waves of ecstasy and pleasure, crawl across the skin as the mate touches you. Even if they are just sitting close enough, you can still feel it.

Arousal – Once a mate is found, it is immediately impossible to be aroused by anyone other than said mate.

Feel – Deep within, mates are drawn to each other, like a pull, gnawing at their subconscious to be there, protect, comfort and possess.

Possession – When a wolf finds their mate, their wolves become very possessive of what belongs to them. Over time, this will decrease somewhat but it will never be gone.

The bond is completed by making love, then marking or biting, the curve in the neck of the female and imprinting the wolf’s scent into the bloodstream. Essentially creating a seal, so no matter where they roam, they will always find one another, feel one another and communicate telepathically to each other. One can no longer live without the other if a mate bond is broken by death.”

What the fuck? He bit me? He marked me as his mate? I belong to him.

“Yadda, yadda, yadda.” I begin skimming a few paragraphs until I hit human mates.

“It is exceedingly rare for a wolf to bond with a human mate but not unheard of. The mate bond works a tiny bit different for a human. When the wolf bites and imprints, the wolf is one hundred percent connected and committed to that person as if they had just signed the marriage certificate with his or her husband or wife. But, the human partner must accept them wholeheartedly, for them to be complete with their wolf mate. Even if the human rejects the wolf mate, the wolf will never find another love and will spend the rest of their days, pining for their lost soul, sending them crazy until they eventually die or kill themselves in pain.”

I slam the book closed and slump into the chair with the book in my lap as my forehead rested against the hardcover, struggling to get enough oxygen as I gulp back large amounts of stagnant musty air.

“What are you doing?” I snap my head up to see identical chocolate eyes looking back at me.

“I’ve done something stupid,” I admitted to Arrow.

“You mean worse than a Vampire ex-lover?” He removes the book from my clutches, placing it atop the dusty pile on the reading desk.

“Why didn’t you tell on me Arrow?” I questioned.

“How do you know I didn’t?” He leans back resting against the wood with his arms folded over this chest.

“Because, if you had of, Dad would have dispatched a team straight away to capture me and Dimitri’s coven but nothing came.”

Arrow shrugs his shoulders. “Ryder, I will always protect you, you’re more than a little sister to me. I don’t know why they treat you differently, I don’t know why you’ve copped this abuse for so many years, but I plan on finding out. Until then, we have to stick together... okay - no more secrets.”

He was the one constant in my life and I was definitely grateful to have him as my brother. “Arrow, I think I’m mated to a wolf,” I spat out quickly before losing my nerve.

“Jesus fucken Christ Ryder!” He bellows in surprise. “How the fuck do you manage to get yourself into these situations?” I hung my head dejectedly in my hands.

“I don’t know… I don’t know,” I mumbled.

“Who is he?”

“You’ve only seen him from a distance. Claire’s boyfriends, best friend.”

“Carebear has a boyfriend?”

“Focus Arrow.”

“Sorry. Yeah, well, from what I read that shits for life, so you better decide what you are doing because along with Gage’s arrival, comes his personal collection of both Vampire and Werewolf hunters, and when he arrives…” he blew out a whistle from in between his teeth. “You can guarantee they’ll be gunning for your little mate.”

“I’m screwed aren’t I?” He nods and chuckles at me.

“How do you know if you even are mated with a wolf?” He questions curiously.

I pulled back my hair revealing the mark that Ulric’s canines made when he imprinted into my bloodstream. Although at the time, I didn’t know that’s what was happening, all I felt was the incredibly intense orgasm. Okay - shake it off, no more thinking about that.

“Fuck Ryder, you know he’s like your husband now?” Arrow laughs hysterically. “Congratulations sis, you got married and had no idea - all while being betrothed to someone else.”

I glare at him and grab the other books, putting them back exactly how they were before. “You’re not making things easier Arrow. Thank you, for not ratting on me... and for being an awesome brother.” I held The Complete History of Werewolves in my arms, drive my fist into Arrow’s shoulder playfully and headed for home.

Hours pass by and I continue to devour the book, soaking in as much information as I can. It was all true, if I was to reject him now, he could die, so what do I do? The tribe that I spent time with didn’t sound like this book. It painted them as murderous animals, thriving off instinct alone but the truth was completely the opposite. They were kind, caring, loving and nurturing creatures, who loved being in nature and with each other, they were capable of great compassion and loyalty, far greater than humans.

The windows were wide open, allowing a calm gentle breeze to float through my room as I lay on the bed, staring into space. Gage was coming, I was promised to him before I was born, it was my duty and my parents had been placed in their positions of power because of this goddam treaty.

His soft gentle kisses across my shoulders and down my back rendered me weak. I could smell him, his unique foresty scent invaded my senses, wrapping around my heart and clawing at my mind. I pushed my butt back, feeling him between my legs, his gloriously thick and hard member indenting my taut rounded cheek. He moved his cock, separating my folds and pushed his thick bulbous head into my dripping wet centre. The intense need for only his penetration, relieved, by the very first thrust. I moaned, his electric touch soothed my searing hot flesh.

I felt the warmth of his chest against my back as his soft full lips caressed my mark, his tongue swiping across the scared indents causing my inner walls to clench around his thick steel pole. The pleasure that rippled along the surface of my skin induced a moan of lavish ecstasy. His deep husky chuckle sends shivers racing down my spine as he retracts from my saturated cunt and I whimper at the loss of unbridled bliss. His rough hands grip my hips and lift, sliding a pillow underneath me, my hairless aroused folds on full display and eager to be tasted. Desire hung thick within the air as his tongue glides along my slit, extracting a mewl of heaven, only he controls my body like this.

“Ulric!” I cry, pure satisfaction captured by the mattress as my teeth bit down hard. My body blazing as hot as an inferno, sexual gratification rippling through every vain.

“Claim me, Ryder… say I’m yours… say you love me,” I hear him whisper.

“I do, Ul.” I groan as his tongue continues its pull, luring my need to orgasm closer to the edge, “but I can’t,” I whimpered.

“Why?” He whispers against my shoulder.


“Because why?” He replies with urgency.

“Because I’m promised to someone else - someone, I don’t want,” I cry into my pillow.

He slams his raging cock into me, fucking me raw and hard, dominantly, possessively, as a scream rips from my throat. Waves of euphoric ecstasy crash over my body, his pounding assault on my tight pussy felt so incredible.

“You are mine!” His growl vibrates through my bones and I shudder under his flaming dominance and masculinity.


“Say it!” His gravelly tone, dangerously low and volatile.

“I’m yours,” I whimper as I’m pushed closer and closer to another explosive orgasm. His punishing thrusts, driving deeper and deeper into me.

“Say you claim me!” He orders, forcing me to come undone again, drenching his powerful cock in my juicy satisfaction.

“I c-can’t but I w-want t-t too.” My teeth chattering from the heartbreaking pain of wanting him so badly, only him.

“Yes, you can Ryder!” The forceful aura radiating from him strengthens me, resisting his pull is near on impossible. I fight with everything I have but the pleasure and love only intensify, swirling like a vortex, covering me in a thick blanket of unbreakable contentment, leaving me no choice but to fold. No more struggles, no more walls, no more confusion, this... he... is what I really want deep down anyway - Ulric.

“I claim you, Ulric!” I shriek, shattering into climatic oblivion. “To be mine, my mate,” I last part whispered through heavy ragged breaths as I shuddered from the explosive tension release, my eyes unable to open.

His shaft swells at my vow and claim, releasing his seed, deep into my warm channel - a howl of pleasure fills the air. “Good girl,” he whispers in my ear before extracting himself from inside me. “Good girl.”

I feel the blanket being wrapped around me, so warm, so satisfied, so content.

I’m awoken by a particular ring tone, “shit.” I cursed before answering, “what?” I growled, rather annoyed by the best dream of my life being interrupted.

...555... William’s panicked voice blasts through my phone.

“What the fuck?” I gasp, attack on a compound? “Where?”

...Look outside Ryder...

He hangs up as I slide off the bed. A massive ache between my thighs penetrates through my body. Shit, that was a fucken realistic dream. I stumble to the window, scanning the forest, right outside the compound walls. The blood drains from my face.

What the hell is going on?

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