The Hunter

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Chapter 16 ~ Pining

…Ulric’s P.O.V…

I watched her walk away, walk away with him, her ex, the Vampire.

I knew I had done the wrong thing from the beginning but I couldn’t help it, I couldn’t stop myself from wanting to claim her, I mean could anyone really blame me? She was perfectly made for me - my equal in every way. My wolf was not just any beast but an Alpha, of immeasurable strength, that deserved submission and respect.

My mother slapped me so hard, I thought my teeth were going to come flying out my mouth and the disappointment from my father - gah - it almost crushed my heart, but none of that compared to the pain of her being angry at me. I felt lost, pining after her, shattered.

Roland had shifted and was pawing at Claire, “Clay please… just talk to me…”

“You can fuck right off Roland, you and Ulric. You both had a plan to fuck us into submission but you’re both idiots. We would have submitted anyway, been yours completely, eventually. You didn’t even bother to talk to us, can’t you see how head over heels in love with the both of you we are?” Her words struck my heart deeply.

“You’re in love with him?” Myka’s face represented hurt but naturally, Roland ignored him. I almost felt bad for the dude… almost.

“I-I thought I was losing you, I couldn’t bear to live without you…” he cut off his own sentence with his sadness.

“I would have found a way back to you, you big dumb idiot.” Claire spits back dejectedly as Roland’s hands circle her waist, his junior rising to attention at being close to his mate.

“Look, as much fun as this is, you blokes need to put on pants or shift back to wolves, we can compare dick sizes later,” Arrow interjects laughing at the fact that both Roland and I were completely naked and so were my parents - and Roland’s cock was taking on its true monstrous form.

To us, nudity was nothing but by the looks on the new additions faces and their averting glances, you could clearly see they were uncomfortable.

“Get your fucken hands off me Roland and control that thing, you are not off the hook. And Ulric, she is pissed. You are so fucked,” a giddy smile appears on my lips as my face contorts to pure joy.

“She’s head over heels in love with me?” I question Claire.

Her face falls as she realises the words that had released themselves from her mouth trap, no longer able to keep her secret hidden from the world.

“Wha… ah… so… maaa… huh?… Someones… just… ah…” Claire pulls her phone from her pocket and pretends its rung. “Yes… this is she…” she looks at me and mouths the words ‘important call’ while her finger pointed to the mobile.

“When shall we tell her about our exceptional wolf hearing and the fact we know she’s not talking to anybody?” Roland chuckles as I burst into laughter.

“I think she knows but is avoiding answering my question,” I reply just as Myka pushes past me.

“You will never be good enough for her,” he threatens as a deep growl emanates from Roland’s chest.

“No, you… were never good enough for her princess.”

“We need to move.” Claire cut the rising tension like a ninja with an ego slicing katana blade.

“C’mon pretty boy, we’re all on the same team now, let’s just get back to the reserve and when Ryder shows up. We’ll all sit down and discuss things - including who Claire wants...” I intercepted.

“No thank you, I will decide that on my own. But if you two keep going, it will be none of you,” Claire states loudly and begins to jog off. I chuckle, Claire definitely had as much spirit as Ryder, no wonder they were close, they knew their inner strength and needn’t prove anything to anyone.

We had cleared out one of the unused dens for Ryder’s companions, Mum had invited them to join us for dinner and Dad made it very clear, that while they stayed here, they were to associate and integrate the same way we all did - including chores, training and customs. They were all more than happy with their situation, something told me Ryder’s abusive father, was not an isolated incident.

I sat on the pack steps for hours, waiting for her but there was nothing. Arrow and the others sat around the pack campfire on logs, Claire was still not talking to Roland but by the way, they watched each other, I knew it wouldn’t be long until she caved.

It was well past midnight when the fire began to die down and people headed for bed. Ryder’s crew still sat there, waiting, along with my boys and me on the steps. “You’ll be no use to her exhausted,” my mother sat down next to me, wrapping her arm around my shoulders and leaning her head against me.

“Thought you weren’t talking to me?”

“I’m not, I’m absolutely furious with you but you are still my son and I will always love you. Even when you do the wrong thing,” I sighed, she was right, I had done the wrong thing.

“I don’t know what came over me,” I admitted, “I couldn’t let her go, I had to claim her.”

“I understand. A wolf is hard to control at the best of times but you and your father have to hold down an Alpha, I don’t envy your situation, but you need to learn to communicate, for your relationship. There are many factors in your particular mate-ship due to Ryder being human, that can break you. The difference is, she can walk away from your bond and be fine, but you - you will die, your wolf will die and I will lose my son.”

Just as Mum finished her, ‘you know I’m right Ulric speech’, I see movement in the tree line. Leaping to my feet, I bolted as fast as I could to her, my senses pick up an elevated heart rate, shaky breathing and a steel short bow arrow, protruding from her shoulder. Her cheek had been sliced and the side of her leg had a large wet stain.

“What the hell happened?” I practically snapped at her as Dimitri fell to the ground.

“Ulric please, Dimitri is hurt badly. I didn’t have time to stop and hunt - he needs blood - animal blood.” Her eyes begged, pleaded for understanding and help.

“Fuck. Jason, Henry, Victor and Ashley go into the forest, find anything that has a good bleed and bring it back immediately.”

“Yes Alpha Ul,” they nod and disperse. I turn to see Claire is already assessing Ryder’s injuries.

“Did you get what you had too?” She asks.

“Yes, they were expecting me though. They just didn’t expect me to show up with a horde of Vampires,” Ryder chortles.

“You were always such a badass,” Claire swoons.

“I know,” Ryder giggles. “Myka, Nova, please help Dim?” She orders and they spring into action.

“What can I do?” My arm snaked around her waist to hold her steady.

Claire hands me some rather large tweezers. “You can get the shrapnel out of her leg.”

“Ah, he doesn’t look strong enough to handle that Clay, are you sure?” She stifles her chuckle as she teases me.

“If he wants to be your mate, he’s going to have to learn,” Claire states nonchalantly.

“You both think I can’t handle it?” They look at me with surprise and shock.

“Yes,” they reply in unison.

“Right.” I was more determined than ever and carefully pulled down Ryder’s pants. Please, I am a wolf, I could handle anything. “What the fuck is that?” My eyes fall on what seems to be a steel octopus looking thing. Its tentacles had buried themselves into her skin and it was bleeding her out.

“It’s called a bleeoctus. Its starts off as a tiny bullet, once it’s embedded into your skin, it releases its tentacle’s and they latch on, opening your veins for you to bleed out. Once the bullet end has released the tentacles, it disperses into shattered pieces inside your muscle. Usually, they are used for Vampires but my asshole mother felt I needed one, we have about five minutes before it kills me.” I look at the tweezers in my hand, clearly, they wanted me to remove something. I snap back to her, feeling myself turning a slight shade of green as my mouth fills with saliva - my gaze turning back to the tweezers in my hand.

“Ahh, Ulric? You might wanna hurry the fuck up - ya know - if ya ever want to be laid again.” Claire and Ryder watch me intently before I register what she had said.

...I have about five minutes before it kills me...

“Fuck… sorry.” I cursed and begin to extract the pieces from her leg as she hisses and groans. “I’m sorry Rocky, you’re doing amazing.” I attempted to soothe her but it sounded pitiful as her fingertips dig into my shoulder.

“Oww!” Dimitri groans from his position on the ground, his eyes attempting to flutter open.

“Dim?” Ryder tries to communicate, “Dim… Dim can you hear me? Dammit.” Her frustration was clearly visible as he slipped back into his unconscious state.

“Okay, hand me that bandage Claire.” I had extracted all the pieces I could see, praying there was none left behind. “You need to tell me what happened?” I stated as she raked her hand through her hair with vexation.

“I will, but not yet. I need to get my unit sorted, then Dimitri and then, we can sit down and have a thorough conversation about everything. First, where can I put Dimitri before the sun rises and where is your pack’s Doctor? I presume with the number of wolves here, you have one?”

“We cleared out an old den, your team is welcome there. Including… Dimitri… I will get some block out curtains and black paint to completely shield him from the sun and yes, I will send the doctor up.”

Okay, yes, I snarled his name but in my defence, he had my woman first and continues to hold some significance in her heart. Was it childish? Yes, I’m possessive and loathe that he knew her before me. I go to move but she holds my hand steady.

“Thank you, Ulric. I want to… that is I…” she shakes her head, struggling to find the words. “Thank you,” she nodded drawing her lips between her teeth and biting down. I know that she wanted to say more - I wanted to scream at her, tell her to open up, tell her I knew everything but she didn’t, she couldn’t and I think I knew why.

“Don’t thank me, Rocky, I would capture the moon for you.” Her chocolate brown orbs, sparkling up at me from under her lashes as I turned away to get the stuff organised. She needs reassurance, that no matter what, I was there - no judgement - no more deceit. In my defence, it’s not really deceit when she actually wants to be with me - or as Claire say’s, ‘in love with me.’

I was going to prove that our predetermined destiny together was exactly right for both of us, that my impatience and possessiveness, was my mistake and it should not affect our mate-ship moving forward.

It was well into the following evening and I still had not seen her or in fact, any of her team. The packs’ doctor had still not come out of their newly acquired den and the sun was beginning to set. I knocked on the door to invite them to dinner, Claire opened up with a dreary look on her face.

“Hey, Ulric.”

“Hey, Claire. Um, did your unit want to come to dinner?” She stayed silent for a moment.

“Thank you, I will rally everyone and meet you there,” she went to close the door but my hand stopped it.

I rubbed the back of my neck nervously, “is Ryder okay? I mean I hav…”

“She’s fine Ulric, she’s just got a lot on her mind, trust me.” She narrows her eyes, assessing my obviously crestfallen response. “She will find you when she is ready, Ryder deals with her head first - she needs some sort of clarity - no matter how minuscule before she will open up...” Claire leans forward, looking left and right, seeing if anyone can hear, “she wants to open up to you Ul, but, she’s had a lifetime of being suppressed, so you must be patient with her,” she winked before closing the door.

Claire’s words had given me hope, even though we barely knew each other, she still remained loyal to her best friend but comforting to me, when I evidently needed it most. I appreciated her for that and could see why the moon goddess had been paired her to my Beta Roland.

I watched the door as they filed in - but no Ryder. I sat next to my Dad’s Beta Lance, who was also Roland’s father and slumped, sulking in my chair. She must be hungry? Maybe I should gather a plate and take it to her? Before I could finish my thought, Claire had ordered some teen dweeb out with a plate of food, dammit, I had missed my opportunity.

Later that evening, I was sitting on the steps of their den when the door opened. The light came flooding out and there she stood -with William - she didn’t even bother to look at me. My heart ached at being so dismissed.

“They took the weapons with them, get the truck, take the new boys with you and retrieve them. We have to do an inventory check, Arrow has a warehouse with a stash, he should be back soon with extra’s.”

“No worries, do you need anything else while I’m gone?” William asked.

“No thanks Will, just stay safe, okay. By now they’ll all be hyped up and out for blood.”

William nodded and she turned to head back inside, “Ryder…” I meekly spoke but she never turned to face me.

“Go home Ulric, get some rest.”

She closed the door on me as if I was nothing.

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