The Hunter

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Chapter 17 ~ I Am Alpha

...Ulric’s P.O.V...

Her words and attitude stung like a hot knife slicing through my heart. She had blatantly ignored my existence, waiting for her on those steps, refused to even look at me and dismissed me as if I was nothing. I disconcertingly dragged my feet all the way back to my cabin feeling worse than ever, I would have taken being in a fight, over this awful pain and feeling any day.

Showering and climbing into bed, I felt the loss, the loss of being so rejected and dismissed by my mate, no matter how I was feeling, surely, I would never be so cruel to her, how could she to me?

My mind would not allow any reprieve from my Ryder thoughts, the weight of her exclusion collapsed my heart. Exhaustion finally took over after tossing and turning and my mind falls into darkness.

I feel freezing cold hands wrap around my torso, soft lips press gently against my shoulder as her delectable scent fills my nostrils.

“Rocky?” I croak out, still half asleep and completely surprised.

“Yeah, it’s me. Ulric, I’m sorry for the way I spoke to you, go back to sleep...” I turned in her arms, scanning her exquisite features.

“Is that my shirt?”

“Yes, I-I had a shower and had nothing to put on, sorry. I should have asked.”

“No, everything I have belongs to you.” I move my arm to rest under her head, “your words hurt tonight.”

“I felt that betrayal the moment I shut the door, I’m so sorry,” she stated. “I’m not used to having people worry the way you do - it may take me some getting used too.”

“It’s been a pretty insane 48hrs. How are you really?”

“I’m worried Ul,” I relished in the way my nickname rolled off her tongue.


“Because everything is so messed up. You’re a wolf - I hunt Vampires - my parents tried to kill you, me and now Dimitri.”

“How is… Dimitri?” My upper lip curled in disdain.

“Not good, I’m mostly worried about his blood.”

“Why would you be thinking about that?” To me, that was definitely an odd thing to be concerned about.

“What do you know about Hunters?” Her question threw me. In truth, I barely knew anything about them, I had promised myself I would learn but well, I kind of forgot - I knew there were Werewolf Hunters but we had never had a problem.

“Truthfully… not really anything,” she sighed heavily.

“Our parents breed us to kill. We are specifically created for two purposes… one, being killing machines and the other, to provide them with more killers. Our parents are crazy because they drink the blood of some Vampires. It allows them certain ‘extra abilities’. As humans, we should never touch such blood but it’s a tradition in every Hunter family. The blood makes them crazy, nasty, abusive but strong! Like so strong - and fast, agile and able to move undetected, expelling the Vampires scent. They only need a few drops, almost like they were continually using steroids…”

“Have you done it… drank the blood?” She shook her head vigorously.

“No, never. Both Arrow and I refused the right when we turned eighteen knowing what it does and will not allow our units to drink it either, But…” she inhales exasperatedly. “Dimitri is not your everyday Vampire, he was bitten by a direct bloodline Vamp, which means his blood is not diluted like others. He is pure and the potency of his blood, when ingested, will allow for stronger, crazier and rage murderous Hunters - it’s like fighting ten Hunters in one single person. They had nearly drained him dry by the time I got to him, which is a lot of usages they will get from that.

“He is still fairly new to his situation and is unaware of his potential, but I know the Vampire he’s sired too and I know what that bastard’s capable of - I’ve been tracking him since Dim was turned. Both our units train the way we do because of the fact that we have to fight Vampires without the extra help. We need to be physically strong and mentally prepared for every situation, which is why I spoke to you the way I did - I just shut you out, It’s easier to push away then allow in and for that... I’m sorry. I could feel that… mate bond thing? Straight away, the hurt that flowed off you… god Ul, I’m so sorry.”

“Shh, it’s okay. This is going to be a learning process for both of us but we need to talk to each other - I know, I know, I should have talked to you before marking you and forcing you to claim me and I have definitely learnt my lesson. But, if I’m being honest? I would not hesitate to do it again. I’m so in love with you and I’m not willing to let you go, you’re far too exceptional for me to not put up a massive fight to keep. You are my one weakness, my only strength and the only one I want a future with.”

We held each other close - for the first time we did not have sex, we cuddled and fell asleep, content in each other’s embrace. There was something different about the way the night’s events played out, as though we had truly sealed the bond and completed the entwining of our hearts. Our link to each other was unbreakable and for the first time in a long time, my wolf and I felt - calm. It was like we had finally become one.

We awoke late into the morning, still wrapped in each other’s arms. I kissed her forehead feeling happier than I had ever been, even when I had marked her, we were finally heading in the same direction - together - and it was an amazing feeling.

“Good morning Rocky,” I beamed at her.

“Morning,” she smiled back and chastely kissed my lips as her phone rang, “sorry.” She squeezed me then rolled over and grabbed it.

“You okay?” she answered her phone, naturally my ears tuned in to her conversation.

...Yeah, I went out and got us all some clothes with the new additionaires... Claire laughed, ...left them on Ulric’s doorstep, figured you wouldn’t wanna answer the door naked... Ryder smiled.

“You are such a perv.”

...I know, but hey, that’s why you love me... Claire snorted as Ryder rolled her eyes. ...Get dressed though, Myka said Dim’s been stirring for a while...

“Thanks, Lieutenant.”

...Any time Commander - of Ulric’s penis... I cracked up laughing.

“Clay,” she scolded, throwing me a disapproving look before hanging up. “Were you listening?”

“I’m sorry, I really can’t help it. Wolves have super hearing, hence why I could find out so much about you.” She huffed in false annoyance, “but you heard her Commander, maybe you should take control of my p…” before I could finish, she launched forward and clamped down on my mouth.

“Shut up. Oh god, you’re as terrible as she is.” She pulls back and buries her face into the pillows, “I know you don’t approve of my relationship with Dimitri but I have to go check on him. It’s really not his fault he was turned and I feel absolutely dreadful about it, he never signed up for this, he had to give up everything he worked so hard for and after everything he went through - I ended up doing the shittiest thing of all and broke up with him. So please, try to understand a little of my reasons for helping him - besides all of that, he’s my friend. A friend that has saved my ass more times than I can count.”

I could actually understand where she was coming from but the jealousy that screamed through my body did not agree with my logical mind. I inhaled and exhaled deeply, in an attempt to calm down.

“Okay, but if he touches you…”

“He won’t…”

“But, if he does…” she quickly moves to straddle me.

“Ulric, look at me...” she cups my face and forces our eyes to lock. “You are the only one I will ever want and besides we’re mated now, you are the only one ever, for me.” She captures my lips lustfully as I moan into our kiss. I know she’s trying to help me be okay with this and she’s trying to distract me but I’m only an animal and let’s face it, balls deep inside her cunt is exactly, where I want to be.

She grinds her hips into my growing member. “Do you love me Rocky?” Ryder freezes, her heartbeat picks up as she swallows hard. She pulls back, gnawing at her bottom lip - and I, I lose it.

Picking her up and off me, I slide out of the blankets, grabbing my discarded shorts from yesterday and head out the door. “Ul, Ulric stop.” I hear her but I’m too angry to stop, phasing into my wolf as soon as I leapt off the front porch, I ran. I can’t win with her. “Shit,” I hear her curse before I breach the forest edging.

Why can’t she understand? I was in her room, she had almost completed that entire massive book on werewolves. Surely she retained some information? I get she is closed off and all, but she’s not in love with me. I thought we had really turned a corner - that we were finally completing each other? Romantically, logically and emotionally but no, I was wrong and stupid - and all of it, meant nothing to her.

Claire and Roland were carving their route in the right direction, why was it so god damn difficult for Ryder and I to get out shit together? We always had to push so darn hard and yet, mating was meant to be easy - flow naturally - but we couldn’t flow. Was it because she was a human and me a wolf? Or was it that both of us were too pig-headed and kept getting in our own way?

I had been honest about almost everything from the start, including my feelings toward her. Claire had disclosed she loved me but Ryder failed to express those kinds of feelings - even after ample opportunity. I was an Alpha born and here I am running around the fucken forest, pissed at this frustrating woman and whining to myself about how she hurt my feelings.

I stopped suddenly. I am an Alpha - ME! Why the hell was I the one crying like a little bitch? Right, it’s time to step up and be the ALPHA, I was born to be. I turn and sprint back to the pack house mind linking all the wolves.



If she wanted to disregard me as a man, then I will show her just how much she is losing out on. She had her opportunity to be by my side, for me to gush and swoon over her and she shit in my face, laughed at my packs generosity and acceptance and it was time for her to realise - she is not the one in charge… I AM!

I entered the large hall, pushing past all the pack members. I see Roland sitting on the stage with Claire on his lap, “Claire, get out,” my words laced with venom.

“Hey, don’t you…” Roland stands to challenge me but I growl from deep within, harnessing my Alpha Wolf energy. I pushed out my powerful aura, causing the room to gasp and Roland is forced to bow in respect. Yes, I was in the wrong at the way I spoke to her but I did not care, they had to learn - I was to be respected and they would fall in line or leave.

Claire looks at Roland bowing his head in submission and clenching his jaw. She huffs at him weakening to me and bolts straight out of there. I leapt up onto the stage with no difficulty as my father walks toward me and speaks in hushed tones.

“Son, what is this about?”

“I am doing what I need to do to keep the pack safe.”

“I am the current Alpha, I have not handed the pack to you yet boy,” he warns as his eyes begin to grow dark.

“Relax dad, this is not about who leads, you will always lead, this is about the packs safety and I need to make sure - as the future Alpha - that they are prepared.” He stands back and sighs.

“Fine, but I will step in the moment you step out of line.”

“Fine dad. You do what you have too and I’ll do what I have to,” he nods.

“Everyone, as you are aware by now, I am fully mated to Ryder.” The cheers go up but once again, I harness my power and protrude it past everyone to quieten them down. “Ryder and her unit are still Hunters, yes, initially they are just Vampire hunters but we cannot take any less precaution. Arrow kindly informed me but Ryder did not, that another is betrothed to my mate - a soon to be King of the Hunters, Gage. With Gage’s entourage, comes an entire unit of both Vampire and Werewolf hunters ready to stake claim on what belongs to me. She was fated to become Queen and sit on the throne beside the new King. Obviously now, circumstances have changed, Ryder did, however, tell me about a secret weapon the Hunters use, ingesting the Vampires blood. It allows them the ability to fight as Vampires do.

“Dimitri, the leach that is currently in refuge here, was bitten by a Bloodline Vamp and his blood is more potent than any others due to his direct sire. The Hunters had almost drained Dimitri dry of his blood and I have no doubt that they are coming for my mate and your future Luna. I want you to prepare, you all know your positions and stations, the Gammas and Elders are to be left to look after the pups, simply because of their knowledge and Omega’s who have not learned to fight yet - it’s time for you all to train. We are animals, yes, but these men and women are highly trained, highly skilled and because of their blood ingesting - HIGHLY HOMICIDAL.”

The entire pack, including my mother, father and Roland hung on my every word. They could feel the uncertainty that flowed through our packs link, how desperate I felt to make sure they were prepared and ready. “Fight training begins in one hour, gather everything you will need.”

We exited the hall, the boys and Roland flanking my rare as we see Claire on the pack house steps talking on the phone. She quickly ended the phone call, obviously waiting for Roland. He clasped my shoulder, “let me,” I nodded for him to deal with her and waited before moving.

“What the fuck Ro, why didn’t you stick up for me? Ulric was a complete asshole...” Claire’s shock at my behaviour was evident.

“No, he wasn’t, he is Alpha and I was wrong to bring you into a pack meeting. Why didn’t you tell me, Clay? Hmm? Why didn’t you tell me about the Hunters drinking blood or the fact that some soon to be King is coming for her? Now, I’m not sure how it works in your world but being her Lieutenant would mean that you would go where she went… correct?” Her ragged breaths and dilated pupils gave away the truth.

“Wha… ahh…”

“Answer me!” He had raised his voice and she coward slightly, realising her grave mistake.

“Please, Roland. I never meant to hurt you,” Claire begged as her body began to tremble.

“Am I correct? You would have to leave if she became Queen?” Her tears started to fall as she flinched at his domineering presence that boomed from his Beta wolf within.

“Y-Y Yes,” was all she could get out through sobs.

“You’re meant to be my mate, your leaving would kill me and you have betrayed and lied to me for the last time.”

“What?” She gasped with panic written across her face. “Roland, please...” she fell to her knees as tears flowed from her eyes but he just turned and walked away, reaching us, waiting for him.

“The pack comes first,” he says before motioning to continue on.

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