The Hunter

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Chapter 2 ~ Claire

...Ulric's POV...

"There's not much to tell about my bestie, really," Claire replied with a shrug of her shoulders. "She's athletic and enjoys all outdoor activities, but she still lives on her parents compound, in her own house, but her family are very... close."

"How close?" I questioned, my interest in the alluring stranger hit me, unlike anything I'd experienced. She intrigued me.

"Ryder doesn't get a lot of freedom, hence why she left with Arrow."

"Who's Arrow?"

"Hmm, what's with the inquisition?" Claire chuckled.

"Yeah, Ul, what's up with all the questions?" Roland teased.

"Just curious, Ro." I narrowed my eyes at him, warning him to shut his mouth.

"Arrow is Ryder's brother, like I said, her family's tight."

"No, no. I'd already guessed that. I mean, what does he do? Are they together a lot?"

"Why are you asking me, Ulric?"

"Yeah, Ul, why?" Roland probed again.

"Shut it, Ro."

"Look, I could give you her number and you could ask her yourself?" Claire offered.

"You don't know me, yet you are willing to give me Ryder's phone number?" I frowned. Claire had no clue as to what kind of a man I was, her behaviour was worrisome.

"I have good instincts," Claire shrugged.

"I could be a murderer for all you know, Claire."

"You could, but a murderer wouldn't admit that."

"Very true. Well, I should love to ask sweet Ryder myself. In fact, we are having a party next weekend, perhaps you girls could join us?"

It was an opportunity I was hoping Claire would accept, especially since Roland had vested interest in this tiny, pocket rocket.

"Arrow would freak if he found out, which probably means Ryder will be there."

"Probably?" I smirked, forcing an acceptance.

"Definitely?" Claire smirked wickedly.

"Good girl," I praised, leaning back awaiting my turn. I couldn't stop the influx of images that crowded my mind. The way Ryder swayed, the curvaceous figure she bore, it excited my bones and made my heart skip.

Claire went back to talking to Roland about all sorts of stuff I simply possessed no interest in, while his hands rested comfortably around her waist. I sat there contemplating the mysterious stranger I'd seen, only for a short time, but that was enough to leave behind one hell of an impression.

Some douche walked over to our new friend causing Claire to stiffen and all six of us bulky, muscular warriors to straighten and focus.

"We're going home... now." Claire turned around slowly, breathing deeply.

"Okay, Myka. See you at the barbeque tomorrow," her head tilted, low. Claire was not used to disobeying the jackass.

"Barbeque? Maybe, we should make an appearance at this barbeque?" Roland laughed.

"Get in the car, Clay," the dick known as Myka ordered, Roland stood up ready to cause trouble.

The interesting part about this pendulum confrontation is that Roland doesn't just rumble over anyone, and you could see by the way he was statured, Roland wanted to claim this wee woman.

"Thanks, pretty boy, but Claire her, is going home with us."

"No, she won't be." By now, the two men were face to face over the top of the very tiny but muscular Claire.

"Sorry, princess, it's already been arranged..." Roland pushed, "you're shit out of luck."

"Clay will not be going with you," Myka warned dangerously, "she is my responsibility."

"Responsibility?" Claire scoffed, "that's rich."

"I'd back down if I were you, pretty boy," Roland eyed the intruder Myka, just as the men stood up behind him. It was a display of dominance, only, we knew we would come out on top.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?" Myka spat as the other cockhead and the two barbies appeared behind him.

"Your worst nightmare," Roland warned.

"You better be on your way, princess," I suggested, silently exuding my threat.

"Oh, yeah? And who the fuck are you?"

"Ulric and I will give you nightmares if you don't back off." My deadly gaze and powerful energy swept across the room. Tense and thick, filled with an electrical charge, my warning was ready to ignite a blazing inferno at any moment.

"You think I'm scared of you?..."

"I know you're scared of me, I can smell it. The fear and the uncertainty..." I interrupted his argument with truth dripping from my tongue. Myka's eyes grew wide. "You're heartbeat rose and your breathing quickened, I intimidate you."

Claire's instinct must have been ringing off the radar because she'd spent this entire conversation attempting to control this situation.


...Claire's POV...

Myka had spent many nights out ignoring me, making me watch on as he flirted, and even took home, other women, yet, he would always climb into my room late at night, whispering promises and even making love until we fell asleep. I'd close my eyes, secure in his arms, only to wake with an empty bed and a shattered heart. I'd finally hit my endpoint, and I was pissed Myka was now attempting to sabotage my new, sexy interest.

"Thank you, Myka, but you can leave now, and take the barbies, fuck them, and then throw them away like you usually do. I no longer care. But as for me, I'm going home with Roland, and there ain't a damn thing you can do about it." My venom heed warning and William backed down immediately, knowing exactly what I was capable of.

"C'mon Myka, man, let's go, it's not worth losing your friend over." He pulled at Myk's sleeve.

"Claire, this is what our friendship is? What it means to you?" The dick implored.

"Myka, you've never cared about our 'friendship'. The only reason you care now is that Roland and I bruised your ego by kicking your ass at pool, and another man has taken my attention away from you. So run along, spread another STD, and stay the fuck out of my business."

"Claire, you don't mean that?"

"You had your chance, I'm done with you. Finished with all these mind games, pulling and pushing, and just the shit behaviour in general. You can keep it all." I shifted towards the girls with their claws in Myka and William. "Do yourself a favour, Barbie doll, this asshole's not worth it, get out while you can."

Without another word, the quartet left, and I heaved deeply, almost as though that took all of my strength to shut the door upon him.

"Wow, cutie, that was hot. Boys, don't fuck with my girl here, she's got fangs and she's not afraid to bite." Roland leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. I shuddered, his lips on my skin ignited something deep inside me, awakening an almost primal recognition.

This man, Roland, he not only was delicious in all the right ways, but he openly doted upon me... and I liked the way that felt.

Myka? Myka who.

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