The Hunter

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Chapter 20 ~ Pleasant Surprise

…Gage’s P.O.V…

I couldn’t believe this shit. Here I was, about to be named King, a position I never wanted in the first place but according to my ridiculous father was ‘a blessing’. I sat in a cramped plane with my unit, mulling over my predicament. I loved being a Hunter, the woman would throw themselves at us and they were up for anything, the men knelt at my feet willing to my cock should I order them too, I was a god and a god did not need a wife who couldn’t protect themselves - holding me back from my lifestyle.

If she thought I would be faithful she had another thing coming, I was not changing for anyone and she better learn to love it.

Okay, let’s be honest, I would stay faithful, I would always be gentle and kind because I’m not a complete asshole, but I loved my life - just as it was.

Ryder Aryn De La Vega was my betrothed, even her name excited my bones but no doubt she was useless. Yes, from the few pictures that had been sent to us over the years, she had grown quite beautiful but beauty would get you nowhere in my world. This world was harsh, unforgiving and full of evil, not only did we eradicate the supernatural but we also chose to eliminate the weak and pathetic monsters of the human race.

Murderers, rapists, paedophiles, just to name a few and if this woman could not handle it? Then I would have to eliminate her.

Okay, now I really was going overboard, maybe just keep her locked in a mall with a platinum credit card, women loved to shop. Jesus, my mind on her was all over the place and I’d never even met the woman.

It had been a long flight to this pathetic hick ass town and I was in no mood for hay barrels and mud pits. I wanted this union done and us to fly back to my pristine castle within a few days, where I would be crowned and finally, open up a new world order for my Hunters - one that would see the end to the old way. I had held my tongue and done it my father’s crazy way, the wrong way, all my life, now would be my turn to change things for the better.

I examined her features closely, the last picture from when she was roughly about 20 years old, it was well worn from being in my pocket for so many years and now, I was finally about to meet the ball and chain. Yeah, my sarcasm was through the roof today. We touched down on the tarmac and I slid the photo back in for safe keeping. The truth was, I didn’t actually know why I kept her photo on me, maybe because it reminded me of a future I had no say in obtaining? I stood and addressed my men.

“We all know why we are here, fuck knows why I’m going through with this shit, but it’s happening none the less. I do not trust the De La Vega’s, that asshole Maverick Vega, robbed me of my future choices and his damn wife is not much better. As you are aware, my betrothed is Ryder, their daughter, she also has an older brother Arrow. Guaranteed, both are not much better than her worthless parents. Remember, I want this wrapped up and us heading back home to Emerson within a few days, no complications. Next time, someone remind me to bring some pussy along for all of us, these next few days are going to be frustrating and I should have thought to bring out a hole or two for us to bury our cocks in.”

My men let out a howl and we moved, exiting the plane. The men and I are greeted by two families and a convoy of limos, well, at least they’ve got money… I think to myself as I plaster on my fake princely mask.

A rather muscular man, who looked to be hyped up on Vamp blood steps forward, practically bouncing on the balls of his feet. Vampire blood was an old tradition, one I would very much love to expel. We were a superior species and in no need for such vile filth tainting our soul and mind.

“Prince Gage Mikahil Landerson of Emerson, it’s a pleasure to meet you finally.” The man’s chocolate brown pupils were dilated and he had trouble focusing, “I am Maverick De La Vega and this is my wife Juliette,” I shook hands with both of them.

“Pleasure to meet you both but where is my betrothed?” Their heads snap towards each other nervously, I threw a suspicious sideways glare to my Lieutenant Avron, who returned the same look.

“Ahh, we currently are unable to locate her, but… but we will. The rest of our Unit is waiting to meet you all at our compound, where you will be staying. Perhaps then we can explain the whole situation?”

My face displayed displeasure, they had one fucking job, to deliver their fucken daughter and now she is missing, so much for no complications. What have they been doing to make their child run away?

“There better be a damn good reason why she is not here, I will not be mucked around and disrespected, perhaps, a good whipping would pull your disobedient daughter into line.” In truth, I would never do that but I was testing the water to see how far lost these Hunters were to the Vamp blood and whether or not, they needed to be added to the extermination list for when I am King.

The wife sneered with delight and Maverick replied, “she needs more than that, the bitch has been a thorn in my side since that day she was born. I hope the black eye I gave her still remains.” That was all the proof I needed.

If these Hunters were so quick to agree with violent abuse of their child then they had no place in my new world order. I looked at my third in command, Johnny and nodded… yep, they were on the list. Now to find Ryder and see how far down the rabbit hole she has gone.

We finally arrived at the Vega compound, I could clearly see they had gone all out for our arrival, erecting temporary accommodation for my unit, it appeared to be fancy camping with a line of servants that stood outside the structure. I glanced around at the compound and noticed three separate houses. One was smaller than the others and painted purple with a wraparound veranda and beautiful plants surrounding the home.

“Who’s are these houses?” I enquired, my hand motioning to both structures.

“My insubordinate children. The grey one belongs to my eldest Arrow and the purple, Ryder.” He snarled, it was blatantly obvious he hated his kids.

“Do you have a key to Ryder’s quarters?”

“No need, she doesn’t lock it, neither does Arrow.”

“And where is he?”

“He ran off with his rebellious sister, that boy was always too soft on her. We held our positioning trials and it came down to the both of them for Head Commander, Ryder won,” Juliette interrupted in disgust. What had she done to cause such hatred towards her?

“How many families do you have under your command, De La Vega?” I made sure I spoke to only Maverick, the woman was irritating me - then again she always had.

“Thirty-two, most with two offspring each.”

“So, Ryder won Head Commander over sixty-four other contenders?”

“No, some were too young. She participated against thirty-nine others.”

“Both men and women?”

“Yes,” he replied. I was impressed, at least I knew she wasn’t lazy. The Head Commander position had come as a shock and it was evident on my unit’s faces as I scanned their reactions - a female in high ranking was rare, almost unheard of.

“Please, settle my men in, I will be investigating Ryder’s lodging… alone!” They both nodded and urged the men to follow them inside. I marched towards the quaint little purple home of my betrothed, curious about the woman I had grown up knowing about but never met.

As I stood there in her purple bedroom, expecting to smell lavender - considering her favourite colour was, well purple. My nostrils breathed in Vanilla. It was rather confusing to my senses.

Her walk-in wardrobe seemed out of place, almost like it had not fully sealed. I searched around it, seeking anything out of place when I came across an odd button hidden behind her clothes in the back - naturally, I pushed it.

The wardrobe began to move, sliding open across the wall as the bed slipped forward across the floor, both revealing hidden weapons storages, stripped bare of its contents. Hmm, where are all the weapons? She was definitely piquing my interest, maybe she too was like me? I shook my head erasing that thought and walked over to her dresser where I found three pictures.

1, of her and another woman, laughing. She looked happy and it intensified her beauty through the picture.

2, of her and what I presumed was her brother because they looked almost identical. However, he was well built and extremely tall, how did she manage to beat him out for the top spot?

3, was of her with the same woman again from the first, only, in this picture, you could tell she was tiny and there were two other males - must be her unit.

I needed to find her, but before that, I needed to find out what happened? And why she had run?

I sat down in Maverick’s office, in his chair, naturally, while he scrambled to obtain a chair in front of the desk.

“Right, tell me everything?” He began to blabber away, I had a feeling at some stage he had ingested more Vamp blood by the way he was fidgeting but I had to concentrate on the information he was providing. We had been listening for roughly thirty minutes, about not really anything of importance or relevance, and how she was scum and had betrayed them... when the warning siren alerted us to movement outside of the gate.

In strides the same man from the airport. “High Commander, they’re here.”

“That bitch. Does she have the Vampires with her?” He verbalised and grabbed a loaded gun from off the wall.

Vampires? Did he just say…? I had no time to ask, everyone was rushing into action.

“It’s daytime, sir.”

“Right!” Maverick replied flatly. He wouldn’t have known that, he doesn’t even realise where he is.

My unit and I followed without a word. We walked out the Vega’s main house and down the driveway when my eyes fell upon her. She wore tan leather cowboy boots, black skinny leg jeans, tan belt, black singlet wrapped in a tan leather jacket. Oh yeah, she knew how to accessorise. She leaned up against Supersport S, red and white Ducati.

Her long caramel locks framed her face as she pushed her aviators up atop of her head. Surrounding her, on top of cars, stood her highly loaded unit, with extras - fourteen including herself. Flanking her but behind the bike, stood the tiny little woman from the photo and the man Arrow, her brother, his muscular frame fully on show.

The gates opened as my unit of forty-five followed closely behind. I noticed other men and woman had come to join - these must be Maverick’s team. They all appeared to be thoroughly addicted to Vamp blood.

“You got a lot of nerve bitch,” Maverick spat with venom.

“Shut up dad, I’m not here to see you,” her voice was stern and cold.

“Claire and Nova Waiverson, you have betrayed this family, we will no longer be able to protect you.” A small woman screamed out, she looked an awful lot like the tiny thing flanking Ryder’s right hand.

“Mrs Waiverson, know your place and do not speak to my Lieutenant again or I will be forced to remove your tongue.” Hmm, this was very interesting indeed, so the tiny thing was her Lieutenant…okay.

“Why you little…” Ryder’s mother went to move when a monstrous growl came from the tree line. It rumbled through the air and vibrated our chest’s. A warning, only an Alpha was capable of such a growl, my eyes grew wide with excitement. Here I was thinking this would be easy and yet, she was completely unexpected. Her unit consisted of Werewolves just beyond the tree line, she was smart to keep them hidden, that way, we would be unable to calculate how many there was. It would be a surprise attack. A smirk danced across her features.

“Uh – Ah mother, you should know better… after all, living with you assholes always taught me to have a contingency plan, though, I clearly see you are enjoying Dimitri’s blood.” Dimitri? Who is Dimitri? “I can also see it’s hard for you to control, weak and pathetic, the lot of you.” A deep snarl came from Maverick as all of them shook with blind rage. Huh, they were having trouble controlling the blood they had ingested - things were getting so much more interesting by the second.

“Anyway, you fools are not why we are here.” I had counted fourteen when they first arrived, now, doing a quick scan over with my eyes revealed ten. Where had the others disappeared too? Something told me this was a distraction - they needed something from within the compound and I was determined to find out what. “Gage,” my name was called.

“Just a moment, I’ll be right with you,” she narrowed her eyes looking super pissed. I leant over to Avron and whispered, “the moment she is distracted, send Vinnik in to find what the missing members are up to? Tell him to stay hidden and not interfere.”

“Already on it my Prince,” he cracked a devilish smirk.

“Ah, my betrothed, how lovely of you to finally appear…” I clapped my hands together and stepped forward but she cut off my words.

“You will leave… NOW, I have no intention on following through with this treaty...” she held up a document and ripped it in half. “Your time has been wasted and if you attempt to force me into this agreement, then you have chosen DEATH - at my hands, I will not have my future stolen.” Her warning was obvious but inside I was elated to hear she felt the same as I did. I had to know more, this ruse would allow me to find out more information.

“I can’t do that, our order has specific rules and obligations, we are to follow through, to keep our people safe and protected.” I quirked a brow as she huffed in annoyance.

“Then you have chosen death,” she breathed out, “your soil or mine?”

I found it odd. Clearly, we had more bodies than her team and my Unit alone, were solid and strong warriors. We had hyped up Hunters on Vamp blood which was like fighting three Hunters at once, yes… she had hidden wolves in the tree line and from what I felt, a powerful Alpha - but it’s almost like she was hiding something else. Her brother stood there in silence surveying the situation, it was palpable to a see he and her Lieutenant had complete faith in her and any decision she made and was not to be questioned. Yes, she was definitely a spectacular surprise and it had my cock twitching with excitement. I looked over at Avron, his bulge was pronounced and his chest rising and falling sporadically, which meant I was not the only one clawing at the need to fuck her hard.

“You know we are stronger than you?” I taunted, egging her on.

“You cocky prick, you think my unit and I are afraid? Your pompous arrogant title allows you no fear here,” she spat back as my cock hardened to steel.

“Women do as I say… always, you too will tremble at my feet.” I smiled as the four extra members magically appear and she threw a phone at me.

“The only time I will be at your feet, will be when I’m tying your ankles to a cinder block before kicking it off the bridge and watching you drown. Keep that phone on at all times, I will be in touch, there is one number preprogrammed into it - mine. I’ll give you fourteen days to decide after then, we fight here.” She hand signals for her unit to clear out, “Gage, you do not get to call in back up, you can have my worthless parents and the compound parents but outside of that, you must learn to stand on your own two feet. I will grant you a quick death if you adhere to my rules, if you don’t, I will torture you until you slowly bleed out.” She swung her leg over the bike, pushed down her aviators and within seconds was gone. Damn, that bike was fast.

I turned to her parents, “how good is she really?” Their faces scowled at my distinct excitement.

“The best I’ve ever seen.” Some orange haired, blue-eyed man stepped forward. He was not shaking, he was not nervous or itching, in fact, he looked as though no Vamp blood had touched his lips.

“Who are you?”

“He’s not important,” Maverick dismissed him quickly - too quickly.

“Was I talking to you?” I seethed at Maverick, who pouted and hung his head low.

“Mathias Greenwood, Former Head Commander and Ryder’s trainer.”

“Really? Well Mathias, please follow me.”

Mathias was of average height, his build was solid and his muscles looked well defined from years of consistent training.

“Former Head Commander?” I questioned.

“It’s a long story,” he offered before Vinnik caught my attention.

“Please, follow Avron inside and make yourself at home.” I motioned towards the makeshift campsite, “you are dismissed.” I announced to Maverick as he forced a bow and then disappeared completely, annoyed by my blatant disregard and disrespect towards him.

“Vinnik, what did you find?” I enquired.

“You were right sir, the team of four broke into a basement refrigerator and stole several trays of blood vials. The man overseeing the mission was asked what was happening to them after they stole the blood? The man replied, we are destroying them, Vampire blood was never meant for human consumption and Dimitri’s will be extra powerful because of his sire.”

This had been the second time this Dimitri character had been mentioned, could she have an affiliation with a Vampire? It was possible, she clearly had Werewolves. My mind was working in overdrive and I was itching to find out more, but not just that, I was so turned on by her, more than any other woman I had ever encountered - I had to have her.

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