The Hunter

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Chapter 22 ~ Reconnection

…Ulric’s P.O.V…

I heard her last night plain as day. She told me she loved me, though she didn’t mean to actually say it - at least now I knew it was true. I couldn’t understand though, why she felt the need to still fight against us? What was her end game? Did she feel responsible now because of us being mates, so she resided herself to the fact that she could never leave me? I was terrified all over again and when I feel these crippling insecure feelings bad stuff happens.

“But I’m willing to try.” I heard it fall out of her mouth and I was elated, this meant she was indeed not rejecting me but willing to work on our relationship. My heart soared, I hated her not being around all the time but I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder… right?

I had shown up yesterday to prove that no matter what, I would always be there for her and she took my action as such which I was relieved. I guess we really didn’t know each, all I knew is we originally had a bond pull and the next minute - I was helplessly in love with her. I had indeed marked her without her permission, fucked her subconscious into claiming me and followed her to learn her secrets without revealing my furry side and perhaps she would have been more open if I had of been honest from the start? But let’s face it, I am a wolf, my primal instinct is to claim and protect what’s mine and I definitely knew her worth. I was not letting go of my destined mate.

I promised myself the moment that I saw the hurt in her eyes that I would never, in my life, be responsible for my Rocky’s pain, I would give my heart just to see her smile. That day, when I turned into more beast than man, I lost control. My wolf felt rejected, unloved, unwanted, unappreciated and hopeless, his Alpha side took over and he almost cost us our mate, man did he felt guilty.

“Let me take you on a date… tomorrow night?” She looked up at me through her dark eyelashes, her chocolate browns sparkling amorously.

“Where are we going?” She requested seductively.

“Really Rocky?” She giggled, god, I love her giggle.

“I knew you wouldn’t tell me, I was hoping you’d slip up.”

I leaned forward pressing my lips against hers, softly and sweetly, not pushy, not rushed, just tender and full of love.

After a while, Nova arrived to pick the girls up and my heart hurt to have my mate leave but I will be seeing her tomorrow night, for our date. I’ll have to plan something extra special to surprise her with because I want to show her just how much she means to me. Hugging her goodbye was sad and I could definitely feel she was unhappy about leaving too.

“I’ll see you tomorrow night?” She asked shyly, more like it was a question.

“Of course, nothing could keep me from you.” The pad of my thumb brushed across her high cheekbone as she shudders below my touch.

She turns, enters the car and they drive off.

“Was that Ryder?” My Dad comes up behind me and places a strong firm hand on my shoulder.

“Yeah, she just left.” I sombrely replied, shrinking away. I was feeling sad at the loss of my mate’s warmth.

“She will be back,” he offered.

“I’m taking her out tomorrow,” I called back over my shoulder to him.

“Ulric?” He called, halting me in my tracks.

“What Dad?” I spun around to face him.

“We need to talk, meet me in my office in an hour.” His words intrigued me, Dad was not one to hide business unless it was serious and from the look in his face - it was serious.


“Dad, it can’t be correct? Yes, their scents were off and I don’t doubt for a second that something else lurks within that Hunter’s companions but are we really sure?” I questioned him for the fifth time since we began this meeting.

“I’m telling you, son… there’s something fishy going on, I could smell it the moment we neared those Hunters. Their heartbeats or lack thereof, there are things not adding up. My Beta Lance is doing checks for me, including a full background check - I will have my answers soon. In the meantime, we have an entire rotation planned out for watch. Do you think Ryder will come back for the low impact group? They need more training?”

“Yes, I’ll call her. Do you think it’s as bad as what you imagine or are you just preparing for the worst?” My fear was, I already knew the answer.

“I think it’s worse.” Yep, called it.

“What are you trying to say, Dad?” I asked concerned.

“That something strong is coming and we all need to be well prepared.”

His words haunted my sleep that night. As Alpha’s, there is not a lot we are afraid of. We are stronger, faster and possess abilities unmatched by any others, supernatural or otherwise. Fear was not an emotion we often felt and yet, when I looked into my father’s eyes, fear is exactly what was staring back at me.

There was something not right about that Gage, I saw it the moment Ryder was standing in front of him, he was turned on by her, his musky putrid arousal perfumed the air like rotten flesh. He had lusted after my mate and I was not impressed.

But that was not all we could smell from the tree line. Vampires and not from Dimitri’s coven, but these Vamps were different and from what I know, bloodsuckers don’t day walk, so why could we smell them? But that wasn’t all and Dad was right, we desperately needed to find out what the hell was going on with that shifty sonofabitch?


Roland and I arrived at the Manor ready to impress our girls. Roland wore black skinny’s, a white shirt and a black leather jacket with his hair combed back. I had decided on a little smarter attire with black jeans, a black dress shirt and a black dress jacket - we were ready for a night out. After all the stress we had endured these past few days, it was definitely time to blow off some steam and with the upcoming war, all our time is going to be spent preparing. Roland and I leaned against my midnight black Z71 Chevy Colorado, this car had become way more to me since our erotic adventure from our first official date and I was hoping it’s magic would work again.

Claire opened the door - she looked lovely - wearing a red off the shoulder dress with a large split up the side, a gold brooch on her hip and gold heels.

“Oh Cutie, what are you doing to me?” He groaned, adjusting the front of his pants. She leapt into his arms and they passionately kissed as I awkwardly stood there waiting. Finally enduring enough suffering, I decided to clear my throat and break them apart.

“Sorry Ulric, she’s just organising the newbies and will be out soon.” Claire offered a smile as Roland helped her into the back of the car, cursing at her dress for being too sexy. As wolves, we were extremely possessive of what belonged to us and I was going to march Ryder straight back in there and change her if she was wearing something that showed as much skin as Claire.

I hear her voice. “Yes Dimitri, just enjoy your new toy, you two look gorgeous together,” she laughed. God her laugh is like an aphrodisiac.

“Funny, mi amore,” Dimitri calls back and I growl. I hate that he calls her his love - she is my love, mine, not his. Gritting my teeth, I glance up as she exits the doorway, the air is stripped from my lungs and my eyes bulge from my head. With a bob of my Adam’s apple, I swallowed hard. Ryder looked incredible, her caramel hair swayed gently around her face and shoulders. She adorned a long white, ankle length dress with a lace halter midriff, rose gold heels and rose gold jewellery but her smile - god, her smile had my cock straining so hard against my zipper - I hadn’t even realised my mouth hung open as she descended the steps.

“Oh god, you hate it?” Her brow furrowed.

“Why do you do this to me?” I gaped at her as she nervously chewed her lower lip.


“Do you want me to go to prison?” I asked grit out. She stood there staring in silence with a distinct horrified look on her face. I moved quickly, one hand behind the small of her back, the other behind her neck and dipped her backwards, my nose buried into the crook of her neck as she gasped. “You look exquisite Rocky,” I whispered before capturing her lips in a slow and sensual kiss, my mouth swallowing her groan.

“I was about ready to walk back inside, Ul,” she confessed as I allowed her to steady herself before opening the door for her.

“I’m sorry Rocky but you have to know I will kill anyone that even peeks at you the wrong way.” I inhaled deeply, the scent of her arousal invading my nostrils.

“Is it wrong that your possessiveness turns me on?” God this woman drove me insane with lust.

“Yes! We are in the car,” Claire interrupted. Closing the door, I ran around to the other side, jumped in and we were off.

After driving for a while, my hand entwined with hers, Claire asks from the back. “Where are we going?” Roland chuckled.

“A Wolf restaurant. Since you are both marked now, we can show you off,” he intercepted before I could reply to her question.

“What like a… all meat restaurant?” Roland and I burst into laughter.

“If you wanted all meat cutie, I’ll just flop it out for you now.”

“Please, Ro later. I plan on sucking that gigantic sausage until you squirt…”

“Clay,” Ryder squeals beside me, cheeks flaming crimson.

“Oh please Ry, as if you two aren’t fucking like rabbits - Miss ‘Ulric has a monstrous cock’ - don’t act so innocent.”

“Oh my god,” Ryder turns in her seat swatting her friends’ legs, “you’re so filthy.”

“You told her I have a monstrous cock?” I enquired with a raised brow and a devious smirk on my face, to meet her horrified gaze.

“I… wha… I… no…” her stuttering was cute. “Maybe… a-a little, oh my god,” she hung her head in her hands, her embarrassment was evident by the blush highlighting her cheeks.

Roland’s laughing hysterically as I attempt to stifle my chuckle. Claire was most definitely a pocket rocket but for her to be so gutter-minded meant there was more to her than meets the eye, definitely his equal.

“It’s okay Ryder, all of us wolves are blessed with aesthetically pleasing phalluses,” Roland informed her as I held back my amusement.

“And what a phallus it is,” Claire seductively purred in the back as Ryder just shook her head in disbelief at the conversation.

“Oh look, an elephant,” Rocky pointed.

“Where?” the two deviants chimed from the back.

“Nowhere but I’m changing the subject now,” she leaned forward and turned the ‘on’ button, Don’t tell ’em by Jeremih feat. YG, blasted through the speakers and immediately the girls were bouncing in their seats, singing completely out of tune.

We arrived at ‘The Hungry Hippo’ restaurant which had the girls giggling at the name.

“It’s nothing like the board game,” I rolled my eyes at their blatant immaturity.

“But it’s so cute,” Rocky clutched my hand as we headed in.


“That was amazing,” Claire praised as Jason in his Chief’s uniform, came out to meet us.

“How was everything tonight?” He asked.

“Jason? You’re the chief?” The girl’s surprise was noticeable and he laughed heartedly.

“Why does everyone act so shocked? I love food,” he shrugged.

“Jason, it was incredible.” Claire complimented and Ryder nodded.

“Yes, incredible, thank you.”

“I’m glad. I see you managed to keep your drink in your mouth this time Ryder,” he laughed as her mouth fell open and then she smiled, closing it knowing her history with drink spitting. “No bulls balls though, next time you come let me know - I’ll order them in especially,” his jovial play ignited an even broader devilish grin.

“Just for now, I’ve managed to keep my drink under control. I can’t guarantee the rest of the night, but alas, please spread the word, there’s only one set of balls I will ever have in this mouth,” she chuckled.

His eyes sparkled mischievously but decided it was best to let her declaration go. “Where are you guys off to after this?” Jason asked.

“Dirt Den,” Roland replied.

“Oh I see, now they’re marked you’re showing em off. Cool, well the boys will be there tonight, I finish at twelve, hopefully, see you then.” Jason grips my shoulder and squeezes, a knowing glint in his eye at our actions before leaving.

“Dirt Den?” Ryder queries.

“Wolf club.”

“You’re taking us dancing?” Her beautiful chocolate browns grow to the size of saucers.

“Yes, Rocky… we are going dancing.”

“Oh Ul,” she squeals and slides onto my lap, passionately kissing me in front of everyone.

“Jesus, I should have taken you before if I knew it would cause this kind of reaction,” my arms wrapped tightly around her waist.

“I’m sorry, I love to dance and don’t get to do it very often,” she blushed.

“I know and goddess knows, I love to watch you.”


We arrived at ‘Dirt Den’ and the girls were practically bouncing out of their skin, the bright neon lights flashing in time with the rhythm, the sound hit us like a tidal wave. Roland and I had to dull our senses to keep our eardrums from exploding.

I walked us over to the VIP area, the bouncer and pack warrior unhooks the velvet rope and waves us through bowing, “Alpha, Luna,” I smiled at his respect for her.

“He called me Luna,” Ryder’s wide-toothed grin adorned her face, highlighting her beautiful features.

“That’s your proper title now,” I replied walking hand in hand to the VIP sofas.

“I read that but to be actually called that is kind of - exciting,” she coo’s giddily as my heart flutters. I guess we had never really spoken of wolf customs or in fact, what it meant for her to be mated to the future Alpha.

Claire climbs on top of Roland as we’re seated, I swear those two are permanently attached at the lips and hips.

“I’m going to dance,” she announced.

“Ryder,” I warned drawing her attention, “anyone looks at you…”

She waved her hand at me flabbergasted, “I know… Mr big bad wolf.”

“I thought it was Mr monstrous cock?”

She stifled her giggle and moved towards the dance floor, the bouncer lifting the rope. “Luna,” he bowed.

“Thank you,” she smiled, lightly touching his shoulder in thanks. His body stiffened and his head rose higher, she had acknowledged him for such a small act and he was beaming with pride. Yes, Ryder is going to make an incredible Luna.

I had been watching her sway her hypnotic, sensual hips from my perch in the VIP section for a while. The bouncers re-routed any unmated fool that attempted to get to her despite my scent all over her - young cocky wolves can be such idiots - when out of the corner of my eye, I catch him heading in her direction.

I snarled menacingly, “Gage.”

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