The Hunter

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Chapter 23 ~ Forced Intercourse

...Ulric’s P.O.V...

What the fuck was he doing here? How did he get in? We were surrounded by not just my pack but two other alliance packs that frequented our establishment. Every wolf on this side of the world knew about Dirt Den but how did a Hunter that’s just rolled into town know?

I let out a curt warning bark and headed towards my woman. Roland and Claire behind me as the music halts and the entire room turns around facing our unwanted visitors. Ryder spins, her eyes snap open at the sudden realisation the music had left her body and she hit reality hard.

“You are not welcome here.” I stalked my way through, emerging from the crowd and came to a standstill in between my mate and the wannabe thief, known as Gage.

The boys flanked my rare while Claire finds Ryder and they stand at the back of the club assessing the interaction.

“You think I’m afraid of you little wolf? Think I don’t know what you are? Or who you protect?” His stormy blue eyes flick to Ryder and then back again. “Some security team you got, they were taken out within seconds.”

“I gave you the terms of my agreement, you chose death, these people are innocent, we need not involve them.” Ryder barges her way through the curious crowd attempting to stand in front of me. However, this is no time for games and I push her back behind me, her arms immediately wrap around my torso.

“Oh, this is precious,” Gage snickers at us. I stood my ground, chest expanding as I pull back my shoulders, raising my head to show who’s in control. “You think my betrothed is your mate, little wolf?” He laughs coldly as I growl from deep within my chest, sending out my powerful vibrations, warning everyone there is an Alpha in the room.

Gage’s eyes widen as the auric energy hits him, flaring the scent of Vampire as it drifts across my senses, yet again. Why are Vamp Hunters hanging out with Vampires? I mean yes, Ryder did but she is an exception to the rule.

“You wanna explain why the scent of your companions varies so? Seems you’re not the only one who surrounds themselves in the unfavourable company,” I snarl in his direction as he smirks back.

“Ryder, it seems we have more in common than we realise. I would like a meeting…” Gage never got a chance to finish his sentence. Vicious growls rang out from every single wolf inside the Dirt Den, the penetrating sound was almost deafening. They knew she is my mate, they knew she is their Luna and no one, would be getting past a horde of possessive wolves to get to her.

Ryder burst into laughter causing the growls to halt. “You stupid fuck,” she mocked.

“You think you can waltz in here and demand things? Listen up princess and listen good. You have no idea what I’m capable of, what my mate is capable of. You have the phone, there is one number programmed into that phone… Ryder’s. You wanna chat? Then use the phone and if you ever touch one of my pack members again? I will castrate you and shove it down your throat… Ryder?” I offer for her to add anything to the conversation by she shakes her head in refusal. “Now remove yourselves before you meet, The Big Bad Wolf from your nightmares,” I warned with a clenched jaw.

Gage throws up both hands in surrender, “we will meet again my betrothed.” My chest rose and fell rapidly, trying desperately to contain the Alpha, clawing at my skin in need to shred this dick apart. “Little wolf,” he nods before exiting.

I spin in her grip, my hands cupping her soft, heated cheeks, “he will never get to you,” I confirm, my light browns connecting with her big chocolate orbs.

“I know.” She whispers back, drawing in her bottom lip and biting on it hard.

“Ryder, you should not do that.” Immediately the scent of her arousal fills the air, she was pleased by my dominant display.

“Why?” She taunts.

“Because it makes me want to take you right here and now.” Her innocent features washed with blazing lust.

“Come with me...” she grabbed my hands from her face and pulled me through the crowd to the VIP section.

The bouncer lifts the rope, “Alpha, Luna,” he bows but she stops.

“What is your name?” She demands.


“Well Damian,” she pushes me past the lifted rope. “Please see to it that no one interrupts us, not even the Beta until I return.”

“Yes, Luna,” he nods, clipping the rope into place then standing with his back to us.

“You are wonderful Damian, thank you.” She praises him, I could see his spine straighten and hear his heartbeat race - he was proud and enjoyed his Luna’s interactions with him.

Without waiting any longer her lips were on mine - tender and soft as her tongue pushed forward, caressing my tongue with hers.

“Sit down,” she whispered. I had no idea she had even moved us to the furniture.

“What are you…” but before I could finish, her hand was unzipping my pants and excitement twinkled within her fiery pools.

She pushed me backwards, my ass plopping down heavily on the seat as she dropped to her knees. Releasing my twitching cock from my dark navy briefs, she circled my mushroom head with her tongue causing me to suck back a sharp breath through my teeth. I loved her mouth on my cock. She swallowed my rod all the way to the hilt and pulled back as it slid out from the back of her throat.

“I love it…” sliding down me once again, then back-up, “when you get...” she dragged the flat of her tongue from the base to the head, “all possessive.” She finally managed to complete her sentence before swallowing my throbbing cock all the way again.

Relaxing her jaw, she pushed her head to the hilt again and again. I had become a mewling mess as she drove me closer and closer to the edge. I was on the brink of explosion when her hot, wet mouth left me and I growled in frustration - only to hear her chuckle.

“Come here!” I ordered as she rose to her feet. I slid her dress up, thrilled by my discovery of her soaking wet, pantyless vagina and I groaned in pleasure at the sight of her hairless cunt ready to be devoured. “You are such a naughty Luna,” I playfully reprimanded as she bit her bottom lip.

I dove straight in, sliding my tongue across her juicy folds, my tongue masterfully flicking at her clit as she lifted her leg, resting it on the arm of the seat I currently occupied - allowing for better access as her fingers dug through my dark brown hair. Fisting my locks and slightly tugging, I moaned against her cunt causing her weight bearing knee to slightly buckle as she moaned and cried in ecstasy, licking long lavish strokes over her engorged sweet flaps.

My mouth choosing to focus on the nub of her clit as my fingers dipped into her heated core. Within seconds I could feel her walls clenching, “fuck,” she hissed, creaming my fingers buried deep inside her.

She dropped her leg and turned around, sliding her deliciously warm tunnel onto my painfully hard erection. We both whimpered and shuddered as my cock entered.

She began to move her hips, each time slamming down a little harder. I pulled down her zipper and slipped the straps from her shoulders and arms, exposing her perky soft breasts, bouncing happily in time with her rhythm as I fondled with exuberance. Her palms resting on my knees as she rode my cock, grinding once she hit the hilt. I rolled her nipple between my fingertips and moved my right hand down to circle her clit, causing her to lose focus for a second as the pleasure overtook her body.

“Don’t cum until I say,” I warned as she quivered under my control. Fucking her was like a euphoric drug - one hit was never enough.

“But I’m... so close Ul... oh god... so close...” she cried breathlessly, trying desperately to keep pace while I manipulated her heavenly body.

“Not until I say.” My tone harsh, dominant and in full control, if possessiveness caused her to be aroused, then that was what I was going to give her. “Not until my command Rocky.”

“Ulric...” she whimpered as I assaulted her clit. I pounded into her, meeting every slide down my rod with my upward drive and torturing her bullet point nipple. “Please... oh god... you feel... oh Ul...”

Her head lulled back, the noise from being denied orgasm became louder and louder. My fingertips tweaked her pointed nub as she quivered under my hands, her inner walls gripping my cock like a vice as she fought to hold herself together.

“Not... until... I... say...” I ordered through gritted teeth. I could hear her whimpering as I held firm on the edge of her orgasm. Mine was building faster and faster, her tunnel so tight I was struggling to fluently move in and out of her - I was so close.

“Ulrrrrriiiccccc, p-p plllleeaassee,” her jaw chattered as she begged. She was shaking in need and the whole begging spurred me on more - but I was losing the battle as my own need for release hit me like a freight train.

“NOW!” I growled, and just like that my seed exploded into her, covering her insides with my essence. She clenched rapidly around my cock as her own wave of ecstasy crashed over her, coating my thick dick in her juice. Pure elation and satisfaction flooded my body as I drifted down from my galactic high.

She collapsed and her back hit my chest. She groaned, thankful for being finally able to come undone. She had done so well, she had held with all her strength, I had never been so proud.

Her relaxed position relinquished my penis from inside her, coating my still spurting semen on the floor, pants or chair, anywhere it wanted to go as she recoiled into me. My mammoth cock swaying gently between my thighs.

“Oh my god Ulric, that was intense,” she shuddered still feeling the aftermath of her built-up orgasm.

“Exceptional!” I cooed in amazement, my lips grazing across her mark as I slid her arms back into her dress and closed the zipper.

We tidied ourselves up in preparation of going home - but what greeted us as we stepped up to the velvet rope was almost comical, a twisted joke by demented minds. Damian was covered in cum, he was still softly palming her gigantic cock. I closed off her eyes and growled at him, disgusted by his behaviour but he just pointed in the direction of the dance floor. We moved out from the VIP section and were confronted by an entire club full of wolves covered in juices and panting heavily - some still squirting, spurting or rolling on the floor in blissful pleasure.

Turns out, our combined arousal had been so strong, it had perfumed the air awakening their primal need to copulate. My link had weakened without me meaning too and every single wolf had become apart of our climactic event. They couldn’t help but climax, on their own or with another - they were forced into fucking anything. The need for release was so powerful, even Claire and Roland had fucked each other stupid against the DJ booth in front of everyone - hence why Damian had exploded on himself. The scent of intercourse hung thickly in the air

“Can we please go?” I barely heard a meek voice and my eyes snapped straight to a flushed and mortified Ryder surveying the scene.

“Yep.” I grabbed her hand and linked Roland, who pulled up Claire’s knickers and carried her bridal style out of the club and into the truck. She was still coming down from her orgasm.

We had been driving for a bit, Ryder’s eyes remained unfocused on the scenery.

“It’s okay Rocky, it was my fault really.” I attempted to soothe her horrified mind, she smiled gingerly without looking in my direction. My hand, resting on her thigh as I squeezed, trying desperately to comfort.

“It wasn’t just your arousal they all smelt, Ulric,” she replied softly.

“Wait, so it’s your two’s fault the club just turned into one big giant bang fest?” Claire screeched incredulously, Ryder rolled her eyes and huffed in embarrassment. Claire and Roland burst into laughter in the back as I tried to contain a straight face.

“Fuck up Claire,” Ryder snapped.

“No fucking way Ry, you need to do that more often.”

“What?” She turned, looking in disbelief at her friend.

“Fuck yes Ry. That was so amazing. At first, I didn’t know what was going on but watching everyone all of sudden needing to rub against anything and each other... being thrown up against the wall and taken senselessly...” she snorted as Ryder’s eyes grew wide at her description. “That was hot... you two should definitely do that more often.”

I squeezed her thigh again and she looked up at me, flushed and wide-eyed but finally, she relaxed into her seat. I guess, she was feeling guilty at what we had caused all those people but in truth, I don’t think one single soul had been angry or even slightly jilted - just extremely relieved.

We pulled into the long driveway leading to the reserve, our headlights illuminating the scene in front of us. There stood my father, Dimitri, a few members of his coven and some pack members in wolf form.

“What the hell is going on?” I questioned.

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