The Hunter

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Chapter 24 ~ Broken Trust

…Ryder’s P.O.V…

“Dim?” I called out exiting the car, he moved towards me as a loud snarl came from Ulric’s direction. Okay, I guess there were certain aspects I didn’t find so hot, when it came to his possessive nature, like now.

“They attacked us mi amore.”

“Who?” I asked as Arrow came running up behind him.

“Our parents,” he answered. “They’ve taken Rick Whyte and Martin Casey.”

“NO!” I slammed my fist down on the bonnet of the car. “We have to get them back.”

“Mi amore? The rest of my coven are hidden in a cave, the sun will be rrrising soon.”

“Ul?” I looked at him, desperation seeping through my eyes but his head snapped to his fathers. I guess they were talking through the link because within seconds Ulric was barking orders to block the rest of the den we had previously used and to get another ready.

“Go get them, Dimitri, they can’t be out there unprotected, but hurry, the sun will be up soon.” He went to move but stood still in front of Ulric sightly unnerving him.

“Grazie Signore.” (Thank you, sir)

Ulric smiled politely and nodded. Wow, looks like he can be civil towards Dim.

We had all worked tirelessly through the remainder of the night to have both dens ready. I was becoming increasingly fidgety as Ulric and I sat on the den steps. I waited in between his legs, tapping furiously on the wood. “Will you stop?” His husky deep voice reverberated through my body and I shuddered as he wrapped his arms around me - a familiar heat tugged and pulled at my moistening core.

“They should be here by now?” Just as I finished my words, Dimitri and his coven broke through the tree line running at full speed. I launched behind me to yank open the door as one by one, they go flying in through the doorway as the first hints of sunshine peak through on the horizon.

Dimitri throws a metal contraption at Ulric’s feet as well as my bag before he bolts inside and I slam the door shut.

“What’s that?” I question as Ul studies the item.

“It looks like… ah… let me investigate, I’ll get back to you.” He walks off in the opposite direction of his cabin while I stand there confused, watching him. Deciding I had, had my sufficient share of drama tonight, I stretched my tired body towards the lightening sky, hearing some unnatural cracks. I yawned, clearly, my body was ready for rest.

Entering the bedroom, I pulled off my sweatpants and climbed in under the covers. Sometime later, I felt the bed dip and a warm solid mass surrounded me, “Ulric?” I groggily croak out.

“Yes baby, shh, go back to sleep.” Tucked safe and sound in his arms, I enjoyed the comfort and allow darkness to consume me completely.


“They came banging thrrrough the door and grrrabbed the two closest to them, they had no chance to fight back, the nets were shot and pinned them against the walls, that’s when I rrreacted. I launched at your father mi amore, disarrrming them in seconds. The firebombs were shot thrrrough the windows and… I’m sorry mi amore, there is no manor left.”

“None of this makes sense? Gage showed up to where we were, my parent’s attacked the manor, despite never knowing they belonged there… Arrow? Did you or your unit ever tell anyone about Dimitri’s coven?” Arrow shook his head adamantly.

“We never breathed a word,” he swore and I looked at Claire.


“Oh yeah, right,” she scoffed, I knew it was a stupid question.

“Will? Myka?” Myka looked at William.

“I never,” Myka replied.

“William?” He looked me square in the eye.

“Who the fuck cares, they deserve to die,” he seethes.

“Will, did you reveal their location?” I was furious at his attitude.

“I didn’t fucken say anything… as much as I wanted too. Their kind is the reason my Cassie is dead and your affection for him clouds your fucken judgement Ryder.” Will storms off towards the lake as my head droops in frustration.

“What’s the latest on that contraption Dim brought back?” Ashley stepped forward.

“It seems to be a pulse admitter, sends out radio frequencies and scares off small animals. I’d say this was used to deplete a food source - you said your Vamps drink only animals correct?” I nod in confirmation, “well, I’m willing to bet my left nut that there are more of these things scattered around the perimeter of your property and this is the reason for there being no wildlife.”

“They were baiting them to leave the manor, drawing them beyond your border,” Arrow completes Ashley’s sentence.

“Fuck,” I curse, drastically trying to piece it all together. I glance quickly to Dimitri who seems to be looking rather peculiar, almost… guilt? What an odd expression? I thought to myself but then it was gone, just as fast as it came.

We were missing a giant piece of the puzzle, of that, I was certain but what the hell was it? And who knew I had Dimitri and his coven? I felt like everything I thought I knew about our world was really nothing at all. No matter what, I needed to find out, how all of these events coincided with each other? Or maybe the untimely events all coincidently happen to unravel at the same time.

I could feel a headache coming on and I pushed my index fingers into my temples, this was going to be a long ass few days.

After the meeting, everyone dispersed to their different rooms or out to mingle with the wolf pack and I headed for Ulric’s cabin. Grabbing a bottle from the fridge, I downed the icy cold water in one large gulp, leaning over the kitchen bench, my entire upper body lay flush with the timber. I had been lying there a while, my eyes closed, feeling my headache pulse lightly, trying so hard to figure out what I am missing? When strong hands begin groping my behind and a purr of appreciation rings out, busting through my silent situation evaluation.

“Hey,” I murmur.

“Rocky, you shouldn’t lean over this bench like that?” His hands start to unclip my button and slide down my fly, inserting his hand under my undies and circles my clit. The little nub of ecstasy sending zings of pleasure coursing through my body.

“Mmmmmmm,” I groaned, too lost in magical fingers to feel him sliding off my pants. He lifts one leg up as I push slightly back from the bench, releasing my ankle from its restraints and rests my knee on the bench I had previously been leaning.

“Rocky?” He seductively whispers against my skin, “fuck, you are sexy.”

He moves on to his knees, licking me from behind, his tongue swiping over my soaking flaps and puckered hole, leaving me to come undone under his erotic touch. Shit, he just gets better and better at forcing a fast orgasm.

“UL!” I cried out, coming all over his face. He stands to his feet, readies his position and slams in his fat throbbing cock in, he pumps into me vigorously.

His torturous pace was relentless as I moaned incoherently, pump after hard thrust, he slams through, edging me closer and closer towards another orgasm.

“Fuck Rocky,” he hisses, “I love your tight pussy.”

Building my earth-shattering ball of fire, his pelvis drilling into me expeditiously, I could barely breathe. “Ulric!” My screams of praise filled the night’s sky as my back curves, my head craned towards the ceiling. “Oh... my... god… Ul...” intense pleasure, primal and raw, crashing over my well-fucked body - I explode around his relentlessly pounding erection.

Ulric lets out a mighty roar, vibrating through my entire being, shuddering my body with uncurbed ecstasy as he shatters inside me - his hot sticky semen coating my vaginal walls. His head resting in between my shoulder blades as we struggle to even our breathing.

“I brought your… pack back… inside… you left it… out front of… Dimitri’s den,” he breathed heavily.

“My what?” I exhaled deeply.

“Your bag baby.”

“Hold up,” I stand up... frozen.


Dimitri’s words began running through my mind.

~ “They came banging thrrrough the door and grrrabbed the two closest to them, they had no chance to fight back, the nets were shot and pinned them against the walls, that’s when I rrreacted. I launched at your father mi amore, disarrrming them in seconds. The firebombs were shot thrrrough the windows and… I’m sorry mi amore, there is no manor left.” ~

“Son. Of. A. Bitch!”

“What is it?” Ulric questions me but I thrust my leg back into my pants and knickers and slip back on my boot, zipping up my pants as I walked out the door - Ulric calling my name. I strode fervently to where they were gathered on the den’s steps.

Passing pack members and my unit that were lounging around the bonfire, I was fuming. I knew something didn’t add up and now - I was angry that I had been lied too. What kind of fucking game was he playing?

Claire noticed my fiery look and called my name, following my strides just as Ulric was, my hellfire was raging away, ready for a disastrous burn.

“Mi amore?” Dimitri calls out leaning up against the front porch rail fencing. I grasp the lattice pulling myself up and clutched tightly around the neck of his shirt. Pushing off the porch edge, backflipping and taking Dimitri with me, landing on top of him with him on his back. “What the hell…” he attempted but he was cut off by my seething anger.

“What the fuck, actually happened?”

“What are you talking about?” He tried to wriggle out from underneath me, both of my knees moved to hold down his hands as I sat atop his chest.

“Don’t play games.”

“I have no idea…”

“You know what I’m talking about Dimitri,” I warned with a deadly tone.

“Mi amore...”

“Don’t fucken call me that!” I was ropable, forced into psychotic by betrayal. “I am Ulric’s love, not yours.”

“You need to get off me… now.” He grits his teeth, extending his fangs.

A warning growl resonates from behind me, I knew it was Ulric and now, I could also feel the presence of the whole pack and my unit.

“I’m going to ask you one more time… What actually fucken happened?”

“Get off me!” He snarled pushing me hard into the air and rolled out from under me.

I landed on my feet just as Ulric’s fist slammed hard into Dimitri’s face.

“Ul stop!” I ordered, grabbing his wrist and pushing him back. “This is my fight.”

“Rocky?” he warned.

“No, I need answers - we’re doing this my way.”

I spun on my heels and went running straight at Dim, throwing my fist at his face. He blocks my assault with a counter kick to my stomach which throws me back and I slide along the dirt ground.

“I’m not fighting you mi amore,” he snaps.

“To fucking late Dimitri and I told you not to call me that.” I spit out, running back towards him.

I fake a jump, instead, dropping to the floor. His arms go up to block and I knock his legs out from under him. Straight away I’m onto my feet with my left hook heading straight for his face - he ducks just before impact, leaving me to angle an uppercut which connects with his chin.

He stumbles back before super speeding forward, I managed to block, blow after blow after blow, until he slips past my defences and lands a double-fisted punch to my chest, sending me flying backwards. Ulric runs out of nowhere, catching me before I hit the ground.

“Ul… I’m so sorry.” I cup his face in my hands, brushing my lips against his, ever so lightly before jumping up and running back towards Dimitri.

“Why Dim?” I scream at him as I jump to high kick his side but he blocks. “why would you do it?”

“You know nothing,” he growls as our fight rages on.

“Then tell me...” I spin, landing a heel to his face. “Why, why would you risk everyone?”

“Because you’re mine!” I stop immediately, frozen stiff by his confession. “You’re mine.”

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