The Hunter

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Chapter 26 ~ Plans And More

…Gage’s P.O.V…

I could hear talking as I walked down the makeshift hallway of our accommodation, her voice was sweet, innocent with a hint of danger. My cock was twitching before we even made it to the door. I looked over my shoulder to Avron, who smiled with an excited glint in his eye.

Twisting the handle to my bedroom quarters and I walked in, Mathias was sitting on one of the couches as Ryder paced, talking on the phone.

“I’m sorry… I can’t explain… go home, I will see you soon… Please… I know… please, I’m sorry… okay, okay… yes… as soon as possible… I will, when I get home,” she hung up, clearly pissed.

I took this opportunity to speak, “Betrothed…”

“You fucken dick head,” she spits back, she moved so fast towards me and cracks me straight in the nose… the sound of a bone snapping echoed through my bedroom, and truthfully, I didn’t even see her fist.

Avron growls beside me and I put my arm out to stop him lunging forward and attacking her, she should know the possessiveness of wolves?

“What the fuck?” She exclaims at Avron spying him suspiciously.

“Are you done little girl or would you like me to smack you back?” The punch fucken hurt and it broke my nose - I was in no mood for playtime.

“My prince,” Avron hands me his arm and I suck, his blood healing my nose within seconds. He then hands me a cloth to clean up the mess left on my face and both Mathias and Ryder stand there gaping like fish.

“How… did… what?” Ryder stumbles confusedly.

“Bet you didn’t know they can do that?” I laugh as she shakes her head slowly from left to right. “Well, now you do… but only mates,” her eyes grew wide.

“You… Two?” she blows out.

“We are… but since neither of us were gay before, we have a somewhat of an… open relationship,” I reply to her horrified look.

“How?” she questions.

“Come now, do I really have to explain that?” I was growing tired of her questioning. She had suffered a reaction to the chloroform and as a result, she’d been out for two days, we had to move things along and these pathetic questions only stalled us further.

“Why am I here?” Finally… I thought.

“You are here because you are not what I was expecting...” I began.

“Explain faster,” she cut in.

“Patience my betrothed, I have waited for you, you could at least do me the common courtesy,” I scolded.

“Sorry,” she rolled her eyes but I chose to ignore it.

“I think you and I want the same thing, for this world, am I right?”

“Well, that depends, Gage, what is your vision of this world?”

“All of us to live in harmony, every species…”

“But your father?”

“Is an idiot,” I cut in frustrated.

“Huh, must run in Hunter bloodline.” I knew she was taking aim at her own parental downfall.

“It must,” I agree with a soundless chuckle. “I have a plan, but it will result in all of us playing our parts… am I right in assuming you have an affiliation with Vampires?”

She eyed me warily, “I have a coven.”

“A coven?” I questioned, not even I had a coven, just a few on my unit. “Well, we can definitely help each other out.”

Her chocolate browns narrowed in on me deciding whether or not to trust what I was saying to her. Her eyes darted quickly to Mathias as he sat watching us and nodded, clearly she trusted him.

“I’m willing to listen for Mathias’ sake but the moment I call bullshit, I’m out of here.” Well, I was certainly thankful we had Mathias for more than one reason, she obviously looked at him as more than a friend, maybe a sort of ‘replacement father figure’ for that deplorable excuse Maverick.

“Very well, take a seat, we have much to discuss,” I extended my hand toward the bed.


A few hours later Avron snuck Ryder into one of the waiting trucks and she was gone. I sat alone on the sofa with a Vodka and Tonic mulling over our conversation.

She had revealed she had not just a pack but a coven and a unit of fighters. Our battle she had been preparing for was placed on hold until she could discuss matters with her Mate and other leaders and then she would call me on the phone she threw at me the first day I officially met her. I had accepted her terms for two reasons - she was obviously smart and never revealed more than she had too but if I wanted her to trust me? Then I had to be lenient and negotiable… in order to win her affections. If we were to overthrow my father in battle, we needed strong allies, so far, I was coming up short in that department. Finding others that shared your view was few and far between, that was a certainty.

We had the wolves from Avron’s pack and those alliances of theirs but so far, I just had my few Vamps, which happened to be day walkers. I never explained to her how, but I presume it will eventually come up. We would be going against so many Hunters and a strong force was necessary in order to shift the balance and bring about a peaceful future.

What had started off as a burden, an annoyance in obligation but a necessity in producing a Hunter bred heir, had actually become more like fate, I had requested no complications but upon my arrival had found more than I ever expected. I needed her to trust me. If we could get her to let her guard down, Avron would be able to remark her, thus breaking her bond to that… little wolf and she would be ours. The thought of it had my heart flipping in joy, she was far more than I could have ever imagined and for the first time in a long time, desperate to bed this woman - and from the way Avron’s body thrummed whenever she was around, I could tell he wanted to too.

Avron and I were definitely shocked when we found out about us being mates, especially since we were both heterosexual males and never entertained the idea of being gay but when we discovered just how fucken amazing it was to be in a bisexual threesome, well, we never looked back and our world got a whole lot more interesting. Being who I was, meant I was born with ‘certain responsibilities’ so finding out I was mated to a werewolf was particularly exciting, it became another way to rebel against my wanker father, then when we found our Vamps, who resisted against their primal instinct and fought for a freedom from the old ways, well, that added to my need to right a wrong done long ago.

Masking their scents and covering their tracks had been the hardest part especially as they walked the halls of the palace. My father’s unit consisted of some of the most experienced Hunters that ever lived but they were all growing week and old and their reflexes and judgement were easily fooled, especially after years of blood ingestion. We had managed to keep their identities safe, a feat I very much believe Ryder had not yet figured out how to do. Avron was a Were prince and along with his peculiar bloodline came certain allowances against werewolf life, one included the breaking of the mate bond. If she could be tethered to us as a choice mate, our futures seemed remarkable… just thinking about it spiked my arousal.

But all of this was a mere… what if? Until we are able to convince her she belonged with us. It was obvious in the short time we had been here, she was not one to be messed with, headstrong and fierce. The first woman to not instantly drop to my feet and want to suck my dick, she is a challenge and one both Avron and I will revel in claiming.

When I turned eighteen, I found out about this treaty signed between the De La Vega’s and King Elderon Landerson, my crazy father. Maverick was in possession of rare jewels passed down through Vega’s family, jewels that were not only priceless but contained great power when wielded by the one destined for them. Naturally, my father thought that would be him but so far he has been unable to get them to work, but he always had a backup - hence the signed deal. If Ryder could, in fact, wield the stones then she could pass the power to him and he would become immortal.

Stupid prick he is. If she can, in fact, wield the stones, I’m more than 100% sure he would be the very last person she would gift the power too. Maverick had been unable to activate them so instead, he bargained them for a title, land and wealth - money that should have run out by now but obviously they had found a, more than profitable, source of income.

The story of how Mathias lost his title was not an uncommon one. Those of our breed who ingested Vamp blood, their senses were heightened, faster, stronger and more agile - almost the carbon copy of the Vampires themselves but it came at a price. Humans became violent, abusive and crazy, almost as if they were an avid drug uses. The human body cannot handle such an overload and eventually, they lose their minds altogether but the hunger to drink more and more became unrelenting and all-consuming.

My father and his unit had been a little smarter with their recreational usage but they were still beyond abusive and uncontrollable.

“What are you doing?”

“Hey, did she get back okay?”

“She did my prince. You think she’ll join our cause?” Avron’s question lingered in my mind until finally, I answered.

“She’s going to be a challenge… are you up for it?”

“I’m hard just thinking about it,” his reply pleased me. Avron was a gorgeous chocolate man with full lips, jet black dreads and piercing hazel eyes. He worked out daily, which meant his body was finely tuned and athletic in all the right places. He made my body sing in response to his very touch, however, we were still heterosexual, so our union had not been harmonious at the beginning but we have learned to love each other, the bond pull and sexual desire had been far too strong to deny.

“She will be a strong ruler with us at her side,” he slides in behind me on the couch.

“She will… but what are the chances of her letting go of the wolf?” I lean back into him.

“We need a solid plan but I think we can lure her in, we are very persuasive and alluring men.” My jest appeased me and he played into my conversation direction perfectly.

“We are my prince but her ties to these people run deep and she appears fiercely loyal, let us not be too presumptuous and cocky, risking our chance to belong to such an imperial element that will strengthen and flourish our union,” he chastised me but he always did have a level head.

“Did she say much on the way home?”

“No, not a lot but she watched me, asked about my family… her instincts were obviously controlling her actions. Maybe we should be extra careful, she needs to trust us, we need to be comforting and reliable, so when he fucks up, I can foresee that event… we will be who she runs too.”

“I get so turned on just thinking of her,” facts he already knew. Avron slides his big chocolate hand across the front of my green cargo pants stroking my erect cock, desperate to be released from its confines.

“Mmmmmm, my prince, I can feel it,” he teases before swiping his tongue along the curve of my neck, my head immediately drops back on his shoulder.

I whimper slightly, the mate bond releasing a string of tingles, shuddering my body in waves of pleasure. “Avron,” I groan.

“You want to put your cock in her tight pussy don’t you?” He whispers into my ear. “While I fuck you from behind,” he releases my beast of a cock and begins to slide his hand up and down, he strokes me at a slow and antagonising pace.

“Yes!” I mewled breathlessly.

“You want her to scream our names as you pound your cock deeper and deeper into her, while I fuck your ass.”

“Yes,” his hand quickens, stroking faster and faster.

“You want her tight wet hot cunt, clenching around you as she comes… don’t you?”

“Yes,” I heave, desperately chasing my orgasm, the thoughts he conjured with his words were simply delicious.

“You want me to lick her cum from her slick wet folds as her mouth wraps around your throbbing dick… is that what you want?”

“Yesssss, oh, fuck yes,” his grip tightening.

“You want her to cum again and again, over my face as your cock slides deeply down her throat and she hums - isn’t that right, my prince?” Avron’s whispers evoke the most delectable and depraved visions, the mere thought of her was exciting. God, I’m so close.

“Y-y yesssss,” I stuttered out, panting.

“You want my cock slamming hard, again and again, into you as you spurt all over her face,” he growls in my ear stroking my cock… close so close. I suck in a sharp breath through my teeth, my hands gripping Avron’s legs tightly. “Don’t you my prince?” He growls again through gritted teeth.

“Fuck yes!” My hips thrust up into his strong hand.

“Cum for me baby,” his commanding voice rings out.

“Fuck yes!” I moan, releasing my hot seed as my orgasm tears through my body and I pant in ecstasy.

“Very good my prince,” he praises kissing me gently. “Now, get on your knees.”

As I descend from my high, I turn around, kneeling in front of him and quickly yank down his zipper, pulling out his thick and long penis, sliding it straight into my mouth, sealing my lips around him.

“I’m going to fuck your mouth till my cum slides down your throat,” Avron affirms.

A/N: oh no, Gage and Avron are playing a dangerous game... do you think Ryder will fall for their charms?

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