The Hunter

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Chapter 27 ~ Calming The Heart

…Ulric’s P.O.V…

I have been going crazy for two whole days and then she rings and casually tells me she’s okay and she’ll be back soon? Who the fuck does that? She knows I’m possessive and she knows I worry, she knows I hate being away from her and yet, she didn’t tell me where she was or who she’s been with? I knew she had been at her parent’s compound, I could smell her scent, hear her unique heartbeat but I couldn’t understand why she had not come out?

I sat on the pack house stairs waiting, my leg tapping furiously. I feel like I’ve done a lot of waiting for her on these bastard steps. Fists clenching and unclenching repetitively, as her team sat behind me on the porch, we were all extremely anxious to find out where she’d been. Did someone actually kidnap her? Did they hurt her? How did she escape? Her phone had been switched off, then she all of a sudden calls me from it? I needed answers.

Out of nowhere, I see her walking up the driveway in the same clothes she had been wearing the night she left. I bolted as fast as I could and swept her up into my arms, breathing her sweet scent… only - it wasn’t her scent. In fact, she was covered from head to toe in a male’s scent, his scent… Gage.

I snarled in disapproval and pulled away to see her face fall. “Why do you smell like him?” My tone sharp and deadly, I was already on edge and then she comes back covered in him.

“Ulric, calm down, it’s not what you think.”

“Then what exactly is it, Ryder?” I knew I shouldn’t but I couldn’t help it, I was jealous she was smothered in his smell.

“It must have been his bed?” She sighed then widened her eyes in panic and realisation at what she just said.

“What?!… His bed?!” I growled so loud, it shook the trees.

“It’s not what you think - I didn’t mean it how it sounded.” I could hear her heart race.

“It sounded like you slept in his bed?” I accused.

“Well, it probably was Ulric, but I don’t know who’s bed it was. That would explain me covered in his fucken scent!” She pushes past me fuming and heads straight for Dimitri’s cabin.

“Get back here Ryder!” Anger vibrated through my body.

“Go fuck yourself!” She spat back venomously.

I roared from deep within my chest sending out my Alpha auric waves halting her in her tracks.

Turning slowly around, “you...” she seethes, “you don’t get to treat me like that. You’re the first person I thought of when I woke up and the first opportunity I got… I called you!” She was barely holding down her temper - I could tell by her shaking frame.

I couldn’t help it, the jealousy and tension rolled off my shoulders like water cascading down falls. “I waited outside of that compound, I could smell your scent, where were you?” My wolf was desperately scratching to pounce on her and rub our scent all over her body.

“I was asleep. Apparently, I had a reaction to the chloroform and was knocked out for two days,” she spat back through gritted teeth.

“Chloroform?” I panicked. “Did he hurt you? Force you into anything?” I was worried now.

“No, he didn’t… he just wanted to talk.”

“Talk? He could have called you on the line?”

“That phone is not secure, none of them are… that’s why Mathias took me.”

“Mathias?” Arrow gasped as they all locked eyes between one another.

“Look, there is so much we need to discuss… there has been a massive and unexpected, turn of events and I need to talk to you all - but first, I need to talk to Dimitri. Then I need a shower and then, we all need to talk, the coven and the pack.”

“Ryder I…” but she cuts me off.

“Don’t Ulric, you’re the only one I thought of from the moment I woke up and this is how you treat me when I get back? What did you think I had done? Huh? Cheated on you? Leave you and go off to marry someone I don’t know? Someone I don’t want.”

The truth washed over me like a hit in the face from an icy cold bucket. “No, I just… your smell… I just…”

“You just what? You did. Ulric, you thought I’d run, that I’d left you for him, didn’t you?”

“No, I just…”

“Save it - I can’t deal with this right now, I still have two missing unit members that I need to retrieve and I don’t appreciate your distrust and lack of faith in me.” I recoiled backwards at her remark - I had indeed thought she’d left me, I did think she was going to marry Gage and when she came home smelling of him, my mind went crazy. “I was so desperate to get back to you but now, I have no idea why I even bothered?” She turned back and headed to Dimitri’s cabin once more.

I focused my acute wolf hearing as she knocked on the door.

“Hey, Ryder,”

“Hey Val, can you get him please?”

“I don’t think he’ll come down.”

“Well, I’m not going up.”

“Hang on?” Val raced away and within seconds Dimitri was at the door.

“Um, mi amore? Are you alright?” I could hear her heartbeat speed up.

“Dim, I need you and your coven in the wolves’ hall in an hour, we need to discuss something?”

“I-I it’s not my coven… anymore, you have to speak to Valentino,” Dimitri moved away from the door as she gasped.


“Because… I am no leader. Day by day I become less human, this need to take, it drrrives me to do wrong… by everrryone… by you. So I stepped down and we voted forrr my rrreplacement.”


“No… Rrryderrr, it’s what’s best forrr everrryone.” He sounded out her name as if it were nothing but foreign to him - and then he was gone, Val appearing in his place.

“I never wanted to Ryder, they voted me in,” she pleaded for understanding.

“It’s okay Val, please assemble your coven in the wolves’ hall in one hour.”

“Very well,” she said before closing the door.

Ryder strutted over to Alpha Leon and her Unit.

“Alpha Leon, sir?” She bowed.

“Ryder welcome home,” Dad said.

“I have some very important information. Please, can your pack meet us in your hall in one hour?”

“Very well young Luna, they will be there,” she nodded in thanks.

“Unit, Hall, one hour,” was all she ordered to her collection before striding off.

I knocked on the bathroom door, I could hear the water running but she never answered, so I turned the handle and slid in. I was confronted with her seated on the floor of the shower, her knees up, forearms resting atop of them and her head tucked to her chest.


“Get out Ulric,” she mumbled into her chest.

I pulled off my shirt and slipped out of my pants, shoes and socks, choosing to keep my undergarments on and climbed in the shower sitting next to her, she looked up at me through drenched caramel locks.

“I’m sorry…” I began and cleared my throat. “I was going crazy… I was about to go to war with everyone in that compound to get to you. Then when I could smell him... my wolf went crazy. You’re the best thing to ever happen to me and I’m not good enough for you.”

“Why do you say things like that? It’s like your ‘I’ll be a dick then get away with it card’. I needed you, I needed your arms around me, your lips pressed against mine, I needed your safety, not your accusation. You didn’t trust me enough not to betray you.”

“No - I’m just blinded sometimes...”

“Blinded or not Ulric, it still doesn’t excuse the fact that you, once again, treated me like absolute shit.”

“Do you think I’ve done this before? The whole relationship thing? I’m madly in love with you but I still feel like any second you will fall through my fingers.” I whined at her like a little girl - fuck… how much lower could I sink?

But she took a sharp breath in, “this isn’t just new to you, there are all of these feelings that rush through my body and my mind when it comes to you, I don’t know what the bloody hell I’m doing either, you know? I’m just trying to keep everyone safe and alive, all while exploring this whole mate thing with you - it’s a fucken lot of pressure.”

I slid my arms around her body and pulled her to my lap, straddling me as the water pelted down on top of us. I realised this was the place we had first had sex, where I had marked her. Huh, I now loved this bathroom for a whole new reason.

“At the beginning, were you planning on leaving me when it came time to Gage collecting you?” Her eyes flickered dangerously as she mulled over my, more of a statement, question. “Answer me, Ryder, please?” I figured the gentle approach would be better.

“At the beginning… yes, I had every intention to follow through with the treaty,” she answered ashamed by her actions and her eyes dipped to my chest.

“And when did you change your mind?”

“I didn’t change my mind until later but the moment I knew I wasn’t going to able to let you go… that was at your ‘special spot’ on your birthday, when you spoke so honestly and openly, about your feelings.”

“We hadn’t even kissed then?”

“No, we hadn’t.”

“Do you know the moment I knew I loved you?”

She rolled her hips into me, her soft folds pressing down on my manhood as her hands wound around my neck… oh, how I wished I stepped in without my boxers but I continued forward, we needed to fix us first before fucking, which I definitely planned on doing.

“The night at the club, the first night we met… Roland had smelt Claire as she sat alone at the bar and when he went to approach her, I followed, only he couldn’t get her attention at first, she was staring longingly at Myka as he flirted with another woman and as I turned back, the crowd just happened to part at that exact moment and there you were. I couldn’t see your face at first, you were lost in a beat trance, moving fluidly across the dance floor.

“I moved with purpose, I had to find out who you were? But when I got there, I saw you were surrounded by males, my heart sunk. I was not the only one who had noticed you but I still watched you move, I noticed you paid no attention to anyone that surrounded you, in fact, you were so lost to the rhythm, that the sky could have fallen and you would never have noticed - unless it stopped the beat.”

“Why did your heart sink?”

“Because I thought, for just a second, you might be one of those girls, who knew they were pretty and used it to get males to do things.”

“You thought that?” She was mortified by my judgement.

“For a second, okay,” I growled back. “But then I saw you not even notice anyone, or even open your eyes, you had no care for anything but the music pulsing through your body.”

“Well, we all know I love to dance,” we chuckled together.

“When you walked over with Claire, I couldn’t believe my luck, Roland had followed his nose and found his enticing scent that belonged to a woman that was connected to the one who caught my attention - coincidence or fate? From the moment I heard you speak, your sultry voice crashed over me and tightened my balls, springing to life my cock that had not worked in years.”

“So, you fell in love with me the moment I awakened your cock?” Her tone was set you ridicule.

“No, it was the moment you challenged me back, that was the moment I fell for you. You had a fiery spirit and you drew my attention like no other woman.”

“And it had nothing to do with the fact your penis finally worked?” She mocked.

“I’m not gonna lie Ryder, that helped a little.” I captured her lips with mine, our tongues falling easily into a battle for dominance as her left hand released my heady shaft from my cotton confines, sliding it deep into her, dripping wet and ready sex, her hips rock forward again and again.

“You’re not… going… to like… what I’ve… found out,” she moans out between cock rocks and gentle kisses. My mind was mushy and I couldn’t quite pull myself together.

“Oh god, Ryder,” I moaned in ecstasy against her skin, her pussy always felt so good gripped tightly around my manhood, almost like I belonged buried deep in her cunt. “As long... as you’re… with me… I don’t… care.”

“God I need you Ul, I need you… oh so much,” she breathed against my swollen kissed lips.

“You have me… Rocky baby… forever,” she came down harder and harder on top of me as my mouth captured her taut nipple and rolled it with my tongue, she quivered beneath my teeth as they grazed across her slippery skin.

“Forever,” she whispered before her walls clenched tightly around my swelling cock. “Ooohhh,” she groaned, curling her back as her orgasm ripped through her body.

I bucked my hips a few times as I came undone between her thighs, spurting my cum into her clenching box. It was more than just sex, there in the shower, it was a promise - a promise of forever - that nothing would separate us, no matter what, we would face it together.

I looked up into her chocolate brown eyes as she refocused, coming down from her ecstasy high.

“God, you’re beautiful Rocky.”

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