The Hunter

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Chapter 3 ~ Ulric

...Ryder's POV...

My eyes flutter open to find the sun streaming through my windows.

"God, who opened the curtains?" I rolled over, moaning in pain with a dry mouth and a thumping head.

"I did." My extremely well-built, overprotective brother sat at the end of my bed, holding pain relief pills and water.

"What the fuck, Arrow? How did you get into my house?" I spat, sitting up and taking the items.

"Your front door was unlocked," he shrugged. "C'mon on, we have a barbeque to attend too."

I ran my hands over my face in an attempt to pull myself together as Arrow left my bedroom.

I was in a world of hurt and suffering due to self-inflicted stupidness.

My room occupied the entire top floor of my house. A four-post bed with purple sheen hung from it, my covers, a deep purple with mauve silk sheets and pillowcases.

I, very unenthusiastically, removed myself from my delectable chamber and dragged my sorry self into the Lavender bathroom. My lush towels and double wooden door closet, all light lilac, and it tied perfectly together with the rest of my purple dwelling. My favourite room in this house though. was my bedroom, for more reasons than just one.

Beginning to piece my mind together, my phone beeped as I exited after my shower. Collecting it from my bedside table, I was pleasantly surprised to see the text message. "Shit" I swore, grabbing a large tote bag and began to stuff clothes in it.

Throwing on a pair of stonewashed skinny jeans, white converse sneakers, and a grey V-neck shirt with a white casual dress blazer, I allowed my caramel hair to dry naturally and flow down my back. With very light eyeliner and mascara, i grabbed the bag, flew down my stairs and out the door.

"About bloody time," Arrow hissed as I jumped into the passenger's seat of his XR8 Ute.

"Yeah, yeah, just drive will you?" I snapped back, "I'm starving."


We arrived at the barbeque over at the Waiverson compound and immediately my stomach began to flip. Another 'close' get together for all the families when in actual fact, it was insufferable, full of up themselves wankers and at the top of that rank were my parents. The biggest conceited and arrogant bastards I'd ever met. Another text, "shit."

"Thanks, Arrow," I leave him before he has a chance to get out of the Ute.

"Where are you going?" He shouts after me as I wave at him from behind

The Waiverson place was one Claire and I had escaped from many times in our younger days, so finding a way out wasn't the problem. With the extra security put in place for our grand barbeque, leaving without being seen was a challenge that I was fairly confident I would succeed at.

Crouching low behind a tree, I watched as two guards slowly walked past on their patrolled route, talking about 'rich privileged arrogant arses' huh, I guess they had met my parents, I thought to myself before suppressing a giggle.

When they were out of sight, I began to climb the tree closest to the 6ft high concrete wall. As kids, Claire and I had placed a rope on the other side to clib down safely and escape without injury.

Gripping tightly, then swinging on the branch that seemed slightly polished from our years of breaking free, I kicked my legs forward, swinging them back behind me, enough to get solid momentum up and going and then I released, launching myself forward and landing on the brick wall.

"No problem at all," I smiled t​o myself.

An unknown car had parked a little further down, rather than using the rope, I scurried along the wall and jumped onto the roof of the Black SVU, slipping in through the skylight.

"What the fuck?" Claire questions.

"Well that was handy, didn't have to use the rope," I laugh at her.

She sat in the back with Rolad in the driver's seat and... him, the mysterious stranger sat beside him, all with surprised looks on their faces at my spectacular entrance.

"Do you girls sneak out a lot?" Roland asks.

"Stuff Ry, did you bring it?" She interjects as I slip the bag from my shoulders.

"Yes Roland, we do, we were blessed with controlling parents," I answer his question as the handsome stranger watches my every move. "Good night was it you two?"

"Amazing, ah cutie?" Roland replies as my left brow rises in surprise of his answer.

Claire smirks wickedly and mouths, 'GIGANTIC COCK' and nods, knowing full well I read her mouth correctly causing my own chocolate browns to widen to the size of the moon, bulging at her admission.

"Hmm," escapes my throat as I grin widely.

"Pants?" Claire whinges.

"Clay, how many dresses do you think I own? You're lucky, those are your jeans you left at my house, now hurry up, you are already late."

"Hello Ryder," his light browns connected to my chocolates as sparks flew; nervously, I sucked back a breath, feeling fireworks exploding in my soul.

"Hhheeellllllllloooo," I practically moaned.

"Braid my hair," Claire ordered as she spruced up her makeup.

"It's nice to see you again," he smiles, I looked away and began to French braid her shoulder length black hair, before pausing to lean forward, in-between Roland and the handsome stranger, turning up the volume button on the stereo which was playing Fool For You by ZAYN.

Before receding back to my task, I paused in front of him, studying his soft and handsome features. Electrical pulses surge between our locked gaze when a slight smile forms on my lips, "What is your name?"

"Ulric," his pearly white teeth shone bright like a Colgate commercial and I smiled before turning back to Claire.

"Done, now let's go before they notice."

"We'll see each other again Ryder," his fingertips lightly graze my forearm causing heat to rise from my core.

"Doubtful," I reply hoping to god, he didn't see how his touch affected me.

"That's what you said last night, yet, here we are." His plump lips curl at the ends.

I bite my bottom lip, slowly dragging it between my teeth before I suck in a deep breath and disappear back out the sunroof. Jumping to the top of the wall and scale up, I look back to see Ulric standing outside watching me as Claire pashes Roland one last time before following the same route I took.

Ulric doesn't move, doesn't say anything, he just watches me as my heart flutters wildly, butterflies erupting deep within before I break eye contact and jump to the branch, climbing down to the ground.

With a thud, I know Claire is hot on my heels.

"Sooooooo, how was last night?" I ask in a loud whisper as we sneak through the compound, snaking in and around bushes, trees and cars, weaving and ducking until we make it into Claire's house and walk casually out the back door and into the large group of attending families.

"Oh my god Ry, he worshipped every inch of my body, at one stage I thought I was going to pass out from too much pleasure, it was definitely the most incredible night of my life," her beautiful blues sparkled brightly.

"Are you going to see him again?"

"Yes, in fact, we have a party to attend next weekend at their house..."

"You, we need to talk." Myka grabs Claire roughly by the arm and pulls.

"Get off me, Myka, don't you have a Barbie doll floating around somewhere?"

"You really think this is over?" He flicks his finger between them, "We are never over."

A text, shit, I whip out my phone and my heart jumps wildly inside my rib cage as I read.

"Did you give him my number Clay?" I interrupt as her eyes widen.

"Stay out of this Ry, Clay and I need to talk," he tries to pull her harder as she digs her heels into the dirt.

"Myka, get your hands off her," my voice of authority dripping with unquestionable strength.

"No fucking way, not after how she acted last night..."

"How dare you?" My eyes tighten as I seethe, "we may be friends but I will ALWAYS BE YOUR COMMANDING OFFICER, NOW LET... HER... GO!" Myka drops his grip immediately and watches as Claire and I walk away.

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