The Hunter

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Chapter 30 ~ Enjoy The Gift

…Gage’s P.O.V…

It had been a whole night and day since Ryder left and I hadn’t heard a word from her - we were running out of time. If she could cement solid allies for our cause, then we would have a chance against him. My Unit and I can’t be the only ones who want a different world? A stronger, safer world, with fair choices, free from such violence and heinous debauchery. The perversion that had taken root over, all Hunter families was nothing short of disgusting and the only reason I knew any other way, was because once upon a time, my father was a decent man. He and mother began to use more and more and eventually, lost their damn minds to the filthy vile poison.

Avron, Kieran, Vinnik, Harcheros and I, pulled up out the front of our make-shift quarters on the De La Vega compound. Rylac, our expert marksman, brings out five beers with a smile from ear to ear.

“And why are you so happy?” I can’t help but raise a brow at his shit eating grin and jovial body language.

“Maverick was just here, brought you a surprise, a gift for your… leisure purposes.” If possible, his smile would’ve gotten bigger.

“Oh yeah, what’s that… blood... weapons?”

“You would think that, but no… I’ll wait till you see it,” he snickers like a cat with a fur ball stuck in its throat.

We made our way through to my bedroom, hearing moaning noises growing louder with every step we took - someone was getting off for sure. Had Maverick supplied us with compound hookers?

“What the fuck?” I hear Kieran spit out in confusion. An uneasy feeling shifted its way among my gathering.

“What have you done?” I growled as he looks over his shoulder.

“Not me Prince...” he taps the end of his nose, clearly enjoying this moment, “Maverick De La Vega.”

My irritation was quickly festering into anger as we drew closer to the loud moaning. I twisted the knob and swung open the door. My eyes widened to saucers at the sight on my bed. I heard snickering coming from behind me as I launched for the handle and slammed it shut, spinning on my heels. I glared at Rylac.

“Explain,” I spat through gritted teeth.

“I believe Maverick’s words were… enjoy the gift.”

I seethed. This was not how you treat women. Okay, it’s not like I’m a saint and haven’t indulged in sexual luxuries such as this before… but your own wife? I was disgusted, plus I thoroughly hated the woman - what the hell were they thinking? Avron pushed past me and growled at the sight of three women pleasuring each other on my bed... well two, the other one looked mortally terrified but one of them was Maverick’s wife and Ryder’s mother, Juliette.

“Get out!” Avron snarled at the naked women as Juliette’s head rose from the bed.

“We are not here for you, leave.” Her high pitched nasally voice grated against my eardrums.

“You will not speak to my Lieutenant woman,” I commanded.

“Forgive me, my Prince...” she moaned as the brunette young thing, ran her tongue across Juliette’s clearly well-used cunt that was on show. “We are here for your pleasure only.”

I almost vomited in my mouth, oh god, I could feel the bile rising and the waves of cold sweat ravaging my body - don’t vomit Gage - I had to repeat to myself.

“Hard pass,” I shook my head, praying I would never see that image ever again.

“Excuse me?” Her eyes flashed to anger at my obvious rejection.

“What part of that did you not understand? He said… fuck no!” Avron’s wolf had come to the forefront, it had me chuckling at his reaction, knowing full well our taste in women were very specific. I watched out of the corner of my eye, something had Avron on edge?

“You expect me to touch any of you?” The idea was purely ludicrous. “I wouldn’t be surprised if you were riddled with STD’s.” The shaking red head’s eyes snapped up, then back down as she sobbed quietly, a pink hue spread across her naked chest… shame.

“How dare you?” Juliette stood along with the other two women, who hung their heads in shame. Something tells me they were not willing participants in this little - failed seduction sexcapade. Avron read their body language too.

“You… the redhead,” he ordered as she stepped forward. “What was the deal you were offered to participate in whoring yourself?” He did not fuck around.

She shuddered at first, twiddling her thumbs nervously, unable to make any eye contact but clearly suffering embarrassment.

“Speak!” Avron’s Princely Alpha bark boomed out, pushing the three naked women back on to the bed. The redhead quickly regained her footing and stood back up to answer.

“My father owes High Commander Maverick money for the blood he sold to him. I was dropped off this morning to settle the debt.” Soft tears fell from her face.

“Did you ingest any? Or was the blood solely for your father’s private pleasure?” Her head finally snapped up and she looked at us with strength, though, her vibrant blues reflected horror.

“No sir, I would never… touch that stuff.” She shook her head rapidly, a hint of disgust flowed from her as she revealed the tail end of that sentence. Juliette’s eyes narrowed in on the girl, she was ready to attack her.

“Family line… she is well within her right to repay her father’s debts,” Juliette sneered and her lip curled in delight at her quick thinking.

“She is… were she willing, but it’s clear she was not,” I threw back irritated. The brunette on the other side of Mavericks wife drew my attention. Her hands clenched and unclenched rapidly, her jaw chattered and her eyes flittered all around the room.

“Vinnik...” he stepped forward, “place the brunette fidgeter inside a cell for detox.”

“Yes, Prince Gage.” He nodded with a slight bow and removed the young woman who was completely out of it. I had no doubts she had no idea where she was or what day it was?

“Juliette, the purpose of blood ingestion is to aid in the capture of Supernatural beings… not to feed your addiction. I’m well aware the King has contracted your Husband to reproduce mass stockpiles for the looming war, however, I’m sure he will be thoroughly unpleased by your blatant use of his private reserves…”

“You cannot prove anything,” she snapped back, confirming my suspicion.

“I’m his son you stupid whore, I need no proof, just one word, watch how you speak to the future King.”

“We have not touched his private collection, this blood is our own,” she spat back, desperately trying to keep her temper controlled.

“Kieran, please wear gloves and remove Juliette from my presence, we wouldn’t want you catching anything.” I waved her off as Kieran burst into laughter, extracting gloves from his back pocket.

“You’re right, we need not, spread STD’s among our healthy unit.” He grabbed her arm roughly and removed her from the room, screaming and swearing at us, cursing our disrespect of her, in her home.

Avron glided towards the redhead and began to speak in a softer, gentler tone, lulling the beautiful young thing into safety and security. “What is your name sweet girl?” He wrapped a blanket around her shivering frame, allowing her some shred of privacy, though, her naked form was definitely something to be adored.

“Dalilah sir,” she quietly whispered. Her delicate hands wiping away the fallen tears from her pink cheeks.

“Are you still pure?” His question intrigued me, normally Avron paid only attention to those who we chose to bed together, could he be hinting at? No… I gasped internally.

“I am sir.” Avron groaned and shivered, pleased by her answer. “I’m sorry, I have never been with anyone before, let alone a woman and she’s terrifying.” I saw a shudder run through my mates body again, he was excited and as he turned to look at me, his giant bulge in his front reflected just what I had suspected… Another mate.

“Perhaps, Avron… you could take care of this beautiful young lady? She cannot go home to her father, I would be willing, if you are willing, to take care of her?” He smiled at me gratefully, understanding the hidden subtext to my declaration.

“Yes my Prince, we will take very great care of her,” he smirked and grasped her hand firmly.

She looked bewildered by today’s turn of events but followed Avron in silence and shock. As humans, we are unable to feel a mate bond quite the same as they do, but he was a wolf and their lives are driven on instinct, he felt something from her I could tell, it was the same reaction when he found me. I was happy for my mate. We were in an unusual situation and we learnt a long time ago to roll with whatever came along, I have no doubt in my mind, he wanted her to join our bed - permanently. He needed my trust and faith, as his mate, I was willing to supply him with whatever he needed but this also meant that Dalilah and I would have to create a bond. Being both humans, our connection will work differently but I can’t wait to get started.

Both Avron and I were confused at first, why our soul mates had been a man when we were always attracted to females, but as time continued on, it couldn’t have been more than obvious as to why we were paired together and after seeing how we complemented each other’s personality’s so well, it would be interesting to see just what this timid, yet breathtaking, individual brought to our mate-ship. My desire to fuck and keep Ryder had not lessened any and my cock still painfully throbbed at the thought of her but if Avron was blessed with more than one mate, maybe I too was blessed with more than one and maybe Ryder was it?

I had to get to Avron’s quarters right away and find out about this mystery female but first… Maverick and his stupidity were to be dealt with.

“Harcheros, please accompany me to the little shits office,” the Vampire laughs.

“Ya know Prince, he’s going to take your dismissal of his bitch as an insult to his hospitality?”

“I have no doubts. After we deal with this… ‘situation’, check on Vinnik and the brunette, I have a feeling she ingested against her approval.”

“Yes sir,” he nodded in understanding as we stomped towards Mavericks office.

We paused just before entering the door, Maverick’s hand slapped his wife hard across the face. “You worthless piece of shit, you had a job to do and you failed me.”

“Hit me again you asshole,” her tone represented excitement, something you think you would not hear? “Fuck yes Mav, do it again?” She purred.

“You stupid…” I’d had enough and strode straight in.

“Cease the abuse on your wife,” I ordered but he laughed.

“Abuse?” he cackled menacingly. “She fucken loves it, look at how wet she is, dripping it all over my floor.”

He was right, she was getting off on it. I was horrified by the scene that lay before me, how could someone be turned on by this? Harcheros burst into laughter behind me.

“Fucken hell,” he sucked in a breath, causing a hiss between his teeth. “I bet she loves to be choked while you pound her too.” Fucken Vampires… he may not drink from humans but that didn’t mean he still wasn’t ingrained with Vampiric tendencies, one being an obscure view on sex. I always looked at their way, not because his taste was wrong, just different from what I enjoyed.

“You should see what she loves being done to her ass?” Mavericks admission had my stomach churn… do not vomit, do not vomit… I chanted again and again.

“Do not send me any more whores, I have no want or need for them,” I spat angrily.

“And what do you find so offensive?” He questioned slyly, “you a fudge packer?” I growled at his assumption. “He must be a homo, he had three pussy’s ready and he threw them all away - except for the redhead, where is she?”

The suggestion grated me on many levels, the obvious being that I indeed, love my cock buried deep inside Avron’s ass on a regular basis and fucken loved when he was buried in mine. But the way they degraded homosexuality as if it was disgusting but allowed lesbianism? There was so much wrong with this unit and compound - no wonder Ryder and the others ran.

“Actually, we are keeping the redhead for good and just so you know, the mere thought of your wife’s putrid cunt makes me want to vomit.” Once again Harcheros was in fits of laughter and Mavericks seething face was priceless. I turned on my heels and strutted out of there, heading straight for my mate and our new addition... Dalilah.

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