The Hunter

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Chapter 31 ~ Unlocking The Truth

…Ulric’s P.O.V…

“You what?” I gasped, “you-you?” She had said it, I heard it, this time it was not hidden, it had come directly from her mouth and I could barely hold my shit together. I was freaking out, my mind was blown, I mean I had said it to her, several times and she said it when she was drunk and didn’t mean to but now… she looked directly at me and vocalized her intention. “Did you mean it?” I couldn’t help the words, they just flew out of my mouth before I could think - I guess my mind couldn’t even believe what she had actually announced.

“Ulric?” I didn’t have to be a wolf with special abilities in order to sense just how uncomfortable she was feeling right now.

“Ryder, did you mean it?” Her eyes flashed with both irritation and embarrassment.

“Forget it, forget… I-I just thought… never mind,” she gets up to walk to the bathroom but immediately I’m on my feet.

“Whoa, where are you going?” I terminate her trajectory and spin her back to the bed via my hands on her hips, she falls back with me on top.

“Ul… What the… fuck off,” she attempts to fight.

“I love you too Rocky.” I smash my lips into hers as our tongues frantically graze against one another. This kiss began heated but rapidly morphed into something else… something soft, sweet and romantic, there was no hurry to it, just sensual and undeniable chemistry… love.

My lips caressing hers, our tongues entwining, gentle moans being released periodically from the back of both of our throats. My hips thrust into her causing my straining erection to seep inside my boxers, desperately seeking her warm wet tunnel.

Her legs enclose around my waist as I thrust again, her back arches off the bed with a gasp from her mouth as she’s pulled from my lips. My kisses make their way to her jawline, all the way down her elegant neck, my wet tongue glides lightly over her mark, extracting a pleasurable shudder that washed over her body - I love the way she reacts when I do that.

“Ulric,” she moaned as her fingers scrambled to pull off my shirt and throw it somewhere in my bedroom. I pulled back to lift her bed shirt and as she tossed it away, I captured one of her pierced nipples, rolling around and around, her pretty pink areola until her nips were hard. I nibbled on her tight bud, her hands fisting my hair as she pushed her chest further into my face.

My cock was even harder than before and I was struggling to stay in control, my claws extended on my left hand and I slashed at my boxers and her briefs in two fast swipes, shredding the constricting material. Sliding further down her delectable body, my long and rough wolf’s tongue extending from my mouth, sliding in between her folds as she mewled and writhed under my control. My wolf was howling from within me, ecstatic at the pleasure we were unleashing on our mate, swirling up and in her delicious centre, then gently running over her sensitive folds. His assault was relentless, expertly lapping at every bit of her vagina, pushing for orgasmic juices to saturate our tongue.

“Oh god… I need you Ul,” she panted, more of that delicious crème oozing from within her. Those tight walls contracting around my wolf tongue - she was so close to exploding but held off. Next minute I’m pulled up to her face.

“Fuck me, hard!” She growled dangerously. Rocky wanted my cock, how could I deny her?

I lined up my dripping, twitching dick and slammed it straight into her, her head was thrown back as she arched high on impact. Not waiting for her to adjust, I retracted and then slammed in hard again. “Yes,” she screamed, one hand on the nape of my neck, the other tweaking her own nipple as I slammed again and again, into her clenching hole - fuck, she looked sexy as hell, it took everything I had not to blow at the very sight of her.

“Ul, I can’t... hold it… any… fuck!” She groaned and came all around my rock hard cock sliding out and slamming back into her. She recoiled slightly under me as her orgasm ravished her body but I didn’t still. Her pussy was sensitive but I allowed no reprieve as I lifted her legs over my shoulders, using the back of her thighs to support my weight. I curved my spine to thrust hard, again and again, into her beautiful pussy.

Her hooded chocolate eyes set my soul on fire, she loved to be fucked hard. I thought, after you finally admit you’re in love with someone, you’d want to delve into ‘love making’ but not my exceptional Rocky, no - she craved the animalistic and domineering side to me, it turned her on, I could always smell the divine arousal essence that perfumed the air.

She desperately clutched the sheets. “Say it again Rocky!” I ordered and snarled, driving my cock deep and hard into her glorious centre. “Say it!”

“Oh Ul…” I could feel her walls clenching around me again - she was so, so close.

“Say it!” I growled out again as she swayed on the precipice of her orgasm as my cock swelled.

“I love you,” she finally cried, coating my now spurting manhood in her divine juices, my cum coating her walls.

“Fuck, I love you.” My hips bucked and jerked, relinquishing the last of my sperm into her warm tunnel. I leaned forward capturing her lips once more before rolling my sweaty, panting self, off her and onto the bed.

Ryder looked so beautiful lying there staring at me, her eyes sparkling away as she watched me through her long black lashes with a shy smile on her face. “You better stop looking at me like that Rocky baby or I’m going to fuck you again.”

“God Ulric, I’ve barely uttered those words to maybe three people in my life and now, I’m like mush gazing at you,” her eyes fell saddened in our moment of joy. “Emerson is a long way from here.”

I understood the sadness immediately. If something happens to us, she will be happy knowing she had told me exactly how she felt. She could rest easy, intentionally voicing, so I knew that she loved me. The problem remained though, she was still going to marry that fucken prick Gage.

“Let’s not think about it today Rocky baby, let’s just enjoy this moment?” A singular tear escaped her left eye and hit the pillow.

“I don’t want to marry him, I want you, I’ve always only wanted you Ul,” she pleads for my understanding in her hushed tones.

“I know… I know.” I draw her even closer, brushing my lips against her hairline knowing our time, was definitely running out.


We had come to a critical juncture, it was time to rally the troops and to unite everyone. I went above my father and Alpha ordered the entire pack to a meeting. The Vampires and Ryder’s unit were already on board but our toughest ally to wrangle in, would have to be - Arrow - I needed to face the brother.

“Arrow, a word?”

“We’ve got nothing to say, Ulric.” Arrow was pounding into the punching bag as if his life depended on it. I was always thrown by how much he looked like his sister but right now, he resembled Lucifer himself, ready for revenge and retribution and that punching bag was standing in the way of his true goal.

“C’mon man… your sister needs you.”

“She has you.” He pulled back and shook the sweat from his forehead.

“Please man… just listen to her, I promise you there’s more to this story than meets the eye.”

“How would you know Ulric? You have no idea what we’ve had to deal with and going up against the King? That’s fucken suicide.”

He was right but we had to at least try. “Maybe so… but when they ask you, where you were, when your sister lay dying? What’s your answer going to be?”

I walked away from him hoping that what I had said had somehow sunk in, that he could understand what was really at stake here… Ryder’s life.

I entered the hall, mind linking Mum and Dad to come to the meeting. Ryder had decided the only way she could get others to stand with her, was, to tell the truth. Reveal the horror that would come to fruition should we not stand and fight against a greater evil.

“What is the meaning of this Ulric?” My father entered, his rough bark boomed across the thick curious silence.

“Just listen Dad, please. You spoke to me not long ago about us needing to be ready, well, I’m about to tell you - we have our reason to go to war with Ryder. Not only is she future Luna but she has also insight into the future, we always feared deep down would come.”

He looked furious but this wasn’t a time to muck around with his petty bruised ego, now was the time for action.

“Please Leonardo, I have spoken with her, please hear her out,” my mother implored.

“Very well, but know this… I will not risk the lives of innocent wolves for nothing.”

“It’s not for nothing sir, I promise.” She inhaled a shaky breath, swallowed hard and began. “Blood ingestion is an addiction similar to being addicted to drugs, humans are not meant to consume such vile poison. Unfortunately, it’s also a rite of passage for a Hunter, in order to destroy entire covens, a Hunter must ingest and then they obtain the abilities of that Vampire that bled. When humans consume on a regular basis, the user becomes, volatile, mentally insane, violent and a need for unspeakable retribution is amplified. A simple spill of a glass of water becomes so horrendous in the eyes of the user, that they seek out torturous atonement - like beating an innocent child named Ryder, of five years old, almost to death. My father is a horrible man, who hates me…” by now Arrow and his unit had entered in the right side French doors and was intently listening to the story Ryder shared.

“The first time I was molested…” The story was hard to hear the first time, now hearing it again was like my own personal hell. She had been through so much horror at the hands of a monster and survived, not just survived - she fought - fought her way back from the brink of death, time and time again, and her soul remained… beautiful, no… exceptional.

The entire hall listened without making a sound, most had silent tears streaming from their faces, some you could see were furious, my father was unreadable as my mother wept beside him. I guess hearing Rocky’s life brought back memories from her past.

She explained how Claire had nursed her continuously and how Arrow had saved her life, on more than one occasion. About halfway through the second hour of her story, his head hung low and Arrow wept in silence. I think even he didn’t realise the extent and the depravity of his own flesh and blood - the sickness that darkened those bastards’ minds.

“I’m not telling you to fight, I am asking you. You now know the horror I know. If we continue down this path of ignorance and silence, turning our heads because it simply has nothing to do with us, my past will become your future. The King’s plan was set into motion years ago and this is a war they do not intend to lose. Gage has agreed to speak with anyone that has doubts, he too is mated to Prince Avron Arnachtuchia of the Kingdom Meadows. Avron’s wolf Kingdom has been training for months and are willing, but if we can’t accumulate numbers, we’ve already lost. Is my life what you want for your children? Because that’s exactly what it will be.

“The blood the Hunters had acquired, is that of a Bloodline Vamp. His blood allows the user to become ten times more powerful, than an average Hunter. You have seen me and my brother in action, we are average and yet, we are fierce competition for many of you with supernatural abilities. So, imagine me and Arrow, ten times stronger, faster and more agile. The choice is yours, no one can force you… especially when you risk the loss of your mate. Thank you for listening.” With that, Ryder jumped down from the stage and exited through the side doors to the left.

I followed her not believing how absolutely remarkable my mate was, she may have been feeling weak right now, but to all of us, we saw nothing but sheer strength.

“Ryder?” A deep voice called from behind us, halting her in her tracks. “I’m sorry… I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for you, why didn’t you tell me?” Arrows pain evident in his vocal strain.

“Arrow, do not blame yourself for any of this, you have been my saviour more times than I care to admit and I in no way, hold you responsible.” She finally turned to him as tears spilled from his chocolate brown eyes.

“I’m behind you Ry, whatever you need, where ever you go.”

“Thank you Arrow,” she smiled politely and then they both just walked away from each other. I don’t think I would ever get used to or understand, their complex relationship but clearly, there was never any need for words or intimacy… like hugs.


After such a draining day yesterday for Rocky, we decided some much-needed training was in order. It was well into the afternoon and the sun still shone brightly in the sky. Our training routines were very different but her agility and strength was inspiring. She could keep up with the strongest of the wolves, despite being human and then when it came to sparring, Arrow and her went head to head - holding back nothing. The boys had to detain me, to keep me from killing him every time she got hit.

I tried to calm my wolf, ease his frantic mind but to no avail, he was hurting because she was hurting and he couldn’t follow instinct and jump in to protect her. I should have known better though, she was ranked as High Commander of the compounds, even though I didn’t know what that truly meant, we could clearly see by her relentless torture of Arrow, that she gave as good as she got.

My wolf was howling and growling, scratching at the bit to attack, I was covered in sweat and shaking profusely in an attempt to control him and keep from shifting. Ryder’s eyes snapped to mine and raked over my body, she held up her hand and stopped Arrow before slightly limping towards me, breathing heavily. She slides in next to me with a furrowed brow.

“Ulric?” She questioned, “what’s wrong?”

“My wolf doesn’t like Arrow hitting you Rocky,” I replied as calmly as possible with a clenching jaw and my fists closed so tight my knuckles had whitened.

“This is how we train, Ul?”

“I know that but I can’t help it… and I’m trying so hard.”

“I can see,” she huffed, “okay, come with me.” She stood straight, pulling my arm.

“You need to train,” I gritted my teeth.

“No more Commander Arrow, I have business to attend too.”

“Yes High Commander,” he smirked and then carried on sparring with his unit.

“C’mon Ulric, we need to talk.”

We settled down on the couch in my cabin and she wiped the sweat from her body with one of my hand towels. Watching her conjured the most erotic and impure thoughts as the droplets glistened across her skin before they were wiped away.

She slumps down beside me, kicking off her sneakers and crossing her heels on top of the coffee table. “Soooo, we haven’t really talked about what happens in Emerson,” she gnaws at her bottom lip.

“I know…” she cuts me off.

“You don’t know. Committing to the cause means watching Gage touch me, maybe even kiss my cheek, will you be able to handle that?”

My head falls back on to the couch, “you’re mine.”

“See… I need to talk to your wolf Ul, I need him to understand me.” I sat silently pondering her words.

After several hour-long minutes, I finally nod and stood, removing my shirt. I hear her heartbeat quicken, I loved how her body responded to me.

“If I do this Rocky, I might not be able to gain back control?”

“I know Ulric but I need him to understand everything I am, belongs to the both of you - even when I’m pretending with Gage.”

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