The Hunter

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Chapter 32 ~ The Beast

…Ryder’s P.O.V…

His enormous grey almost silvery and black wolf stood before me in all his supernatural glory. It still completely blew my mind how he can transform into this creature, without even blinking and sometimes I can’t walk past a coffee table without stubbing my toe. The sheen from the sunlight outside shimmered across his seraphic coat that covered his once human body. The magnificence of his power, radiating off of him and filling the room with his Alpha aura.

A ripple of nerves flushed through my system, not just nerves, exhilaration. I had not had much to do with Ulric’s wolf form and in truth, I was a little apprehensive about just how upset he would be towards me, after what I had to say. But I had to make him believe in me, I knew his wolf could not verbally communicate with me; I did not howl, bark or mind link or whatever else they did to communicate but I could speak and he could understand.

His pitch black eyes watched me intensely, I had expected to see only his beautiful browns but his wolf’s black eyes… they were breathtaking. I began to fidget, heavily breathe and struggle to swallow under their powerfully enraptured gaze. He must have realised how intimidating he appeared and slunk to the floor with his large furry head atop of his paws as his eyes swirled back to light brown acknowledging Ulric’s presence, still very much there, hoping it would ease my consuming mind.

My mouth was dry, devoid of moisture, desperate to be quenched. I left my seated position and grabbed a water bottle from the fridge, his head lifted still locked on my every movement.

“Water?” I finally offered, after gulping down half the bottle of cool liquid.

The silky fur swished in the air as he shook his head from side to side, revealing a ‘no’ answer. My heart pelting hard against my chest.

“No, right... umm...” I moved to sit on the floor next to him. “So um… I thought it would be… I mean maybe be… a good… umm...” I swiped both my hands across my face in humiliation. It was still Ulric, yet, I was acting as if I did not know this animal when In fact, he has always been a part of this relationship. He did mark me after all, he was always ready to protect me… I had nothing to fear, yet the unknown of the situation had me stuttering like a damn fool.

Ulric’s wolf crawled closer and rested his head upon my knee with an almost sad expression on his beautiful face and a slight whimper coming from his chest. I tenderly placed my left hand on top of his furry head and proceeded to run it over his body as far as I could reach. The tingles from our mate bond, amplified in his true furry form, he sniffed the air, my pungent arousal must be drifting through his nasal passages. He had previously mentioned his sensitive snout could recognise, every time I was turned on, which at this point I was clearly annoyed by my bodies betrayal, yet, still captured by the magnificence of his wolf.

“You are… unexpected… surprising… you are phenomenal,” I declared.

He unleashed a curt bark that made me chuckle in glee as my fingers raked through his soft delicate but strong fur. I leaned forward in a crucial urgency unable to control my resistance any longer, there was an absolute need to be smothered from head to toe in his angelic coat and vibrant scent. I rolled around, rubbing my face against him, holding him close as he purred with appreciation at my rather uninhibited hands-on approach.

I lay against his stomach, his paw draped over my shoulders, my leg around his middle as he licked my face with his slimy, yet rough tongue, covering me in his saliva.

“Ul...” I giggled under his slobbering assault. “We need to talk.” He stopped immediately and laid his head down to listen - his wolf still cuddling me close, my orbs were trained on his furry neck.

“I want a life with you, both of you… but before any of that can happen, we have a fight on our hands - including what happens in Emerson, with Gage.” He growled at the mention of Gage. “Listen to me… I am yours, all yours, mind, body and soul but I will have to pretend to be Gage’s betrothed...” he growled again but this time I chose to ignore it, this was far too important and we both needed to focus.

“In order for my part to be convincing, he will need to touch me, hold my hand and may even be required to kiss me. I need you to be able to stay in control and not attack him. We get one shot at this and we have to get it right. I understand your possessive nature and the protective demand that runs deep within your heart but we must destroy a greater evil that lurks waiting to expose our purity and threaten our love. Do you think I actually want to have him touch me? Never!

“I do not belong to him. Yours is the only touch I ever yearn for, I crave for every inch of you, both of you. The thought of him near me makes my skin crawl in disgust but I’m willing to do anything I can for us to have a future together because I love you - both of you. Every single inch of both of you, in ways I never thought I was ever capable of. You are it for me, Ulric, I’m in this until my very last breath, I may have to say things you will not like - in front of the King to Gage but you will be who I’m thinking of, always and forever, you have me.”

Ulric had finally stopped snarling the moment I said, ‘I love you’ and listened carefully, hanging on my every word. As I watched his chest rise and fall, I continuously ran my fingers through his thick silky fur. We had come to a silent understanding, an appreciation of how hard it would be, for both of us. We had to trust each other, more than we will ever need too and we were really willing to try, for a future that he had made my body desire. The future of our pups and a life filled with love and that elusive emotion I only get to feel with him… happiness.

After a while of lying there, enjoying the rush of ecstasy crawling across my skin, sparkles and electrical pulses gliding along the veins that covered my muscles, was nothing short of remarkable. The fondness, tenderness, passion and lust encased my entire being and ignited an affection. Quiet contemplation was over. Ulric stood up on all fours causing the same response from me, his canines nipping at the hem of my shorts and pulling me to the bedroom.

I guess I had always figured this would be a need for him and his wolf - the desire for closeness and connection would happen naturally if I were a wolf too but we had never discussed this being an option and suddenly here it was.

I became a nervous wreck, wondering how exactly this was going to happen? Just as we enter the bedroom, Ulric phases back to skin and captures my lips in his, soft and sensual he whispers in my ear to calm my racing panicked mind and heart.

“It’s okay Rocky, we’re going to take this slow,” his lips grazed across his mark and I shudder under his touch. “There’s no need to fear, we are one… okay, baby?”

“Y-yes,” I bite my lip and nod, feeling slightly skittish.

“We love you, Rocky. He and I will take care of you, you are ready for this.” My calves hit the bed and I realised I can’t back up or shy away any longer, this is going to happen… his wolf and I are going to officially join.

Our tongues entwine, grazing gently against one another. He stands in front of me, completely naked, with his fingertips gliding over my goose-bumped flesh as he removes my singlet and crop in one swift fluid movement. His large hands palming my bare breasts while I run my hands over his solid muscular chest. Delighted in the feel of his rippling muscles below my fingers.

Enraptured in devouring pleasure, under the slight amount of skin to skin contact, I lose myself in him - melting at the softness of his lips which he glides gently along my jawline and down my neck, suckling on my flesh as he pulls me closer, all without me noticing he’s removed my shorts and knickers. I shiver as he squeezes my arse cheeks firmly, heat and moisture pooling between my thighs as my throbbing pussy pulses in desperation for friction and attention.

He whispers, “turn around Rocky baby, all fours on the bed.” So domineering and in complete control, I obey his orders and move onto the bed. “Fuck you look sexy Rocky, so sexy,” he mummers.

Ulric begins his pleasurable assault by claiming my burning cunt, running his delectable tongue along my slick folds as they drip with arousal. “You taste so good Rocky,” he groans, his face buried deep between my folds.

“Ulric,” I moaned, my hardened nipples flush with the mattress, I sink further as I pushed my back end higher into the air.

“We are going to take this slow… my wolf is so much bigger than I am.” Lost in a haze of ecstasy and on the brink of orgasm - I feel him begin to shift behind me, there was no panic, no hesitation on my part - this man, this wolf, are one - and I love them both... and they… they love me.


Hours passed and the exquisite euphoria left by the experience had left me weak, completely satiated, fully appeased my thirst for his cock. Never, had I felt this level of satisfaction and I thrived and reviled in the enormity and acceptance of our pure connection. I watched Ulric as he slept, exhausted by his extraordinary lovemaking skills. Normally when we had sex, we would fuck… hard… but this time, it was just like magic. Indescribable and prodigious, making my flashbacks of our connection more than just a memory but an imprint on my soul.

Me, I had made love to a wolf, a wolf… I mean, I know Ulric was always a wolf but an actual wolf. I had lost track of the amount of times I had orgasmed, he had orgasmed, we had orgasmed, I had lost my damn mind, in the thrall’s of his passion and just when his wolf relented and finally gave control back to him, the man needed to go one more round. I lay there deep within thought, proud of what I had accomplished, not simply the wolf sex but the ability of acceptance for Ulric, in all his forms, light and dark.

I moved out from under his muscular arm and attempted to walk to the bathroom. Jesus, I could barely move, my pelvis ached from being pounded with a monstrous cock and my legs buckled from being so weakened but I was not pissing myself on top of all the embarrassment I’ve had to endure these last few days. I fell to the floor, collapsing under the extreme pressure, my body had undergone but I instantly felt a zing of pleasure and heat as a warm hand touched me.

“I’m sorry for waking you,” I whispered to him as he crouched beside my uncooperative body.

“I’ve hurt you,” his statement panicked and guilty.

“No, no,” I cupped his face and made him focus on my chocolate eyes. “That was beyond amazing, you didn’t hurt me, I felt nothing but utter all-consuming pleasure. I’m just having a little trouble walking after being fucked within an inch of sanity,” I laughed as he frowned.

“Let me carry you, where were you going?” He scoops me up in his arms.

“To pee, my bladder might explode any minute,” I looked at him through my long black lashes, slightly shy about him needing to carry me to pee.

“I’ll turn on the shower, the heat will help your muscles.” He places me on the toilet and then leans into the shower to run the water. I groan the moment I release, relieved by emptying my bladder. “Christ Rocky, anyone would think you haven’t pee’d for days?”

“Oh my god, shut up. I honestly thought I was about to burst… help me into the shower,” I ordered in a huff.

He picks me up and moves me into the shower. Lathering the loofa, he proceeds to wash me while I rest on his shoulders. “I’m sorry I hurt you, Rocky… seriously.”

“Ulric, stop okay. I fucken loved every minute of it and will definitely do it again and again and again.” His smile grew wide, spreading across his face, obviously pleased by my declaration.

“You know I wanna talk to Gage, ah?” I kissed his lips.

“I know you do. Now we have to just sneak someone into him… and I know the perfect pair for the job.”

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