The Hunter

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Chapter 33 ~ Threesome

…Claire’s P.O.V…

Running had always been my mental saving grace, no matter what issue I was going through, how cruel my parents were, how trapped I felt, I could always rely on running to unjumble my thoughts. Ryder had shared more than I ever knew about what she had endured with High Commander Maverick and I was utterly distraught that I had not been more of a friend to her. The most annoying thing about Ryder is her inability to open up, she stays silent on mostly everything and yet, she pushes forward and strives to be better than she was the day before.

The whole reserve had been in awe of the torture she had endured and survived, shining brighter than the brightest star in the sky. She was the epitome of strength and we all knew it, I guess that’s why William, Myka and I followed her so fiercely and without question.

I feel my phone vibrate and it cuts the music flowing into my headphones, I pull it out and slid it open.

“Ry, what’s up?”

...Grab Roland and come to Ulric’s cabin...

“I’m fine, thanks for asking,” a tad politeness would be appreciated every now and again.

...Clay... she groaned through the phone.
...sorry, please grab Roland… I cut her off, relieving her of the sad attempt at normal conversation.

“See you in five, Ry,” I hung up before she could say anything further.

I made my way over to the bars, just as Roland must have been mind linked by Ulric, he had that far off hazy look in his eyes.

“Ready to go cutie?” Yep, called it, ten points for me.

“Race you?” I smirk before taking off like a bat out of hell.

We burst through the front door, excited, playful and laughing, to find Ryder and Ulric side by side on the kitchen bench.

“Hey,” I giggled.

“We have a mission for the both of you,” Ryder begins without even a ‘hello’, I rolled my eyes.

“Ryder, so happy to see you. I’m fine, thanks for asking, yes, this is a new shirt, thanks for noticing.”

“Clay,” she groans and slides off the bench. “What’s wrong? My orders have never been a problem in the past.”

“If we are going to change things Ry, then let’s start by abolishing the way Hunters speak to the different ranks?” The boys watched our exchange intently, focused on the outcome of our slight altercation.

She breathes deeply as if inhaling my words, “you’re right, I am sorry, I will try harder in future.”

“Thank you,” I smiled at her.

“It is a cute top.”

“I’m just fucking with ya, this tops old,” we both burst out laughing. “Okay shoot, what are we doing and how come you’re sending us together?”

“You two are mates, separating you is not an option and plus you work in sync, especially, when you’re behind the scenes… ya know… networking.”

“Networking? Is that what we are calling it these days?” I teased.

“What would you call it? Interfering?”

“Nope, networking is just fine,” I chuckled.

“If you two are quite finished?” Ulric interjects, “we need you both to sneak into the De La Vega compound and get a message to Gage. Roland, you will be doused in Claire’s perfume to try to hide your wolf scent, to at least get close enough to him and past his unit.”

“What? Ul? Do I have too?” Roland whinged.

“What you don’t like my smell?”

“It’s not like that cutie, I love your scent, it’s just… ya know… girlie.”

“Girlie is it, baby? Well, perhaps you need to wear my pink blouse too, just to make certain your wolf stench is hidden.”

“That’s actually a great idea Claire,” Ulric said as both him and Ryder struggle to hide their pure enjoyment.

“This is punishment for what I just said, isn’t it?” He pouted.

“Yep,” we all answered in unison to a horrified and little bit pissed off, Roland.

“Whatever, you’ll all pay for it,” he flipped us off before leaving through the front door.

“Anyway...” I turned around, my attention back on Ul and Ry, “so, what’s the message?”


Roland and I were hidden in the trees, to the right brick wall of the compound, night had fallen and Roland looked exquisite in my pink blouse and his black sweatpants, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him, his senses were on high alert as we crouched.

“You should wear my clothes more often baby,” I whispered playfully, only to receive a murderous scowl from him, which had me grinning widely.

“Let’s just get on with it, shall we Clay?” Roland spat back.

“Just try not to draw too much attention, you’re looking extremely sexy in that pink colour.” He pushed me gently and I planted it, straight on my backside. Huh, well, I thought I was funny?

We snuck along the concrete wall, my hands pressed against the brick, sliding over it, feeling for the gouge I needed in the brickwork. Finally, my fingertips glided across it.

“This is it,” I whispered to him.

“What are we doing?”

“Climbing,” I replied flatly.

“What?” he exclaimed.

“Relax,” I whispered back, “there is a heap of these as we scale up the wall. When we get to the top, I need you to wait until I tap your fingers, there’s a camera over the other side, I need to loop the footage so we can sneak past.”

“Jesus Cutie, that seems difficult. You want me to do it?”

My face snaps towards his with the most annoyed scowl I could muster. “Because we are in the middle of a mission I’m going to ignore your sexist behaviour and remind you that, I am a Lieutenant and ranked the exact same as you, I have survived worse things than scaling a wall and looping footage and lastly, Ryder and I have been breaking in and out of compounds for years - so back the fuck up, will you?” I cussed him out, mentally slapping him across the face, in my head.

“That’s not what I meant,” he shout-whispered as I climbed.

“Shut up,” I cursed back, the last thing we needed was to be discovered before we even got in.

“Fuck,” I heard him swear before I pulled myself up and over the wall, climbing down the other side.

I got to work immediately, unscrewing the back of the camera and linking in my device. I programmed it to run the same image every 30 seconds. Jumping down from the tree and scrambling back up the wall, I tapped Roland’s fingertips that gripped the top of the concrete, to let him know it was safe and in one swoop, he launched himself over landing on both feet before I even made it to the ground.

“Show off,” I whispered angrily.

“C’mon let’s get the two missing members first, hey?” He grasped my hand as we hunched low and ran around the back of the main house. Roland’s claws extended and he sliced to the lock to the cellar doors. He ripped them open and we were lucky to find the cellar empty of Mavericks minions.

“Help us?” Rick Whyte and Martin Casey stood there with swollen eyes and bleeding bodies, barely able to hold themselves up. Martin’s hand was the worst, it looked as though it had been severely broken.

“Get away for the door,” I ordered wrapping a T. shirt around the keyhole. I pulled my gun from my holster attaching the silencer and shot the lock, the shirt muffling any other sound.

Roland mind linked his boys waiting outside, scooped up both teens and carried them briskly to the meeting point. He tossed them over the fence as if they were rag dolls, thank god they were caught by the waiting wolves on the other side. It all happened so unbelievably quickly, I couldn’t comprehend it but they needed to get help, fast, so I guess, it didn’t matter how? Just that they were getting to safety.

We still had one more job - get to Gage and deliver the message. Roland places a chaste kiss upon my lips before grabbing my hand and we were off again, crouched low but running as fast as we could to get to him.

We had managed to remain undetected so far, so luck was on our side. Slipping in the front door, we found a rather empty hallway, common room and makeshift kitchen. To be fair Maverick really had spared no expense when the Prince arrived, they were in, what I could only describe as luxurious glamping or better known as glamorous camping. You couldn’t even call it camping because of the fancy hotel like amenities. We found Gage’s room, just where Ryder said it would be, tapping lightly on the door, we were somewhat disappointed there was no answer but let ourselves in any way.

Stacked high atop of Gage’s room couches and scattered around the floor, were boxes and boxes of a very pungent aroma, I spotted an already open one and briskly walked to it.

“What is it?” Roland enquired.

“It’s herbs, herbs and what appears to be… gunpowder?” we looked at each other baffled.

“Maybe they needed the herbs to hide the smell of gunpowder?” Roland offered innocently and I leant over and kissed his cheek. Sometimes that man could be so smart, I figured that out already but, yay for him.

Just then, we heard voices coming in our direction. We hid behind the boxes, in case it wasn’t Gage, even though Roland swore that he could smell his scent heading in our direction, we had to be safe.

The door fly’s open and there’s Avron making out with another woman, Roland whispered that her arousal was so strong, my eyes were glued to the scene before me as they began to undress each other. Gage walks in, slamming the door behind him and undressed quickly.

I looked at Roland with shock and wide eyes, he was almost losing it, laughing at what we were watching. Were we really about to witness both of them fucking her? I squeezed my thighs together, this was erotic and naughty and something I had always been curious about and here it was about to play out in front of my very own eyes. Roland carefully moved in behind me, his legs either side of my body as we watched.

“I can smell you, you’re turned on cutie,” he whispered seductively in my ear.

“N-n no,” I stammered back without pulling from my view.

“You like it,” he purred, to which I ignored.

By this stage Gage was lying flat on the bed, being sucked off by the redhead while she was on all fours, on top of him, being eaten out from behind by Avron. I felt Roland’s fingers slide my bra down and begin to roll my rock hard nipple, in between his thumb and forefinger.

My eyes glued to my own personal porno, Roland’s lips began their cruel torture upon my neck, which had me saturating my panties. I watched as Avron sat down and Gage covered him in a condom and lubricant while Avron fisted Gage’s oozing cock. The redhead noticed too and licked up the shiny cum, extracting a groan from him.

Gage eased himself down onto Avron’s large chocolate member, both of them moaning in pleasure, my hand moved to behind my back and I rubbed Roland’s cock through his sweats. The redhead faced her ass to Avron so he could stick his large digits into her hole and fuck her with his fingers, while she fisted Gage’s cock. Up and down she pumped him, while he slid up and down on top of Avron.

Roland’s hand was now playing with my clit, I was so turned on, any second I was about to cum. I bit Roland’s shoulder as I exploded over his fingers, he couldn’t wait any longer, the smell of sex perfumed the air and for a wolf, it was hard to control at the best of times - fucken horny wolves.

He bent me over, I delicately pushed a box to the side, so I could still see the show, while Ro pulled down my pants and knickers, exposing my bare ass and he shoved his gigantic cock straight in without warning. His body covering mine as his lips rested against my ear, “I will never get tired of your amazing pussy cutie,” he cooed. Explosive shivers crashed through my body, I was already so close to orgasm number two.

They were changing position again, this time Gage lay back on the bed, the redhead on top of him as his slid in his cock but waited, Avron removed his condom and replaced it with a fresh one, then smothered her ass in lube, his fingers preparing her back end for entry. All I could think was, how big Avron’s dick was and how tiny her butt hole is.

He entered her with a loud grunt and ordered Gage to move, as one slid in the other slid out, all while Roland was fucking me from behind, my body was shaking with the need to release. “I want your tight cunt to squeeze my dick when you cum,” he whispered into my ear. The whole experience of watching three fucking in front of me and then getting pumped from behind by my wolf was more than I could handle and as I exploded, Roland released too - just as the three on Gage’s bed screamed out with their satisfactory orgasm - all five of us reaching climax at the same time.

Roland slumped on top of me, my cheek pressed into the floor, he begins to growl.

“I knew I could smell something?” Avron’s authoritative voice boomed out, I could only see him out my left eye.

Panting I replied, “I have a message… from Ulric and Ryder… come to the reserve… tomorrow night.”

A/N: This was my first ever written threesome <3 and I enjoyed every naughty minute of it.

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