The Hunter

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Chapter 34 ~ Harmony

...Claire’s P.O.V...

“Look you can’t blame us, at first, I was just curious as to what the fuck was going on? And then once it started, it was… hot… although, who are you? And why do they talk so openly in front of you?” My whole attention was on the now fidgeting redhead. Yes, Roland and I should have stopped them and yes, we probably shouldn’t have had sex but being with a wolf was so... liberating, there was literally nothing I couldn’t try and everything I suggested, he was down for - no sexual restrictions, it was so exciting.

“Sorry… um I am Dalilah and you are Claire Waiverson, Lieutenant to High Commander Ryder De La Vega,” she mumbled out most of her sentence.

“Our mate,” Avron interrupted.

“Get fucked?” Roland basically squealed in disbelief.

“It was a shock for me too,” Avron replied earnestly.

“How does that even happen?” He questioned.

“I don’t know, two human Hunter mates, one male and one female, it has to be the only in our recorded wolven history.” Avron’s head slumped back on the lazy boy headrest in deep thought.

“Have we met?” I focused back on the girl.

“Several times… but I don’t expect you to remember. I’m just a low-rank officer,” she wore sadness in her eyes.

“I apologise for my rudeness and dismissal of you, it would never have been because of your rank, it would have simply been, my attention remained elsewhere… are you an ingestor?” She shook her head dramatically. “Well, as you know, they all are… my duty has always been to keep Ryder safe and any older Hunter is a direct threat.”

She raises her head and looks me square in the eye, “I would love to see them burn in hell.” Her sultry eyes had darkened and her expression unnerving, I had a feeling she was far stronger than anyone else has realised and we would soon see, just the extent of her hatred.

“Good, because by the sounds of it, we are going to need all the help we can get.” I offered her a comforting smile, “there are alliances arriving at numerous times throughout tomorrow, to Alpha Leon’s pack house, where you will be presented and plead your case with the help of Alpha Ulric and High Commander Ryder. Although, having sir Prince of the fucken wolves will only help in your plight,” my thumb pointed to Avron as I addressed Gage. “So Roland and I will be off as we have made enough of a time-sensitive detour… Adios,” I saluted in mock but as Roland and I were about to exit, he turned on his heels.

“Enjoy all the fucking,” I couldn’t help but laugh at his cheery attitude. God, I love this beast of a man. “Out the same way we came in?” He questioned.

“Sure, no use messing with a fail-proof system,” he chuckled and then squeezed my cheeks.

“Cutie baby, you are gorgeous.”

“And talented, smart, funny, ya know, just an all-around ten outta ten right?” He rolled his eyes at me.

“And so modest too. Hey cutie, we should stop at the hardware store on the way home,” he shrugged.


“To get brackets for your gigantic head.” I smacked his arm.

“You are so just jealous of all of this,” I gestured to my whole body dramatically.

“Sure,” he scoffed, “a pipsqueak with an expanding head.”

We jumped back over the concrete fence, “jealous,” I sang out as we entered the car and drove off.


“Well?” Ryder barked impatiently.

“They’ll be here tomorrow evening,” I assured her.

“Thank you, Clay,” Ryder praised and stood in between Ulric’s parted legs as he and Roland ate cornflakes on top of his kitchen bench.

“That’s not all though,” I laughed as Roland casually spat out the cliff-hanger.

“What?” Ulric questioned him.

“As we were there, they kinda… had a bisexual threesome.” Ryder and Ulric’s eyes shot to Roland and his silvers sparkled mischievously. “They were fucking, we were fucking...” Ryder took a mouthful of cereal and I watched her intently knowing what he was about to say, “oh yeah, they also have another mate.” Ryder spat her mouthful of cornflakes all over Ulric and I burst into gut cramping laughter.

“Ryder,” Ulric growled, covered in breakfast cereal.

“I’m sorry,” she exclaimed.

“Roland, explain in full detail,” Ulric ordered wiping the mess off with a tea towel.

As we explain everything in detail, leaving out the majority of our fucktastic experience, Jason walks in without knocking followed by Ashley, Jason halts and looks between us all.

“You two look guilty,” he motioned to me and Roland, “and Ryder, good to see you still can’t keep shit in your mouth.” He moved and flopped down on the couch. “Got any pies?” He calls out.

“Sorry, no bulls balls today,” Ryder called back.

“Pity, could have used it today of all days, nothing says strength like balls,” Ryder laughed so hard she snorted.

I had never seen her in such a playful mood, it was as if she had released some of the stuff weighing her down and was thoroughly enjoying her playful banter with the furry beasts. I was proud of her, she had never let her guard down and here she was, relaxed, mated, open and finally experiencing… happiness.

We hung out at Ul’s place for a little while before retiring back to Roland’s Den. It was smaller than Ulric’s but still cozy and fully stocked with everything we needed. I loved this place more than my own house on our family compound, even if being the High Commanders, Lieutenants daughter came with certain perks - it would never erase the deplorable damage suffered.

I never understood how the order that claimed to protect and serve the greater good of all mankind, could be so demonic and masochistic. The nature of their addiction at the root of all their cruelty but I was often left wondering whether or not they were predisposed to such psychotic tendencies before the blood took control.

Some of the events all of us Hunter bloodlines were subjected too, had me questioning everything. William and Myka were lucky, they remained somewhat respected, due to them being males but as a repercussion of that favouritism, they both developed general arseholary and misogynistic characteristics, obviously, not to the extent of their parents but still, it was there.

They tend to stay clear of us lately or rather Myka stayed clear of me and Roland. I did feel somewhat bad about our lost connection but to be worshipped, loved and honoured in the ways Roland does, how could I not have strayed? Even if Roland and I had not been mates, I have no doubt that eventually, I would have wandered seeking affection.

Myka brutally played with my heart for years and I allowed it to strip me of all of my self-confidence, but the moment Ro entered into my life, he has done nothing but build me up emotionally, again and again, each time with love and patience, never any manipulation and always respectful of my boundaries. I guess that’s why I trusted him so much sexually - I could express that suppressed side of myself.

As I lay in bed next to a naked and snoring Roland with a body sculptured by the gods, I knew our unit had to come back together, to reconnect as friends… if we didn’t, we wouldn’t be harmonious during the fight and we needed our harmony back.


The next day began early, Ryder and I were off to the pack hospital to check on Rick and Martin and receive a full update on their condition. Allies of Ulric’s fathers had already begun to arrive and the entire pack was abuzz with excitement, readying themselves and extra den’s, they had been informed when requested, that one den contained an entire coven of animal drinking Vampires that swore, no harm, so it would be interesting to see how the visitors would take their stay?

Being Alpha’s and Delta’s of their own packs, they would sense their presence and remain on high alert until they left, no shoulders were designed to hold that kind of tension. I also found it strange that some of the Beta’s of the pack remained at home, as Ryder’s second in command, I went everywhere with her, but I guess if the pack were to come across trouble, the next best thing would be Beta’s.

As we entered the recovery wing, my bright blues immediately fell on Myka, as guilt coursed through my body. No, I would not surrender, we needed our harmony back.

“Myka, Will,” Ryder acknowledged, “what are you both doing here?”

“Just checking on the youngling’s, when the wolves brought them in they were in terrible condition, the pack’s Dr had to send out for human supplies and now, they are in a medically induced coma. Doc thinks it’s the best way to help the healing process, but Ry…” Myka stalled his eyes raking over me as if he had not seen me in weeks. William noticed and picked up from where Myka left.

“The Doc thinks they are too far tortured to come back from this mentally, thinks the safest thing to do is to drop them off at an orphanage to keep them out of this world of violence.” Will looked over at Rick, “what if that was steven, Ry? What if they had gotten a hold of him?”

“They didn’t though,” Ryder’s words were meant to comfort but failed miserably.

“Don’t Ryder, you of all people know what they are capable of.”

“No orphanage,” she ordered sternly.

“But, it’s the best…” Will began to argue.

“I said no, that’s my final decision. They are both family, our family, they will be taken care of by us, all of us, until they are functioning members and if they never recover? Then we deal with that too.” I knew she felt responsible, this was no doubt the mutilated work of her father.

Myka’s eyes never left my body, it burnt the very essence of my skin and I was becoming frustrated.

“Myka… Stop.” I warned, Ryder’s eyes flitting between us but she kept her mouth sealed shut.

“You look beautiful Claire,” he raked his fingers through his hair before reaching them toward me.

“No,” I pulled away, “you need to let us go, we need our friendship back,” his face scrunched in distaste.

“No Claire, what I need is you… but you insist on throwing your boyfriend in my face.”

“He is my destined, the one I belong too, for the rest of my life. We are fully mated now Myka, it’s time for you to find your happiness too.”

“You are misguided,” he grunts and I sighed heavily as he stormed out of the room, slamming a door on the way.

“Well, that could have gone better.” I looked at Ryder with apologetic eyes and she smiled and nodded, she knew I wanted to go after him. I thanked her internally and followed suit

I exited out of the hospital wing, frantically looking left and right and spotted Myka heading toward the Unit’s den, he was kicking up the dirt as he trudged, taking his frustration out on the ground below his shoes. I took off, running after him.

“Myka… Stop, we need to talk about this.”

“Fuck off Claire,” he shoots back.

“No, this has gone on, way too long.”

“You’re the reason it’s gone this far.”

“You can’t blame me.” I was offended, for years I watched him tune and bed other women and he expected me not to react, not to feel like a used piece of trash, carelessly tossed to the side?

He abruptly stopped, his bright blues rippling with emotion, “yes I can blame you, you were mine…”

“And so was every other woman.” I cut in with my temper and voice rising.

“You okay, Cutie?” Roland stood a mere ten feet away with a death glare. Jason, Ashley, Henry and Victor flanking his rare with the appearance of casual but their eyes set too dangerous.

Myka extended his chocolate brown hand and gestured exaggeratedly, “see… I can’t even talk to you without hairy showing up.” I rolled my eyes at both of their macho, arseholic behaviours.

I walked over to Roland, “go, I need to speak to Myka on my own.” If looks could kill, I would have been murdered on the spot.

“No,” he snarled but I’d had enough, I needed harmony.

“Yes,” I ordered. “I will come to find you when I’m done.”

“No Claire,” oh shit, he used my name. “You belong to me, I will not have you alone with… him,” he spat the word ‘him’ like it was off milk.

“You don’t get a choice Roland, I’m his superior and right now, my unit needs to be put back together, so whether you like it or not, we have to talk and if you follow, the consequences for you will be far worse than you can imagine.”

“You dare threaten me?”

“I don’t want too but I need some trust here. I know your wolf is possessive, especially when it comes to Myka but there is no need to be, I love you, I’m mated to you, I belong to you but my duty needs to be addressed and as my mate, you need to be understanding.” I had him, I knew I did… I could feel his energy back down but then he puffed out his chest and my breath caught in my throat.

“Fine, you say what you need too but you will be punished for the way you’ve spoken to me and my wolf will not go easy.” A triumphant and sexy smirk graced Roland’s beautiful face and instantly my core ignited, the pool of desire leaked at the promise of sexual punishment of the best kind, the wolves sniffed hard as my reeking arousal flared. He turned to Myka, “She is mine!” It was a statement and a warning in his direction and despite my glowering facials, I was completely and utterly turned on.

Myka scoffed, “just remember who had her first.” I flinched just as Roland went to leap.

“STOP!” Ulric’s Alpha voice commanded, the situation halting Roland in his tracks. “Claire, Roland is so close to force shifting right now and his wolf will shred Myka, take him and go - I will deal with this.”

I jumped up, quickly pecking him on the cheek, “I love you, Roland,” I whispered before pushing Myka away. “Why would you antagonise him like that? He has a gigantic animal that lives below the surface of his skin and yet you provoke like you have nothing to lose?”

“I don’t have anything to lose Claire. I lost the one thing that meant anything to me.”

“So, why didn’t you do anything about it at the beginning?”

“Because I was afraid, I thought you’d always be there.”

“Did you love me?” My question seemed to stump him and I internally groaned, he had no idea how to love anyone. “Myka did you love me?”

“I-I...” he stuttered back.

“Myk, it’s not a hard question but because you’re having difficulty, it means no… you never loved me.”

“I could have, maybe I needed more time?” He offered sincerely.

“No, it’s not a bad thing. You don’t need more time, I’m not meant for you - you will find someone Myk, I know, you are an incredible man but that someone isn’t me, it never has been, no matter how much I used to want it to be but we need to come together or we will fall against the King. You need to forgive me and release the ‘what if’s’. We were friends, that’s how it should have stayed.”

“But Claire… I miss you… so much.”

“Myk, you miss how I made you feel, not me.” He looked at me defeated and confused, confused by his own feelings, misguided and misunderstanding what his heart was telling him.

“Friends?” He nodded and extended his hand to shake, so I did.

“Friends,” I repeated with a smile and turned on my heels. In a flash, I was bolting to my furry beast, the only love of my life and the one who consumes my soul.

I swung open his cabin door to find him with a glass of amber liquid in his hand and Victor seated next to him. “Get out Vic,” I ordered.

“Jesus… okay, although a… ‘thanks, Vic, I got it from here’ would have been nicer,” he feigned annoyance - just to prove a point.

“OUT!” We boomed in unison, snapping his head in both directions and he took off, shutting the door behind him. Roland downed his glass in one gulp and slammed the empty crystal onto the wooden coffee table.

“You’ve been a naughty girl Claire.” He rose to his feet, his steel grey eyes watching my every move as he stalked his way around the couch, heading directly for me.

“What are you going to do… Beta?” I purred as my nipples poked through my shirt, my knickers saturating by his predatory movements.

“Punish you.”

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