The Hunter

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Chapter 36 ~ Murder

...Ryder’s P.O.V…

For hours we laid in slumber, encapsulated in each other’s embrace, cocooned under the soft, warm covers, each not wishing to let the other go for fear of them leaving. Despite my commitment to the cause, I was frightened, not the fear of the looming battle but the fear of facing life without him. He was so ingrained into every inch and every fibre of my being that the thought of leaving him for longer than a few hours sent my soul into disarray.

How did mates cope? This euphoric pull for pleasure and connectivity, to be joined in every conceivable way would normally have me running for the nearest exit but with Ulric, I couldn’t help but be lost to the labyrinth of emotions.

He had me questioning everything I had guarded my heart against from the very moment I met him and with the impending situation, I lacked the ability to stay away. In our short time together, we had already faced so much, trying to get a relationship to run smoothly at the best of times is hard but when you throw in two headstrong alpha personalities… sometimes things become diabolical.

I lay there as the sun was beginning it’s afternoon descend, watching the shadows that danced across his impeccably handsome face and breathed in his unique smell. It occurred to me, like glorious rays of inspiration, that indeed we had not thought of everything that had come with this ‘plan’ of theirs…

“What are you thinking about?” His croaky thick voice bellowed out, knocking me from my mischievous thought haze.

“You, always you,” I cooed back, stroking his ego.

“You please me mate,” Ulric’s deep husky voice trembled my flesh seductively. Capturing my mouth with his, he rolls on top of me, thrusting his rock hard cock into my pelvic bone.

“Someone’s awake,” I arched my eyebrow in excitement.

“Only for you,” he replied smoothly.

Our lips collided feverishly, tongues lightly grazing and hands roaming freely - unrestricted access to all delicious things Ulric. My hands snaked up around his neck, raking my fingertips in his beautiful locks and pulling him closer, he wasted no time in removing both of our clothing and things were getting hot and heavy fast - I think we both needed it.

His raging hard cock was thrust into my dripping wet core, no need for foreplay, we had to connect. Withdrawing to the head and then sinking back in again, my body was pleasantly humming under his divine touch, his warm mouth wrapping around my hardened nipple and I cried out in pleasure... just as our bedroom door swings open.

“What the fuck?” Ulric growls covering my body with his.

“No time, Ryder get dressed… Mavericks just crossed the border fully loaded with weaponry and his unit.” Claire was unnerved, it was as plain as day on her face - he had found us.

“Fuck, Ul mind link everyone, keep them inside their dens, get your dad to hide the Alpha’s and everyone else, we can’t risk them knowing anything.” I jumped out of bed grabbing my Hunter gear I had hidden at the back of Ulric’s closet, while he organised the pack and his father.

I slid into some leather pants, riding boots and a black singlet, strapping up my hip and thigh holsters, slipping my daggers into the inside of my boots and attaching handguns to my ankle holders. Clipping on my ambidextrous shoulder holsters and throwing on a leather jacket to conceal them and then two silver pistols were shoved into the back of my pants. I turned around to see Ulric already in wolf form. I smiled at him, he was breathtaking. Tying my hair into a high messy bun I nodded - we were ready.

“Lieutenant, get Arrow and his team and the rest of the unit, loaded and ready to fight.” She spun on her heels and headed out, I scratched Ulric behind the ears and kissed the top of his head.

As we exited the cabin, there stood four other wolves, I knew instantly who they were, Jason, Ashley, Henry and Victor - they were his wolf unit. Ulric walked beside me as the four others flanked us, Roland’s wolf and Claire came bounding up quickly, joining our ranks, followed by Arrow and his team and the rest of my human entourage.

Thankfully, the Alpha’s had remained hidden from sight as did the rest of the pack but you could feel the thousands of eyes secretly on us. Ulric’s pack alone were just about four thousand strong and I sensed wolves hidden in amongst the trees to the side of the dens - in case needed, we had a backup.

He was taking a massive risk coming here and if he tried anything, he would die. We stopped in front of the pack house, weapons at the ready and six of the strongest wolves in primal protective mode.

“What do you want Maverick?” I sneered.

“Well, this is where my insubordinate offspring have been hiding?” Arrow stepped forward practically growling, for now, he finally knew the truth of my father’s deplorable destruction and he wanted blood.

“As if you cared, what do you want?” My tone dropped to a warning rasp.

“Your head,” he spat venomously.

“Are you challenging me Maverick?”

“I intend to kill you, so Gage can’t be crowned,” he laughed menacingly.

“Well, at least you finally made up your mind, come and get me arsehole.” A deep guttural warning growl came from Ulric’s wolf, “It’s alright baby,” I soothed running my hands through his fur, “the horrible man will die today,” I claimed.

“You traitorous slut,” he cursed at me.

I watched as Juliette, my so-called mother, throw Maverick a small red vial and he tossed it back. I could smell the putrid substance from a mile away and it made my gut churn. This is how he cheated against Mathias and stole Head Commander out from under him. I could do this, sure, I didn’t have the extra performance enhancer but I knew I was strong and highly skilled - this fight will be hard but worth it.

“I will not let you fight this putrid low life,” Arrow came forth to stand in front of me.

“You are weak boy, no wonder you lost,” Maverick seethes.

“Get out of my way Commander,” I warned Arrow.

“Ryder, please… I need to protect you,” I could see the hurt flash in his eyes.

My hand raises to cup his cheek, “Arrow, I have to do this.”

His eyes flick towards Ulric’s wolf beside me and his beast nods. I guess letting Arrow know he backs me one hundred percent. “Fine… But I will step in if I have too.”

“You won’t need too.” I slowly pulled down the zipper on my leather Jacket and shrugged it off my shoulders, William and Myka came to a standstill beside me.

“I see them moving, preparing the unit for when you two are fighting,” Myka whispered.

“If they attack while you are occupied?” William questions.

“By any means necessary, kill them all!” My orders were clear, there was no mistaking them.

With one last lingering look at Ulric, I strode forward.

“This victory will be sweet.” Maverick was practically salivating at the thought of harming his own daughter.

I ran as fast as I could towards him while he’s distracted, parading around like a peacock, flashing his ego. I dropped to my side, sliding along the ground and kicking his feet out from under him, relishing in his stupidity as he falls flat on his front. Immediately I’m up on my feet but the vampire blood he ingested meant so was he, launching towards me with a savage thirst to hurt, his fist swings around but I block with a counter kick to his abdomen. He recovers instantly and yanks a blade from his belt before charging at me.

Strike after strike, I manage to deflect, landing violent brutal strikes of my own against his body - his blade slashing at my skin, slicing my flesh on my arms. I managed to flip over his head, grabbing his knife hand on the way through and driving the blade deep into his chest.

“Now!” He snarls out in pain.

His entire unit leapt from their positions and moved in for the kill. In a blur of bodies and fur, they mashed together in a fierce battle of deafening blows and solid strikes. That sonofabitch had most definitely planned this.

Maverick rips the blade from his chest and throws it at me, just narrowly missing my shoulder. With a grunt in frustration, he leaps forward, punching me so hard to the side of my face, I hiss in pain as the impact blasts through my brain.

Blow for blow, kick for kick, dad and I laid into each other, with the tainted blood that coursed through his veins, it was like fighting a fucken Vampire alright. The strength and agility threw me, I had spent my life fighting the supernatural’s but to fight against someone I shouldn’t have a twinge of care for… hurt. He was still my biological family, no matter how you looked at it.

I hated this man though, he was meant to be my father, he was meant to protect me, he was meant to be the one I could rely on, instead, he was the very evil that haunted my past. As much as I loathed his every fibre, a minuscule part of my heart cared... why? He was a man without honour, no soul and devoid of any nurture.

With emotional confusion rolling around in my stomach, I acted on hatred for what he had put me through and spun on my knees, whipping out a blade from my boot and thrusting it straight into his calf muscle. Mathias had trained me well, he taught me how to outsmart the blood user and triumph in a way he never could. Maverick stumbled back, my jabs to his face relentless - he may mimic a vamp but he was still human none the less.


One, two,

One, two, hook,

Hook, hook, uppercut.

Blood splatters from his broken nose and cracked jaw, spraying the air and landing on the ground, with an impetus roundhouse kick to the face, he tumbles to the side. Jerking the embedded knife from his calf, I fisted Maverick by his hair, reefing his head up so he wouldn’t miss a thing and we both watched on as Arrow rips my mother’s heart from her chest and her lifeless body falls to the floor.

The sight of her death made Maverick howl in pain, I guess he loved her after all. The sad addiction had torn our lives to shreds, all because we were born into the order.

With my blade pressed firmly again his neck, I screamed, “what do you get out of Gage not being crowned?”

“The satisfaction of know you’ll never be happy. I will kill you.”

“Wrong, I kill you.” My scathing tone widened his eyes for the last time and with one precise and swift pull back, the steel blade slices straight through his neck. I could hear the satisfying gurgle as he chokes on his own blood.

Blaire was being pummelled by Martin Casey’s father but just as I go to move, Ulic’s large wolf pushes him to the ground with his paws and removes his head clean off his shoulders with his powerful jaws. That was the last - our tormentors were dead.

I surveyed the damage, sixty-three bodies littered the ground, mavericks entire unit whipped out, Mathias being the last member, was now under Gage’s command and I was thankful for that. Six wolves and twelve Hunters victorious against sixty-three hyped-up lethal assholes.

We are so going to succeed at this.

My sight focusing in on Arrow as his face bled uncertainty and pandemonium, the conflict in taking a human life, left his heart and mind in turmoil and disarray. The mood sombre as all the new recruits faces dropped. I attempted to uplift but my sepulchral tone fell short of any oomph needed to inspire, instead, they all choose to withdraw and head to their quarters. I had turned teens into murderers - deserved or not. I trudged to the shed for a shovel, the bodies had to be taken care of.

This, though deemed necessary, was not to be celebrated.

A few of the more nicer Alpha’s came out to help as Ulric and his boys, Claire and I, dug the mass grave for their empty shells to be burned in. The one thing about Hunters is their ability to remain anonymous, including death. Death was no big ordeal and despite a large number of casualties, there is no one that will miss them - even if their offspring were conflicted.

This was not the first human life Claire has had to take, I guess her experience has kept her in production mode, doing what had to be done. There was so much this tiny angel has had to endure and remained so strong throughout. To carry the burden of being Lieutenant to the most hated Hunter on earth, was heavy, yet, she continued as if unfazed and second nature to the catastrophic daily events.

As Hunters, we were used to killing sure, but when your victim bleeds and then bursts into flames leaving behind nothing but ash, it’s almost like they never really existed. But to take the life of a human being? That, that was brutal and horrifying beyond all imagining.

This is not what I wanted for my unit, their lives deserve to be immortalised for the sacrifices they have made, keeping all the scary supernatural’s away from the human race. Their own mental sanity was the bargaining chip between, right and wrong.

To watch your parents burn... for me... it was always a fantasy but to actually see it come true - it was a strange - a hurtful happiness. My beautiful Clay dismissing her own flesh and blood broke me inside. She did not deserve this torment, she was an angel.

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