The Hunter

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Chapter 37 ~ Schemes

…Gage’s P.O.V…

Dalilah’s mouth was sealed tightly around my hard shaft, sliding up and down as my head hung back, while Avron fucked her like a maniac from behind. Her ministrations from her tongue had me growing closer and closer to the edge, for someone that was pure before she met us - she certainly had accommodated well. Avron and I made loving eye contact and I was desperate to touch him too, his soul was addicting, like my own personal stash of erotic cocaine and a hit of his alluring flesh was all that could satisfy my lustful craving.

Pulling my cock from her mouth, I stalked over to Avron on all fours, his mouth turned upward in the corner with a knowing smirk on his handsome face. He extracted himself, much to Delilah’s disappointed cries and captured my lips with his, our tongues gently grazing against one another, soft and sensually while our mate began to stroke both of our raging hard on’s with her delicate tiny hands.

Avron leant over and opened the drawer, he had always been meticulous when it came to healthy sex, especially anal and it didn’t matter if it was female or male. An almost primal need took over in my want of him.

“No baby, I want you raw,” his eyes burned with desire and he reached for the lube instead. His once gentle kisses now were hard and animalistic in his blazing arousal at not having to sheath himself before entering my ass.

We moved Lil (Dalilah) on to her back and me on my side burying my rod deep into her tight and dripping wet cunt. Her left leg perpendicular to my body with her foot tucked under my head and her right leg hung over my pelvis. I pumped a few times, allowing her body to tremble in tiny bursts of pleasure, my left thumb toyed with her clit.

I felt Avron apply a generous amount of lube to my back hole, sliding in his fingers, making sure I was prepared for his sizable chocolate cock. He moved into position behind me, if heaven had of been looking down on us, we would have resembled a flesh fan, spread across the bed.

As he entered me, painstakingly slow, my body rocked by the exotic feel of him - a feeling I could never live without. He lifted my leg over his left thigh to sheath himself to the hilt and he began his deliciously torturous pounding.

His thick rod slamming into my ass as I pumped into Lil, my thumb manipulating her clit, we were a moaning, groaning, sweaty hot mess. Lil rolled her plump nipples between her middle finger and thumb, the view at her writhing and moaning was a satisfying victory for both Avron and I, Lil was sexually awakening before our very eyes. Our insatiable appetite for sex had turned our new addition from a timid mouse to an erotic sex goddess, free of any and all inhibitions. She very quickly understood that being our mate opened up more pleasure than she ever could have imagined and she relished in her desire of us.

Sleeping with a human was nothing compared to the heightened pleasure of a mate and the mate bond. The electrically charged pulses that zapped through your body, the goosebump tingles that washed across your skin, the explosive orgasms that blew your mind whilst curling your toes, crashing over you, exuding from all senses, ravishing and radiating from your very soul.

Avron, being ungloved, came first, spurting his thick semen up inside of my back door with a grunt and a bite down on his mark upon my neck, while I continued to pump inside Lil, Avron moves around behind Dalilah, his deft digits of his right hand fondling her clit as I removed my cock swiftly replaced by his left fingers, rapidly thrusting in and out, bringing her closer and closer to the edge. His right hand relentless on her clit as I stood, fisting my cock ferociously as he replaced my fingers with his.

“Open your mouth little red,” Avron ordered Dalilah.

She obeyed without hesitation, her compliant behaviour tipped us both over the edge, she was always eager to please. Just as her walls clamped down, spraying Avron’s hand in her silky honey, her head tilted back, mewling towards the roof with her mouth wide open - I shot my seed straight down her throat, the sight causing Avron to explode a second time, on her back and we all collapse on each other atop the bed.

The door flies open, Avron leaps to cover Dalilah and growls menacingly, my glower practically burning Mathias as he entered in the room backwards with Kieran and Harcheros. All three with their backs to us, apologising.

“Why did you come barging in?” My tone was dangerous about our ecstasy disruption.

“Forgive me, my princes,” Mathias said politely. “But Maverick and his unit of sixty-three were dispatched to the Wolf Reserve as you began your coitus, six wolves and twelve of Ryder’s Hunters slaughtered them all, despite their Blood ingestion. The De La Vega unit fell and are currently being buried.”

“WHAT?” An ungodly growl came from deep within. That had not been a part of our plans with either side. Maverick was a reckless arrogant wanker, I had expected him to pull such a stupid move but not so stupid as to attack a pack. “Organise a car, we need to get over there now.”


Avron, Kieran, Vinnik, Harcheros, Rylac, Mathias, Dalilah and I made our way, as fast as possible, to Ryder. She couldn’t have wiped them all out, could she? Her grave mistake would draw too much attention, surely they had not been so silly?

We pulled up to the front of the pack house, just as the fire was being lit, Ryder and Ulric stood there watching as the flesh burned. They had - they had demolished his entire unit.

“What the hell happened?” I surged forward furiously.

“Fuck off, Gage.” Ulric stood in front of her, his gaze dangerous.

“You know my father will now investigate,” I snarl back, how could they be so stupid?

“Which is why you must send word, we are leaving for Emerson tomorrow. Organise everything,” Ryder spits out, still hidden behind Ulric.

“What happened?”

“Come,” Ulric orders and ushers our party toward the hall but I refuse to budge.

“Ryder, are you okay?” She was my fantasy and despite being sexually fulfilled in every way, my desire to own her was still strong.

“My father finally came to end my life Gage, how do you think I feel?” Her beautiful chocolate brown eyes glassed over as she briefly looked up at me before striding straight past and walking off.

I hear a loud warning growl, emanate from behind me. “She is my mate Gage, I can smell your lust for her, this is the only warning I will give you. You touch her and I will castrate you with my Alpha canines, got it?” His tone deep and terrifying, meant to shatter men’s hearts and separate muscles from bone, only my balls had taken on deadlier predators and she was my betrothed.

“You do not scare me, little wolf.” He lunges forward, just as Alpha Leon steps in front of me.

“No my son, enough blood has been spilled this day,” he soothes.

“But…” Ulric attempts to argue.

“Enough!” Leonardo growls, “take your men and mates into the hall Gage before I throw you off my land and you go to war alone.”

I knew Alpha Leon meant business. I turned, we needed him, we needed them and I hated that. Just before we headed in, I heard him say, “Ulric, go to your mate son, she needs you, her heart is confused and in pain.” The blood boils within my veins, it should be me comforting her broken heart, she had been signed to me since the day she was born, she was mine.

I reached Avron, “soon my prince,” his voice calming my anger. “Soon.”


The day had arrived, our private plane was fully fuelled and ready, my unit of forty-five, now forty-seven, with Mathias and Dalilah as our new additions, were boarded and ready as we waited for Ryder and her unit. Unfortunately, the conditions of Ryder’s involvement also meant her party of twelve, including Ulric and five other wolves.

Masking Avron and his warriors had been hard enough but now she requested their masking as well, in order for our plan to succeed our Warlock Vinnik and Faerie Kieran, definitely had their work cut out for them.

We were rushing our plans but with the death of High Commander Maverick, meant we were even more time sensitive than before. The King and Queen had been informed that we were on our way and the ceremony was to take place straight away. The e-mails had gone out before I left to collect my betrothed, stating that all Hunters were to start their way to Emerson for our impending nuptials and to be ready for, The Great Supernatural Eradication.

Ulric is the first to board with a face of stone, he reaches behind him and clasps her hand. “Watch your step, Rocky baby,” he murmurs as she enters the plane.

More than one of my men, sucked in a breath as she enters and the arousal of so many men, filters through the air, I was shocked by the reaction to her.

She wore simple low rise blue denim skinny jeans with a white top, red and white scarf, brown ankle boots and carried a red handbag with a brown cardigan. Her caramel locks flowing down her back, she was breathtaking.

My eyes immediately shift to Dalilah, who was watching my reaction intently and I saw a twinge of hurt slide across her features. She knew of our plan to take her as our choice mate and add her as my Queen, while she ruled with Avron as his Queen but I still didn’t miss the crease of jealousy.

The best thing about Emerson and The Kingdom Meadows were that they both bordered each other, so we would never truly be apart. We could all live happily together.

Ulric sniffs the air and begins to shake fiercely as he smells the men’s arousal. “Ul, what’s wrong?” Her face contorts with concern. My insides clench at the yearn to have her touch me like that, “Ul, you are my one and only.”

“All these vermin are lusting after you, I can smell it.” His jaw locks tight and saliva begins to drip from his canines, he was desperately trying to contain his wolf.

“So?” She scolds. “Do you think I want them? Do you think my body will crave for anyone other than you? Never. You need control or you will shift and I need you… Alpha,” she purrs, the word ‘Alpha’ said knowing full well it appeases his furry beast.

“You always know what to say don’t you?” He grips her face, smashing his lips against hers in proof of ownership and claim over what’s his. I found myself rather annoyed at their public display.

“Are you two moving or shall we all watch you fuck right there?” Claire spits out from behind her.

“Lieutenant,” she growls. Secretly, I was happy I no longer had to witness him touching what’s mine by right. Wow, I hadn’t realised just how possessive I had become.

“What Ry, you and your wolf have just left us standing here.” She feigns hurt at being left to wait.

Ulric and Ryder take their seat up the front and far away from us, only Ulric pulls her on to his knee. Wolves had a highly possessive streak too but it was almost comical to watch her roll her eyes and frown at his behaviour. As High Commanders, his need to control her movements undermined her authority over her unit and I could see her growing tiresome of it. I watched Avron with interest over his display, ‘soon my prince,’ he mouthed to me and went back to fawning over Dalilah.

The flight to Emerson was fairly uneventful, Vinnik and Kieran worked meticulously sealing and masking any trace of Wolf. Ulric so far had been the major challenge, as Alpha’s scents were extremely distinct and with a new wave of arousal flair up, every time Ryder moved or one of the men looked in her direction, he was difficult to hide. Tension rolled off his shoulders filling the air, suffocating and thick.

I was tired, cranky and completely on edge, I was not looking forward to landing. Avron and Dalilah would take their leave to his kingdom and I would be left alone and unsatisfied.

“My prince, you look stressed,” Avron came to sit beside me.


“Perhaps, we could stay until you are settled?” He suggested.

“No, you must go and rally every for tomorrow,” he squeezed my hand gently.

“It will all be over soon and we will bask in our glorious victory.”

Ryder strides down the aisle towards us with her ever watchful furry beast standing like a centaur guard, my interest was piqued as to why she would deliberately disobey her mate.

“Gage, Avron… may I have a word?”

“You can have anything my Queen,” I smirk knowing full well our conversation is being watched and heard.

“I require your mate, Lil, for the morning of the wedding.”

“Can I ask why?”

“You can, I would like her to be a part of our ceremony since she is now very important to you.”

I focus in on her, she held my eye contact with no fear, “Avron?” I asked.

“I shall bring her to your chamber the moment we arrive,” He replied.

“Thank you, both of you,” she goes to leave.

“Ryder? Your wolf cannot stay once we are married,” she raises her brow.

“My Alpha isn’t going anywhere,” she warns before returning to her seat.

I watch her defiance with great pleasure, she most definitely drove me crazy with lust for her.

“Do I get a say in this? Maybe, I do not wish to be a part of my ‘mates’ wedding to someone else?” Avron and I snap our heads towards Dalilah.

“Little Red, you’ve known of the plan all along - are you jealous?” Avron prods at her ego.

“She is not our mate,” Dalilah was bleeding green with envy.

Avron and I move closer to her, our whispers kept from wandering ears. “No she is not, but she will be a valuable addition to our family, not just in the way she leads but in her attributes, her skills evident to running a successful Hunter order. You are a nurturing, sweet soul, capable of producing well-bred heirs.”

“So that is all I am to the both of you?” Hurt flashed in her vibrant blues.

“You have never experienced this kind of love,” Avron began. “You are ours forever, we will always love you - you are ours just as much as we are yours. Little Red, you will not be subjected to rejection, anytime you need either of us we will be there, perhaps sometimes it will be just you and Gage or Gage and I or all three of us in the bedroom but make no mistake - you are not of any lesser value than any of us. You are our equal but we are both men in influential positions, you will rule at my side as Queen of Kingdom meadows. We together will oversee our packs. Gage requires a Queen too and strategically, this is a smart alliance but when you need him, he will be there.”

“Is it wrong to yearn you both? Is it wrong to not want to be apart from either of you?”

“No Lil, it’s not. We are making our way through this unusual situation, just as you are. Ryder is a warrior and her talent is perfect for the future of Hunters,” I offered.

“Really? And it has nothing to do with the fact that every man drools over her?”

“Her looks are weakening yes, but you Lil, are extremely beautiful and we are so lucky to have you.”

Her mind seems to be somewhat satisfied but I can see her insecurity becoming a massive problem in the future. I guess we’ll have to cross it when we get there. Ryder has not agreed to join our union, we are simply going off a fantasy at the moment. What she doesn’t realise, is the marriage certificate has to be signed in blood, sealing my claim and bond addition to her. She will be unable to stop her want to consummate and in turn, Avron and Dalilah.

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