The Hunter

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Chapter 4 ~ Rocky

...Claire's P.O.V...

“Jesus Ry, I love it when you use that tone, gets me all hot and bothered,” I giggle manically.

“Shut up… clearly, something happened after I left and I need to know, so let’s grab some food then head to the tree house, I need to know everything!

Grabbing a plate, salads, meat and a cool drink, we head out to my tree house, Ryder and I built as kids.

After explaining word for word, what happened last night, Myka and Ulric, every single sordid detail, right up until Ryder dropped through the roof, the only thing she questions...

“So, you gave him my number?”

“Really? That’s all you’ve got to say?” I huff.

“Look, I’ve known for years what you and Myka have been up too but it was never my business to get involved in, you seemed to have handled things perfectly last night and as my Lieutenant, it was about time you showed him who was in charge, considering you outrank him. I think because we all grew up together, the lines are blurred a little and now that we are getting prepared to take charge of our unit, it was time for him to realise he missed the boat by being a fuckboy and playing around.” She nods at me to make sure I understand, “Now, why did you give him my number?”

I breathe heavily, choosing the correct words, “because I saw a spark.”

“A spark?”

“Between you both.”

“You know what’s in my future, Clay.”

“And?” I place my hands on my hips, “you deserve a little happiness, even if it eventuates to nothing. Shutting yourself off is not the answer.”

She runs her fingertips through her hair with a smirk playing across her lips, I knew she would never admit it but she felt that spark too.

“So, what do I reply?” Ryder looks at me with almost fear in her eyes.

“I want your cock deep inside me while I scream your name?” She snorts so loud at my honest reply. “What did he say?”

She slides to unlock and reads, “Ryder, you have been on my mind since the moment I saw you, Ulric <3”

“Love heart? Yep, he’s definitely hot for you… hmm, how about… Ulric, it seems you have been pumping my friend for information. If you are so curious, ask me yourself? You have already acquired my number, Ryder.

She types and then rolls her eyes after she presses send, we sit there in silence waiting for the reply ping, just staring at each other, when it signals.

She reads out loud, “Ryder, I thought you had decided not to reply, you left me on seen… Please don’t be upset with Clay, she clearly has fantastic instincts about me, hoping to prove my worth to you too. Has she asked you about next weekend? Ulric <3”

“Yep see, I like him, a lot.” I wiggle my eyebrows at her.

“Claire…” she whines,

“Ry, text him back and tell him you are coming,” I ordered.

“Fine,” she reads her reply before hitting send, “Ulric, she has, I will be there, thank you for the invite, Ryder.”

We hear the alarm ring in the distance.

“Well Commander, it’s meeting time.” We scurry down from the tree house and back to the barbeque.

We knew our roles; we had no choice, we were born into this life. As Lieutenant, it was my job to help out Ryder and boy was I going to help her out… help her into the arms of sexy Ulric. There was something about the way they looked at each other, like a pull, something I was hoping would flourish, Ryder, didn’t deserve the fate she was handed and any decent friend would do the same if they were in my position. She needed a push... a reason to fight... for her freedom… for her life.

“Welcome everyone, as you are all aware, we have had several disturbances…”

As I watched Ryder next to her dad put on her ‘face’ the face she wore for business, the face she wore for her family, she didn’t smile, laugh at his jokes or even when her mother tried to put on a show and touch her arm, she flinched and pulled back with a cold callous look on her. The same mask she wore when fighting, I knew she was not meant for this life, she was far too exceptional, but when the time came for her to lead… and yes, her duty to her family was strong, so when it was time, she would be one hell of a leader and I would be proud to stand by her.

…Ulric’s P.O.V...

“Why do you think they live on compounds?” I asked my soon-to-be Beta as he hummed happily beside me.

“Rich humans?… who knows, trying to keep the big bad wolves out,” he threw his head back and laughed.

“I’m concerned…” before I could finish Roland interrupted,

“Look, Claire is a tiny firecracker, what damage could she possibly inflict?”

“Roland, I’m trusting you… We need to make sure our family is safe, first and foremost.”

“Ulric, soon you will take over as Alpha and I know, no matter what? You will keep our family safe, but don’t dare deny the sparks that flew between Claire’s friend and you.”

“Sparks huh? You must be crazy… our family comes first.”

“You can deny all you want but I‘ve known you my whole life and you rarely take interest in any cutie, so for you to notice this one… means something.”

Roland was right, females were of no interest to me, yet my curiosity was captured with this one. Twice I had met her and twice she had exceeded my assumptions and I was intrigued.

After spending the next few days texting back and forth, I was desperately looking forward to seeing her. My mind was consumed by thoughts of the way she hypnotically circled her hips, closed her chocolate brown eyes and whispered the words to the songs. The way she fearlessly dropped through the roof of the car and how she scaled the wall with ease, I hadn’t been able to concentrate on anything since she shimmied and twerked her way into my mind.

“Bro, we’re heading out for lunch, wanna join?” Roland asked, interrupting my thought process.

“Yes,” I answered a little too quickly and hopelessly.

“You can’t stop thinking about her, can you?”

“Shut up, I’m hungry.”

“Sure you are!” Roland rolls his eyes sarcastically.


We arrived at the little diner on the corner of 4th street and main. Rose, the owner, made the most delicious burgers and it had become one of our favourite joints to hang out at.

Parked outside of Rose’s diner sat two very sleek bikes, one was an Indian Chief Dark Horse, the other was one of my personal favourites, Ducati Supersport S, red and white, it made my knees weak. Who owned these bikes?

In my dream haze, I turn, only to be delightfully surprised. There sat Ryder and Claire both with large cokes in front of them, Roland smiled.

“Did you set this up?” I accused him.

“I swear, it’s pure coincidence, like fate or a pull,” he smirked.

“It better be,” I warned with a growl.

Opening the glass door, Claire’s eyes lit up like a Christmas tree when she saw him, causing Ryder’s head to swing around with a frown, only for her to lift her eyebrows and snap her head back to Claire, I listened in with my acute wolf hearing…

“You better not have arranged this, shit, I’m not even wearing makeup Clay,” she scolded her.

“Relax will you, I had no idea they were coming here today… not that I’m complaining,” she laughed.

“Sometimes, I could fucking kill you.” From the sound, I’d say she was gritting her teeth.

“Ladies, what a nice surprise!” Roland slides in next to Claire, “Cutie, I missed you,” he kisses her on the cheek.

“May I?” I ask before sliding into the booth next to her. She nods with a slight blush creeping across her face. “It’s nice to see you again,” in all honesty, it was nice to see her again… she looked dazzling in a white leather jacket, white v neck shirt and blue skinny leg jeans. I prayed she would need to get up at some stage, just so I could perv on her delectably plump and perfect ass. Her long caramel hair flowed around her shoulders causing her chocolate browns to accentuate.

“You too,” she bites the inside of her cheek, “did you know… about today?” She watches my reaction as I lift my hands in defence.

“I swear, I had no idea,” our eyes narrowed in on the two so-called ‘friends’ making out in front of us.

“What are we ordering?” Jason pulls up a chair next to us and the three others sit down too, just as Rose brings the girls food.

“Ulric, I had no idea you knew these two troublemakers,” Ryder snorts.

“Rose, we are angels,” Ryder and Rose both look at Claire and Roland sucking face and she reply’s, “Rose, I am an angel,” her wide toothy grin lights up her face.

“Rose, you are a sight for sore eyes,” she cups my face.

“You have always been a gentle soulm” I can feel Ryder watching me curiously. “Now what can I get you… Jason, Henry, Ashley and Victor, the usual I presume?”

“Thank you, Rose,” they answer in unison.

“Roland and I will have what the girls are having,” I responded.

“Ulric, they are eating veggie burgers,” she replies flatly as my face contorts into horror and disgust, and I look at a giggling Ryder like, ‘what the fuck are you eating?’ “Right, yeah add meat, please Rose.”

“No don’t, he really wants an extra veggie patty.” She covers her mouth attempting to stifle her amusement.

“No, we don’t but we will all have cokes,” Rose nods and departs.

“You know some meat patties contain things like, hooves, balls maybe a bull’s penis or two?” I notice a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

“Oh, so you don’t like ball’s or penises in your mouth?”

“Depends on whose it is?” She challenged back, taking a sip of coke.

“I think that’s sausages and pies,” Jason offers innocently as she spits the mouthful of coke straight at Roland and Claire while I laugh hard.

“WHAT THE FUCK RYDER?” Roland spits back.

“I’m so sorry,” she looks horrified as I’m in a hilarious mess.

“Fuck sake,” Claire grabs the serviettes and starts drying themselves.

“I’m sorry Clay,” she punches me hard in the arm.

“Owwwww, what did I do?”

“Stop, it’s not funny,” she’s desperately trying to hold her laugh in and I rub my arm.

“We may have to nickname you Rocky with a hook like that.”

Her concern evident on her face, “Are you alright?” she rubs my arm gently,

“No, I may need a hospital… you may need to give me mouth to mouth before I die,” she rolls her eyes,

“So you're fine then.” She slides her fries over to share but I choose to steal the one she goes to put in her mouth, “Hey,” she complains.

“C’mon Rocky, gotta be quicker than that!” I laugh.

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