The Hunter

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Chapter 41 ~ A New World Order

…Ryder’s P.O.V…

I knew Gage was furious with both Dalilah and I, did I care? Not really, we had won, the Hunters that drank the Vamp blood were captured and removed, I presumed to become Cornelius Ephraim Willoughby’s feeding stations, did I care? Once again, not really, they were cruel, narcissistic beasts and not even the good kind of animals, like my handsome furry hunk of a beast, Ulric.

Ah, Ulric, boy could he make my heart melt and my groin burn and gush at the same time, after all of this, I plan on not letting him go until we were well into the winter months.

I was shown into a smaller throne room, one that was obviously made to hold no more than twenty people, maybe a one on one throne room… huh, royalty, I will never get used to their extravagance.

I was never made to be Queen, I was a warrior, born and bred. To rule alongside someone I didn’t love, well, he should have really guessed how this was going to turn out, especially since Dalilah entered the picture. They should never have done that to their mate.

I see Avron holding Dalilah as they sat on the steps at Gages feet, he rested atop a gold and red velvet throne with his elbows on his knees and his chin on his hands.

“How could you do that?” He launches at me with his chastising words.

“Do what?” I replied nonchalantly.

“You know what Ryder, don’t fucken pretend otherwise.”

“Listen, Gage, it all worked out in the end, so what are you annoyed at?”

“You know very well, we were meant to do things by the plan, what if we had of failed? Huh?”

“But we didn’t.”

“But we could…”

“But we didn’t Gage and all of those left that posed a threat, are now captured,” I moved closer to him. “Gage, what is this really about?”

“I’ve lost my entire council because of you Ryder,” he slumps backwards in his chair.

“So? You have the opportunity here to create a new one, a new world order with every supernatural being allowed a say. I fail to see any bad in this outcome.”

“But you… you were meant…”

“To what? Rule beside you? That was never going to happen, I have my mate,” he breathed heavily while staring right at me.

“Avron is to rule with Dalilah at his side, am I to rule alone, without all mates?” It was like he felt lonely being mated to a threesome, Avron I think felt it too.

“Do you know what I think?” I reached to hold his hand, “I think you have another addition waiting to be discovered. The reason I believe that, is because every other mated pair I’ve asked about the mate bond had said the same thing, the thought of someone other than their mate repulses them, they never yearn for another, yet both of you could sleep with others and now that Dalilah is here, your bond is still not sealed, which leaves me to believe you are not finished.”

“She could be right my Prince, that is why we could never just lust after each other,” Avron’s deep sultry voice chimed in.

“Your kingdoms border each other, yes?” I queried.

“They do,” Gage confirmed.

“Why then, do you not join both kingdoms, build a castle at the borderline and rule altogether, no one would have to be separated?” I offered a reasonable solution.

“It is a smart idea, my Kings,” Dalilah reiterated while moving to clasp his other hand, “we should all be together, that is if you ever forgive me?” She looked down sullenly at the ground.

He lets go of my hand pulling Dalilah onto his lap, “you will be severely punished for your actions tonight,” she sexually gazed up at him through her dark lashes and blinked innocently.

“Will you forgive me, my brave King?”

“Eventually,” Gage murmured through his smirk.

“It seems Ryder, you have offered, somewhat a solution to our problem,” Avron stood.

“Avron, you would have seen the solution eventually, you are both extremely smart men with a beautiful mate.” I winked at Dalilah, I knew she was possessive of her men, heck, I was definitely possessive of mine and they seemed like a perfect fit.

“Would you like a seat on the council?” Gage asked.

“No thank you, I plan on leaving this life far behind and returning to my little town to grow old and have pups with my mate,” to which Gage nodded.

“Then we shall miss you and will always be there should you need us, Ryder,” Avron offered his hand.

“Thank you, my pack needs rest, we will be leaving tomorrow, take care, all of you.” I turned and headed for the door.

“Oh, Ryder?” Gage came running after me before I could close the door, “these belong to you.” He held out his hand and deposited a small satchel into my outstretched palm.

“What is this?”

“Open it when you get home, they should never have been in my father’s possession.” He leant forward and pecked me on the cheek, softly, gently, his forefinger curling under my chin as I stared doe-eyed up at him. “You are one in a million,” he praised before leaving.

Without thinking, I pocketed the small bag and headed straight for the south wing and directly for my handsome furry wolf, who just so happened to be pacing the wing entrance way upon my arrival.

I didn’t bother to stop, I couldn’t, I grasped his arm pulling him into our private suite, “Rocky, we need to ta…” he growled but I silenced him immediately with my lips.

“Shh, Ul, let me make love to you,” I whispered heading for the bedroom, removing my shirt along the way.

He had no reply, I expected as much. Our conversation could, in fact, wait until tomorrow - right now, I needed him, inside me and all over me. I needed to be reminded of his love for me because soon I will have to deal with Arrow’s disappearance, entire lands full of empty compounds and undoubtedly the rise of my Luna status to a pack full of werewolves.

Ulric hastily removed every piece of clothing we both wore, in his passion-filled tongue wrestle, towards the bed. Before we could close the door we heard the distinct sounds of erotic lovemaking coming from Roland and Claire’s room. We giggled before returning to our lustful haze, desperately seeking our connection.

I pushed Ulric backwards onto the bed, running my hands down his muscular core and double fisting his mammoth erection, “oh Rocky,” he groaned.

“You’re so hard Ul,” I purred huskily.

“Only for you baby,” he cooed.

I had lost all forms of patience and moved to straddle him, tucking his long pole in between my legs and up into my dripping wet centre.

We both moaned at the pleasurable entrance.

“No foreplay tonight?” He enquired.

“I need you Ul, I needed you inside me,” he thrived off my answer and captured my left nipple inside his warm, wet mouth, swirling my tight erect bud around with his tongue.

I couldn’t help but rock into his pelvis, his cock sliding in and out ever so gently, allowing him small thrusts as my juices coated his gigantic jousting stick.

After a couple of minutes, I hooked my toes up over his thighs and sat up, leaning back into his twitching cock, his fingertips tweaking and rolling my nipple while I gained momentum slamming down on his rock hard rod.

Every inch of his manhood hitting and stretching my hole as I fucked him hard, tilting my hips a little forward each time I came down, so he was all the way in. My moans became incoherent as my palms splayed across his chest.

“Fuck Rocky, you are so sexy,” he groaned, “I fucken love the way you ride me.”

“Oh god Ul,” I managed to moan out.

My explosive fire was building fast, I could feel my orgasm reaching its peak. Ulric sucked his thumb and placed it on my clit, eliciting a gasp before he circled, I mewled helplessly attempting to maintain my action of riding him.

“Fuck me,” I gasped.

“I will never stop,” Ulric approved.

Again and again, I slid up and down on his delicious joystick as his thumb circled my sensitive nub and just like that, I couldn’t hold it in any longer.

“Fuck Ul!” I screamed as I coated his shaft in my honey. Orgasmic waves ripped through my body, curling my toes and forcing my being to spasm on top of him.

Of course, he was not finished, this man had the stamina of an energiser bunny. He pulled out of me, flipping me on my stomach, lifting my arse slightly and slammed back in.

He lay flush against my back, his cock slipping in and out as his lips danced across his mark upon the curve of my neck.

“You are mine,” he growled.

“Mmhhmm,” was all I could muster.

“Say it, you are mine,” he ordered.

In my pleasure filled state, I could only manage, “mmhhmm,” again.

This was unacceptable to him, I knew he was possessive and truthfully, that side of him drove me crazy with desire but his thrust’s turned from fucking to feral pounding in the blink of an eye.

He pulled back, lifting my pelvis up as he rose to his knees still inside me. I tried to use my arms to steady myself on all fours but his strong hand pushed against my back, driving my breasts and face into the bed.

He fisted my hair and pulled hard while pummeling me from behind and I loved every second of it. “You think I’m not upset about you almost marrying someone else?” He slammed with inhumane power, pulling on my hair like a horse with reins.

“You think I will forgive you easily?” His voice gruff and domineering, “say your mine Rocky,” he ordered, his insatiable beast growling in need.

“I’m… I’m… oh god, Ul,” I blissfully groaned.

He pulled out his cock, let go of my hair, sliding his fingers in my tunnel and curling them around to get them as wet as possible before extracting them and returning his cock. With his left fingers saturated in my love juice, he tenderly played with my back hole and then pushed them in. The knot forming in the pit of my stomach grew as wave upon wave of pleasure bore down on my limp frame.

“Rocky,” he snarled, “say you are mine!” This time he used his Alpha command on me, which had me quivering below him.

“I’m yours, Ulric...” I screamed passionately, “only yours.”

“Again,” he bellowed.

“Fuck Ulric, I only want you, forever, just you!” His cock ramming in and out of me as his hips slapped hard against my flesh. Thrust after thrust, extracting every coherent thought straight out of my head. I could only focus on his cock and his two fingers sliding in and out my arse hole.

“Good!” He purred in satisfaction.

He reached his right hand around to fondle my throbbing clit, circling quickly as I felt his shaft, buried deep in my cunt, swell and we both exploded in euphoria and climactic ecstasy - screaming each other’s name’s as his seed spurted from his mushroom head, coating my clamping inner walls as my own gush of goo mixed with his, deep inside my tunnel - it was unbelievable.

That primal need of his beast, amplifying our erotic lustful coupling - he was always a fucktastic lay - but having him own me the way he just did, was indescribable, almost as though my soul thrived on his dominance.

We collapse onto the bed, panting hard, both with smiles on our lips.

“I fucken love you Rocky,” he breathed.

“I fucken love you too, Ul.”

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