The Hunter

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Chapter 42 ~ Who?

...Ryder’s P.O.V...

We had been home for six months and life was sliding into place. Turns out, when the previous High Commander passes away, everything falls to the new High Commander aka me. I had Gage sign off on the ownership papers allowing my unit members family compounds to go to them directly. Two compounds back to back with no longer any owners for Dimitri and his coven on the hope he would come back, about four hundred acres in total and the rest belonged the pack now, including the De Le Vega compound, which I no longer wanted to live in.

I was content on the grounds and so was Claire. William, Steven and Myka had decided to join their compounds and when we needed to assert the ‘new law’ in town, we would all meet up for the mission but otherwise, we lead fairly normal lives. Now that Claire is three months pregnant, she was no longer allowed on, ‘Law Hunter Duty’ as we referred to it as. Roland and Claire were over the moon when they found out, we all were, she couldn’t have received a more perfect mate for her and I secretly prayed their pup would end up an exact mixture of the two, what an amazing child that would be.

The Supernaturals that decided to pass through this town, now had to receive permission from Alpha Leon and leave something valuable in exchange for their stay, which we had decked out my families compound as a halfway hotel for the wary travellers and it was run by none other than, Arlene, who not only had a knack for running the hotel but also access to a continuous flow of men and women, a complete smorgasbord for her to wrap her mouth around. Claire and Roland, of course, oversaw everything but Arlene was very good at managing. Who would have suspected?

It has become a rather profitable business and the pack had benefitted greatly, the crops were fully tended too and there had been a flourish and influx of new life, I guess going to war really put things into perception. However, Ulric still worked hard, teaching the pups to do everything by hand, carving furniture, pottery, all of that useful creativity. He says it instils a sense of pride and accomplishment in one’s self.

Next week, will be the official ceremony as Ulric and I prepare to take over from Alpha Leon and Luna Isla, which meant moving into the pack house and long days keeping everything running. Thank goodness, he had Roland, Jason, Henry, Ashley and Victor under him to help things run smoothly. Their friendship with my furry animal was invaluable - I guess what Claire was to me.

There had been no word from Arrow and I often found myself wandering to where he was now? If he was alright? If he had fallen in love? Or worst case, he was locked up or dead. I prayed it wasn’t the latter of the two thoughts. My heart mourned him deeply, that woman had just claimed and taken him and there was nothing anyone could do.

We had received many thanks from across the vast realms in regards to the war but I still harboured an uneasy feeling when it came to Cornelius Ephraim Willoughby or Raim, as he was officially known by. He was not the bloodline Vamp that had bitten Dimitri but the power that radiated off him that day was enough to scare the shit out of all of us. Petrified that he would return, like he said and take control of things, I know Gage, Avron and Dalilah were preparing and growing an army again, only this was different. His rule was different and for the first time in my lifetime, things were somewhat peaceful.

The supernaturals enjoyed the freedom from the shadows - about the only thing we had trouble with, was controlling the Vampires thirst for human blood. Offering the humans on death row allowed some control but they always commented on how tainted their blood was, I guess some humans were too far poisoned that not even vampires wanted them.

I had taken a liking to teach self-defence classes and I was really good at it, there was something about empowering women that resonated with me and I relished in watching them flourish in confidence, especially the teen pups. The pack had grown from its previous almost four thousand wolves and now, with Hunters and other supernaturals that were joining our pack, we had a lot to do every day. I couldn’t remember everyone’s names but luckily we had supervisors under us and under them to run everything smoothly. We even sectioned off the pack lands into four distinct groups, to allow for better crowd control. They were still all the same rank and were allowed to intermingle, it was just easier for our records to divide the dens.

“What are you thinking about Rocky?” Ulric wrapped his arms around my waist from behind as I watched the teen she-wolves train.

“Everything and nothing important,” I replied leaning back against him.

“C’mon baby, I know you better than that?”

“Take a walk with me?” I reached around and grabbed his wrist.

“What’s up rocky?”

“Tomorrow we get married.”

“Did you just realise?”

“No, but I always thought Arrow would walk me down the aisle.”

We sat down by the stream, captured by the angelic pristine surroundings. “Listen, dad asked if you wouldn’t mind if he walked you down the aisle since you couldn’t have Arrow?”

“I would like that,” I blinked warmly.

“So, after we’re married... do we get to start trying for a family too?” I couldn’t help but smile at his super cuteness - my favourite place in the world was between his arms and after everything we’d been through, for me, there was no safer place.

I swivelled around in between his legs, straddling him as he fell backwards onto the ground. I kissed him slowly, passionately, allowing my senses to soak every inch of him in. My lips softly grazing across his strong jawline and down the side of his throat, I could feel him shiver under my touch as my wet tongue skimmed his flesh and moving back up, tracing the shell of his ear. “How about we start now?” I whispered.

“Oh god, Rocky,” he groaned in satisfaction as our warm supple lips mashed together.

Thankfully, I was wearing a skirt - in our heated lust, I reached down between our bodies and slid down his zipper, releasing his mammoth cock from their denim confines and palmed him as much as I could grip - up and down, he stiffened in my hand.

“Oh god baby,” he moaned again, his tongue grazing across my the curve of my neck.

Without waiting for foreplay, my tunnel was saturated in heated readiness for him and only him. I lowered down on top of him, every glorious inch being devoured by my greedy cunt, my inner walls clamping down, holding him secure.

“Fuck,” I drawled out, doting the feeling of him buried to the hilt.

“Fuck, you’re sexy Rocky,” he growls, thrusting up as I slid down.

Over and over, his thick raging hard member, slips in and out of my tight, dripping core - his hands roaming freely over my body - gliding beneath the fabric and tweaking my pebbled nipples, shooting a bolt of electrical pleasure deep into the knot forming in my lower stomach.

“I love the way you ride my cock baby,” his words intensifying my pleasure and arousal.

“God, I love your cock Ul.” His right thumb reaching for my clit and circling as I rocked into his hand. He knew how much I loved him toying with my sensitive nub.

“I can feel you squeezing around me baby but I want you to hold off,” he warned.

“I-I don’t think I… can… oh, god.” I was grinding so hard against him now, gripping his shaft with crushing force.

“Yes you can,” he growls ferally as his eyes swirled to black, letting me know his wolf was at the forefront watching me - which only heightened my whimpering mewls.

“You please us, Rocky,” his deep husky voice dropping lower, sending goosebumps across my already scorching flesh.

“Uuuullllll!” I cried out begging, “Please?”

“Please what?” I picked up the pace, slamming down on top of him and rocking in with every thrust, he brought up to meet mine.

“I want to cum,” I growled.

“I know, just hold out a little longer,” at times I loathed the domineering control he had over my body.

“Uuuuullllll,” I drawled out, I was right there, sitting on the edge.

“Ready baby? Cum for me...” the command was all needed and I fell hard, crashing down in climatic heaven. I orgasmed just as he released his sticky hot seed into my clenching sex.

“Fuck yes,” he snarled with small juts up, allowing the last his ejaculation to spurt inside me.

“Ul,” I breathed heavily, flopping on to his chest.

“I love you,” he groaned in happiness.

At that very moment, my phone decided to ring, I picked it up not recognizing the number.

“Hang on baby.” I lay there still on his muscular chest, putting it on loudspeaker, relishing in the fact that I no longer had to hide anything.


...Mi Amore?...

“Dimitri? Are you alright? Where have you been, it’s been months? Where are you now?” My heart leapt into my throat - I may not have loved him but I cared for him deeply. “We are getting married tomorrow, I had hoped you’d be…”

...Mi Amore, we’ve found him...


...Arrow, we’ve found Arrow...

End of season 1 – The Hunter

Stay tuned for Season 2 – Rise of The Hunter (On Hold)

Arrow De La Vega was claimed but a Vampire Heiress. What will happen when his world finally collides with hers? Passion, sex, love, lies and betrayal.


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