The Hunter

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Chapter 5 ~ The Party

...Ulric's P.O.V...

We sat there talking for a while, Ryder was laughing and damn her laugh was infectious, I was lost in the purity of it. I heard her phone beep and she pulls it out and slides it open, her face goes blank and unreadable.

“Excuse me?” She motions to get up, I stand to allow her out and as suspected, her juicy ass looked eatable in her jeans. Once again, I zone in my impeccable hearing as she dials a number while she stands near the register.

“Yep?” Was all she said but luckily my advanced hearing allowed me to decipher the receiver’s words too.


“Shit,” she hung up and headed to the table with a cold look on her face.

“Say goodbye Clay.”

The order had Roland and I watching her in interest as Claire pecked him on the cheek and jumped over the back on the booth, Ryder opened up a secret pocket on her pants and threw a $50 on the table.

“What’s wrong?” I implored, she looked confused about how to answer but didn’t bother, she just strode straight out with Claire hot on her heels.

I was sitting there mulling over the odd behaviour, watching them, when, like a scene from the sexiest movie I have ever seen, she raises thick white ray bans, flings her leg over the Ducati, flicks back her caramel hair, starts the bike and takes off.

My cock was HARD; to be turned on by such a sight? I knew I would not survive much longer. I needed her, between my sheets, on that bike and screaming, oh god, as she coated my cock in her juices. I spin my head to look at the boys, whose mouths were open wide and drooling, I growled and they immediately snapped down to the table but Roland, he was lost watching Claire with sparkles in his eyes. That boy had it bad, I hadn’t even noticed Claire but I could tell his bulge was straining just as hard as mine against the zipper of our jeans. Shit, what have I gotten myself into?

This girl had everything I ever wanted and man was I lost like a puppy. There was no turning back now, it took a lot for anyone to gain my interest and I certainly had no need to share myself around, though many, many tried, I simply had no desire for easy because I was waiting for exceptional… she was my exceptional.

It had only been a week, how could I feel like this after a week? It was time to pull myself together, we have two days to get through before I can see her again, time to focus. Okay, after I bat off to her sexy round ass as I imagine sliding my cock between her globes, then business.

By the time Saturday came, my mind was in desperate need of some ‘Ryder rest’ what the hell was a 719? Those bikes were not cheap, what did she do? And oh my god, what was she going to wear tonight?

“Ul? The party is ready; I can’t stop thinking about what Claire’s going to wear tonight?” Roland salivates in my doorway. He had chosen Black Etnies skate shoes, black dress pants and a plain Blue Tee with his hair slicked back.

“You think she’s your mate?” I throw out casually, slipping on my white billabong Tee past my dishevelled hair. I had chosen to pair it with dark navy denim jeans and white Etnies.

“I don’t think… I know, but I feel like she’s hiding something from me,” I pause to face him.

“What are you going to do?” I enquire concerned.

“See how it plays out, I guess? Human mates aren’t exactly common and the thought of having a mate at all scares me but I can’t help it, it's like I’m completely consumed by her.”

“Wow,” I admit, it was definitely comforting to know I was not alone in my torture, “I think you’ve made a wise choice,” I clasp his shoulder and he smiles to the side of his mouth.

We made our way into the hall where the party was in full swing, at nine, I checked with Roland to see how much longer?

“Relax, they’ll be here soon, apparently Ryder got back late from her workout,” he laughed watching my eyes light up.

“Of course she works out.”

“Oh, I’ve never seen that look on your face before, what was that?”

“You can’t deny that ass of hers doesn’t do squats.”

“I’ve honestly never looked,” he shrugs.

“That’s because your entire focus is on your mate,” I wiggle my eyebrows at him, I swear he just blushed. Wow, Roland did have it bad for Claire.

Women knew I had no interest in them but yet, they would slide up, Dutch courage flowing through their blood and would fawn all over me. Honestly, it bothered me, the lack of decorum they held themselves in. They were all the same, tight dresses, tits falling out, makeup inches thick and ready to open their legs the moment I ordered. Thirsty and reeking of desperation, I was becoming more and more annoyed at their advances, when my eyes happen to scan the crowd just as she entered.

Her caramel hair flowed over her shoulders with its slight curls all the way down her back, she wore light natural makeup, what looked like a plain white Tee that knotted at the hip, black leather jacket, light blue skinny legged jeans with a rip at the knee and white high heels. Completely covered, yet sexy as hell, everyone else faded from view as I saw her walking confidently toward us.

“Hey, cutie!” Roland and Claire greeted each other with a kiss as Ryder stood behind her smiling at me.

I couldn’t help but watch in admiration, she stole the air from my lungs and the mere presence of her made my body quiver with excitement.

“Hey beautiful,” as she shyly smiled at me, I stood up and grabbed her hand, “you look stunning.”

“You’re smooth,” her grin meeting her eyes as they sparkled brightly.


“Leonardo… look at that.” The older woman watching from the first level of the hall pointed out to her husband.

“Wow, who’s the girl that’s caught our boy’s attention?” His dark brown hair and light brown eyes identical to his son.

“I don’t know, he has no interest in any woman but his mate,” she looks at him curiously.

“She feels human,” he looks beside them, “Look at Roland with her human friend.”

“Better put a warning out, no one changes and everyone keeps their tempers under control, we have humans in the building.”

“I think they know my love.”

“Just in case, we can’t risk exposure.”


I hear my father, Alpha Leon’s warning to the pack about Ryder and Claire being human and I look up at the balcony on the first floor as they watch with curiosity.

“You okay?” Ryder asks as she whips her head around to see what I’m looking at.

“Yes, my parents are watching.”

“Ooooohhhh,” was all she breathed as she turned back around, “They live here too?”

“They do, this is their property.”

“Should I say hello?” she asked sincerely.

“They will eventually make their way over.”

“Okay,” was all she replied before heading towards the stairs.

“Whoa, no way, call me selfish but Rose’s diner was the most time I’ve spent with you,” gripping her arms, I maneuver her back. “And I definitely want to spend more time with you, so let’s dance.”

I push her to the dance floor as the crowd parts to let us through. Blasting through the speakers was YEAH! By Usher, not wanting to let her go, I pull her in close, my left hand resting on the small of her back and my right hand enclosed around hers. Light tingles shot down from our connecting skin which made her shudder.

We slow danced, swaying side to side, never once breaking eye contact, no need for words as the air between us became thick with energized lust, swirling, encapsulated by the presence of just her and I…


“Would you look at that?” Isla nods as Leonardo leans on his elbows on the upstairs railing.

“Isla dear, since when does our son dance?”

“I have never known him too, my love.” They look at each other with the same glint of excitement.

“Perhaps we should meet this young lady?”

“Excuse me Alpha… Luna, I have an urgent call for you,” A young Omega stood there, petrified at having interrupted their private conversation.

“Thank you, Eddie,” Isla waved him away after collecting the mobile.


Standing there slow dancing was not something I ever thought I would do but here I was, the whole pack looking on and I couldn’t give a toss. She had been all I could think about for days, I yearned to touch her, to taste her but she seemed reserved, hidden, held back from opening and I needed to know why such a reservation.

The music changed to 'Shut up and Dance' by Walk on the moon and she swung under my arm and pulled out keeping our hands together as she mouthed the words. Wolves, in general, loved to play and frolic, joke and be mischievous and now would be the perfect opportunity to show her my fun side, I rolled her in and out of my arms while we sang and laughed.

HER: Oh, don’t you dare look back, just keep your eyes on me,

ME: I said you’re holding back, she said,

HER: Shut and dance with me,

ME: This woman is my destiny, she said,

HER: Ooh hoo, shut up and dance with me.

We were moving around the floor, carrying on like fools, lost in our own little world, just as Arlene jumps in front of me. Her red dress exposing practically everything she had on offer as she grabs my face and plants her lips on my mouth.

I push her off to see Ryder walking out of the hall.

“You disgusting bitch,” I curse at her.

“She is human, you utter joke,” she spits back.

“So? I am your Alpha, you get no say in what I do or who I see.”

“You should be seeing me,” she screams like a two-year-old throwing a tantrum.

“YOU? You have NOTHING I want, know your place bitch, next time I’ll rip out your throat!” I roar back before running after Ryder.

To my relief, I find Ryder sitting on the trunk of a red Mustang.

“Fuck, I thought you’d gone,” I sighed.

“I am gone Ulric, Claire’s got my keys, she’s coming now…”

“No,” I boomed, her eyes snapping to mine in surprise, “No, she is no one…”

“It doesn’t matter who she is, I shouldn’t be here.”

“You’re running.”

“I am not running.”

“You are… that’s exactly what you…”

“Don’t pretend to know me after one week, Ulric, you have no…”

“No, you’re right, I have no idea because you won’t answer half my fucken questions…”

“Here Ry… oh no… um,” the tiny pocket rocket, of course, has perfect timing.

“Take Claire back inside with the keys,” I ordered Roland without turning around.

“What?... No… get fucked, Ulric,” Claire spat back as Roland lifted her and threw her over his shoulder as she kicked and screamed.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” Ryder cursed, “You plan on keeping us both captive?”

“No, I planned on spending fucking time with you because I can’t stop god damn thinking about you and you are trying to run away from me.” She leans back against the boot and sighs heavily.

“What are we doing?”

“I’m interested in you, damn it, can’t we just get to know each other?”

I run my fingertips through my hair in frustration, “You can’t stop thinking of me?” she looks up shyly.

“No, I can’t and it’s pathetic.” I breathe out heavily, leaning in with my palms on the boot, with her in between my arms as we look deeply into each other’s eyes and I lean in.

“Ryder?” Claire interrupts but I refuse to move, “Get the fuck away from her.”

“It’s okay Clay,” she looks back at me gnawing on her bottom lip, “I don’t need them.” A small smile dances across my lips.

“How the fuck, did you manage to flip me?” Roland comes barrelling out.

“Oh please, you think just because I’m tiny I can’t take you… boys, they will never learn,” she fires back.

“Yes, you are fucken tiny, so how did you manage to flip me?” I pull back from Ryder as Claire looks at her and she raises her hand.

“That… that… would be me,” Ryder confessed.

“What do you mean? I’m like four times the size and weight of her?” They both laugh at Roland.

“Just means you’re an easier target.” She flippantly flies out, shrugging her shoulders and slides back onto the boot.

“Do you fight?” My father’s deep voice comes from the doorway and I groan.

“No sir, but I am a PT, I used to train fighters. Claire here, was the first woman I trained, pretty proud of how she turned out,” she laughs.

“I would be too, young lady, I’ve never seen someone so small flip a man as big as our Roland here.” He walks closer to her with his hand outstretched.

“Uh, Ryder this is my father Leonardo, father this is Ryder.”

“Ryder?” he questions.

“Yes sir, Ryder Vega,” she shakes his hand as he scrutinises her.

“Vega, from the Del la Vega compound near Jefferson Drive?” she furrows her brow.

“Yes sir, how do you…”

He raises his hand, “an unfortunate run-in with the owners a few years back.”

She sighs, “My parents, I’m sorry for whatever they have done, I’m so sorry.” She buries her face in her hands.

“Ah, not to worry,” he waves it off, “you seem nothing like them?”

“I’m not.” She throws back quickly.

“She’s nothing like them,” Claire joins in the conversation and winks at Ryder.

“Well, enjoy your night,” he goes to leave, “Oh Ryder?”

“Yes, sir?”

“How about you come by Monday sometime? Perhaps we could hire you to train our females?”

“Females?” I looked at him panicked.

“Of our religious congregation, female community members, tribe members,”

Her mouth falls open, “Sure… okay, see you Monday.”

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