The Hunter

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Chapter 7 ~ Vampire Hunters

...Ulric's P.O.V...

I was in the shed with the boys, sanding the furniture we had just crafted from wood when I hear a motorcycle pull up. My eyes immediately lifting to see a tiny, all black figure, climbing off a red and white Ducati. She pulled off her helmet, shaking her long caramel, unzipped her leather jacket and hung it over the seat of the bike. She wore a plain black Tee with black denim jeans and black Doc Martins. I folded my arms in front of my chest, admiring the view as my father walked out to meet her, shaking Ryder’s hand and introducing my mother.

“Ulric? Clean up and meet us in my office,” he orders as my mother ushers her inside.

I knock gently at his door, “enter,” my father’s voice replies, all calm and composed.

I hear her heart rate spike as I walk in - now with a shirt on. I know I’m not the only one that can hear her thunderous heart banging away, yet, she gives away no indication of her nervousness. Our eyes meet with a jolt of lightning between us and she slightly smiles at me.

“You look beautiful Ryder,” I say before sitting in the chair next to her. I hear her gulp as her eyes grow wide. Secretly, I’m happy I was able to throw her from her composed exterior.

I look up at my mother’s smirk on her face as her eyes flit between us. Damn perceptive wolves.

“So, as I was saying...” my father continues, “we have some females that refuse to think outside their comfort zone, it’s important to both Isla and I that everyone in our community can protect themselves. The world is just not a safe place anymore and I’d like them to know basic self-defence, can you teach them that?”

“I can sir,” she nods her head.

“However, there are stronger woman… in our tribe… that could do with some extra pushing.”

“So what if, I put together a program for beginners, mediums and high-intensity training in the mornings? Say 10 am? With the option of self-defence training, Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday evenings… is 5 pm okay?”

“Perfect, however, you may have some resistance from some of our more 'athletic' women,” Ryder grins widely.

“As to be expected.”

“Fantastic, so as we said before Ulric joined us, you have one month to improve our females.”

“Yes sir,” she nods in understanding, “do we start tonight?”

“If you would like… Ulric, please show Ryder here to the training yard.”

“It will be my pleasure,” I got up and walk to the door, holding it open for her as she leans forward and shakes mum and dads hands. Mum shooting a sneaky wink in my direction, that woman is incorrigible.

As soon as the office door closed, I pushed her harshly against the wall. She squealed in surprise at my dominant action as I pressed my lips against hers. Ryder slid her arms up around my neck and leaned into me as our tongues softly grazed against one another, pleasurable shivers rocketing through my nervous system.

“Hey, Ul? What do you want us to do with th… whoops… ahh, never mind, I’ll ask Roland.” Ashley had walked around the corner at the wrong time, immediately halting our steamy first proper kiss. She giggled seeing my annoyance, I extend my elbow and she looped her arm in mine.

“I better show you the training yard but I’m not finished with you or our kiss.”

“Good,” Ryder swallowed hard, pressing her lips together tightly as we walk outside.

“This is the hall from the party Saturday night, you can use it for your evening classes and this is our yard, in the shed we have all sorts of equipment, balls, dumbbells, bars, ropes, whatever you can think of we probably have.” She slowly nods looking through the shed.

“So?” I grabbed her hand and circled my thumbs across the back of her palm, “do I get to see you today?”

“Sorry, I have clients...” she looks at her watch, “which I should be getting to now,” Ryder says, moving away from me.

“Fine, fine,” I throw up my hands and walk with her to her bike. “I told you though, I’m not finished with you or our kiss,” she straddles her bike, looking sexy as hell.

She leans forward and brushes her lips against my cheek before whispering in my ear, “and I said, good.”

I watched with a raging hard-on as she took off up the driveway. Before getting back to work, I really need to get rid of this problem before it becomes anymore agonizingly painful.

The boys and I had just finished our run when a familiar red mustang arrives. Claire bounces out and runs into Roland’s arms.

“Clay, we have work to do,” she scolds her, causing Claire to retreat immediately. I watched as she begins to empty her trunk of boxing pads and a massive stereo while Claire takes in the boxing gloves. She had her sexy legs on display in some black running shorts and a green hoodie with green Nikes. Her hair was braided in two, Ryder looked absolutely delicious and my dick was twitching at the sight of her.

My mother had ordered, all pack female members, be in attendance at her first class and naturally, us males had been told to stay far away. I waited on the steps of the pack house for over an hour, for her to finish up what they were doing in there.

Finally, my patience was rewarded as bright red faces and laughing females came out of the hall. My mother strides over to me with a grin like a Cheshire cat.

“Oh my son, you have been blessed with one strong mate, it will be interesting to see how she leads this pack?” Her tiny hand pats my chest.

“How did you know? It took me a while to realise?”

“Oh my son, mothers know their pups,” she smiles and wanders off.

“Are they finished yet?” Roland slaps me on my shoulder.

“Yes, they just finished.”

“Good, Claire and I are off for a date,” he wiggles his eyebrows.

“Bye Ryder.”

“Clay… I mean it, keep your phone on.”

“Yes mum,” Claire yells back as she jumps onto Roland.

She puts the last of the pads in the shed as I grab her, pushing her in and falling to the ground.

“What the…” my lips meet hers in passionate need, I couldn’t help it, I was acting off instinct and to my glorious surprise, her lips and tongue returned my enthusiasm.

Her back lay flat on the mats of the shed floor and her hands wove up around my neck. Gripping her thighs, I move her legs around me as I thrust in her mound which had her moaning in pleasure. My cock strained, desperate to get inside her warm cavern, I pulled back trying to calm down. Our breathing struggled, coming out in lustful pants as our lips remained slightly touching.

“Go on a date with me? Wednesday? After your class?” I puffed.

“Okay,” she pants back as we softly kiss again before her phone rings. “Shit,” she curses and wiggles out from under me, grabbing it out of her gym bag.

“Yep?” She answers as I listen in, thankful for my acute wolf hearing.

“We have a problem, 255.”

“I’m on it,” she hangs up and dials another number, grabbing her bag and moving to her car.

“I haven’t even left yet?” That sounds like Claire.

“255,” she repeats and hangs up.

“Where are you going?” I get up to follow her but she doesn’t answer. “Damn it, Ryder, answer me?”

“I’ve got things to do,” she throws her bag in the boot.

“Why do you always leave when you get a call or a text message?”

“Does it matter? What do you do when I’m not around?” She spits back at me defensively.

“I work… here,” my frustration boiling over as Claire comes hurtling around from behind the pack house.

“Clay, you can’t just leave, we have plans?” Roland cries running after her. Using the distraction, Ryder jumps into the car starting the engine as Claire jumps in after her, “CLAY?” He screams.

I mind link with the boys … ASHLEY, HENRY, VICTOR, JASON, WE ARE GOING ON A HUNT …

Taking off my clothes as Roland looks at me confused, “something’s going on and I intend to find out what?” Roland smirks at me while he undresses and the other boys come running out to meet us. We begin to run and transform into our wolves, my grey and black wolf, twice the size of the others due to my Alpha bloodline and my eyes - black as night. The others struggle to keep up with my frantic pace as we bolt after them.

It’s not long before we see the tail lights of the red Mustang in front of us and we stay a fair distance behind so as not to be noticed. Ryder drives for about forty-five minutes, then makes a sharp right, past a private property sign and up a steep driveway.

Stopping in front of a dilapidated house, her and Claire grab two guns from the boot of her car and walk into the forest.



We follow in behind but remain silent, I sniff her scent in the air to see which direction they went in, when I hear her.

“Dimitri?” Her voice carries fire and anger, “I know you’re here,” she stands there and waits.

Claire snaps her gun, preparing to shoot, only now we see they are not normal guns but stake guns.

… VAMPIRES … I link them.

The boys and I look between ourselves uneasily.

“I’m not fucken playing Dimitri,” She warns.

“Calm yourself, mi amore, you know how I love to watch you move.” A pale white male steps out from behind a tree, his long silver hair runs down his back, black eyes and sharp pointy fangs, surprisingly though, he wears normal clothes… a black suit and tie with a grey shirt below, the same colours as my fur.

“Tell me it wasn’t you, Dimitri?” She takes a step closer.

“Okay, it twasn’t meeeee,” his accent, thick as he mocks back.

“Don’t give me that shit, we had a deal.”

“Mi amore, I have not brrroken our agrrremant.”

“Well if it wasn’t you, then who? Who’s roaming sucking the life out of people?”

“I do not know, mi amore, but I will find out.”

“Damn it, Dimitri, you swear?”

“Why would I lie? I could never lie to you, mi amore, we do not drrrrrink frrrom humans, only animals… speaking of animals, do the wolves belong to you?”

She spins her head around and looks in our direction, we are well hidden, she couldn’t possibly know we are here?

“They aren’t yours?” She asks turning back.

“I’m afrrraid not, our kind does not play well with others.”

“Let me know when you’ve dealt with the problem?”

“You will be the first to know, mi amore,” he walks off without a sound.

Claire follows as they head towards our direction, “wolves?” Claire asks.

“I picked up their presence the moment we headed into the forest.”

“What do we know?”

“We know they don’t hurt humans unless provoked.”

“Well, that’s something?” She laughs, “do you believe Dimitri?”

Ryder stops walking and looks at Claire, “I have too, it’s not his fault he was turned and you know that.”

“Yes, Ry, but they are predators, a natural instinct for blood, our blood.”

“I can’t believe it Clay, he was my love before he was turned, he meant something to me, I have to believe that there is still good in him.”

“I get it, Ryder, okay, but I hope you know, it’s time to let your feelings for him go…”

“Yes, Clay, and I know what you’re getting at. I like Ulric, I do… but we need to start coming up with some kind of excuse as to why we just up and leave.”

“Why not just tell them the truth?”

“Jesus Christ Lieutenant, would you think about what you’re saying? Hey, Ulric guess what? I’m a vampire hunter, so is my entire family, we have been for centuries… oh and my ex-boyfriend, happens to now be the very thing I kill and that’s why I disappeared the other night, to go see him, right after I dry humped you in the shed.” I hear the boys snickering through our mind link.

“You dry humped him?”

“Claire,” she warned.

“Well, Commander… when you say it like that,” she replies sarcastically, “it obviously sounds stupid.” They begin to walk again, “you’re about to head your own unit, among other things and what happens then? There’s only so many times I can tell Roland my nana fell over and I have to help her up…”

“You used that as an excuse?”

“No, it was an example, but what I’m saying is… Why not change things to the way you really want them? We don’t have to live in secret… Are you happy? Because I’m fucken not. I’m only happy when I’m with Roland and all these secrets and lies, are too much Ry.”

“I get what you’re saying, Clay, I do, but we were born into this life, do you honestly think he will understand? To everyone else, this is murder, what we do.”

They jump into the car and drive off as we haul furry ass and race home. “DAD?” I go bursting in the front door of the pack house with the boys hot on my heels and bang open his office door.

“Calm down Ulric, what’s wrong?”

“Ryder and Claire are Vampire hunters.”

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