The Hunter

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Chapter 9 ~ A Step Forward

...Ryder’s P.O.V...

“You’re being selfish.” He growls, clearly losing his temper.

“I’m being realistic,” I retort.

“You’re purposely giving me an ultimatum, then warning me that if I refuse to adhere to it, you will leave me, before anything’s fucken begun.”

I slide off the kitchen bench and move towards him as he leans against the table, wrapping my arms around him as he stiffens under my touch. I couldn’t help it, I wanted him so bad, I wanted to be lost in all of him.

“I’m sorry, what my family is involved in is dangerous, I don’t know why? I don’t know what it is about you? But if anything happened to you because of my delusional assholian parents, I could never live with myself.” He turns around in my arms, “I’ve had no interest in any man for years and then you come along... you’re... ya know... perfect, you have people around you every day that genuinely love you, I have Arrow and Claire, if something happened to me, they could live on, if this tribe lost you - the world would suffer.”

He places two fingers under my chin and lifts my head up, “you act like they are part of the mafia?”

I laugh vehemently, “if only it was that simple.”

“You do know assholian is not a word, right?” I look at him unamused, “I would die if something happened to you, you don’t just have Claire and Arrow anymore.”

I knew I had already said too much, the punishment for my loose tongue was death in our order but for some reason, I had no protection, no walls and no resistance when it came to him. He was all I thought about, day and night, what I desired deep within my heart despite knowing that one day I would indeed disappear, never to be heard from again.

It was a deal, signed, sealed and delivered before I was born and there was no getting out of it. He looked down at me as if I was the only woman in the world, if there were no other problems, just us - he looked at me as if I was beautiful and I relished every minute of it.

He was my addiction, my personal drug and I was not ready to detox my system of him, but could I ever? He was my erotic masculine concupiscence and everything about him drew me in. His very essence was created as my weakness but he could never know because when that time came, and every day it drew closer and closer, if he knew how I really felt, he could never stop searching.

“So, I won’t ask where you go, just promise me you’ll come back to me?” I looked up at his beautiful light brown eyes, there laid in the pool of his longing was hope, hope for a future and for a family I knew someday he wanted. I couldn’t bite my tongue because his dream was quickly becoming my dream too.

“I promise.” Shit, I shouldn’t have promised that, I can’t keep it, I curse myself.

He scoops me up and walks me to his bathroom, running the faucet and handing me a very large and fluffy towel with a kiss to the forehead, he goes to close the door behind me before stopping.

“I know we aren’t together, but you know I crave a forever. I want my fairytale - with you - I know it’s presumptuous and quick but I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for you and I don’t want to wait, I want...” Before he could finish, I threw my arms around his neck and pressed my lips against his.

A complete and overwhelming happiness enraptured us, it enthralled my senses and bewitched my mind, captivating and exhilarating as the tingles spread throughout my body as if igniting the dormant embers that smouldered within. My core was dripping, aching at the need to be touched by the one and only, object of my obsession - him.

Ulric’s large hands palmed my butt as he pushed me up against the shower wall, water pelting down on us. Fully clothed his right hand slid under my sports bra and pushed it up my body, releasing my perky mounds from their prison. “Pierced?” He moaned with satisfaction, capturing my tight pierced bud in his mouth and swirling around it with his tongue. I released a guttural groan from deep within my chest at the pure pleasure he was inflicting on my tits.

Panting like I had run a marathon, I ground my pelvis hard against his stable manhood, eliciting moans of heated lust from both of us. He paused for a moment, lifting his shirt over his head, exposing his remarkable front, perfectly carved by gods.

“Fuck,” I breathed at the sight of him as our lips found one another again, our tongues waging war inside of each other’s mouths as he thrust up into my core. My immediate thoughts falling to the arsehole that had created pants, desperate to feel his wide rod sliding in and out of me. I push down, my socks saturated splash as they touch the tiled floor.

Grabbing at his fly, I roughly pulled them open, licked down his chest and down to his lower abdomen as I took off his pants. Like a hungry serpent, I snaked my hands and tongue around his delicious soldier as he groaned and growled loudly. Circling the head of his penis, then sliding his shaft as far down my throat as I could, while he writhes and slightly pumped under the control of my mouth with my lips sealed tightly around him.

“Rrrryyyddddeeeerrrr,” he groaned and leant forward, his middle finger circling my nipple.

Fisting my hair, he pulls my mouth off with a pop and as quick as a flash, rips away my booty shorts, leaving me in only saturated socks. He leans out of the shower, opening the top bathroom drawer, his hand flailing about in search for something while I caressed his chest with my swollen lips.

“Jump,” he ordered and I happily obliged, my legs going up around his waist once more as he brings the sealed condom to his teeth and rips it open. Pushing his full body weight into me, to keep me up against the slippery shower wall. He spits the empty foil onto the floor and sheathes himself.

Double checking it’s fully on his gigantic thick cock, he kisses me softly.

“Are you sure?” Breathing heavy with hooded eyes, I moan against his lips.

“God, yes,” his kiss capturing me once more as he slowly slides up into me as I gasp, feeling my walls stretching as he moans with pleasure.

Pumping slowly, I grab his head in my hands, attempting to focus both of our lust fuelled hazes and order for him to, “Fuck me, HARD Ulric!”

His eyes open up to the size of saucers and grins widely while my tongue finds his neck and licks. My teeth graze erotically against his skin. His hips really start to pick up the pace as his bulging muscular arms lift me up and slam me back down on his raging boner. My eyes rolling backwards as he thrusts to the hilt, retracting almost the whole way then slamming back down again.

His hand reaches forward and switches off the water moving us to the bathroom floor. He lifts my right leg up, his shoulder leaning against my calf muscle, my knee to my chest, I look down to where his shaft is buried in my hole. From this angle, I hypnotically watched his stellar manhood sliding in and out of my pleasure centre.

His fingertips manipulated my clit and within mere seconds, the orgasmic volcano erupts and I cry out his name in earth-shattering ecstasy. Ulric swells and releases too - with almost a primal howl of pleasure that shuddered my entire being. He collapses on top of me with his mouth buried in the crook of my neck - and without hesitation he bites down hard - piercing the soft delicate skin.

A surprised shriek escapes my mouth, the bite causing a onslaught of climactic waves to ravish my being and I erupt into oblivion all over his now flaccid length still tucked safely inside me. The powerful bliss so intense, I convulsed beneath him. Our gazes finally meet as we chastely brushed our lips against one another’s, gently and mournfully sliding out from in me.

“Fuck me, HARD!” He mocks as I bury my face into his shoulder mumbling.

“Shut up, why did you bite me? How am I going to explain to my parents that I have a hickie on my neck?”

“I think it suits you.”

“You would,” I smirk at him.

In all honesty, I wasn’t that mad, I couldn’t understand why I orgasmed when he bit me but I knew I wanted it to happen again. This was not how I saw the day unfolding at all but I was happy about our bubble, for now. I shouldn’t have caught feelings but he was irresistible, my kryptonite and for now, until it was time, I would enjoy our slice of heaven.

Later that day I went home to grab some spare clothes, after finally, giving in to my sorted sexual desire, I yearned for more and staying away from him was not an option. I opened my front door to find a crème and gold coloured envelope on my mahogany dinner table.

“Sure mum, let yourself in,” I spit out grouchily to no one, frustratingly annoyed she had come in without my permission, when I wasn’t home. I looked at the beautiful writing and opened...

~ Dearest Ryder Aryn De la Vega,

In a few weeks, I shall be arriving to see through on the treaty agreement.

I expect to have you well presented and ready for our union shortly after my arrival to your compound.

I trust that you have enjoyed yourself these past few years of freedom that I have allowed but since it is time for me to take over as King, it is time for you to follow through on your honour and duty.

Your betrothed,

Prince Gage Mikahil Landerson of Emerson ~

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