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Kaitlyn Monroe woke one morning in the bed of the hotel. She couldn't explain how she arrived in said hotel room or why she was naked, she also couldn't understand why she wasn't able to recall the night before; sore and exhaustion littering her bones. Time flies in the shape of a few weeks and Kaitlyn starts to feel. . .odd. Constant vomiting, sleeping more than usual, sore feet, drop in appetite - you name it. The first thought that comes to mind is that she might have caught a cold but considered it a silly thought. What she didn't know was that something was growing inside of her, another being was taking place in her stomach, developing with each worrying second she spent wondering what she was going to do. Stressed and confused, this most definitely wasn't a planned pregnancy. Expect the unexpected they say. As a man pops up at the doorstep of her apartment, she's faced with many things exceeding the knowledge of the made-up fairy tales that humankind has created. Thrown into a world where mythical creatures reside, living in a totally different reality than humans, how does Kaitlyn cope with the thought of her pregnancy and the fact this man she tangled in the sheets is letting on more than it seems? Misfortune and corresponding events soon follow Kaitlyn as she's confronted with things that will make her question her existence as she's dragged into the unknown.


THE MUSIC pumped in the background of the subdued lighting of the club, the deep bass of the song vibrating against my ribcage and bouncing off the surrounding objects that made up the interior of the building. The air clogged with the smell of sweat and the combination of perfume and cologne created an odd aroma that drifts through my nostrils.

The atmosphere sizzled and caressed at my skin, warm and stuffy, with the intention to lure me into its core with temptation, to be lost in the bodies that blended together; I ignored its call and sweep my gaze over the dozens of heads. A loud gasp escapes the seams of my lips when a hand smacks against the bare skin of my back, exposed by the dress I wore, pain tingling from the assaulted spot as I whirl around โ€” my eyes clashing with green ones.

โ€œStop looking so stiff,โ€ Maddie says, despite our years of friendship, she could easily pick up on my body language even when I think Iโ€™m doing a great job of hiding it.

โ€œLoosen up will you?โ€

She stood on my side from my seated position at the bar. Her blonde curls flutter into her line of sight as she peers down, her shape covered in a sparkling black dress that hugged at her curves: drawing looks from those around, oblivion to her own.

Meeting her gaze once again, a look firms in the depths of them before I shift my attention away, proceeding to stir the straw that was within my cup of poison.

โ€œIs it that obvious?โ€ I mumble, โ€œYou know that I donโ€™t do well in these types of settings,โ€ I told her knowingly, my eyes observing the area.

My teeth sink lightly into my lip as I bounce my knew a couple of times, my body showing me what I hid from my eyes.

โ€œI think we should have gone to that other one,โ€ I suggest a second later.

Maddie rolls her eyes, the eyeshadow that covered her lids brightening the color of her eyes as they pierced through me, her body assuming the position of placing her hands on her hips โ€” her โ€ฒwonder womanโ€™ stance.

โ€œYou,โ€ she arched a finger my way, โ€œhave a problem.โ€

I raise a brow, angling my head to the side, sensing the amusement laced within her words. โ€Oh, ouais? and that problem is?โ€
[oh, yeah]

โ€œYou never want to live in the moment. Youโ€™re always looking for a logical cause thatโ€™s enough for you to go back into your comfortable space,โ€ she tells me.

My eyes reach heavenward as I smack my teeth and turn my attention away from her to gaze into the mass of dancing bodies: knowing that she is right. โ€œSo what if I am? Is that a bad thing?โ€

The groan that released from her person reached my ears before her hands suddenly clamped down on my shoulders, swiveling me around until her face was leveled with mine.

โ€œOf course itโ€™s not, bebรฉ! I just want you to enjoy yourself, like actually enough yourself,โ€ she sincerely tells me. A second later she pulls back with a smirk planted across her lips.

โ€œHell, youโ€™re a twenty-five-year-old virgin for heavenโ€™s sake!โ€

The volume of her voice attracted unwanted attention toward me, mainly of the male species as they stared on with the ever-growing lust accumulating in their eyes. I scowled up at Maddie.

โ€œTell the whole world why donโ€™t you!โ€

โ€œIโ€™m sorry!โ€ she chuckles a little, brows curving downward. โ€œBut yes, I even mean in that department too. Have fun, explore yourself a little some, you arenโ€™t getting any younger.โ€

I stare up at her with different emotions picking and caressing my heart and soon smile, leaning forward and to bring her into a hug. โ€œYeah, I know.โ€

She hugged me back tightly and then pulled back abruptly. I blink and found her face spilt into a grin full of excitement.

โ€œNow drink up!โ€

She slid me a shot of Tequila, presented by the male bartender that heed to all her commands. I gaze up at her and take a deep breath, in a sense, she was correct, Iโ€™ve had a number of partners that can be counted on one hand: and they all have proved to want one thing. Me being a virgin at my age says all that needs to be said.

Inhaling once more, I reach forward and grab the shot glass before I changed my mind and downed it in one go. Slamming the glass on the surface of the bar counter, a cough forcing its way up my throat.

โ€œBartender! Another, please,โ€ I wheeze out.

My mind was clouded, just like the sky before a storm released its agony upon the city, swimming between the space of being drunk and tipsy: I couldnโ€™t tell which one I was leaning toward. My blood roared through my veins, the continuous thumping of my heartbeat felt from beneath my skin and heard through my ears.

I lost sight of Maddie just after my second round of shots, she had said something along the lines of โ€˜going to dance with a hottieโ€™, dowsed in her own cloud of drunkness. The drinks started getting to me then when she disappeared, making it their home inside my system, the atmosphere that once tried to lure me earlier; finally achieving its goal.

My body began to feel hot to the touch, the rise of my body temperature making the crimson fitted dress I wore draw in tighter against my sticky, sweaty flesh. The humidity of the club did no justice to how I was feeling, it was like I was in direct contact with the sun, perspiration beginning to cling to my face and exposed body parts.

The current song came to an end and another started anew, licking at the flames in my veins that signed a route to my mind and fueled my movementsโ€” all logic slicking to the back of my subconscious, my body flowing with the beat of the music.

People cleared a path for me as I glided my way to the center of the dance floor, their attentive gazes swallowing me whole and shooting my body with a thrill. At this moment, I wasnโ€™t myself, it was as if someone replaced me and masked the real me into the calm essence of my mind. The music slowly began with the movement of my hips, swaying side to side.

Wet The Bed by Chris Brown ft. Ludacris

Running my fingertips from the column of my neck down to my exposed thighs, I was seductive with the swing of my hips, twirling them with the bass of the singerโ€™s words. An r-rated swan I became, capturing the gazes of every eye as I took center stage, graceful with my moves: folding my arms across myself, pushing my breasts until they almost spilled over the neckline of the dress before sliding them down the curves of my shape.

Fluid like a fox, I dove deeper into the trance, lost in the sea of desire and sweaty bodies. The heat of hands latching onto my hips sends a zap of electricity to the ends of my nรฏpples, standing to attention, as a hard body pushes against my backside.

The music began to drown out as the silhouette body engulfed me with its heatโ€” no doubt belonging to a male by the grip of his calloused hands. They guided me in a direction of twirling my hips against the grove of his body, my own hands lying over his as I allow him to direct my movements for a short while; each roll urging me harder against his groin, the hardness of his length growing with each passing second.

A small smirk settled on my lips as I take back control, moving my hips to the rhythm of the music before bowing forward, trailing my hands down my legs until my ร ss nudged at the rise of his pants; a sharp inhale of his breathing reached my ears.

Satisfaction rolls through me.

I stand back upright, my hands lifting and circling around the manโ€™s neck, my mind far away from reality to know of the manโ€™s identity, my fingers finding the small hairs at his nape: lacing them through my fingers. Arching my back, I lean my head back into his shoulder, fitting into the curve of his body. He bends his face into the crook of my neck, his breath arising a sensitivity in the area, stroking my skin as he plants a delicate kiss in the region of my neck and shoulder.

My lips part in a gasp, a shock-wave coursing its way through my veins the second his lips made contact with my flesh. With trembling limbs, my skin flushes with awakened desire at the simple action. In response, my core gorges with arousal, slicking the lips of my pรผssy with wetness.

Twisting within his hold, I lift my gaze to stare into his eyes. They were a striking baby blue, the dim lighting blocking me from seeing any more of his features but those eyes, they strike a path from the depths of my eyes to my soul, surging through me like a current wired to an electric box. My arms stayed in their position as I continued to sway, the noise in the background now nothing but a blur.

No words were spoken, only our eyes projecting something deeper than our desires, his grip on my hips hardens, my teeth digging into my bottom lip before swiping my tongue across my teeth suggestively up at him. His eyes flicker down, growing darker in color to an almost ocean blue at the notion of my action. And before I knew it, he swoops down and obtains my lips in a spine-tingling kiss.

I expected the sense of alarm bells to begin ringing, warning me that I shouldnโ€™t be doing this and dragging me from my drunken haze; but nothing awoke me as I kissed this gorgeous-eyed man. His lips were unbelievably soft as they move against mine, coaxing a dance from my own, caressing me in ways nothing has. I bring him closer with the hands resting on his nape, wishing to get closer than we already were, his teeth nibbling at my bottom lip, slipping his tongue through of my lipsโ€” allowing me a taste of him.

The liquor in my system seemed to pass, leaving me a little sober but I couldnโ€™t find it in me to pull or push him away. His hands trail over my body all while he deepened the kiss, reaching his destination of gripping my backside, fingers digging into the curve of my bottom; drawing a moan from me.

My heart was a haywire of currents, sensations, and unknown emotions swirling inside me. This continued for a few more seconds before he slowly pulls away, both of us breathing heavily.

โ€œCome with me,โ€ his voice was deep and rumbled against my chest.

He seizes my hand, interlacing our fingers, small tingles ignited as he pulled me through the crowd of people. Those alarm bells were still non-existent while I was dragged through the crowd of people. I knew things were getting dangerous and unpredictable by the direction he was steering me, but this is just what I needed. I couldnโ€™t help but also want this deep inside and only with him.

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