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By J.L Weaver All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


Imagine yourself waking up alone in a hotel bed with the smell of sex lingering in the air, bare as the day you were born, with no remembrance of the previous night and two small mysterious holes on the side of your neck. What would you do? That's exactly what happened to Kaitlyn one morning; she couldn't explain how she got there or why she was stark naked, she possibly could not remember the night before, all she feel is sore and exhausted. She didn't want to dwell on the fact that she had lost her virginity to a stranger. A week flies by and Kaitlyn starts to feel. . strange. Constant vomiting, sleeping more than she does, sore feet, you name it. The first thought that comes to mind is that she might have caught a cold but no, what she didn't know was that something was growing inside of her. Another being at that, she's scared and definitely didn't plan on getting pregnant anytime soon. She also didn't expect a handsome fellow to show up at the steps of her house.


I shouldn’t be here. Why am I here? I don’t belong.

The music pumped in the background of the dimly lit club, the humid air was thick with the smell of sweat. I gasped, when a hand smacked against the bare skin of my back, pain tingled on the spot while I whirled around my eyes clashing with green ones.

“Loosen up will ’ya! Stop looking so stiff.”

I stared into the eyes of my best friend, before looking away, stirring the straw that was within my cup.

“How can I? This place isn’t sitting too well with me, I think we should go,” I told her, my eyes sweeping over the area.

Maddie rolled her eyes, then went into the Wonder woman stance’ she always does when she’s about to get serious.

“You have a problem.”

I raise a trimmed brow, “And that is?”

“You think too much, live in the moment, you’re not getting any younger ’ya know?”

I roll my eyes, looking into the crowd of dancing bodies. “I do know, but, I’m not rushing anything, I’m taking my time.”

I hear her groan, and her hands suddenly clamped down on my shoulders turning me towards her, her face inches away from mine.

“You’re a twenty-five-year-old virgin for heaven sakes!”

The volume of her voice brought unwanted attention toward me, mainly men, stared, lust starting to cloud their eyes. I glared up at Maddie.

“Tell the whole world why don’t you!”

“I’m sorry! I’m just looking after you, I want what’s best for my baby girl” she says, hugging me.

I pat her back, nodding, “Yeah I know.”

She pulled back abruptly a huge grin on her face, “Great! Now drink up!”

She slid me a shot of Tequila, I looked up at her and took a deep breath before grabbing the shot and drinking it one go. I slam the glass down, coughing.


My mind was clouded, I couldn’t think straight, I lost sight of Maddie just after my second round of shots she said something along the lines of ‘Going to dance with hottie’. The drinks started getting to me, my body began to feel hot and the blood red fitted dress that I wore felt tight against my skin. The current song came to an end and another began, and I decided to dance.

I slowly slid off my stool, walking toward the dance floor, people moving out of my way watching as I walked. I wasn’t myself right now, it was like someone replaced me. The music slowly started.

Wet The Bed by Chris Brown ft. Ludachris

I started to slowly sway my hips to the beat, running my fingertips from my neck down to my exposed thighs. I flipped my hair to one side as I bend, sitting on my ankles placing my hand on my knees shaking my hips side-to-side. It wasn’t until I stood, I felt hands clamp on my hips, a hard body pressing against my back.

The music began to drown, the person’s body heat engulfing me. I knew it was a man by the grip and roughness of the hands. They guided me in a direction of twirling my hips; a small smirk forming on my rosy-red lips as my hands laid over their own. I press myself closer to them, moving my hips more which was followed by a groan and something hard pressing against me.

I lift my hands up and wrapping them around the person’s neck, leaning my head back on their shoulder. The man leaned down his face on the side of my neck, I feel his hot breath before he planted a soft kiss where my neck and shoulder meet. I gasp as a shock coursed through my veins when his lips touched my skin.

I turned in his hold, lifting my gaze to stare into his eyes. They were a striking baby blue, the dim lights blocking me from seeing any more of his features. My arms didn’t move from their position as I continued to sway, the noise in the background now nothing but a blur.

No words were spoken, only our eyes, his grip on my hips tighten when I bit my lip smiling seductively up at him. His eyes flickered down, growing darker in color. And before I knew it he swooped down capturing my lips in a spine-tingling kiss.

Warning bells go off inside my head as I kiss the stranger back, his lips unbelievably soft. The liquor in my system seemed to pass but I couldn’t find it in me to pull or push him away. His hands trailed over my body all while he deepened the kiss receiving a moan from me, this continued for a few more seconds and he slowly pulls away, both of us breathing heavily.

“Come with me.” His voice was deep and rumbled against my chest.

He grabbed my hand and started pulling me through the crowd of people. I knew things were getting dangerous by the direction he was taking me, but this is just what I needed.

Who knew I’ll be regretting that decision? Who knew that I’ll be living among monsters? Who knew that humans weren’t the only ones in this world? Most of all, Who knew I’d fall in love?

I didn’t.

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