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Chapter IX

His hand immediately clamped down over my mouth, thrusting me up against the building wall. My widen eyes collided with his narrowed ones that brimmed with anger. My heart thuds viciously in my ribcage as I stare up him, he was like an angry beautifully sculpted angel that stared down at me with angry eyes that looked ready to punish me.

โ€œWhat are you doing?!โ€ he hisses, lowering his face toward my own.

I push against his chest as my response, my veins running with panic and fear in them. He presses his hard body against my front, ceasing all movements, tears burst from my eyes at the feeling of helplessness.

โ€œIf you calm down, maybe Iโ€™ll let you go,โ€ Delano states, a couple of minutes of standing still.

I try to move my hands, which were trapped between our bodies, and I could feel the soft thudding of his heart. It was so faint I was afraid it would stop. My blurry eyes snapped up toward his sharp blue ones when his hand slid away from my mouth, but he didnโ€™t make a move to step back.

โ€œWhy are you doing this?โ€ I cried softly, shutting my eyes in vain.

โ€œIโ€™ve told you before, and Iโ€™ll say this for the last time; itโ€™s for your safety,โ€ he repeats through a sigh, he then grabs my forearm pulling me away from the wall. โ€œLetโ€™s go. Youโ€™ve held us back more than we should.โ€

He then proceeds to drag me back toward the front of the motel, and pulling the glass door open and shoving me inside, his grip still on my arm as he walked in behind me. The cool air hits me in the face, my gaze flickering around the lobby that was filled with gold and silver colors spread around the area a huge chandelier hanging from the ceiling located in the center. An embroidered rug was placed underneath the chandelier with two seated couches the color of beige placed along opposite walls and wooden coffee tables placed in front of them.

I was pushed toward the front desk, and I couldnโ€™t help but turn around and shoot a glare at his direction.

"Ciao Signore, come possiamo aiutarti oggi?" a man at the desk spoke. I frown at the foreign words.

"Tre camere," Delano replied back, his fingertips tapping against the counter top.

The balding man smiled, and nodded, typing away on his computer. I made an attempt to sly my way away from him by scooting to the opposite side only to feel my shoulder bump into someone elseโ€™s. I scoot away, quietly gasping, and I meet the eyes of the dark-skinned girl; her lip curling back in a snarl-like move. I immediately move back next to him.

Thatโ€™s when the man turns back and hands Delano three separate room cards.

"Ecco, signore, tre camere disponibili," the man says after a moment, his tongue rolling in fluent Italian.

Delano nods, taking the cards and started to walk in another direction not before pulling me along by my arm.

"Buona giornata!" the man calls out.

I try to yank my arm away but his tight grip prevents me, I grit my teeth as Iโ€™m hauled roughly towards the elevator.

โ€œLet go of me!โ€ I say, glaring at the side of his head, struggling to break free.

He rolled his eyes and pushed the button to the elevator, after a second they slid open and he pushed me inside first, and he walked in after the other two in tow. I whirled around making a move to slip past him but Eileesha slams her hand against my shoulder as she walked in causing me to stumble back. Delano wound his arm around my waist, holding me tightly against his chest.

I groan, clamping both my hands on his wrist, tugging to no avail. The doors to the elevator shut, leaving me alone with three strangers.

โ€œYou bastard! Let go of me!โ€ I grunted with every word as I struggle. The only response I got was his arms tightening on my arm.

There were a few times that we would pass a few people in the hall on our way, glancing at me in curiosity and concern that had sparks of hope igniting inside me only evaporate at the single intense gaze of Delano and Eileesha that had them all turning away.

I stop, my body growing tired after a few seconds, โ€œThis is classified as kidnapping, you know that?โ€ I say to him.

โ€œIโ€™m aware,โ€ was his reply.

โ€œThen let me go!โ€ renewed anger builds in me once more, โ€œYou canโ€™t do this!โ€

โ€œWatch me.โ€

The doors to the elevator slide open and he walks out, bringing me along with him. With his height and the way, he was holding me my feet barely touch the ground. I kick my feet, noise escaping my mouth.

โ€œWoah!โ€ I hear Abel say, dodging one of my legs. โ€œA feisty little human arenโ€™t you?โ€ he grins, showing his pearly whites.

โ€œShut up!โ€ I growl at him and in return he laughs, shaking his head.

We, I mean, Delano stops at a door with number โ€ฒ427โ€ฒ in bold, he turns and hands the other two their keys to their own rooms and without further words spoken, they walk away.

Sliding the card in its slot, a faint โ€ฒbingโ€ฒ was heard and the door opens. Walking inside as quickly as he could, I had a brief moment to examine the room before he dumped me on the huge bed in the middle of the room. I fell onto the cool covers, face first, with a small โ€ฒoofโ€™.

I scramble into a sitting position watching as he glides over to the floor-length window, a sliding glass door that leads out to a balcony. I sit quietly, waiting for his next move, but nothing. Silence encased the room, the only thing I could think about was that I was alone in a room with a man I didnโ€™t know, who kidnapped me from my home and brought me across the world just to keep me โ€œsafeโ€.

โ€ฒHow donโ€™t you know he wonโ€™t kill you?โ€ฒ a small voice spoke in the back of my head.

I lowered my eyes, my hand coming up to cup the little hump thatโ€™s beginning to form. A moment later, I raise my head and almost jump out of my skin when I see Delano staring at me with those blue eyes of his that seemed to glow in the setting sun.

โ€œIโ€™m not going to kill you,โ€ he vocalized, as if reading my mind, โ€œThis wasnโ€™t. . exactly planned.โ€

I frown, โ€œWhat do you mean?โ€ I inquire.

He continues to stare and I stare right back, his eyes slowly move down to my hand that held my stomach. I see a twitch of a muscle in one of his eyebrows. He shakes his head.

โ€œNever mind that, you should get some sleep. Weโ€™ll be leaving first thing in the morning,โ€ he tells me.

For once I agree with him, it may seem like a couple of hours Iโ€™ve just woken up, but Iโ€™m drained and I know Iโ€™ll be like this for nine months. So, I lower myself onto my side while grabbing a pillow and hug it to my chest, curling up on the covers. I stare ahead, in a daze, my eyes focused on Delano as he leans sideways on the wall the glow of the sun heightening his features. That was the last thing I saw before I drifted.


Ciao Signore, come possiamo aiutarti oggi? -- โ€œHello sir, how can I help you today?โ€

Tre Camere -- โ€œThree rooms.โ€

Ecco, signore, tre camere disponibili -- โ€œHere, sir, three rooms avaiable.โ€

Buona Giornata - Good Day

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