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Chapter XIII

I stare hotly at the door. It’s been hours since I’ve been in here, and it was midday, the sun reaches its peak. The plate of food still lied by the door, and there were two reasons why I haven’t touched it. One, I didn’t want to give the bastard the satisfaction that this is the way I’ll be living. Two, I was afraid I’ll only throw it right back up.

My eyebrows creased in thought, then again I wasn’t eating for one anymore, I was eating for two; me and my baby. My hand lowered down to my stomach, touch the small bump over my shirt, with a defeated sigh, I shuffled out the bed; the cool air beating against my bare legs as I pad over to the plate.

Grits, eggs, sausage, and bacon were all splayed out on the white plate that rested on a silver platter, buttered bread and orange juice were served at the side. I couldn’t help the rumble of my stomach as the delicious smell waft into my senses. With another sigh, I bend down, my shirt lifting up over my bottom and grabbed the edges of the platter as I brought it back to bed with me.

I tuck my feet under my bottom, as I began to dig into the food, it wasn’t until a minute or two later I was finished with the plate to realize just how hungry I was. I wiped the exceeds food from around my mouth with my thumb, before popping it in my mouth.

My gaze, floated around the room, at least trying to find something to do, but room bare as a baby’s bottom. If I didn’t get out of this room, I know for sure I would lose my mind, so, setting aside the platter I slide out the bed and made my way over towards the door.

I pulled at the knob, twisting it to find it locked as excepted, gazing around the room once more my eyes land on the table side lamp; with long strides I grab hold of it and return to the recket door and pulling my arm back, I slam the metal bottom of the lamp down on the handle, the loud banging echoing.

Stopping, I listen for any sounds outside, when nothing happened I reeled back the lamp again and brought it back down, again, and again. With the last swing, the doorknob fell from its hinges and onto the floor with a clatter, a shiver of excitement shot through me.

β€˜Freedom!’ I yelled mentally, opening the door, and peeking my out to see no sign of life, as it was eerily quiet.

With one last look in the hall, adrenaline rushes through my veins as I move back into the room, throwing the cordless lamp on the bed and quickly slip my jeans back on before bolting out the door. It won’t be long until he notices.

My bare feet slap down on each step, as I zoom down the stairs, the front door in my line of sight all while small huffs of breathing escape my mouth. Finally reaching the bottom step, I rush towards the door, leading to the outside world. Just as my fingers grazed the bronze doorknob, I was quick to pull it open, joy filling me to know it was left unlocked but just before I could taste the air I have been lacking; I was pinned beside the door, my hands at my side.

A cry of despair leaves the hollow of my mouth, as angry blue eyes bore into my brown ones.

β€œYou stupid, little girl!” he growls, his hands tightening painfully around my wrist.

Tears of frustration, anger, and defeat stream down my cheeks. I try to yank my hands back, he only slams my back against the wall again for emphasis.

β€œI’m so tired of explaining to you!” he hisses, restraining my legs when trying to kick him, he pressed his hard body against mine. I could feel the hard planes of his stomach along my belly.

But I pay no mind to it.

My breath hitches when the sound of the door slamming shut and locking fills my ears, and whatever resolve was up shatters into a million pieces as I began to choke on a sob.

β€œJe veux aller a la maison!” I cry out, the tears falling faster. β€œJe ne veux pas Γͺtre ici.”

Delano simply stared down at me, eyes narrowing, before he yanks me forward and away from the wall, and in the direction of the stairs. I cry and cry and cry, trying my best to shake his hands off, I could tell his patience was wearing thin at my failed attempts of letting go.

With a sudden guttural growl, he tugs me with all his might, slamming me into his body, forcing my back against his front despite my struggling. Tightly gripping my hair, he yanked my head to the side exposing the flesh of my neck, again I felt a growl vibrate from his chest while something sharp prickling the indent of my neck, causing me to quiet down.

A tear trickles from the corner of my eye, travelling down a slow trail to the tip of my nose, then dropping offending its life cycle on the floor. I shivered, fear gripping my heart when the same sharp sensation over the same area.

β€œDelano don’t!”

My eyes snap over to the top of the stairs to see Abel wearing a panic expression and before either of us could react, Delano bites down on my neck, intense pain flaring from sharp points digging into my skin. I jerked forward a bit, mouth open in a silent scream, his arms wrapped around me holding me up.

I could feel his tongue swiping along my neck, black dots began to crawl from the corner of my eyes, everything becoming a blur of words and movement. I felt myself fall limp, submerging in the dark world that awaited me.


Je veux aller a la maison - "I want go home!"

Je ne veux pas Γͺtre ici - "I don't want to be here"

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