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Chapter XIV

The constant throbbing from the side of was woke me up, I donโ€™t know how long I laid on my back, while staring up at the ceiling. It could have been minutes, hours, or days, who knows? My failed attempt of leaving left me numb and the bite. .

I shivered, pulling the covers more over my shoulders until the duvet was tucked under my chin. My mind ran with scenarios of me staying here and raising a child or the possibilities of Maddie throwing a search party for me; a small smile cracked at my lips at that thought. But there was another part of my brain thatโ€™s telling me just give up and find out exactly what my reason is for being here.

I donโ€™t know when I fell asleep, but I woke up to the room darkening and guessing by how dark it is, it was around seven or eight. My stomach grumbles as I slowly push myself into a sitting position resting my weight on my arms, the side of my neck still numb with pain. The room was producing a slight cool breeze from the loss of heat, all of a sudden the hair on my arms stand on end.

I realize I wasnโ€™t alone in the room.

My muscles lock while I shift my eyes to every corner in the room, my heart lurches in my chest when my gaze collides glowing blue eyes that seem to glow in the shadow. She stares at me and I stare at her, neither one of us looking away, my hands clench around the bed sheet in fear. The figure takes a step forward and I could just make out a feminine form, letting me know that this wasnโ€™t Delano.

My heart skips a few beats.

โ€œAh!โ€ the soft voice gasps, causing me to jump. โ€œI love it when you beings do that, the slight stutter of your little hearts.โ€ I hear her mutter.

She takes another step forward, and the light revealing from the parted curtains falls over her, lighting up half of her body. I could finally see the red tresses onto of her head, the pale complex of her skin, and the structure of her face. She was beautiful and looked no older than sixteen.

โ€œItโ€™s nice to finally meet you.โ€

I guess the slight confusion on my face was shone as she let out a breathless laugh that sounded like bells ringing. With such gracefulness that Iโ€™ve only seen Delano with, she glided from the corner of the room and lowered herself to the edge of the bed.

Her pale skin contrasted more with the light bleeding in, and there was a twinkle in her skin. My eyes snapped up to stare into hers, the words falling from my lips faster than I can think them.

โ€œWho are you?โ€ I ask.

The side of her lips pulls up higher into a bigger smile, โ€œWell, Iโ€™m Kyri, the dearest sister of the man who has impregnated you.โ€ she says, swinging her legs on the bed and crossing them.

My eyebrows shoot up. โ€œDelano has a sister?โ€ I splutter, incredulously, despite the shock that zipped through me.

I couldnโ€™t begin to understand how such a sweet looking girl such as her self, is related to that. . . demon. I shuddered. There was no way, but I couldnโ€™t jump to anything, I donโ€™t know a damn thing about him besides his name.

โ€œApparently so,โ€ she sighs almost like a defeated one, โ€œIโ€™m stuck with him for eternity.โ€ her eyes glint as she says that.

I purse my lips, my gaze skittering over towards the door. โ€œHow did you get in? I thought the door was locked.โ€

Kyri flips the locks of her hair out of her face, โ€œOh! It was.โ€

And she doesnโ€™t elaborate any further than that.

I release a nervous laugh past my dry lips, wetting them in the action as well. We then just sat in silence, while I played with my fingers as she gazed at me with her piercing eyes. The sun has gone down a while ago, and at some point, I reached over and turned on both side table lamps flooding the room in bright light.

From the corner of my eyes, Kyri was still staring, but in deep thought. Her gaze run up and down my body like she was examining for any flaws.

โ€œIs something on your mind?โ€ I finally comment.

Her head cocks to the side, like a confused puppy. โ€œIโ€™m just trying to figure out. . why he picked you. .?โ€

That stung. My heart beats a little faster as if she could hear the action, her lips cracks into an excited grin.

โ€œDid that hurt your feelings?โ€ she asks.

My eyes crinkle a bit around the edges, but I nod, biting my lip. โ€œYes,โ€ I answer honestly.

โ€œI apologize then. Itโ€™s just that I canโ€™t. . figure you out.โ€ the last part was barely audible but with her close distance, I heard.

It was my turn to tilt my head a slight bit, Iโ€™ve come to realize the more I sat here and conversate with this girl, the more her words were becoming a mystery to me. With a shrug, I lay back, not minding her company, it was better than being alone.

โ€œHave you decided on names?โ€

I frowned. โ€œWhat namโ€” oh.โ€ I pause, thinking. โ€œNo, I havenโ€™t, not with the. . . situation Iโ€™m in.โ€

โ€œItโ€™s kinda hard to do that when all I can think about is trying to think of another way to get out of here,โ€ I mutter, my eyes following the patterns on the ceiling.

The bed sheets shuffle. โ€œYou should stay put.โ€

I groan, rolling my eyes, โ€œOh god! Not you too.โ€ I prop myself up on my elbows, โ€œLookโ€”โ€ my words die instantly in my throat when I see close she was.

My heart rapidly picks up, Kyri was basically pinning me down with her blue eyes, nothing but seriousness etched on her flawless face.

โ€œIโ€™m serious. I donโ€™t know why he brought you here, but from his point, I can say that youโ€™re truly safe. With us.โ€ she tells me, sounding older than she looks. โ€œIn due time youโ€™ll find out why.โ€

She pulls back, my eyes never straying from hers until she was seated where she was before.

โ€œFor now, worry about that baby growing in you. You may not know it, but he or she is very important to Delano.โ€

Her words make me cup the bulge thatโ€™s growing between my hips. It was about the size of my palm now and I knew how serious this was now.

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