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Chapter XV

Well this sucks. I thought, a bit glumly.

My hands hung outside the open window, feeling ocean breeze that was nearby, it blew strands from my messy ponytail back from my face.

The sun was just rising and I didn’t sleep a wink the night before. Four full days I have been trapped and stuck in this room, in my mind it seemed hopeless to fight my way out of this house, plus my energy has been zapping out of me because of the baby so I can’t do anything too hard.

I inhale the saltiness of the ocean’s water, loving how an instant calmness washes over me. I was also entering into the fourth week of my pregnancy, the lower part of my stomach was beginning to curve outward, but the bump was still small; with clothes it looks as if I’m not even excepting.

Kyri has been keeping me company the whole time I’ve been kept inside, and a few times so has Abel but not once did I see Delano— like I excepted to. Unconsciously, my hand reaches up and runs across the two healing holes on the side of my neck, there was some part of my mind keeping me from wondering how he caused them.

Suddenly the door to the room swung open, and I whipped around to see Kyri at the door, a smile on her face.

“Get dressed! I’m getting you out of this room to stretch those legs of yours.” she said, walking in, and closing the door partially.

I frown, “And where am I going?”

“Around the castle,” she states, coming to standing in front of me, “I’m giving you a tour.”

My eyes drift over her face to see she was completely serious, she expression shifts to an irritated one. I realized I haven’t moved an inch.

“Chop, chop! Let’s go.”

Kyri reaches down and her fingers curl around my wrist, pulling me up to my feet. I was standing in nothing but my bra and underwear, since my original clothes were beginning to smell. . .

“I don’t have any clothes to wear,” I tell her. And as if excepting my comment, she pulls a plain black shirt and jeans from behind her back that I noticed.

“Already covered.” she giggles.


The sound of our footstep echo in the spacious halls as Kyri pointed out every room, describing what it stands for and what’s inside.

“And behind that door is the wash n’ dryer.” she says, while pointing to a dark wooden door, to the left as we walk by. “Later on today I’ll bring your clothes here and wash. I’ll also bring clothes to your room so you won’t have to worry about them while you’re here.”

She paused, stopping in her tracks, a thoughtful look on her face. “Or until someone can buy you new ones.”

My eyes widen with a start, as I turn towards her fully. “Y-you don’t have to do that! That’s very generous of you, but please—”

“Nonsense,” she interrupted, “You don’t possibly think that you’ll still be able to fit your clothes now with that child growing in you?”

She had a point, and she knew she did when I didn’t immediately reply. With a small smile, she beckoned me to follow her down the hall where floor-to-ceiling double doors were planted. Placing her palm upon the handle, Kyri opened the doors that lead to an enormous library.

The room was built in a circle, shelves and shelves of books lined up covering every inch, in the center were lounge chairs and sofas fit to comfort one while reading. Stairs off to the right lead to another floor that was open and looking down below the bottom level with books against the walls all around.

I stood in awe at the threshold, enjoying the smell of fresh print the books were giving off.

“And this is the library,” Kyri mumbled, coming to stand beside me, shoulder to shoulder. “Personally, this is my favorite room to come to,” she comments.

My eyes flicker across every surface. “I can see why.”

I step away from the door, and saunter forward, inside as the plush carpet tickling the bottom of my bare feet. We’re both silent as I take in everything.


I stiffen at the familiar deep voice, rumbling through me. I turn to where his voice came from along with Kyri to see Delano sitting in a chair, glasses hanging from the bridge of his nose, with a book in his hand.

“Oh! Delano, I didn’t know you were going to be in here.” Kyri says, still smiling.

All he does is stare at her blankly before his gaze shifts over to me, I avert my gaze to someplace else not wanting to meet his. A millisecond later, a sigh resonates with shuffling of movement.

“Go back to your room,” he speaks, and I don’t know who he was directing it to.

I pinch my lips together when I see Kyri look at me from the corner of her eyes before turning them back forward, “But I was showing Kaitlyn arou—”


She was silent, face expressionless whilst she continued to stare forward, then she looked at me, nodding her head she turns around and stalks towards the door. I take that as a sign to follow her, but his voice stops me.

“You, stay.”

I stood frozen with my back to him, and watch as Kyri continues on her walk, never looking back besides to close the door. They shut with a bang! and I’m left alone with the man.

The silence was defying between us and the tension unbearable. He was the first to break it.

“About the other day. .” Delano trailed off, “I didn’t mean for what happened, but I did warn you.” he states.

I immediately frowned, slowly turning towards him.

’Was he trying to apologize?′ I thought. ’What a sucky one.′

He stood from the chair to his full height, and I took that moment to examine him and his expression. He was wearing a plain white dress shirt with buttons down the middle, and the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, his hair seemed to run through from his fingers the glasses resting atop of his head; faded jeans fitted his lower half.

My eyes flicker across his face as he watched me and I watched him, registering his words.

"When did you ever warn me about you biting me?” I finally said, emphasizing a few words.

Delano’s jaw locks, while his eyes harden. But he doesn’t say anything. I sigh, feeling drained, I shift a bit of my weight to my hip.

“I don’t have the time or the energy for you to try and apologize, ” I utter, “I’ve been meaning to ask you if I could at least call my friend since I’ll be here for while.”

He stares unblinkingly, as he gazes, not a lick of emotion on his face. His hand suddenly moves to his back pocket and I watch him pull out a phone and hold it out in my direction.

“Five minutes. No telling where you are, this phone is highly protected in case your friend decides to search this phone.”

A grin spreads across my lips, he lost me the minute he said ‘five minutes’ and I was already making my way towards him. A few inches from him now, I reach out my hand and take the flip phone our fingers grazing. A zap of electricity flows through me and I snap my hand back, startled.

I look up at his face to his features darken a bit, not dwelling on it, I step away and instantly start to dial those familiar numbers.

I place the phone to my ear, the ringing echoing, I couldn’t help but look over my shoulder to see Delano was still watching me. That’s when the phone picks up and my hearts beats faster.

“Hello,” Maddie’s voice sounds through, sounding dead and lifeless. It brings tears to my eyes.

“Maddie. .” I whisper, chuckling brokenly.

A sharp intake of breath was heard and the sound of shuffling. “Holy shit. .” she whispers, " Kaitlyn is that you?”

My eyes flicker up, the welling behind my eyes beginning to burn. "Yeah.”

“Oh my. . you bïtch!” she screams, causing me to laugh. “Where the fûck are you?! Wait! It doesn’t matter, just come back home, we have a lot of taking to do.”

A tear slips. “I can’t. .” my voice is hoarse and quiet and I almost thought she didn’t hear me.

"Whadda mean yo áss can’t!? Where are you?”

I shake my head, knowing she can’t see. “I can’t say,” I stretch, a few more tears blinding down. My hand shoots up and wipe them, rubbing my hand on jeans.

"Babes, what’s going on? Why won’t. .” there’s a moment of her silence, "Did someone take you?”

My own since answers her question. “Who was it? Is he in the room with you? That’s why you can’t tell me anything?!”

My eyes cut over to Delano to see his eyes turn away at the last minute.

“Maddie,” I start off softly, the clog in my that harder to speak. “All I wanted you to know is that I’m safe and that I love you.” I choke out.

“Kaitlyn. . .”

“I promise; I’m safe.”

The silence she encased herself in stretched before she spoke again, and her voice was low and shaking.

“You kept the baby, right?”

A small smile made its way to my face, ”Yes,” I say, my hand sliding down to touch the bump that could clearly be seen by the tight T-shirt. “I did.”

Maddie was quiet once more, and the next time she spoke her voice was filled with determination. “I’ll find you, Kaitlyn, I promise.”

I grip the phone tighter to my ear, my palm sweating and endless tears falling down my wet cheeks.

“Goodbye, Maddie.”

“Kaitlyn wai—” beep!

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