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Chapter XVI


Her blood still lingered on my tongue, it tasted like no other, though it wasn’t my intention to bite her and have my fill the way her the veins beneath her skin would vibrate and how her blood would sing whenever she was mad or resisting made the last of my restraint breaking in half. The days she spent in her room and away from me had my mind turning and reeling in how to treat a woman, a pregnant one that was carrying my children.

I started to wonder how to satisfy her and keep her here without making her see things my way, or force them upon her like I have been doing. So, when her scent hit my nostrils and engulfed me before she appeared in the library beside my sister, this was my opportunity especially when she asked to call her friend back in the states. My so-called apology didn’t sound right in my ears, so I tried another tactic.

β€œFive minutes. No telling where you are, this phone is highly protected in case your friend decides to search this phone.” I had told her, holding an old fashion phone flip phone in my hand that was protected in case someone wanted to track it.

The way her face lit up when she smiled made my slow beating heart speed up a bit, I still couldn’t get over the fact how beautiful she was, never have these thoughts ran cross my mind for a woman besides. . .

’Victoria.β€² I thought bitterly.

The second our fingers grazed against one another, all thoughts vanished and an instant zap past through me that was followed along of a delicious fiery wake that spread throughout my body and into my chest: I could feel my body heating more and as soon as it was there it was gone when she snapped her hand back, a surprise and shocked look on her face. The heat was still there, lingering, leaving me wondering.

She turned away and I watched as she punched in some numbers and placed the phone to her ear, from there her conversation between her friend begun as I listened with my arms crossed and stance firm, at one point she glanced toward me and I quickly turned my gaze away looking at the surrounding books and shelves. The sound of sniffling and the smell of salt had my eyes flickering back towards her quivering form, her hand was rested on her belly, the belly that was beginning to protrude outward from between her hips; my eyes never strayed from the sight.

β€œGoodbye, Maddie.” the parting words of hers cracked and were strained. Her friend’s last attempt to get her to speak was interrupted as Kaitlyn ended the call.

Everything was silent, the hand that held the phone fell limply by her side, swinging, the soft inhales and exhales she did was heard. Her slender fingers curled into a ball over her stomach.

β€œHere,” she muttered, tossing me the phone at me, I snatched at it in mid-air holding it in my hand by my side.

β€œI hope you’re happy,” she uttered quietly. My eyes travelled up her form and to the eyes that were narrowed and burning into mine like an inferno.

Her blood begins to sing once more like it before, my hands clenched while I held my breath.

β€œHappy?” I questioned.

Kaitlyn’s face twisted into a sneer, β€œYou took me away from the only family I had, uprooting me from the stateβ€” continent I’ve grown up all my life and take me here because you seem to see me safe with you; a guy I barely know.” she hissed, turning away, her blood boiling under her skin.

β€œSo, yes, I hope you’re happy. I’ll stay and play by your rules for a little while, but you’ll be dealing with an angry pregnant woman for as long as I’m here.”

Without getting a response in, she walked out the library the doors slamming shut with a deep thud behind her, I stood in silence sighing.

A whistle sounded through the air, β€œYou got a feisty one on your hands.” a new voice spoke from the entrance of the library.

I exhale, slowly, gliding my eyes over to the spot where the voice spoke from. His expression was neutral as we stared at one another before I turned away, taking a seat at the chair I was previously occupying.

β€œYeah, I do, don’t I?” I reply, gripping at my hair. β€œWhen did you get back?” I ask, changing the subject.

β€œJust last night,” Adrian says, making his steps loud as he walked in my direction.

Dropping down on the chair in front of me, he leans back gripping his chin, legs spread apart while watching me with a calculating look.

β€œSo, tell me,” he begins, β€œHow come there’s a human in the mansion, with child?” he questions.

I sigh again, β€œIt’s a long story.”

β€œI got all night.”

Later that evening, I decided to check on Kaitlyn for the first time in days. I neared her door and could hear the faint beating of her heart off the side of the room, swiftly I latch onto the door knob and zip inside, going unnoticed as the door softly shuts back in place. All the lights were off as I stand in the corner near the door.

The doors to the balcony are wide open, letting in two stream of light illuminating from the moon, the ocean breeze glided inside causing the cotton curtains to flutter and brush against one another. But my attention was on the woman that stood in the center, resting her lower back on the black spiral railing, eyes shut in contentment.

Dried tears were still visible on her cheeks, the moon’s light created a white halo around her form as the wind blew strands of hair across her face. She looked like an angel fallen from heaven finally taking me away to punish me for all my sins.

I blink rapidly when she walked forward, and back inside the room, shutting the door behind her. Backing more into the shadow of the corner as I watch her part the window a bit, and I watch as she switches clothes to a large t-shirt and slip into bed. Not once did she glance my way.

She tosses and turned, switching from laying on her back, to her side then her other side, then on her stomach until she decided to finally lay on her right; facing away from me. Up to several minutes later, her heartbeat slowed to a calming pace and her breathing evened out indicating that she was fast asleep.

Waiting a few more seconds, I take a step forward then another until I’m standing by the side of the bed, towering over her peacefully figure. Quietly like a creeping predator, I kneel in the bed and lower myself behind her, a wide space between us, I stay like that for an hour, gazing at her shoulders and how they rose and fell with each breath she took.

Shifting forward, her back was against my front and I waited for her to react; and she did, pushing herself Kore against me. I held my breath as I wrap an arm around her waist, my palm resting on the curve of her stomach and I listen.

I listen to her heart, beating much faster than mine, the soft thump as it creates a pattern along her ribs. My palm hesitantly rubs in a circle whilst my ears pick up two different rhythm heart beats.

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